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The Paul Leslie Hour is a talk show dedicated to “Helping People Tell Their Stories.” Some of the most iconic people of all time drop in to chat. Frequent topics include Arts, Entertainment and Culture.

The Paul Leslie Hour is a talk show dedicated to “Helping People Tell Their Stories.” Some of the most iconic people of all time drop in to chat. Frequent topics include Arts, Entertainment and Culture.
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The Paul Leslie Hour is a talk show dedicated to “Helping People Tell Their Stories.” Some of the most iconic people of all time drop in to chat. Frequent topics include Arts, Entertainment and Culture.






#253 - Peter Buffett

253 - Peter Buffett Peter Buffett is a prolific composer of music and also a New York Times best-selling author. He has recorded 17 studio albums, 2 EPs and 33 singles. Many of his compositions have been heavily influenced by Native American music, but he has never limited himself to a single genre. In Kevin Costner’s acclaimed 1990 film “Dances with Wolves,” the Fire Dance music was provided by Peter Buffett, one of the most crucial parts in the film. Peter Buffett is the author of the...


#252 - Doris Buffett

252 - Doris Buffett Doris Buffett is the founder of the Sunshine Lady Foundation, an organization working for the advancement of education for disadvantaged people. She is the genealogist for the Buffett family and this interview took place and recorded when there was some mystery as to whether businessman Warren Buffet (her brother) and singer-songwriter, author and businessman Jimmy Buffett are related. We think you may agree that Doris Buffett is a special lady. This telephone interview...


#251 - Richard Skipper Returns

251 - Richard Skipper Returns Richard Skipper was born in Conway, South Carolina in the early 1960's. He made his on-stage debut as a young boy in Mame with Conway's Theatre of the Republic in 1974. Skipper's love of the theatre, performance and the arts in general has been a lifelong one. He made up his mind on August 5, 1974 that 5 years from that day he would go to New York to pursue his life in show business. He DID just that. At 18 years of age, right out of high school he went to the...


#250 - Sam Lay

250 - Sam Lay On this episode of The Paul Leslie Hour we are in the presence of the legendary bluesman Sam Lay. Mr. Lay is a drummer, vocalist, songwriter and recording artist. He’s been called “the greatest drummer of all time.” He’s worked with some of the greatest artists in music: Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Bob Dylan and founding drummer for Howlin’ Wolf, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Sam Lay is an inductee of the Blues Hall of Fame, the Jazz Hall of Fame. He is the subject of...


#249 - John Berendt

249 - John Berendt Author John Berendt is most known for his best-selling book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This years marks the 25th anniversary since the book being published. It became a New York Times Best-Seller for an astonishing 216 weeks. In fact, it is the longest-standing New York Times Best-Seller. The book is set in Savannah, Georgia and was made into a movie in 1997. The film received great acclaim and was directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Kevin Spacey and John...


#248 - Peter Mayer

248 - Peter Mayer It is a great pleasure to present the newly digitally remastered inaugural interview and acoustic/vocal performances with singer-songwriter, guitarist and recording artist Peter Mayer. Peter Mayer had returned from Mexico and invited us in to do this interview while also playing many of his songs (old and new) on acoustic guitar. Mayer had just released his album “Musicbox.” Both as a solo artist and with his band PM, Peter Mayer has released more than a dozen studio...


#247 - Mike Davis

247 - Mike Davis This was my first ever interview with a music manager. This show's guest is Mike Davis, general manager for Peter Mayer. (Peter Mayer is frontman for the Peter Mayer Group and Jimmy Buffett's lead guitarist and frequent song co-writer for the last 30 years. Mike Davis shines some light on what goes on behind the scenes with Peter Mayer and his record label, Little Flock Music. Mr. Davis gives some insight into Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth and one of the most unique...


#246 - Danny Kortchmar

246 - Danny Kortchmar On this episode we’re presenting the interview with guitarist, record producer and songwriter Danny Kortchmar. Danny Kortchmar is one of those legendary musicians in the world. He’s worked with a lot of singer-songwriters: James Taylor, Carly Simon, Carole King, David Crosby, Neil Young. He’s known as a great co-writer and has written songs with guys like Jackson Browne and Don Henley. Danny Kortchmar has recorded solo albums, among them “Kootch” and “Innuendo,” and...


#245 - Leland Sklar

245 - Leland Sklar It is our pleasure to present the interview with one of the most legendary bassists of all time, Leland Sklar. He'ss a touring and session bass guitarist who has toured and recorded with some of the most iconic recording artists of all time: James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Browne, but also Crosby Still and Nash, Ray Charles, Hall & Oates, George Strait, Dolly Parton and so on and so forth. Leland Sklar has contributed to over 2,000 albums as a session musician. This...


#244 - Russ Kunkel

244 - Russ Kunkel This is an interview with legendary drummer, producer and songwriter Russ Kunkel recorded in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. Russ Kunkel is perhaps the most legendary drummer in modern music. He has played drums on countless hits from James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Carly Simon, Jackson Browne, Linda Rondstadt, Bill Withers, Bob Dylan, Dan Fogelberg, Lyle Lovett, B.B. King. Kunkel has too many recording and touring credits to count. He is also well respected for...


#243 - Carol Shaughnessy

243 - Carol Shaughnessy This is an interview recorded in 2008 with writer and publicist Carol Shaughnessy, whose work has covered many facets of the tourism and entertainment world. Carol Shaughnessy has spent almost her entire life in Key West, Florida; a place she speaks of with warm reverence. Her life in the Keys has allowed her to meet many fascinating people, including the legendary Phil Clark, a man she loved and in his later years was engaged to. Phil Clark was the subject of what...


#242 - Captain Tony Tarracino

242 - Captain Tony Tarracino This interview with the legendary Captain Tony Tarracino took place when he was 88 years old. Tony Tarracino did a lot of things with his life. He was a saloonkeeper, boat captain, gambler and former mayor of Key West. Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett wrote and recorded the song "Last Mango in Paris" in tribute to Tarracino. Captain Tony passed away in 2008 at the ripe age of 92. One of the most important things Captain Tony did was tell stories. It was his...


#241 - Brad Manard

241 - Brad Manard Brad Manard is an author in addition to being a musician. Along with Captain Tony Tarracino, Manard penned the book Life Lessons of a Legend, which is the story of Captain Tony sometimes known as the "Salt of Key West." Along with Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett, Tarracino is among a handful of Key West legends. So what was it that made Captain Tony so special? What did he do? I think an easier question would be what did Captain Tony not do. As a young man he was a...


#240 - Ivory Layne

240 - Ivory Layne It's not everyday you encounter someone like Ivory Layne, a one of a kind pop/old soul singer-songwriter. Ivory Layne is a performing and recording artist, session artist and songwriter. As a songwriter, she's co-written with some of the best: Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins and Lori McKenna. Her versatility and authenticity caught the attention of Villa 40, Justin Timberlake's artist development company to which she was signed. Her latest single "Heaven" is out...


#239 - Garth Fundis

239 - Garth Fundis Garth Fundis has been called one of the most respected record producers out there. He's produced many albums, including for Don Williams, Keith Whitley, New Grass Revival, Sugarland and almost every single Trisha Yearwood album. Garth Fundis has worked as a session vocalist, recording engineer, and also a record label executive. Garth Fundis is up next, only on The Paul Leslie Hour Support The Paul Leslie Hour by donating to the tip jar:...


#238 - Taco

238 - Taco Singer, songwriter, entertainer, actor and producer Taco Ockerse is mononymously known as Taco. As a young person he starred in leading roles in musical theatre productions. It was there that he was exposed to the music of the Great American Songbook. Taco is known worldwide for his recordings and performances, including his interpretation of the Irving Berlin classic "Puttin' on the Ritz" which became a hit recording. Taco's unique delivery and personality have made him a...


#237 - Pat Longo

237 - Pat Longo “The Big Band” has been called “America’s finest art form.” We are pleased to welcome bandleader clarinetist and saxophonist Pat Longo. Pat Longo learned a lot from his time with the legendary Harry James Orchestra. In 1978, with Harry James blessing, he formed his own orchestra. Pat Longo & His Big Band have performed countless concerts, and worked with such stars as Tony Bennett, James Darren, Rosemary Clooney, Robert Davi, Sarah Vaughn and Shirley Jones. Pat Longo and His...


#236 - Kathie Lee Gifford

236 - Kathie Lee Gifford Kathie Lee Gifford is well known as the past host of the television show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee and the host of the fourth hour of NBC's Today Show. Kathie Lee Gifford is also a singer, recording artist and lyricist, as well as an actress and children's book author. She joined The Paul Leslie Hour for a conversation about her love of music and theater! Support The Paul Leslie Hour by donating to the tip jar:...


#235 - John Oates

235 - John Oates John Oates of Hall & Oates is interviewed for The Paul Leslie Hour. Everybody loves Hall & Oates - The most successful music duo in history, with more than 40 million records sold. Yesterday, April 7th was John Oates birthday, so we decided to present this interview about the music he loves and his "other" project, The John Oates Band. The John Oates Band arrived at the Sirius/XM Radio Station Studios in Washington D.C. in 2011 to record some live music whichresulted in an...


#234 - Jared Freid

234 - Jared Freid The hilarious and wise Jared Freid invited us to the historic Hotel Clermont in Atlanta for an interview. Freid is based in New York City and is a comedian and the host of the wildly successful J Train podcast and with Jordana Abraham he cohosts the modern dating podcast U Up? Jared Freid does not disappoint and made for an exceptionally entertaining and thought-provoking interview! Jared Freid is up next, right here on The Paul Leslie Hour. Listen to the podcast or view...