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Welcome to The Mrs. Beside! After supporting hubby through Med School, I longed for something to call my own. As a wife, I know first hand ALL that it takes to keep things together. And y’all, ISSALOT! It’s time to put US back on our To-Do lists. The Mrs. Beside – in title alone – isn’t to tie our identity to our marital status or to define us by what our spouses do. It’s quite the opposite. In fact, it’s to celebrate us and put some RESPECT back on our names. So pick up that crown girl. Shake that dust loose and step into your rightful place. THIS. IS. ABOUT. AND. FOR. YOU. Finallllllllllllllllly!


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Welcome to The Mrs. Beside! After supporting hubby through Med School, I longed for something to call my own. As a wife, I know first hand ALL that it takes to keep things together. And y’all, ISSALOT! It’s time to put US back on our To-Do lists. The Mrs. Beside – in title alone – isn’t to tie our identity to our marital status or to define us by what our spouses do. It’s quite the opposite. In fact, it’s to celebrate us and put some RESPECT back on our names. So pick up that crown girl. Shake that dust loose and step into your rightful place. THIS. IS. ABOUT. AND. FOR. YOU. Finallllllllllllllllly!






RE(lease) Inhibitions & Talk Dirty To Me!

We all want to experience deeper levels of pleasure, affection, intimacy and connectivity with our partners right? But often times, SOMETHING is standing in the way. There’s a gap in expectation where and when what we fantasize and what happens in reality just don’t quite match up. Join me as I chat with Dr. Celeste Holbrook, sexologist and speaker, on the importance of sexual ownership, foreplay, the various types of arousal, porn as entertainment, safe words and MORE! It’s time….grab your...


RE(tire) - From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Historically women, and more specifically, black women have been taught and expected to be strong. Show up at work - be on at home. Be available emotionally for everyone and to most certainly, click on all cylinders sexually. Give it to him or someone else will! We have to be courageous. Be seen not heard. Be helpful. Be nurturing. Be self-sacrificing. Voice our opinions but not too loud. Speak up but don’t be aggressive. Be ambitious but not too flashy. Be confident but for heaven's...


RE(set) SHAME....& your Emotional Mind

The much anticipated part 2 is here! What dead weight are you carrying? What is the sum total of the trauma impacting your everyday life? Are you aware or merely getting by? Are you living in your truth or suppressing your emotions because being strong is all you know? <--- sadly, this was me. Married but living in shame. Stuck in a rut. Afraid to show up as my most vulnerable self because I wasn't confident that I was worthy of love! Most women desire to be connected in every way -...


RE(set) SEX...& your Emotional Mind

Sis, who is your husband sleeping with? And NO - I do not mean he's cheating! I'm talking about YOU friend! Who is it that he lays down with at night? Is she passive? Aggressive? Docile? Timid? Confident? Is she carrying the weight of her past? Is she experiencing full pleasure? Or merely dutifully checking the box? <--- sadly enough, this was me. Married and broken - mom'ing and damaged - existing but not living. Afraid to explore my body because shame encompassed my sexuality. Most...


RE(spect) Who I Am!

Welcome to Season 2 of The Mrs. Beside! I am absolutely thrilled to connect with you again and I firmly believe that you are in the right place, at the right time. The Mrs. Beside was birthed from a place of BROKENNESS and at the behest of a very painful admission. I was stressed out, overworked, unrested and at my wits end. But the truth was, I had contributed to my own misery. Season 1, every episode began with UN indicating the reverse of an action. We chatted about getting back to the...



It's time to UNCOVER what made me start this journey to healing, UNEARTH the answers to two of the hardest questions of my life and UNMASK my imperfections. I started Season 1 off by saying that 'something' happened and I fell apart...but friend, I never said what actually happened. And that ends today! I only ask for grace as I reveal some very tender parts of my story. Uncovering my issues started with me. It meant beginning a journey to unearthing and mending old wounds starting at the...



There have been lots of times where we have been in places, situations, scenarios and facing decisions that were just plain unexpected. And today’s guest, Brittanie Hazzard-Bigby is no different. As I wrap up Season 1, I get the unique chance to chat with Brittanie, a 4th year Medical Student, wife and fur mama about her uncommon journey to medicine. Tune in as we discuss how they balance being married while living apart, communicating expectations and how she has been able to keep it all...



Unfamiliar with Valdene Mark #12 In today’s times, much of what we are now experiencing can be defined as uncharted territory. Politics are in high drive, we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and black America is in a state of national emergency. Ok, so racial inequities aren’t new but more and more people are faced with the hard truth that most things are out of our control. Yet somehow, we have to navigate this so-called ‘new-norm’. In this episode, I get the chance to chat with...



Unloved with Joyce Bass #11 Love is patient. It is kind. It does not envy and it keeps no record of wrong. It does not boast and it is not proud. Love is powerful. But in the hands of an impure heart, love can tear down. It can belittle, cause immense damage, abuse and create a cyclic pattern of isolation and codependency. In this power packed episode, I chat with Joyce Bass who has had both experiences. Married twice in two different ways. One wore her down; the other built her up and...



Unbalanced with Lara McElderry When was the last time that you felt the scales were tipped in YOUR favor? Not recently? Not often? either. Lara McElderry is a veteran Mom, Wife, Business Owner, Coach, and a successful Podcast Host. As a Coach, she has not only poured into me but also pours into the lives of countless medical spouses annually. With a busy Trauma Surgeon for a husband and 5 boys in tow, Lara knows all about feeling UNBALANCED. Tune in as we talk about doing the...



Unpredictable with Allie Marshall #9 Life is full of unforeseen obstacles and today’s guest, Allie Marshall, is no stranger to the unimaginable. Join us as we chat about her amazing journey and just how much they had to overcome. Her husband always dreamed of becoming a Physician but when his dreams did not perfectly match their reality, it was Allie who stepped in and encouraged him to press on. Even through a medical and environmental crisis, Allie managed to prioritize herself and turn...



My guest today, Jennifer Stephenson Prioleau, is all too familiar with the million mile an hour lifestyle. But like most of us, life taught her to slow down and just what can happen when/if you don't! Join us as we dismiss the notion that self care is selfish, relieve ourselves of self-imposed expectations and UNWIND. It’s too much pressure to try to get it all done in a day. Tune is as we discuss asking for help, enlisting our children to pitch in and prioritizing what matters most to you....



**Warning - Listener Discretion is Advised ** This was one of the realest conversations for my podcast yet! Two moms talk straight and completely UNCENSORED. My guest today, Jennifer McDade, mastered life and had a flourishing career BEFORE marriage but was faced with the tough decision to set it all aside to start a family with the man of her dreams. And boy does some serious wisdom to share with us. Listen in as we chat about getting lost in the rat race of parenting and being a spouse,...



Unafraid with Ashley Bailey #6 My latest guest, Ashley Bailey, is no stranger to the medical world. She originally wanted to become a doctor, but decided the reality of a medical career didn’t merge with what she wanted, so she went into the corporate side of healthcare instead. As the wife of a physician, Ashley drops some truth and tips on how to meet new friends during residency, how to take turns prioritizing dual careers, and some of the sacrifices that accompany such a face-paced and...



Unrestricted with Victoria Virgo-Levy I’m so excited to share my conversation with Victoria Virgo-Levy with you today! We really got to dive in to what the realities are of being married to a doctor, pageant life and how to chase your goals unrestricted! We’re even sharing a few things couples “must do” that can help to keep your relationship on track when medical school demands most of your spouse’s time. We’re sharing the real deal of what it’s like being married to a physician! What...



Unbothered with Meroë Adeeb Tchomobe #4 Society often attaches a stigma to being married to a physician. Other times, people will assume that because you’re married to a person of prominence, a doctor in this case, you’re living the high life with endless amounts of money. Today we’re talking with Meroë Adeeb Tchomobe, a classically trained soprano opera singer and spouse of a physician. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be married to a doctor, you’re going to get an inside...



Unfiltered with Kirsten Jordan #3 This was such a fun interview, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Kirsten Jordan joins me, and we talk about the different filters that we, as women, use in our everyday lives. Some good and some that keep us from discovering our true selves. It took some difficult trials for Kirsten to dig down to her true self, but it was after she did the hard work that her business took off. We’ll get into the types of filters we use, how filters can look both...



SHOW NOTES #2 Rediscover and Prioritize Yourself As A Woman Jamia Ponder is THE Mrs. Beside and is taking us on her journey of rediscovering herself after becoming a wife and mother of 3. Today is all about honoring you...who you are without the filters, being yourself, and knowing you’re worthy. Jamia is sharing her tips on prioritizing yourself and how to discover who you are after you’ve become a wife and mother. It’s time to think about you and finding a few things that spark joy in...



SHOW NOTES Needing to Rediscover Yourself EP #1 Jamia Ponder is a wife and mother of three, and she’s getting real with herself. When Jamia was asked “who” she is and what she is most proud of without involving anyone else...she drew a blank. That’s a problem. Join Jamia on her journey as she peels back the layers to re-discover who she is without all the other roles she has. It’s time to find that thing that is burning inside you! What we’re talking about Who Jamia Is To Everyone...


Hey Girl Heyyyy!

You’ve reached The Mrs. Beside – a movement dedicated to the wives standing BESIDE their spouse. Your spouse may be either pursuing or elevating their dream but the reality is, that career of choice pulls them away more often than not leaving you/me/us to handle the rest. Some days are easy. Some are flat out H-A-R-D. Nobody in the world understands that better than I do. So welcome to our very own common ground. A safe space to listen and be heard. To laugh. To cry. To heal. And a soft...