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The Lawless podcast is my answer to unravelling drive, motivation and the forces that have brought about exceptional lives. They are my curated conversations with people of interest who have pushed back from conventional business and are sharing stories and legacies in the making. People who value innovation, sustainability, art and expression over a predetermined level of success. Join me every week where I introduce people from start-ups, to artists, athletes, bureacrats, philanthropists to thriving business owners who have done it on their own terms.




The Lawless podcast is my answer to unravelling drive, motivation and the forces that have brought about exceptional lives. They are my curated conversations with people of interest who have pushed back from conventional business and are sharing stories and legacies in the making. People who value innovation, sustainability, art and expression over a predetermined level of success. Join me every week where I introduce people from start-ups, to artists, athletes, bureacrats, philanthropists to thriving business owners who have done it on their own terms.






Juliette Pelchat // She Stands Sideways

Juliette Pelchat is a force on a snowboard, but it was her work with RWK // Real Wild Kittens that touched me the most! A Girl Shred Movement to promote female involvement in male dominant sports. Watching her and her sister empower girls on skateboards and in life makes me excited for the future. I was very excited to see that she won the Sarah Burke scholarship this year. I know that Sarah would be proud … She’s got a lot of insight and drive far behind her eighteen years and I think we can thank her parents for giving us Juliette. She’s incorporated a company, has her eyes set on the olympics, being a pilot, blowing up the backcountry and continuing to connect with every generation of snowboarding. I look forward to following the sisters as they continue to challenge and propel eachother forward.


Ian MacKay | Humanitarian | Critical Care Nurse

With dozens of overseas deployments in the wake of natural disasters, wars, and both underserviced and politically charged areas of the world. One of the biggest takeaways from this interview comes from looking at people at a human or individual level, beyond their conditioning or current events. Empathy and compassion are two things we should embrace locally and globally. I gained a lot of perspective about life and death beyond my very privileged existence, and I love how curious Ian is about people and learning. Plus, we talk about the multi-billion dollar industries that are fueling and creating a lot of these gaps in human rights. We don’t solve the world's problems, but we talk about some of them, which is a beginning. I hope this episode encourages you to broaden your worldview.


Claire Buchar on Life, Bikes, Adversity & Growing as a Human

Claire and I were born in the same year, the year of the horse, and according to the Chinese zodiac, it symbolizes Power, beauty, and freedom—all qualities I see in Claire. I’ve been looking at Claire for two decades. We used to work on the same block in Whistler, and I’ve always thought of her as a gentle being. And I always thought she was gentle until she straddles a bike… but upon interviewing her, I realized that her true strength and longevity come from her smooth style. Claire is calculated and artful in how she lives, bikes and speaks. She had a great amount of loss in her teenage years and channelled all of that into being a racer, biker, mentor and friend. I know adversity is what shapes us… but many of her stories break my heart a little. And I know that is life, and nobody exits with a fully intact heart. This is an hour of real talk with Claire Buchar, and I feel we’re just scratching the surface. A second part is probably growing somewhere. Enjoy.


Chris Christie // Firefighter + Mountaineering Action Photographer

By the time you listen to this, Chris Christie will be three weeks out from retirement as a career firefighter in West Vancouver. He’s 53 years old, has the fitness level of a man half his age, and is a talent behind the lens, and I’m excited to see what comes next as the pension kicks in. From the outside looking in, he’s managed to almost seemingly merge an early life as an athlete into a first responder and then adventure photographer rooted in expeditions. These three things have allowed him to have longevity in his trajectory. Being a first responder, you are witnessing society more deeply and helping people at the very lowest moments of their lives. I enjoyed hearing his empathetic approach to helping people in terrible situations and improving them slightly. He’s very honest and humble, and one line he said that affected me was… “You cannot change the course of life.” This conversation has inspired me to have more conversations with our aging population. He also talks a lot about vortexes. I hope you enjoy going into the mind of a mountaineering action photographer that thrives in moments of adversity during expeditions. Enjoy!


Kitt Redhead // ACMG Ski Guide, Mother + Regenerative Farmer in the Making

I learn a lot in this episode. I learn about myself, life, farming, Kitt (of course), routes I never even knew I wanted to tour, and the time I want to take for myself, and how not to skirt responsibilities but ultimately lean into them. Kitt describes herself as an observer of life, which I can relate to... However, she takes a lot of action, and I think I’m more prone to being passive. Or lately, I have felt that way. So, in addition to learning about myself, I was moved and inspired to take more action as I observe (and document) the world around me. Kitt Redhead became an ACMG ski guide as a young mother. And then, as a single mother, she flipped homes in her off-seasons in different parts of BC. Currently, she is in the midst of creating a regenerative farm in Pemberton Meadows while raising her children alongside her husband Seth Wescott.


Adam Campbell // A ultra running good human

Meet Adam Campbell. Many of you will know him as an ultra-athlete, a man who has known great tragedy or simply a partner in the mountains. Tragedy was how I first learned of this man, but upon a few google searches, I uncovered his third culture upbringing in Africa. He was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, for much of his formative life, and I love hearing about what it was like growing up in Africa in the 80s… how he found his stride in running as a late teen and then how he has always followed a path towards great things. He’s a lawyer, a writer and a very honest and vulnerable human being. We don’t touch down on the origin of the interview and focus on his origin story. An avalanche took his wife Laura’s life in January 2020. And, I thought it would have been too traumatic for me, honestly, to have unpacked in this episode. If you are interested in learning more about his journey through grief and healing you can listen to some other podcasts or the Sheraps film ‘to the hills and back’. I loved this episode and how Adam has ultimately shaped his life and learned the hard lessons along the way. May we all have the courage to speak our truth.


Darcy Hennessey Turenne // Filmmaker (and my hero)

Darcy is actually my hero but I kept it kind of cool when I was interviewing her. She’s an award-winning filmmaker, retired professional athlete, friend, wife and mother. She has captured and shared so many diverse topics (long before they caught the main streams) in her documentaries, commercial work and works of fiction. I found the entire conversation to be illuminating and yet the most profound thing she said to me is that her inner child is intact. She spends her life and time creating and being a role model for women and men alike. Darcy is doing the good work through her production house centred around representing women in a heavily dominated male industry. I look forward to watching more of her films and watching her trajectory continue to propel her forward into both fiction and documentary. I believe both are very large contributors to our progressive development as a society. If you are not familiar with Darcy’s body of work you should either stop what you are doing and watch her films or bookmark them for later. She is an optimist… and a BRIGHT LIGHT.


Andréane Lanthier Nadeau // Racer & Knit Bomber

2022 was fast/slow and it has been 364 days since I put a new podcast out for the Lawless Podcast. And, this one is as good as it gets. Andréane Lanthier Nadeau or ALN for short is as much a force on her bike as she is armed with her knitting needles. She’s a transplant from Quebec and calls Squamish home. She’s a member of the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro team and finished the world enduro series seated in eighth place. Of course, we talk about the love of mountain biking, and racing and how she found herself on this path and then we dive deep into real-life matters… knitting, drive, mentoring, motivation, death, trauma, counselling and the future. Embracing and creating change and as ALN says ‘the less change the older you grow’. Stepping into change and challenging yourself is the way forward for me and 2023. Thank you ALN for being my first podcast! You are so open, honest and thought-provoking.


Mat the Alien

Mat the Alien had a life changing mountain bike crash in October of 2020 and he’s been on a wild road to recovery and adapting. We talk about becoming Mat the Alien, how he’s making more music than ever as well as how life looks a lot different when you are a six foot five man who finds himself in a wheelchair. Together with Mat and a bunch of his friends we are going to put together a REALLY GOOD FUNDRAISER to raise some funds to get Mat out of his Toyota Corolla and into a modified van so he can claim back his freedom.


Alain Duguay // Avalanche Survivor \\ Snow Safety Series

On March 17th, 2013 Alain Duguay and his friends found themselves in the path of an avalanche that was classified as a size 3.5. They were in Cherry Bowl in Terrace BC and in terms of the avalanche’s destruction -- it’s right in between being able to bury a car, destroy a small building or break trees and being able to destroy a railway car. It’s a happy ending as he and his friends were rescued by four Terrace locals and serves as a living testament to what it feels like to be buried alive and how a few extra turns ultimately put them in the path of the white dragon.


Jaad Kuujus (Meghann O’Brien) // Northwest Coast Artist + Boarder

Meghaan is an internationally recognized Award-winning Northwest Coast Artist that travels the world as an artist, a student, a teacher, a keynote speaker and a snowboarder and yet I think her greatest work lies in the way she has woven together all facets of her life and remains rooted and connected to all parts of herself, her ancestors, culture, sport and beliefs. I encourage you to check out her website Meghaan and read about her thoughts on fast fashion, indigenous fashion and ancient couture, the connection between snowboarding and northwest coast art… and of course to see her works of art and slashing powder in her happy place, the remote back country areas of British Columbia.


Motherload Film w/ Zoya Lynch

So this is a short little interview with Zoya Lynch the director of the film Motherload. This film is near and dear to my heart because it was directed by Zoya who was episode 45 of the Lawless Podcast. But also, because it is a film about two Strong single Moms Izzy Lynch and Tessa Treadway. Tessa Treadway has always taken up residence in my heart. I loved her as soon as I met her through her late husband Dave Treadway who passed away in a skiing accident in April of 2019. You can watch it as part of @thevimff Fall Series between Nov 20-29th! And Zoya // breaks down the other four films that are a part of the snow series. Enjoy my friends.


Dr. Amber Kirk // Chiropractor + Force

Dr. Amber Kirk // is a chiropractor and a force of nature. She’s helping me on my path to wellness and I think by the time you finish this episode you’ll be in a different path or atleast looking towards one. She is the bridge between science, spiritualism and two-stroke therapies. A real Squamish lady who has so much of the knowledge but has someone how found the truth that binds it all together and is able to deliver that to clients as she improves our human performance. Excited and honoured to have interviewed Amber. What a legend.


The Future of Boarding with Amalia 'Billy' Pelchat

Amalia ‘Billy’ Pelchat is on her way to becoming a legit pro snowboarder but I love how she inspires girls to get on their skateboards by hosting girls skateboard camps where everyone feels comfortable to put themselves out there. I think Whistler is proud to have born and bred this young lady who is gracious, focused, kind, goal driven, positive, passionate and all around inspirational human. Plus she is very good at explaining complex things like tik tok and making lava cakes.


Jon Roth // the snowboarder turned barber turned Down Syndrome advocate

Jon Roth… he’s a very honest, humble, compassionate, man who has good style and a family many would envy. His wife Tasha is a deeply layered woman of wisdom and their son Kai Ocean is the cutest and rocks an extra chromosome. Jon was a pro skateboarder and snowboarder in his teens and made quite a name for himself and then the pendulum swung the other way and he found himself in a chair.. apprenticing to become a barber, he now owns a chain of barber shops all over Canada and spills out in Hawaii. He is very generous, and I would say that he is quickly becoming an advocate for the Down Syndrome / T21 Community.


Kevin McHugh // Inspring Soul in Sport, Photography & Life. Living with a diagnosis.

This podcast begins with Kevin telling me about his new diagnosis of life with thyroid cancer, a tumour in-between his heart and lungs and complications with his liver. And I think that puts this conversation into such perspective. He’s a man of so much positivity, wisdom and is someone I’ve been lucky to call a friend for upwards of 8 years now. Plus he’s a real force as an athlete, photographer and has a real passion for oceanography and explaining it to me in layman terms. Thank-you Kevin McHugh for being such an incredible human and I know that you were born on the beaches of San Diego but I’m glad you made your way to the Pacific North West.


Shin Campos // producer + snowboarder

In the words of my next guest, he has no agenda aside from living a good life. He has been on the forefront of sport in our mountains and we take a nice little tour in the early days of life travelling and cruising around Alaska with tokens that took you to any peak you wanted. And he has carved out a life for himself and his family in Whistler, BC.


Tobin Seagel // Biologist + Skier

Tobin Sea Gull is a gem. He’s smart, strategic and might appear to be the complete package. As he balances work, the environment, sport, giving back and agreeing to do my podcast. WE really chat it up here as we go into the young Tobin days right up until present day, I now, know his routine before he goes to bed and what he and his girlfriend are doing fo their summer vacay. He is a sponsored skier and a biologist that began his professional life as an athlete via Sport Climbing in his teens. Being both an athlete and holding a masters in environmental studies it makes sense that his passions met with POW, protect our winners and he was an integral part in realizing the Canadian contingent. We recorded this on May 26th. So literally days before George Floyd was killed and all the protests but just at the beginning of phase two of Covid here in British Columbia. And I think Tobin inspired me to pick a few objectives and get back on google earth for next winter.


Chad Chomlack // Good Human + Award Winning Snowboard Photographer

I’ve always known Chad Chomlack to be a very agreeable man. He always has a quick smile and after this podcast I now know that he is a man of great integrity and depth and man he really did dive into the podcast with so much honesty and truth… which I suppose is the same as honesty. And I learnt a lot more about him, Young Chad on a mission… and how valuable he is for our community and our larger community of humans. I think this weeks podcast has me thinking a little deeper on how I can contribute more or do things that really matter. And create deeper meaning even within this podcast…


Mike Douglas // Godfather of Freesking // Activist

What to say about Mike Douglas he has dedicated himself to doing more for skiing than anybody, literally shaping the sport of freeskiing. He produces a lot of film and short pieces that push the narrative of action sports and blend it with meaning and purpuse. He continually pushes forward in all areas of his life. Notably, his work with Protect our Winters Canada is what has captured my heart as of late. Enjoy one of Whistler's favourite people.