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5 Things Visual Artists, Writers, and Performers HATE To Hear - MEA 006

For detailed commentary, visit the blog at Visual Arts 1 Could you do one for me for free? (You wouldn’t have to be as detailed) 2 My son/daughter/cousin/fill in the blank …can do that. 3 Can you draw me? 4 Can you teach ME to do that? 5 You know what you should paint? Writers 1 I can give you an idea for something to write. 2 Can you write me in as a character? 3 Can I get a free copy of your book? 4 Can you help me write my book? 5 I found a...


Harnessing The Power Of Discipline - MEA 005

I didn’t want to write this blog post or record the accompanying podcast episode. It’s been a tough week – several tough weeks, in fact – and as I age, I find it harder to push through and make things happen as planned. Being a creative type person, I tend to plan big and see things on a grand scale that often ends up with a much humbler reality and it becomes a stretch to reach the finish line. I’ve learned something about myself, though. I’ve figured out that if I put some thought into it...


How To Nail An Audition - MEA 004

Links to stuff mentioned in the show: Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals I’ve been performing onstage since I was fiver years old. Now granted, it’s never been professional and my first solo at that tender age was no more than a cute little song, Dead Eye Dick to be precise, that I performed while straddling a a stick horse and pretending to squirt the audience with a water gun. But they loved me. And that was the match that lit the embers of my love for the performing arts. I went...


How To Take A Compliment - MEA 003

Are you one of those people that feels awkward and doesn’t really know the right way to respond when given a compliment? It may seem like a silly question, but the truth is that taking a compliment the right way is a stumbling block for a lot of artists. I liken it to the way you can sometimes feel when attending a funeral and it’s time to go say something the family of the deceased. You know there is a correct thing to say and so many things you should never say, but the trouble is,...


Facing Your Artistic Fears Like A Boss - MEA 002

Facing Your Artistic Fears Like A Boss - MEA 002 I had fears about starting this podcast that caused me to delay. Fear of sounding foolish. Fear that I’ll put a lot of work into it and no one will listen. Fear that it won’t see growth. After all … I’m not a traditionally published author, I’ve won no awards for visual art, and I have no degree from any artistic institution. So who am I to host a podcast and offer advice about all – or any – aspect of the arts? My fears are driven by...


How To Find That Elusive Inspiration - MEA 001

MEA 001 – How To Find That Elusive Inspiration There are lots of reasons someone might “lose their mojo”. There’s good news and bad news. 10 Things you can do that might jump start your inspiration and creativity Take a walk. Not only does exercise engage the mind chemically, but the things around you – sights, smells, sounds, people – can jump start an idea. Read a book. This is one for writers and I hear moans and groans about writer’s block constantly. For me, nothing inspires me to...