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This heart centered podcast helps listeners tune into their talents. Former audience producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, host Sally Lou Loveman, and her lovespeaks crew, speak their stories so you can speak yours and make an impact on others. No topic is off limits – from kindness to composting and everything in between, the lovespeaks series is here to will help you do what you love, speak your story, speak on stages, speak up and be a happier human. It’s the love speaks series, where a little bit of love goes a long way.


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This heart centered podcast helps listeners tune into their talents. Former audience producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, host Sally Lou Loveman, and her lovespeaks crew, speak their stories so you can speak yours and make an impact on others. No topic is off limits – from kindness to composting and everything in between, the lovespeaks series is here to will help you do what you love, speak your story, speak on stages, speak up and be a happier human. It’s the love speaks series, where a little bit of love goes a long way.




speaking of lists

Thirteen years after losing her father in a tragic car accident, Laura Carney’s brother discovered a list their father had made. The list included 60 things their father hoped to experience in his lifetime and Laura saw it as an invitation to live out her father’s dreams. At 25 years old, Laura embarked on a journey that would reveal so many things, starting with keeping her father’s memory alive. It took her five years and eleven months to complete the list and today she has made a list of her own. This podcast episode will inspire you to make your own list, and it will open your heart up to new ways of healing after losing a loved one. Sally Lou & Laura will discuss: · Losing a father · How writing heals · Connecting to loved ones who have passed · Grieving and its unexpected gifts · Living in the moment · Facing our fears · Distracted Driving Awareness · How loss unlocks growth · Being less afraid of death · Trusting ourselves Laura Carney is a writer and magazine copy editor in New York and has been published by the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Good Housekeeping, Maria Shriver’s The Sunday Paper, and many more news outlets. My Father’s List: How Living my Dad’s Dreams Set Me Free, published by Post Hill Press, is Laura’s first book. Her story is about how one woman, with the help of family, friends, and strangers, found the courage to go after her own dreams after realizing those of her beloved father Michael Carney. In honor of Laura’s father, whose mantra was “Nobody every dies if they create something,” please check out Michael Carney’s book The Why Generation In a Why Not World. For more about Laura Carney, please go to If you or someone you know is grieving and needs support, please visit The Memory Circle – a magnificent platform built by my dear friend and Chief Grief Officer Barri Leiner Grant. And please forgive my Jimmy Carter moment. If you listen you will know. Blessings to the Carter family.


Speaking on Home

This episode is just me talking to you about my favorite word HOME. In this episode you will learn: · Why being at HOME with ourselves is a career asset · How to find your HOME story · How you are your most important audience · Speaker Tips #1 – connect with yourself first · Speaker Tip #2 – the better the audience the better the speaker · Speaker Tip #3 – Let the room determine the order of your talk not your script · Speaker Tip #4 – use live content · Speaker Tip #5 – make a mistake · How to know when you are humming


Speaking of Questions

Are you looking to foster deeper connections, ignite new forms of intimacy, activate your curiosity, spark meaningful and memorable conversations, and unlock surprising stories? Did you know that all you have to do to achieve any one or all of these desires is simply to ask a really good question? Join me and journalist Danielle Robay, founder of Pretty Smart and the Pretty Smart podcast, host of E!’s While You Were Streaming, and creator of the Question Everything Card Deck, as we take time to talk about the power of meaningful questions. Sally Lou & Danielle will discuss: · Danielle’s dream job story · The power of surrendering · Why being interested is sexy · The power of questions · Lessons learned · Feeling seen · The Pretty Smart platform · The Pretty Smart podcast I invite you to follow Danielle, subscribe to the Pretty Smart podcast, and give yourself the gift of the Question Everything Card Deck so you can have a deeper connection with yourself, the people you love, and the people you want to get to know better!


Speaking Of Winging It with Christina Glickman

Season 3/Episode 3: Speaking of Winging It When we are invited to speak we are very good at getting ready physically – we pick our outfit, we get our blow dry, maybe a manicure. Then we mentally prepare by studying our script and we think we are ready. But what if I told you to put your script aside and wing it a little? You might say NO WAY. But what if you didn’t? What if you said YES PLEASE! Join me and my guest Christina Glickman – TEDX speaker, author, podcast host, coach, mom, and friend of mine – as we take a minute to give you all permission to relax and wing it when you know you are already prepared. Sally Lou & Christina will discuss: · The secret ingredient to speaking: winging it! · Christina’s Tips: #1 – Trust your gut. #2 – Show up in authenticity. #3 – Release yourself from any outcome. · That magic that lives in the moment. · The confidence that comes from not always having to be an expert. · How to wing it when you have to be scripted. · How to speak without a script. · Your most important audience is you. · Breaking the barrier between you & your audience. I invite you to watch Christina’s TEDX Talk ( and follow her on Instagram ( for more of her unique and refreshing wisdom! And if you want more of Christina (how could you not!) sign up to be part of her Xtra Love Army (, listen to her phenomenal podcast (, do one-on-one coaching with her (, and order her beautiful book (! Here’s what I can tell you – my life has been made better by Christina in ways I will never be able to capture on paper. I just know my heart lifts every time we talk. Yours will too.


speaking of beauty with Michele Probst

Speaking of Beauty with Michele Probst Episode #2 / Season Three On this episode of the lovespeaks series podcast we are speaking beauty with celebrity makeup artist & founder of Worth Beauty Company Michele Probst. Michele started in the beauty business by creating the first undetectable skincare line for men and today, she helps women her own age AGE! Whatever side of 50 you are on; Michele’s skincare tips are essential to simple solutions to your beauty & skincare regimen. Michele shares so many tips I couldn’t keep up! You can hear the eagerness in my questions to learn because skincare is overwhelming as we age. So, we provided links to all of Michele’s favorites! Enjoy! Quotes from Michele Probst: I’m a big proponent of the drugstore. The better your skin is the less makeup you wear. Consider skincare part of your makeup. I’m all about injections, but don’t get cut. If you can get ice on your face that stimulates it so well. There are so many ways we can do things at home that are affordable. Open that dishwasher and take that minute to get that facial. SPF is so important at this age. Vitamin C in the day and Retinol at night. If you can remember those two things you’ve got a fight in the game. Tweezerman is my best friend. My favorite beauty tool is a magnifying mirror. I love q-tips and beauty blenders. Let’s be kind to each other. You’ll learn:  How to shop drugstore beauty brands.  How to keep it skincare simple.  AM & PM regimens.  At home beauty treatments.  Michele’s favorite products. Resources: Worth Beauty Company Instagram Sea Buckthorn Oil Arcona Triad pad Amazon ice Roller Humidifier BB Cream CC Cream Vitamin C Spray Maybelline Concealer ZO Retinol Tweezerman Bobbi Brown brushes Jones Road Stay Put Lip Pencil Neutrogena Self-Tanning Spray Oil of Olay Regenerating Cream No7 Triad Pads The Better Skin Co


speaking of Compassion with Whitney Reynolds

Speaking of Compassion with Whitney Reynolds Episode #1 / Season Three On this podcast we are speaking about compassion with the Emmy nominated host & executive producer of the nationally syndicated Whitney Reynolds Show Whitney Reynolds. Whitney is a mom to twins Marlowe & Acher, host of Whitney’s Women on iHeartRadio, Chief Inspo Officer of her TV team and her family, and a woman who from a very young age knew exactly what she wanted to do. Whitney is on a mission to bring hope through our deepest struggles and uses her own story to drive compassion forward. Her mission: Your Story Matters. Her mantra: If the door closes find the window. I hope you are inspired to use your story to help others after listening. Tune-in to Season 3 of The Whitney Reynolds Show launching April 4 th . Quotes from Whitney Reynolds: Katie Couric was somebody I totally admired as a kid. For so long these women put this great dream out there and now I’m able to step in my own starting line. I lived being the stories that I tell. Having gone through what I did as a kid it made me run my show, run my life, run my storytelling completely different. I know I need to be an advocate. Part of our show is showing that you can prevail. I always knew I wanted to be in television. My story is not just my story. When I was an intern at Good Morning America they were doing a story very similar (to mine) and that would be an easy time to pop my hand up. Ironically I worked behind the scenes to make sure that story was told right without any of them knowing. I would not be who I am, what I do without God. As I go bigger and bigger, it’s so important I get more intimate with my belief system. It’s so crazy I kinda needed to be a mom to be better as a TV host. The compassion piece of also being a mom has changed the way I interview. I want to give my kids stability. I always knew that whenever I was living in chaos, that I would create this for myself. 5-year-old Whitney was mixing tapes with her sister. 8-year-old Whitney really knew she was going to be a talk show host. I get a lot of visions in the shower. I always say the best is yet to come! You’ll learn:  Being told no can be a beautiful gift.  Speaking your dreams works.  Your story is your superpower.  Compassion comes from healing our pain.  Our stories matter. Resources: The Whitney Reynolds Show: Whitney’s Women: Christina Glickman:


speaking of teammates

Speaking of Teammates with John Trautwein Episode #13 / Season Two On this episode of the lovespeaks series we are speaking teammates. John Trautwein is a dear friend, author of My Living Will: A Father’s Story of Loss & Hope, and founder of the Will to Live Foundation – dedicated to preventing teen suicide by improving the lives and the “Will to Live” of teenagers everywhere through education about mental health and encouraging them to recognize the love and hope that exists in each other. John and his wife Susie lost their beautiful son Will 10 ½ years ago to suicide. In those 10 years, they have built a foundation of hope and love for teenagers through the Will to Live Foundation and a whole lot of LOVE. This candid conversation is something every parent should listen to, whether your child is struggling or not. I have learned so much from John’s message and his work and I can honestly say it’s been lifesaving. If you are a regular listener, you know as a mental health advocate, this work means the world to me. Please pass this along to someone you love who needs to hear this message today. Quotes from John Trautwein: Will Trautwein is the oldest of our four kids and he left us 10 ½ years ago to mental illness – depression which led to suicide. He truly loved to see his friends succeed. Remember 13 became their cry. If he told me he was struggling I would have talked him out of it. What I did wrong? I didn’t know about depression. Like most parents that are listening, you cannot stand to see your kid not okay. You have to fix it and you have to fix it now. And that’s really hard. It’s the last thing your kids want you to do. That’s what I learned the most. These kids are really living in a world that I could not relate to. I knew I had to do something positive about this awful thing in my life, otherwise I knew I wouldn’t make it. My goal was to get people to talk. I’m going to create a foundation that’s going to encourage kids to talk by understanding the love and the hope and the understanding that they have for the people sitting right next to them – in the classroom, in the dugout, in the sidelines, the band, the orchestra, the scouting group, the church youth. Whatever team they’re on there’s people who love them. (Life Teammates) If I can get kids to say, “I love you” maybe I can get kids to say “Hey, I’m struggling.” I played in thousands of games. I don’t remember scores. I remember bus rides. The 1 in 5, the 1 in 6 have now become 1 in 2. Now it doesn’t mean 1 in 2 are contemplating suicide. But it means 1 in 2 are struggling and so the awareness level has to be higher for parents whose kids are stuck in a room all day. The human spirit craves companionship. What’s really fun about my world and the foundation is I’m just telling kids to love each other. They say a good coach has the capacity to love his players. And I don’t think that’s enough. I say a great coach shows it. I try every single day to go where the love is. It’s okay not to be okay. These kids wake up knowing that if they make a mistake everyone they’ve ever known will know about it before dinner. I try to become the audience. What you will learn: The signs of suicide. How to encourage kids to talk about their struggle. How to encourage kids to say “love ya man.” How to find your life teammates. It’s okay not to be okay. Resources: Will To Live Foundation: My Will to Live: A Father’s Story of Loss & Hope: Erika’s Lighthouse: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 Suicide Hotline:


speaking of community with Laura Munson

Speaking of Community with Laura Munson Episode #12 / Season Two On this episode we are speaking about community and what happens when we, or someone we love, isolates. New York Times best-selling author Laura Munson says she wants to start a movement - for people to come together outside of their daily lives and gather to tell their stories using the power of the written word, which is her Haven Writing Workshop she offers AND also the theme of her new book Willa’s Grove. Laura Munson writes about community, and how desperately we need it. The four characters in Willa’s Grove come together to basically save each other, even though some of them are meeting for the first time. The shared experience between these four women was so powerful for me as I read the book while recovering from COVID. I was literally isolating and reading the book. The message hit me hard. Laura says she had no idea the theme of Willa’s Grove would be so timely. If you are feeling a need for community, I invite you to listen to my conversation with Laura Munson and read Willa’s Grove! Get the tissues because it broke me, in all the right ways! Quotes from Laura Munson I think this year is hyper-illuminated! I’m trying to start a movement. It’s a clean slate. (Laura’s Haven Writing retreats) And so people will go very deeply because they feel safe and suspended in time. The characters were born and that’s when I gave them the steering wheel and hung on! The characters write the book. I ask people to open up their hearts and minds to the characters that they resist. When we resist something or somebody that’s often the exact place we need to go to learn our lessons. She (Willa) isolates like so many of us when we are going through a hard time. That’s what’s so fun about fiction, you can have your characters go places you haven’t gone almost so that you don’t have to. We go deeply into a hot button topic that people don’t want to talk about and that is – Money doesn’t buy you happiness. We say we are fine when we’re not – when we are bleeding inside. I want people to read it (Willa’s Grove) and say “I want to do this. I know somebody who is isolating, who is saying they’re fine when they’re not, and who desperately needs to come together in a safe circle. I’m going to reach out to them.” I think a lot of us have lost our social IQ’s. Those of us who are extroverts and like to express ourselves don’t necessarily have a really strong filter! Let’s find radical self-love and love and kindness to all people. The writing life ain’t for sissies! I think writing should be up there with diet and exercise in the realm of for preventative wellness. Some people started making bread and others learned how to knit. I just thought – pen & paper. Never when I wrote this book did I think the theme would be so timely. Writers mine their lives. Part of this book was about wanting to reflect the magic that happens when people come together outside of their daily lives and gather to tell their stories using the power of the written word. I have every single journal I’ve ever written starting in 4th grade in my office closet here in Montana. I was the friend that really wanted to talk about the big stuff. That little girl in her treehouse, or her blanket fort, in her closet in Lake Forest, IL is pretty much the same woman who is speaking to you today. You’ll Learn: We need community. Reach out to people you think are isolating. Writing is a tough business. Start your own circle … aka Grove. Writing heals and so does storytelling. Resources: Haven Writing Retreat: Instagram: /lauramunsonauthor Willa’s Grove: Modern Love Article: Haven Nest:


speaking of depression

Speaking of Depression with Amy B. Scher Episode #11 / Season Two On this podcast we are speaking about healing from depression with award winning author Amy B. Scher. Amy is an energy therapist and teaches people how to release emotional baggage so they can become their happiest and healthiest selves. In her book How to Heal Yourself From Depression When No One Else Can: A Self-Guided Program to Stop Felling Like Sh*t, Amy offers self-application techniques to help us heal ourselves. If you or someone you love suffers from depression and you’ve tried everything, take a listen to my conversation with Amy and see if something she offers could work for you. The Alternative Tapping Technique works for me! Quotes from Amy B. Scher: I truly believe love speaks to us in so many ways, but really when we are together. Sometimes we echo it for each other. What I see more is people missing connections to themselves. Even though medications and therapies are getting better, depression is getting worse. There is this unseen aspect of ourselves which is the core of who we are and that is the part that I see people sort of lose their tether to – the core of who they are. All of my techniques are not done by me. I am not a healer. I am somebody who teaches people how to use techniques to heal themselves. One of the techniques that I use are various types of tapping. The reason we want to move energy out of the body is because we all have an energy system or an energy body that is interlinked or intertwined to our physical body. And so when we are feeling symptoms in our physical body, research has shown that energy imbalances can be detected in the energy body long before physical symptoms come up. Which means they could be the root of the issue. When we clear energy blockages from various parts of the body we are clearing energy, that if left there, may eventually or may already be, affecting the organs, muscles and glands in the area. I had my own very long decade long healing journey from Lyme disease & auto immune disease. I had all kinds of things. That’s what brought me energy work. I think there has been this huge shift in the past decade from “We don’t know what that is, it sounds too crazy” to “Wait we’re really now understanding that when something goes wrong in the immune system and the nervous system and the digestive system that stress has an impact. I came to this work as a last resort. We come to ourselves as a cure last. I did run all over the world chasing a cure only to find out that I carried it all along. You can’t exclude yourself from the healing. The reason you’re feeling good is tapping can actually lower cortisol levels so it can actually lower that stress hormone by a significant amount. When I was going through my own experience with depression and anxiety and chronic illness and just feeling so overwhelmed, you know what freaks me out more than anything? That when I was freaking out I would have to wait for my doctor to call me back. Just knowing you have the tools and techniques to help yourself is hugely supportive to the physical body and to the mind because you don’t feel alone. 46:15: Amy teaches Alternative Tapping Technique I think some of us are just born healers. You’ll learn: • How to have a deeper connection with yourself • How to release stuck emotional baggage • Why you can’t exclude yourself from healing •Alternative Tapping Technique • Why it’s important to try one tiny thing Resources: Amy’s website: Amy’s YouTube: Amy’s Books: Amy’s Instagram:


speaking of napkin thoughts

Season 2 Episode #10: Speaking of Napkin Thoughts with Scott Freres On this podcast we are speaking napkin thoughts. What are napkin thoughts you might ask? Napkin thoughts are where great ideas, dreams and plans begin. My guest on this episode of the lovespeaks series podcast has built a career on this philosophy. Scott Freres is the principal at Red Spade Environments, a landscape design, construction management, design-build firm that makes exterior dreams come true. And most of those dreams begin with a sketch Scott makes on a napkin when sitting down to listen to a client over coffee. We all have dreams. Scott’s story reminds us to go after our own dreams, because our napkin is waiting! Quotes from Scott Freres: Love for me is the ability and blessing I have to do what I want every day. I learned an appreciation of nature that you really can’t see unless you spend time in it. I love fall. I love the change. I love the way the world seems to slow down, the days get shorter, lighting looks different. I used to sit at a coffee shop every day and before I would go in to work, and collect my thoughts and collect my ideas and sketch on napkins. It starts with a napkin. It moves to paper. It takes in the voice of a client or a community and it starts to fashion ideas not a final plan, but ideas. And then from those ideas you hone in on a plan direction. The other thing a napkin speaks to that is a big philosophy in our companies was the idea that the best designs and the best conversations always happen around food or beverage. There’s two pens that I always use, and one is a Pentel rolling writer and the other is a Paper Mate flair. The hallmark for our firm is community engagement. You have to talk to people and listen. And not only do you have to talk and listen, that’s great. But you gotta show them that you heard them by your actions. When you’re in that dirt it feels so good. I don’t know what it is, people say it’s gross but I just love it. Nature is truly the best medicine and your garden costs you nothing, but it can do wonders for your health. Sustainability is really a philosophy that you need to live by, meaning that it’s a respect for the environment first and foremost. You’ll learn: ♥ How to use the talents you were born with and the environments that spoke to you as a young person and make a career out of it. ♥ Listening is a skill that is essential to understanding your clients. ♥ An appreciation of nature. ♥ Big plans begin on small napkins. ♥ The best conversations happen around food and beverage. ♥ Forward thinking is a gift. ♥ Community engagement is key to a project’s success. ♥ Nature is the best medicine. Resources: Scott Freres LinkedIn: Red Spade Environments: Red Spade on Instagram: The Lakota Group:


speaking of transformation

Episode # 9 Season 2 Speaking of Transformation Guest: Edie Allen – Speaker, Artist, Advocate & Breakthrough Specialist On this episode we are speaking transformation with speaker and healer Edie Allen. Edie’s start to her story is what I would simply call a nightmare. As a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood, Edie was just trying to survive. Today, as a survivor, her story is a lifeline for others to survive. I have never seen anything more powerful than Edie’s story. I suggest you watch this 7-minute clip on the Janie’s Fund stage, Steven Tyler’s philanthropic initiative created in partnership with Youth Villages to bring hope and healing to girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect, before you listen to this episode. You will be transformed by Edie’s transformation. SHOW NOTES: 00:51 It’s March! 1:08 Edie Allen 1:33 Red Spade message (my sponsor!) 3:25 Transformation 4:21 Janie’s Fund 4:58 How is love speaking to you today? 6:00 Edie’s story 8:53 A survivor of sexual abuse 9:38 What was your life like when you left home at 15? 13:00 Edie’s mom 13:43 Bill 14:15 How did Steven Tyler happen? 15:12 Hearing “Janie’s Got a Gun.” 15:56 “If this band is singing about this topic that means they know.” 18:44 A Joy Journey 20:41 On the 10th day a voice spoke 20:55 A-Fest & Bo Eason 22:05 “The first time I told my story.” 22:28 One True Sentence 23:12 “The hardest day of my life ....” 25:02 “If I could say the hardest thing that has ever happened to me, then maybe I can tell my story (and help people).” 26:00 Steven Tyler called – a 3 hour & 20 minute conversation 26:42 “3:20 has always been significant.” 27:13 Edie’s son 27:30 Edie’s creative writing teacher Miss Barksdale 28:08 Edie’s guidance counselor moment 29:00 The rape 30:55 The birth 32:53 “When I gave birth - when they first put him in my arms I had no idea what to do.” 33:38 “When women say I didn’t have a voice, I know what that feels like.” 34:10 “Had I had a girl I would have fled and no one would have ever seen us again.” 34:33 Where did you go? 36:14 A family from Edie’s church took her in 38;35 Do you have a relationship with your son? 40:11 “He is a wonderful father.” 40:43 “I had to make a decision. Do I protect a family of five or do I help thousands and thousands of people and prevent this from continuing?” 41:50 “When Bill came into our lives he was someone who gave us a childhood as crazy as this sounds.” 43:44 How does your work serve you? 44:00 Edie’s transformation story 44:19 “I fell in love with Reiki.” 45:19 “Love, white light, Mary, Christ & God.” 45:36 “Transformation started with me through Reiki.” 45:40 Look for these signals! 47:00 Edie’s first sign – “Go upstairs” and the 27th psalm 50:30 Are you working on a memoir? 50:50 Practicing Transcendental Meditation, found sobriety and Bob Roth of The David Lynch Foundation 52:56 “Bring this (TM) to Janie’s Fund.” 53:45 “That is the greatest thing I have ever done, connecting all of that.” 54:18 Connection 55:38 Your memoir is going to be a film. 56:06 Paint the picture of your life today. 57:45 “What I would say to people struggling is to let go. Listen. Listen to the signs. Listen to the voice inside. Get quiet.” 58:51 “Whatever your problems are, give them space.” 59:18 “The greatest transformations is when we meet them with grace.” 59:46 Where can we find you? PS – if you didn’t watch the clip, Bill, Edie’s abuser, later took his life as well as his girlfriend’s RESOURCES: Janie’s Fund Speech Janie’s Fund A-Fest Bo Eason The 27th psalm The David Lynch Foundation CONNECT WITH EDIE: Instagram


speaking of love wins

Episode #8 Season Two Speaking of Love Wins Guest: Itika Oldwine Grimble – founder of Oldvine Florals On this episode we are speaking love wins. Itika Oldwine Grimble, founder and owner of Oldvine Florals in downtown LA, proved that love was not cancelled in 2020. As a black women business owner, Itika boarded up her shop to march for racial justice, pivoted her business in a pandemic with success, was proposed to and married her love Brian and in April their baby girl arrives! If you think love doesn’t win, please listen to Itika’s story! It may sound like a fairy tale, but we all have a shot at one! Listening Notes: 1:08 RED SPADE message – my new sponsor! 2:50 Itika Oldwine Grimble is proof Love Wins! 3:30 The Love Wins House Party – get your tickets now! 5:00 How is love speaking to you today? 6:10 Itika and I worked together at The Oprah Winfrey Show 7:00 Oldvine Florals 7:52 A black woman business owner’s perspective 8:53 Pivot 9:18 The universe 10:00 Do you need help? 12;00 The “We deliver” pivot 12:50 Love was not cancelled! 13:15 Small business owner 13:52 COVID lessons & meeting challenges 14:43 Air filtering plants 16:40 RED SPADE – we are spending more time at home 17:52 Business, love, baby 18:18 Did you ever think you would be a mom? 21:30 The blessing of birth 22:22 The Instagram post that says it all 24:38 Claim it! 24:43 Grateful 24:56 “I feel like I’m being rewarded.” 25:50 Being a mom 26:30 How has Brian (Itika’s husband) helped you? 27:11 “I always wanted to succeed professionally but it never necessarily included me owning my own business or being an entrepreneur.” 28:15 “He (Brian) saw an opportunity for me to branch out and have my own business. 29:48 You only need one person to say yes. 31:01 How do you think Brian is going to be as a daddy to baby girl Grimble? 32:40 Itika’s Big Mama’s advice 34:28 Do you have a daily prayer? 36L15 How does love define you or speak to you? 37:09 “To truly love a friend, a spouse, a partner you have to love them through the hard stuff.” 38:08 “Love embodies me.” 38:36 “Love always wins.” 40:16 Was there ever a time during this time of racial injustice where you said you were done? 41:46 “I’m a black woman, I have a lot of African American friends and family obviously. We are black business owners. How can I best serve my community?” 43:06 What is the first thing you will say to your baby girl? 44:38 The wedding 47:32 “I don’t lack for anything.” 49:15 Anyone struggling to find love, what would you say? 49:48 “You have to put yourself out there!” 50:45 “The business of finding love is important.” 50:52 Itika is the Spotlight on Love winner at The Love Wins House Party 52:40 Follow Itika @oldvineflorals @itikagrimble Resources: Oldvine Florals Connect with Itika Instagram @itikagrimble @oldvineflorals Facebook @itikagrimble @oldvineflorals


speaking of dreams

Episode #7 Season 2 Speaking of Dreams Guest: Paolo Presta – host of the web-series A Spoonful of Paolo Sponsor Alert! I am thrilled to announce Red Spade Environments as my sponsor for the lovespeaks series podcast! Red Spade is the premier residential landscape architecture and design build firm based in Winnetka and Chicago. I hope you will visit their site to see how Red Spade can bring your dream to life! On this podcast we are speaking dreams! I happened to have a front row seat to my guest’s big dream as it exploded on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and I have to say – it was a privilege. Now you can have a front row seat as you listen to Paolo Presta, host of A Spoonful of Paolo, tell you how his dream of becoming a talk show host, coming out and finding the husband of his dreams all happened. This listen will open up your heart in ways you won’t even expect. Listening Notes: 1:00 Bye Bye 2020! 1:26 The Love Wins House Party! 1:45 Red Spade Environments announcement 3:55 Speaking of Dreams – Paolo Presta 5:20 How is love speaking to you today? 6:52 How old were you when you had your first knowledge of what your dream would be? 9:20 Paolo’s Oprah story 13:52 The Presta family 14:40 Paolo’s coming out story 19:40 Blazing a trail 20:02 Do you feel that you’re changing lives? 20:50 How did A Spoonful of Paolo come about? 22:00 We all have a platform 22:58 Patrick! 23:47 Celebrities 26:26 Make it bigger 27:06 Persistence 27:58 What no launched you? 29:28 Magic 30:33 Meeting Patrick 32:20 Paolo’s wedding 34:04 Ed Bacon! 35:33 Vows 36:45 Paolo’s parents 37:27 My Henry 38:26 Truth 39:34 Acceptance 40:44 Using your story to help others 41:07 Do you have a daily prayer? 42:41 Paolo’s Instagram content 43:45 Nutella 45:43 Improv 46:35 What’s next? 46:53 Vulnerability 47:25 Accomplishments 47:57 Momentum 49:28 Paolo’s Green Room 50:08 What made you come back to Chicago? 51:00 Secrets are exhausting 52:05 Lightening round of love questions 53:45 Patrick’s smile 54:09 What do you love about yourself the most? 54:45 My book launch 55:24 The Love Wins House Party 56:16 Full circle! 56:41 Red Spade Environment CONNECT WITH PAOLO: Instagram Facebook Twitter RESOURCES: Paolo’s Oprah Show Moment


speaking of Holiday 2020

Episode #6 Season 2 Speaking of Holiday 2020 Guests: A sampling of some of my favorite people who are creative givers and lovers of holiday traditions. On this episode we are looking for the bright side of Holiday 2020! I asked some friends what tradition they will have to go without this year, and what new tradition they are replacing the old one with. I hope you get some good ideas for your own holiday celebrations! Stay healthy and stay in touch with the people you love. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! And with a big sigh of relief …. Happy 2021! Listening notes: 00:56 Holiday 2020 is here! 2:28 Barri Leiner Grant – founder of The Memory Circle: The new tradition Barri is bringing to Holiday 2020 is exchanging letters with her family. 10:29 Maleesa Xiong – a self-described creative doer & explorer: The new tradition Maleesa is bringing to Holiday 2020 is supporting small and local businesses, as well as artists, by exclusively shopping with them for the people she loves. 14:27 Whitney Reynolds – host of The Whitney Reynolds Show: The new tradition Whitney is bringing to Holiday 2020 is staying home with her family of four! 21:34 Cheryl Jackson – founder of Minnie’s Food Pantry: The new tradition Cheryl is bringing to Holiday 2020 is hand writing letters to her family who are normally at her house playing games and laughing at family jokes. 30:21 Cindy Linville – My sister & Chief Holiday Officer: The new tradition Cindy is bringing to Holiday 2020 is keeping her annual Christmas Caroling party tradition alive and well, but only with her immediate family. 39:34 Paolo Presta – Host of A Spoonful of Paolo: The new tradition Paolo is bringing to Holiday 2020 is hosting Christmas Eve at his home with his husband and parents as well as a socially distanced holiday card! 46:38 Laura Munson – New York Times Best-Selling author, founder of Haven Writing Retreat and author of her new book Willa’s Grove. The new tradition Laura is bringing to Holiday 2020 is refurbishing her grandmother’s piano so she can have a sing-a-long with her children. 56:52 Margo Lightburn: A yoga teacher & lulu lemon ambassador: The new tradition Margo is bringing to holiday 2020 is reading with her children and Face Timing with her parents. 1:07:07 Danielle Porte: A children’s picture book author: The new tradition Danielle is bringing to Holiday 2020 is using the money her family would have spent on their big family Christmas Eve pajama dinner to buy care packages for families at local shelters. 1:12:26 I am hoping to hear the sirens – a tradition I never want to let go of. Connect with: Sally Lou Loveman Barri Leiner Grant Maleesa Xiong Whitney Reynolds Cheryl Jackson Cindy Linville Paolo Presta Laura Munson Danielle Porte Resources: Barri’s book recommendation The Book of Delights by Ross Gay Maleesa’s Gift Giving List: The Nile List Wolf and Badger Etsy Faire Amazon Handmade Cindy’s Event Goddesses: Little Sister Creative Amanda Savory Events


speaking of COVID & health inequities

Speaking of COVID & Health Inequities Guest: Dr. Renee Matthews On this episode we are speaking about the health inequities facing the black community during this time of pandemic. Dr. Renee Matthews is the host of Ask Dr. Renee and can be seen in over 45,000 doctor’s offices in her Out of Office with Dr. Renee video spots. Dr. Renee uses her medical degree to help people live healthier lives and on this episode, she offers specific things we can all do to protect ourselves and others from COVID. Stay healthy and I hope you will listen. Listening notes: 1:00 Dr. Renee Matthews 1:19 Health inequities in the black community 2:39 Renee’s dad’s health 4:28 How is love speaking to you today? 5:20 Staying busy 6:00 As a black man, Renee says her dad was not treated well 6:45 Renee’s platform 7:00 Why did you decide to use your medical degree in this way? 8:08 Two pandemics 8:35 86 people 9:56 “There was a rumor that black people can’t get this.” 10:36 “The numbers were ridiculous for black people.” 11:11 Underlying conditions 12:18 No primary care doctors 12:45 Essential workers 13:43 Wear a mask! 14:40 “Wear it correctly & leave it alone!” 17:55 “Bandanas are the worst!” 18:00 “Things are passing under the face shield.” 19:08 “Surgeons wear masks for 12 hour surgeries!” 19:43 I’m no longer a candidate for wine. 20:49 Besides wearing a mask, what is the best thing we should be doing? 20:56 How to be prepared 22:40 “Food is medicine.” 22:59 Watch your stress 24:33 COVID in eyes 27:09 “Wash your hands and remove your clothing.” 28:39 When do you sleep? 29:08 How many steps should we get a day? 32:18 “I ran next to my bed the other night!” 32:44 What’s exciting you right now?” 34:50 The Girl Scouts 35:05 “I’m an official YouTuber!” 35:55 The purpose of this podcast 36:06 What reminds you of your purpose? 37:27 “We are now going to focus on asthma.” 38:36 COVID vaccine 40:04 “Antibodies is a treatment.” 41:29 Does it have to do with blood type? 43:00 “We don’t listen!” 43:26 “Look at other countries!” 44:33 Do you have a daily prayer? 45:45 Renee’s prayer 46:12 The prayer of Jabez 46:40 Devotional for teen girls 47:27 Did you have a “no” that launched you? 47:58 “There was a counselor at my college who told me I wasn’t college material.” 48:15 Renee stops at nothing! 48:59 Renee’s Oprah story 51:50 Emergencies at The Oprah Winfrey Show 54:49 20,000 people 56:15 Speaking to the black community 57:44 Thank you! Connect with Dr. Renee: Instagram LinkedIn Resources: Ask Dr. Renee YouTube Prayer of Jabez


speaking of rebels

Episode #4 Season 2 Speaking of Rebels Guest: Shelley Paxton – author of Soulbbatical: A Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life On this podcast we are speaking rebels with my friend Shelley Paxton, author of Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life. Shelley was the former CMO at Harley Davidson and left her sexy career to start a new one without any promises it would fly. Well it did and today, Shelley speaks about how her need for her own soulbbatical not only gave her permission to live life on her terms, it gave her a platform to help liberate all of us by bringing out our own inner rebel. Listening Notes: 00:50 Calling all rebels! 2:10 How Shelley & I met 2:59 My COVID story 4:18 Lash extension love 5:08 How is love speaking to you today? 5:42 Shelley’s pivotal week 6:24 Coaching community 7:22 Slow down to speed up 7:51 Mark Silverman’s book Only 10’s 8:28 A bouquet of flowers 10:00 Community 10:20 Inc. Magazine article 10:33 Harley Davidson 11:04 Soulbbatical 12:50 “I flip rebelling on its head.” 13:41 Shelley’s nightmare & wakeup call 17:39 The principles of Soulbbatical 18:55 When the phone stops ringing 19:14 “Authenticity is the truest form of rebellion.” 19:39 “Soulbbatical stands for 3 things: Authenticity, Courage & Purpose.” 20:52 A reading from Soulbbatical 21:50 Little p and Big P purpose 25:18 Starting lovespeaks 27:09 Impact 27:21 Book writing retreat 28:40 Soulbbatical glossary 29:19 Shelley’s father Mike Paxton 30:55 Shelley reads from Soulbbatical about her dad’s recovery from his stroke 32:20 Second City 33:10 Being brave 34:00 “Improv taught me go before you’re ready.” 35:20 Brenè Brown 36:34 My Brenè Brown story 39:00 Shelley’s personal Board of Directors 41:11 “All good brands start with the soul.” 44:00 Living life on your terms 45:20 Give yourself a title 46:54 Permission 47:19 “Do an energy audit!” 49:12 All the Shoulds 52:40 “Ripples of Impact – the new ROI.” 53:47 “I don’t care about the money. I care about impact. My goal is to liberate a billions souls.” 54:14 How are you making an impact on businesses to be more soulful? 56:45 “Quarantine or Soulbbatical?” 58:08 “Take 15 minutes of quiet a day.” 58:19 Lightening round of love questions 59:55 Do you have a daily prayer? 1:00:15 What is exciting you right now? 1:01:29 Where can we find you? 1:02:30 Women entrepreneurs: Make friends and share resources! Connect with Shelley: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Resources: Inc. Magazine article Mark Silverman’s Only 10’s The Oath of Manifestation (not Abundance)


speaking of gendered racism

Episode 3 / Season 2 Speaking of Gendered Racism Guest: Jill Frank – Head of of Creative Agency Operations at Allstate On this episode I sit down with my friend Jill Frank, Head of Creative Agency Operations at Allstate, to talk about gendered racism. Jill recently spoke at The 3% Conference; whose mission is to increase the number of creative directors who are women of color. Currently, only 3% of creative directors are women and even less are people of color. Jill shares how the double stressor of being a black woman in advertising feels and then offers her “75 and sunny, living in LA” metaphor for what racism is in America. It’s the most simple way to explain racism to anyone who doesn’t grasp the concept. Listening notes: 2:29 The 3% Conference 3:00 Jill’s talk on Gendered Racism 4:06 Defining Gendered Racism 7:26 A double stressor 10:21 White women will ask “What is Gendered Racism?” 11:06 “Diversity = Profitability” 11:42 “If there’s not one black female CEO in the Fortune 500 something is going on.” 12:50 Doing the internal work 13:07 Microaggressions 16:42 The strong black woman schema 17:49 Jill’s camping moment 19:57 “The system isn’t working for us collectively.” 21:05 Jill’s vision board – the powerful lady retreat group 23:32 The Ripple Effect 26:00 “The world is not yours to fix.” 28:00 “Working for Oprah, a dream job – a very female, black and brown environment.” 29:42 Oprah quote “Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” 30:19 Jill’s megawatt smile 31:06 “A PhD in creating magic and experiences.” 32:00 “I had a voice, I had agency and I had power, and my opinion mattered.” 32:38 “I have an added perspective of how difficult it might be for someone, a black woman, a person of color, a woman starting out in a white male dominated industry.” 33:06 “When you break the glass ceiling or make a milestone, you leave the hole big enough to bring two people with you.” 33:20 Jill’s 6-year-old daughter Clarke 34:32 “I’m an early Kamala super fan!” 35:14 “We’ve always talked about race. Fortunately, she has a beautiful cornucopia of people she is able to interact with.” 37:17 “You can still be a well-meaning inclusive non-racist person and still contribute to a system that is discriminatory.” 38:26 Jill’s theory --- living in LA – we go off track, but we come back to this! 38:50 Jill’s first jobs 39:39 Jill’s Price is Right moment when she won a Lord of the Rings pinball machine 40:39 Getting the Oprah job 42:08 My Temp Agency tip 43:04 Everything is figure-out-able 44:09 Jill’s shout outs to the women who pulled her in at Harpo 47:20 It doesn’t matter the size of your audience, it matters they showed up for you. 48:36 We are back to the “living in LA” theory: “75 and sunny.” 49:24 “This is what racism is to black people in this country we live in Chicago, the weather is constantly changing on us so we need to check every day with every room that we walk in - what’s the situation, do I feel safe, can I share, can I not share? Is this a place I want to be?” 50:19 “Grab your umbrella cause it’s getting real rough out here.” 52:50 Quaker Oats retiring the Aunt Jemima brand 55:17 Chadwick Bozeman 56:11 “If there’s a seat at the table take it. Get in the room.” 57:21 “The Aunt Jemima brand is a microaggression.” 58:08 How does being a black woman speak to you? 59:29 “I always thought growing up those micro-aggressions and those issues I would encounter were a result of my blackness. I think I know in my wise old age, my 30’s, that it’s the whiteness that’s the problem.” 1:00:20 Tom Burrell’s book Brainwashed 1:02:06 “That’s your ability to be in LA and not worried about the weather.” Connect with Jill: Jill on LinkedIn Instagram Resources: Tom Burrell’s Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority


speaking of solutions

Episode 2 Speaking of Solutions Guest: Afrika Porter – CEO of Afrika Enterprises On this episode we are speaking about solutions. Our city (Chicago) and cities across the country are hurting. We need solutions to the two pandemics that are killing our loved ones – systemic racism and COVID-19. I invited my friend and activist Afrika Porter, known as Sista Afrika or AF, to talk about ways we can all help. At 13:27 Afrika tells me she has lost 86 people to COVID – and that’s all I have to say. Please listen. Listening notes: 1:30 Solutions 1:50 Welcome Afrika Porter! 2:17 How is love speaking to you today? 3:48 The Speaking of Race episode 4:06 Afrika’s loss of a family member to gun violence 4:56 #WeAreOurOwnSolutions 5:42 “On top of a pandemic we have a pandemic.” 5:50 Fred Hampton, Jr. – Chairman of the Black Panther Party 6:30 SOLUTION #1 – SPEAK TO PEOPLE 7:42 Everyone has a story 9:27 “I needed my black sons to see that.” – The Equal Pay Rally 10:14 When did you know you were an activist? 13:27 “I’ve lost 86 people to COVID.” 14:27 Leek & Sons Funeral Home family 15:07 The number reveals the racial inequities 17:53 SOLUTION #2 – BE COUNTED! 20:00 Lessons from Afrika’s parents 22:12 “I know every homeless person in my community by name, and they know me.” 22:37 “If you’re hungry I’m gonna feed you.” 24:40 Doing our father’s work 25:08 How do you teach that (your dad’s lessons) to your sons? 25:40 The elevator moment with Afrika’s son 26:30 SOLUTION #3 – USE YOUR VOICE - Afrika took the moment to speak up 26:54 “I’m trying to use my voice better and teach my son.” 28:07 A lesson for Afrika’s son 28:16 If you’re comfortable you’re not working 28:52 The Ripple Effect 29:04 “When black boys are smaller they’re cute. When they grow up and Become men they are a threat.” 29:29 The “Shawty’s gonna get all the H’s” moment 30:13 Momma Brenda’s poem “Somebody Better Say Something” 31:29 My baby crawling down the sidewalk moment 32:20 My story about teaching my son about respect 34:16 SOLUTION #4 - ACCOUNTABILITY 35:27 Gun violence 36:06 SOLUTION #5 – HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE WHO PURCHASEGUNS ILLEGALY 37:09 The laws have to change 37:36 “The people we vote in – we have to get to them and have real conversations about gun control.” 38:14 Real Talk Real Women Live 40:19 “The mission is to help people during this time cope.” 41:00 What’s been your gift during this time? 43:14 My family has been my gift 45:32 Do you have a daily prayer? 46:20 Afrika’s friend’s son lost his life to suicide – I am My Life Coach 47:22 Afrika lost her own son in 2011 47:50 “A day doesn’t go by when you don’t think about the people you lost.” 48:48 Prayers for Jahari 50:16 Who inspires you? 50:36 The Little Warrior – Reverend Willie Taplin Barrow – Co-founder of Operation PUSH 52:27 Compliments 53:12 Ida B. Wells 53:25 “My mom is one of the oldest founding members of the Alfreda Wells Duster Club – named for Ida B. Wells.” 54:09 Afrika’s sisters 54:58 “All my siblings work in social service.” 55:45 The Porter family did it right. 57:18 The 86 will never leave me 58:00 Where can we find you? 1:00:00 “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” – Joseph Campbell Connect with Afrika: Facebook Instagram Twitter Resources: Fred Hampton, Jr. Census 2020 Momma Brenda – Somebody Better Say Something Real Talk Real Women Live I Am My Life Coach Reverend Willie Taplin Barrow Kim-ISTRI Jewelry


speaking of race

SEASON 2 Episode #1 Speaking of Race Guests: Sherry McAdoo Champion & Shelly McAdoo On this episode I sit down with my friends Sherry McAdoo Champion and Shelly McAdoo, twin sisters, to talk about race. Sherry is the Manager of Community Advocacy and Coalitions for Chicago CRED and Shelly is the Consultant of Executive Projects and President of the Diversity Council at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. It’s a conversation between girlfriends - we are not experts. The hope is to shed light on how white people can be more effective in our work to combat racism and to find out how my friends (and mothers) are feeling about today and the future. Listening Notes: 2:21 Welcome Sherry Champion & Shelly McAdoo 4:24 Unpacking white privilege 4:45 Where can we go from here? What is our call to action? How can white people be more effective allies? 5:15 How is your heart feeling? 7:36 The Talk 10:00 Sherry on having a white grandmother 13:43 Doing the work internally 15:30 Allyship 18:10 White Supremacy 19:10 How is your community at work doing? 19:29 George Floyd’s death 22:50 Chicago CRED 26:15 Young people stepping up 27:00 Do the work 28:22 Always have a mirror 29:40 Allyship is earned 31:46 Shelly: “This is the first time in my life where black people 400 years later, are trending.” 34:35 Sherry: “It hit me like bricks.” 35:33 Sherry: “In order for us to be heard, we’re going to have to fight a different fight.” 35:56 White Women Against Racism 39:55 People of color are not white people’s therapists 40:15 Shelly: “No one, specifically white people, should have the audacity to tell me how to feel.” 41:00 Systemic racism 42:25 Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th 42:45 Jane Elliot 43:20 Shelly: “If you know that this is wrong and you wouldn’t want it for yourself, why are you content to have it for someone else?” 45:32 Shelly: “All I did was be born in this skin.” 46:00 Peggy McIntosh – White Privilege 49:30 Sherry: “Systemic racism is real.” 49:48 Sherry: “Please stop having conversations about how our people need to just pull ourselves up from our bootstraps.” 51:32 St. Paul AME Church in Glencoe – Reverend Dwayne Gary 55:44 Sherry: “This is not a moment, it’s a movement.” 56:24 Sherry: “If you are going to protest in Glencoe then make sure you are inviting the black person into your neighborhood to be your neighbor.” 56:50 HEROS 57:13 Sherry: “Segregated schools, segregated neighborhoods, segregated anything produces racism.” 1:02:29 Shelly: “We are not predisposed to violence.” 1:06:30 Sherry recalls Tupac’s words 1:09:19 “We are careening for a race war.” 1:11:36 VOTE 1:11:51 Follow young people @BKWC – black kids who care 1:14:26 Understanding Jim Crow by David Pilgrim 1:15:10 White Supremacy: A Comparative Study of American & South African History by George M. Frederickson Connect with Sherry Champion Connect with Shelly McAdoo Resources: Understanding Jim Crow by David Pilgrim White Supremacy: A Comparative Study of American & South African History by George M. Frederickson HEROS Chicago CRED Lama Rod Owens Vernā Myers Rachel Cargle Peggy McIntosh Jane Elliot Ava DuVernay’s 13th St. Paul’s AME Church Sermon Jade Zuberi Black Kids Who Care


speaking of enlightenment

Episode #14 - Speaking of Enlightenment - Guest: Valerie Gangas is a speaker, author, meditation expert and spiritual rebel. In her book Enlightenment is Sexy Val helps women create a magical life. She is a self-proclaimed trouble maker and tells us all how Transcendental Meditation saved her life and how enlightenment can make us all sexy. The minute I met Val I was taken by her intuitive nature. Take a listen and you will see what I mean! Listening notes: 00:48 Meet Val Gangas! 1:35 Our 2nd attempt! 2:20 When I met Val 3:07 Losing her mom 4:15 “My mom gave me a bottle of xanex and told me ‘You’re going to need this’.” 4:50 Learning Transcendental Meditation – “I pulled myself out of darkness in 20 minutes.” 5:44 What took you from darkness to TM? 7:32 Book cover design 8:00 Magic 9:00 “I received a miracle. Grace just fell on me.” 9:40 Wynonna Judd 10:15 This is not over. Stay in touch with me. 12:02 How has your relationship changed with your mom? 13:00 “My mom was a speaker and a writer.” 13:15 “She said ‘I’m going to write through you.’” 13:55 What’s the sexy part? 14:29 “You can’t go back.” 15:38 “It’s a two way street.” 16:16 Being present 16:38 Winging it 17:14 “This is for everyone.” 17:20 How can people do that?” 17:30 Val’s next book! 18:10 “You will live differently than everyone. You will live a simple life.” 19:38 “I noticed when I had less stuff and lived in nature that’s when the magic was really there.” 20:21 Tell us about when you saw your mom’s doctor? 22:13 Do you ever get scared you could go too deep? 23:06 Why did your health get worse? 23:30 “I had a major spiritual emergency.” 24:00 Master’s Degree 24:15 Living from the inside out 25:55 My meditation “pioneer” moment 27:45 Instead of feeling stupid, your idea is a good one. They aren’t ready for it. 28:56 “I came out of the spiritual closet.” 29:15 Tell us the Oprah story 30:37 “Next thing you know I was a speaker.” 30:59 Fear has no access when you are in your purpose. 31:50 “I want what that girl has.” 32:20 What are the signs that you need mindfulness? 33:40 Kids & social media / Mindfulness Leader / epidemic of anxiety 35:06 Story is the only way to heal pain 36:05 “Meditation is the ultimate nap.” 36:23 Val’s tricks 37:21 “Those distractions are taking you away from God & Source.” 37:47 Are you faithful to a religion? 38:02 “After I learned to meditate I felt like I didn’t need a middle man.” 38:33 Are you scared of death? 39:43 Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss 39:53 How did your mom raise you to be a child of God? 41:14 I believe in me 41:50 Meditation is my best friend 42:50 Hey dad! 43:02 “They’re right next to you. We can’t see them. We’re built that way.” 44:10 I felt very unseen. Maybe it’s a mystery 45:01 Solid advice 45:13 How can we protect ourselves from energy drainers? 46:09 Your body is your story teller 46:22 “You have to save yourself.” 46:36 Do you see mediums? 47:20 Fairfield, Iowa 49:50 Magic happens when a talented group of people come together for the same purpose 50:38 “Magical living makes for a better life.” 50:54 14 Ways You Can Have a Radical Transformation 51:50 Psilocybin therapy 52:33 The change that changes everything 53:05 Do you have a daily prayer? 53:17 Love questions 54:00 The Pharmacist on Netflix 54:25 Handmaid’s Tale 55:22 How is love speaking to you today? Connect with Val: Website Faceboook: Instagram Twitter Resources: Enlightenment is Sexy Fairfield, Iowa Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss