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A casual cultural critique of vintage television, where Britain's best-loved battleaxe is never far from our minds...

A casual cultural critique of vintage television, where Britain's best-loved battleaxe is never far from our minds...


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A casual cultural critique of vintage television, where Britain's best-loved battleaxe is never far from our minds...






Seaside Special/Summertime Special

Because we are nothing if not the guests you cannot get shot of at the end of a party, ten episodes was never going to be enough tomfoolery and so we are proud to present the first of this year's seasonal shenanigans in the bumper Peggy Mount Calamity Hour Summertime Special Summertime Special... First up we're off to deepest darkest Poole in to watch Peter Powell and Cilla Black master their ring in the BBC's big top for 1979's Seaside Special. Then as we salve our sunburn with ice lollies...



What a ride it's been, you lovely lot, as The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour has stopped off at each year of the 1980s to sample memory-stirring merriments and televisual treats. And there's one more riddling foray to be had before we pull the curtain and hope the theatre doesn't inexplicably catch fire... This week it's 1989 and THE FUTURE™ of immersive gaming is in its absolute prime as we don a horned helmet and stumble around an empty room while our friends enjoy themselves in Knightmare. Any...


Doctor Who/Punishment Without Crime

It feels like it's been YEARS since we last relaxed in the company of the very reason we're all gathered around the wireless today (it's been eight weeks, in fact), and so The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour goes all Agadoo as it bends over backwards, pulls out the stops and pushes out the boat... This week it's 1988 and we find ourselves in the mood for a double Pegging (okay, quiet at the back), as we pick up a flyer for The Greatest Show In The Galaxy only to find Dame Peggatha Mountbatten on a...


Thundercats/Going For Gold

Things are heating up at The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, as vintage televisual entertainment gets Intense™. And that's not to say there's no fun to be had, but brows are certainly furrowed as the temperature rises... This week it's 1987, and there's utter hell on at the Thundera Feline Depository Centre when Mumm-Ra gets his burglar-on in Thundercats. Keeping things smoothly above board with an iron fist in a velvet glove however is Mr Henry Kelly; the smiling face of quizmastery and firm...


Roland Rat: The Series/Neighbours

Our journey through the shiniest decade continues to thrive, and the custodians of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour find themselves in the mood for laughter, for song, and most pertinently for sunshine... This week it's 1986, and it's said that you're never more than three channels away from Roland Rat. We test this urban myth, find it to be undoubtedly true, then take the precaution of distancing ourselves on the other side of the planet to tut through the net curtains while the Neighbours...


No.73 / Cool It

In these sober times one can often get too hung up on heavyweight televisual analysis, and the episode has come for The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour to let its hair down. Right down, in fact. Oh yes, we are talking "shoulder length"... This week it's 1985 and it's all going on! All the very coolest aspects (and pop music stars) of the decade as you remember it finally kick in right here, as we eschew the slightly cosy Saturday morning offerings of Auntie Beeb and head down Maidstone way to drop...


The Tripods/Dear Ladies

One of the primary aims of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour is exploring the cultural dichotomy between celebrating the past, and doing so in a way which embraces present and ever-evolving technology. One of the other aims is getting drunk while doing so of course, which makes this the most potentially on-brand episode to date... This week it's 1984 (although some are calling it 2089), and we drop in on one village in England where benevolent evil has arrived with a stonking great middle-leg...


Captain Zep - Space Detective/Manimal

Despite their oft-brash demeanour, it's not all about cold, hard analytical facts at The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, and sometimes it does a brain well to relax with the more outré elements of vintage entertainment... This week it's 1983, and Doctor Velvet and The Boy Blackout are joined once more by the stabilising (yet unerringly inebriating) presence of Ozzy Bognops, uncovering something rather arresting in the form of Captain Zep: Space Detective, before cycling through as many zoological...


Screen Test/Tomorrow's World

If there are two things that The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour strives to champion at every turn, it's a) picking apart needless detail in things we've just watched, and b) The Future™. Their booze-fuelled discourse elevated once again by the magnificent Ozzy Bognops, our plucky protagonists wade bottle-opener-first into both... This week it's 1982, where powers of observation, recall and generally giving a single cinematic fig are stretched to their very limits under the auspices of Brian...


The Adventure Game/Ask The Family

As Sir Oliver Newton-John once crooned, "let's get cerebral, cerebral, I should like to get cerebral, oh let's get into cerebral". Yes, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour continues to roll through what is generally agreed to be The Best Decade by donning its game-face... This week it's 1981, and our heroes test what few grey cells they have left by crossing the galaxy to Arg to stare blankly at instruction-free puzzles in The Adventure Game, before returning to the utter comfort of Robert...


The Red Hand Gang/The Cannon And Ball Show

Back once again for the retro disaster; P. Mount ranter, with the ill behaviour! Yes, the new series of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour starts right NOW with a year-by-year rummage into the decade which truly formed us... This week It's 1980, and what better way to begin our nostalgic odyssey than hanging around with the cool kids in The Red Hand Gang as they risk tetanus infection in the name of mystery-solving? Then we switch channels for half an hour of prime comedy beef in the company of...


New series trailer: Nobody's House/The Kit Curran Radio Show/Bob's Full House

Greetings traveller, and welcome back! You catch us in a state of some flux as the decorators are almost finished, just in time for the NEW series of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour! Taking a slightly more focused approach to profane nostalgia, it's time to slough off the aviators and reach for the wayfarers and speciality spin-off merchandise... In this special sneak-peek, we wave goodbye to the cavernous beige sound-stages of the 1970s with a quick stop at Nobody's House, before ushering in...


The 70s Stop Here/The New Year Show

HOOTS! Grab the hand-sanitiser, whatever's left of the scotch and remember to stick a lump of coal in your pocket for The Peggy Mount Hogmanay Hour! Messrs Velvet, Blackout and Bognops rouse from their festive sloth to see in the new year, or perhaps more pertinently see out the old. We drop in with Dame Penelope Keith assuring that us The 70s Stop Here!, an unequaled archival treat which values schedule-filling over entertainment value. But the razzamatazz is cranked back up as we jump...


Christmas with Val Doonican

They said it couldn’t be done, but here we are at last - the twelfth day of Pegmas and the final seasonal serving of treasured, televisual treats. As was staunch tradition once upon a telly time, Christmas Eve bestowed upon us a lavish light-entertainment repast in the form of BBC’s Christmas with Val Doonican from 1986. Messrs Velvet, Blackout and Bognops pull on festive knitwear, a well-pressed slack and get seated ‘pon rocking chairs ready for the musical festivities. Does every rented...


You're Only Young Twice: Twas The Night Before Christmas

A home is where the Christmas heart is and that’s certainly the case in this penultimate seasonal episode (yes, you’re nearly there). Velvet, Blackout and Bognops sit athwart the glitterati syndicate known as ‘The Window Gang’ and view the yuletide hustle and bustle at Paradise Lodge in Yorkshire Television’s festive edition of You’re Only Young Twice from 1980. Although the episode is entitled ’Twas The Night Before Christmas’, this was the top of the list for viewing ‘pon the 23rd for a...


Bullseye Christmas Celebrity Special

Our trenchant trinity of Velvet, Blackout and Bognops lend themselves to something traditionally competitive as they approach the oche and ‘take it steady’ before scoring Central Television’s Bullseye Christmas Celebrity Special from 1988. Accompanying James Bowen Esq. is of course Anthony Green, and in a manner uncannily similar to a Dickensian apologue, they’re visited by visions from sport and show business past and present to aim some arrows for charity. Can the viewing of this schedule...


The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show

In a return to the traditional enactment of yesteryear-viewing endemic to pre-1990, Velvet and Blackout play host to a Christmas guest who accompanies their scrutiny of an abundance of archetypes courtesy of Michael Yarwood and his Christmas Show of 1978. Not a politician nay a celebrity of the day is safe from the posturing, posing and parodying of the mimicking Mike and his arguably fundamental partnership with Janet Brown. Did said entertainment make an impression, or did it hang limply...


M.R. James' A Warning To The Curious

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a ghost story, some say, and oft finding an appetite for the seasonally supernatural our heroes Velvet and Blackout set off to Norfolk to excavate the crowning glory of Christmas Eve, 1972 on the BBC. Yes, the televised adaptation of M.R. James’ A Warning To The Curious lures us into a malevolent and malignant mood, courtesy of an avaricious ex-convict and the whipping-boy of an over-zealous social-climber. Is there an unequivocal connection between...


Kenny Everett's Christmas Carol

It is said that Christmas is a time for tradition, and there’s no better setting for Velvet and Blackout, than Dickensian London, as they visit Auntie Beeb’s seasonal offering from 1985 in the form of Kenny Everett’s Christmas Carol. With such a fine supporting cast (God bless them, every one), and two highly-revered script writers behind him, Cuddly Ken can’t possibly fail to guarantee giggles aplenty in this Yuletide televisual feast right? Right?!? Have you ever seen B.A. Robertson and...


The Max Headroom Christmas Special

Substituting the traditional motifs of moss green and Santa-red for garish neon and pastels, Velvet And Blackout alight from a horse and carriage ride with a ‘ho ho ho’ as they experience the ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come-To-Our-Screens in the form of 1980s avant-garde and adroit avatar, Max Headroom in his Christmas Special from 1986. Are the limiting physical parameters of a television screen a metaphor for actual events that present themselves to the audience, or can the eclecticism of...