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Lynne Golodner has dedicated her life to sharing stories about how people finding meaning in the mundane. In her new podcast, Make Meaning, launched in 2018, Lynne shines the spotlight on meaningful people doing meaningful things and living lives filled with purpose.

Lynne Golodner has dedicated her life to sharing stories about how people finding meaning in the mundane. In her new podcast, Make Meaning, launched in 2018, Lynne shines the spotlight on meaningful people doing meaningful things and living lives filled with purpose.
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Lynne Golodner has dedicated her life to sharing stories about how people finding meaning in the mundane. In her new podcast, Make Meaning, launched in 2018, Lynne shines the spotlight on meaningful people doing meaningful things and living lives filled with purpose.






Episode 46 – Creating Communities with Amy Haimerl and David Dwaihy

When was the last time you felt welcome – like an “us”, not a “them” - among strangers? Have you experienced people of different walks of life coming together from different origins, united by a common purpose? These are the kinds of experiences and spaces that Amy Haimerl, founder of Shady Ladies Literary Society, and David Dwaihy, co-owner of Detroit City Football Club, are creating. They joined Lynne recently for a special episode of the Make Meaning podcast, recorded live at the Motor...


Episode 45 - Life from Death with Dr. Joshua Mezrich, MD

What was the moment you discovered your purpose? On this episode of the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne talks with Dr. Joshua Mezrich, transplant surgeon and author of When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon, about his moment of discovery. Meaning seems a small word for the giving of life. Dr. Mezrich facilitates the transfer of hope and opportunity, when one person’s death gives life to another. This work helped him form deeper connections with his patients and fueled his drive...


Episode 44 - Celebrating One Year Of The Make Meaning Podcast!

We’re thrilled to announce a special milestone for Your People, LLC – the first anniversary of the Make Meaning Podcast! In this anniversary episode, our own Lynne Golodner and Kirstin Karoub highlight standout episodes from the past year – guests who have inspired us all with stories of purpose, meaningful connections, and passion-led endeavors that make a positive impact.


Episode 43 - Rising Above With Natasha Guynes

Natasha Guynes understands all too well the inspirational power of a story. For years, she hid her own, fearful it would destroy the successful career she had built on Capitol Hill. This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Natasha talks with Lynne Golodner about her journey through homelessness and addiction, how supportive mentors helped her break down walls of shame and isolation, and how she helps vulnerable young women do the same. Bravely sharing her story gave Natasha the confidence to...


Episode 42 – Building Detroit with April Jones Boyle

April Jones Boyle of Build Institute has had a vision for our beloved city of Detroit for a long time. A vision of what it could be and what it can be, and she won’t just sit on the sidelines and hope someone will make it happen. She’s taking action, empowering entrepreneurs, and building Detroit from within.


Episode 41 – Making Meaning from Loss with Marianne Simon

What happens when you suffer incomparable loss? The sudden death of a loved one, when life changes instantaneously and you never saw it coming? Such a life-changing situation happened to Marianne Simon when she lost her husband of 26 years – and through the grieving, she evolved into a one-woman show called “Widows Anonymous,” which launches in June live in Los Angeles. On this week’s Make Meaning podcast episode, Lynne speaks with Marianne, an actress, writer, artist, and sustainable...


Episode 40 – The Message Matters with Lynne Golodner

What does your brand story say about your company? Does it communicate what you do AND why you do it? Does it engage the listener deeply or often enough? As a firm whose primary activity is message development, we know that a carefully crafted and delivered brand message can make all the difference between brands that succeed and those that don’t. This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne Golodner explores why The Message Matters, and how to know if you're getting it right.


Episode 39 - Rabbis Who Rock

Many religions report waning interest among young adults, and leaders ponder what it will take to engage young people in spiritual life. The God Squad - truly, rabbis who rock - is an effort by some pretty cool young rabbis to create musical, community-gathering opportunities to bring young Jews together in spiritual ways.


Episode 38 – Cities and Communities with Andrew Stein

What if every student aged 18-25 pursued a year of service? What might they learn about being a part of something bigger than themselves? For Andrew Stein, it was a transformational time that defined purpose and set the direction for his career as Executive Director of City Year Detroit. As a City Year corps member right out of college, Andrew learned about serving a community, which revealed a new definition of success - one consisting of people building vibrant careers running nonprofits...


Episode 37 – A True Education with Lynne Golodner

Was there ever a time when you loved learning for learning’s sake? Has that stayed with you, inspiring you to specialize in your field, create, innovate, broaden your world view, or discover new connections and relationships? Learning doesn’t stop once school’s out. Our firm, Your People, LLC, specializes in working with schools and universities, promoting their efforts to prepare today’s youth to be successful in LIFE - to use their passions and talents to pursue their purpose and make a...


Episode 36 – Teens and Food with Jen Rusciano

Breaking bread or preparing a meal together can remove barriers and build powerful connections. And when it’s Detroit teens embarking on a culinary adventure together in a safe space where they can question, explore, learn and engage with mentors, it could be the first step toward becoming future decision makers, thought leaders, changemakers. Tune in to this week’s episode of the Make Meaning podcast, when I have the delight of speaking with Jen Rusciano, co-founder and Executive Director...


Episode 35 – Purposeful Third Spaces

This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lyndsay Edmonds, founder and owner of Harless and Hugh Coffee and the Public House, both in Bay City Michigan, talks about what it means to create “third spaces” for people to gather. Inspired by time spent in Southeast Asia, Lyndsay has developed an appreciation for people, their differences and similarities, and the community spots that cultivate connections through conversations. “I specialize in giving people spaces to be themselves,” says Lyndsay....


Episode 34 – Building True Health

We love entrepreneurs who carefully craft their brand story and create visual components to inspire. Julie Silver, founder and president of Michigan Associates of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine, is a great example of this. She’s our guest on this week’s Make Meaning podcast, sharing stories about how her brand evolved over time, how she dared to make a career pivot to follow her heart and soul, and how she has built a thriving, connected team.


Episode 33 – Transcending Transactions

What do public radio, the Clinton Administration, and clothing stores have in common? How does a person who hates shopping and dislikes the fashion industry become the owner of four successful retail clothing and accessory shops? Most of all, what is the key to pursuing purpose and making a difference through connections and relationships?


Episode 32 – A Poet's Legacy

This week on the Make Meaning podcast, Lynne pays homage to Mary Oliver, an American poet who has had a significant impact on her life. Oliver does a beautiful job capturing the profound in the quiet occurrences of nature and finding meaning with her observations of the natural world. As a visionary, she received the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award and Lannan Literary Award for lifetime achievement.


Episode 31 – Art from the Heart

In this episode of Make Meaning, Lynne Golodner interviews Jacqueline Drake, a former healthcare worker who combined her passion for fine arts with her knowledge of intuitive and meditative healing to open a healing art gallery in Franklin, Michigan. Serendipity brought her to the perfect location for her gallery, but her pursuit for higher purpose turned it into the “safe, sacred place" where “art heals, inspires, and feeds the soul.” To Jacqueline’s surprise, it has evolved into something...


Episode 30 – The Power of Culture

This week’s Make Meaning guest, Kelli Dobner, Chief Advancement Officer at Samaritas, talks about culture, community, and connection to a higher purpose, and how she successfully rallies some 2,000 employees around a cause and a vision. It has something to do with taking chances and dressing up like a rock - you have to be all in, if you want everyone else to be!


Episode 29 – Brilliant Detroit with Cindy Eggleton

Cindy Eggleton is CEO of Brilliant Detroit, a program dedicated to building school readiness and success for families with young children. The organization started with one house and has expanded to seven houses, serving more than 800 families in the city of Detroit. Cindy is an admirable leader, most recently recognized as a Crain’s Notable Woman in Nonprofits, one of Skillman’s 50 Detroiters Making a Difference, the Stevie’s Woman of the Year Nonprofit and also Authority Health’s Best of...


Episode 28 – Greening of Detroit

Lionel Bradford is president and executive director of The Greening of Detroit, a nonprofit devoted to creating sustainable growth for a healthy, urban community through trees, green spaces, food, education, training and job opportunities. Lionel has a bachelor’s degree in urban forestry from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and began his career as a forestry technician with the U.S. Forest Service in New Mexico.


Episode 27 – Advancing Justice

Rev. Faith Fowler is both the pastor of Cass Community United Methodist Church and the Executive Director of Cass Community Social Services, a nonprofit agency that provides food, housing, medical/mental health and employment programs for people living in areas of concentrated poverty. She has held these positions since 1994. In addition to her work at Cass, Rev. Fowler has served as a board member of the Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development Corporation, an advisory board member of the...