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Bringing you the best and most out of your experience at Barrett Plastic Surgery. Here, you will hear the do's and dont's of plastic surgery.

Bringing you the best and most out of your experience at Barrett Plastic Surgery. Here, you will hear the do's and dont's of plastic surgery.
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Bringing you the best and most out of your experience at Barrett Plastic Surgery. Here, you will hear the do's and dont's of plastic surgery.




#23 Everything To Know About Fat Transfer To The Breasts!

This week Dr. Barrett delivers the low down on Fat Transfer To The Breasts! Some people have questions and some people don’t even know this is a thing that can be done! It is, and Dr. Barrett and team are absolute pros at it! Don’t miss this info packed episode as Dr. Barrett answers the most frequently asked questions and explains the advantages and disadvantages of Fat Transfer To The Breasts! What is fat transfer to the breast? How is fat transfer to the breast performed? Who would be...


#22 Hiding Plastic Surgery From Your Spouse?

This week we have Ciara and Scott Shedlock who have traveled all the way from Ridgecrest CA. to Beverly Hills to seek out Dr. Barrett and staff. Ciara’s dedicated spouse Scott, had searched the planet for the perfect plastic surgeon. Hear about their journey in connecting with Dr. Barrett and about their deal. She gets body work and he gets a motorcycle...Soon! :) This episode will melt your heart when you hear both Ciara and Scott describe their love and care for each other during...


#21 | Movember & Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

This week Dr. Barrett delivers another amazing solo episode that focuses on Gynecomastia Surgery / Male Breast reduction. It’s a real thing that happens to real people more often than most people would think. Join us for this informative episode and learn all about it. Questions Covered in this episode: Can men get breast reductions/gynecomastia? Check this episode out on our Youtube channel and be sure to subscribe, comment, and click the notifications bell for our latest! Visit our...


#20 Plastic Surgery Is For Men Too!

This week Dr. Barrett focuses on plastic surgery for men. People might think that plastic surgery is just for women and/or for the rich and famous. Not true! Tune in as Dr. Barrett discusses Gynecomastia, the swelling of male breast tissue caused by hormone imbalances and other procedures men undergo. Travis Mahoney joins us this week to share his story and discuss how some men think about getting a procedure but then don't out of fear of ridicule. Others get past that, find a Board...


#19 Working With Your Spouse!

Join us this week as we have a special episode that revolves around professional life at Barrett Plastic Surgery and focuses on Husband Wife work balance. Dr. Daniel Barrett and his wife / Coworker, Rosalyn Barrett, answer questions about how they met, what role she plays in the office, and how they manage to work with each other every day! Hear about the importance of being able to turn off work and remember they are married and what each of them do to achieve this, while managing one...


#18 How to Travel for Plastic Surgery

In this week's episode, Dr. Barrett’s guest is an out of town patient. Like many of Dr. Barrett’s patients, Holly does not live in Beverly Hills where Dr. Barrett’s office is located. She is from Colorado and was looking for a Board Certified Surgeon who had extensive experience in performing the type of cosmetic procedure that resulted in the natural look that she was desiring. Learn how Holly, an out of town patient prepared for her cosmetic surgery and what her advice is for those who...


#17 “I Trust Life” A Survivor Story

Join us this week as Dr. Barrett speaks with Alessandra, Director of Operations at Barrett Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Alessandra shares her very personal story of her own battle with breast cancer. Alessandra was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer after discovering she had the breast cancer gene BRCA2. She subsequently underwent bilateral prophylactic mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction. . 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and if your number...


#16 Urgent Care For Breasts! It’s A Thing! The latest on Breast Cancer.

Tune in this week as Dr. Barrett speaks with Dr. Janie Grumley M.D., a surgical breast oncologist who has expertise in treating patients with breast cancer and benign breast diseases. She specializes in novel treatments such as oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery and intraoperative radiation therapy. In this episode, Dr. Grumley talks about breast health clinics. Think of an urgent care for breasts where you can actually be examined by a nurse practitioner and get imaging the same day...


#15 Top 20 Tummy Tuck Questions Answered!

This week Dr. Barrett delivers answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tummy Tucks. Questions Answered in This Episode: What is a Tummy Tuck?Who is a good candidate for a Tummy Tuck?Will Liposuction work instead of a Tummy Tuck?Is liposuction performed with a Tummy Tuck?What are the key components of a Barrett Tummy Tuck?What to look for in a surgeon for a tummy tuck?Can I have children after a Tummy Tuck?What the risks of a Tummy Tuck?What are the benefits?What is an...


#14 Top Answers About Skin Care!

This week, Dr. Daniel Barrett speaks with Mallory Hoyle, Medical Esthetician at Barrett Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. This episode delivers top notch answers to the most frequently asked questions about skin care. That might sound like a simple Q & A about skin but we assure you it’s far more! Dr. Barrett and Mallory reveal all the different real life choices and products that affect the skin and it’s absolutely mindblowing! Generally, we don’t even think that proper hydration, diet,...


#13 Everything You Need to Know About Breast Reduction!

This week Dr. Barrett does another solo episode delivering answers to the most asked questions about breast reduction. Tune in and get answers to these questions: 1-What is Breast Reduction Surgery? 2-Who Is A Good Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery? 3-Where Do You Start Your Breast Reduction Research? 4-How Do I Get Natural Breast Reduction Results? 5- How Do I Determine Size? 6- Do I Need Implants With My Breast Reduction? 7- Will It Affect Nipple Sensation? 8- Can I Breastfeed...


#12 Influencer Nicol Concilio Gets a Breast Reduction!

This week, influencer Nicol Concilio tells all and shares about her breast reduction procedure performed by Dr. Barrett and his amazing staff! People might assume that having large breasts on small frame is a blessing but that’s not always the case. Nicol gives us a glimpse of why this was a real problem and explains different situations she’d deal with day to day. When on a family outing at the beach, she was actually soliced to work in the adult industry! No Bueno, she was only...


#11 | 8 Most frequently asked questions regarding injectables!

Join us this week as Dr. Barrett interviews Jenna Guynn (Nurse Injector Specialist) who shares her journey from Mendocino county all the way to Beverly Hills at Dr. Barrett's office. Get answers to these 7 most frequently asked questions: 1- Will my wrinkle reducers make me look unnatural? (14:38) 2- Will Injectables hurt? 3- Is it too soon to start trying wrinkle reducers? 4-Is it too late? (2 part question) 5- Are wrinkle reducers permanent? 6- How long will wrinkle reducers and...


#10 What to Know About Breast Augmentation!

This week on the Natural Plastic Surgeon Podcast, Dr. Barrett goes solo and delivers massive amounts of quality information. Learn to hack common misconceptions like “board” certified. It doesn't always mean what you’d think! It turns out there are several “boards” and some are not even made up of surgeons! Yikes! There are way too many goodies to list in this description so you'll have to tune in to this episode for sure! Visit our website at for more...


#9 Nicole Does it All!

Join us this week as Dr. Daniel Barrett speaks with current patient, Nicole. Nicole discusses life after three children and the discomfort of implants that don’t fit her frame correctly. She had extra large saline implants placed when she was younger and they were too big for her body. Nicole and Dr. Barrett discuss her new body and how much a difference it’s made to her appearance and mindset. Nicole also discusses the importance of having a great support system. Her father puts a lot of...


#8 Is Breast Implant Illness Real? Learn the facts and myths regarding BIAI and BIA-ALCL!

Join us this week as Dr. Daniel Barrett speaks about important issues with fellow board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ritu Chopra. You’ll hear about the latest news and evidence regarding Breast Implant Associated Illness (BIAI) and Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) Learn the facts regarding breast implants and how to navigate the dangers. The lines are becoming blurred between accurate information regarding what constitutes real danger, versus...


#7 Meredith Reclaims her Body!

This week Dr. Barrett speaks with patient Meridth Jones about the realities of the physical toll breastfeeding can take on the body and more. Dr. Barrett asks in-depth questions as Meridith opens up about everything from asymmetry to the psychological effects of new mothers feeling like they've lost a part of themselves. Hear how Meridth has reclaimed her swagger with a little help from Dr. Barrett and his amazing staff!


#6 Stacie gets her Mommy Makeover!

Patient Stacie Rigall talks about life after four kids and wanting something for herself but having to weigh that desire against savings and future college funds. It's common for people to fear anesthesia but when Stacie woke up and thought the anesthesiologist was her husband, he was the one who was comically frightened. Hear that funny story and about Stacie's genuine delight with the entire Mommy Makeover process performed by Dr. Barrett and his amazing team.


#5 Book your consult today!

Patient Coordinator Rachel sits to discuss her journey guiding patients through the surgical process.


#4 Reliable Skin Care that Works

Stopping by the ZO Skin Health Booth at VCS to discuss skin care.