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A casual cultural critique of vintage television, where Britain’s best-loved battleaxe is never far from our minds...

A casual cultural critique of vintage television, where Britain’s best-loved battleaxe is never far from our minds...


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A casual cultural critique of vintage television, where Britain’s best-loved battleaxe is never far from our minds...






The Flumps/Girls On Top

Ever keen to provide wholesome cultural repasts for the dark winter nights, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour reaches into its televisual trove of years past and pulls out a couple of absolute bangers to fill that entertainment hinterland betwixt Hallow'een and Christmas... First up is is warmest, sweetest hug one can get from a programme as Doctor Velvet and Blackout venture oop-North with some magnets to hang out with The Flumps. And to offset this excursion into unparalleled goodness, they...


Virtual Murder: A Dream of Dracula

They say bad things come in threes, and that's certainly true as Doctor Velvet and Blackout chalk the final circle to complete this year's trilogy of terror on the eve of Samhain. Because it's not really Hallowe'en without some Draculas, and it's not really The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour without Peggy Mount, dark gods conspired (in 1992) to combine the two in Virtual Murder: A Dream of Dracula, and it certainly takes potions of hitherto unparalleled strength to sit through this hour of...


The Hamlyn Book of Horror

Unearthing horrors from the past is of course the default setting at The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, so Hallowe'en makes that especially enjoyable. And what could be nicer on a wet, grey autumnal evening than a dram of something potent and a book by the fireside? The second of this year's supernatural specials is but a turn of the page away, as Doctor Velvet and Blackout creak open the eldritch tome of 1979's Hamlyn Book Of Horror, suppressing the hard-wired fear of more than four decades to...


Mad Monster Party

Why, it seems to come around earlier each year! Yes, as the decorations go up once again and the dark nights seep firmly in to our homes and our very souls, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour returns for another unholy trinity of Hallowe'en themed podcast episodes to keep a chill in your spine as you shiver 'til dawn. It's back to the video shop first of all, with Rankin/Bass's 1967 animated cabal Mad Monster Party coming under the critical eye of Doctor Velvet and Blackout, casting new judgement...


Liz Dawn’s House Party

A podcast with more confidence in sporting metaphors might use some reference to 'extra time' while talking about their bonus episode, so naturally The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour sees this series-extender as more of an improvised, last minute lock-in. Because there's nothing like having a great night, drinks flowing behind closed doors, after dark and in raucous company with plenty of laughter. And speaking of nothing like a great night, our heroic triumvirate have drawn the curtains and...


The Trap Door/Name That Tune

It's the end of term! Yes, as The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour parks up on the driveway to deliver the series' tenth episode, spirits are high as firmly-held convictions are batted around the studio like a game of opinionated tennis... The show opens with our heroes lifting The Trapdoor and finding something delightful they can all agree upon, before a challenge to Name That Tune becomes rather more animated as *someone* asserts that half a dozen Rights can be enough to somehow make half an...


Transformers/The Larkins

It's early mornings and late nights this week on The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, as our hosts test the theory that the greatest things arrive at either end of a day's scheduling. The first stop on today's televisual trek comes hiding in plain sight, as TVAM's premiere episode of The Transformers comes in for some arch reminiscence and critical scrutiny. And later, what better way to round off a long week than with Peggy Mount boldly waving the flag for sitcoms still to come, as we meet The...


Multi-Coloured Swap Shop/CHiPs

The heat is on as the weekend arrives for The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour at long last, and what better way to burst into the best two days than with some high-sugar cereal, high-profile casting and high-energy televisual nonsense? Our hosts find themselves huddling around the gogglebox for the grand finalé of BBC's Swap Shop, following which there's just enough time to strap on eight wheels and fire up the funk to become an absolute health-and-safety liability for the grand finalé of the...


Press Gang/Gambit

As regular listeners will surely attest, the presenters of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour are not renowned for idling, time wasting or messing about, and it's this sleeves-up / down-to-business approach which has made them a leading light in the Vintage Television Podcasting Community. Those are the words Producer Ken wrote for this introduction after he went on that seminar last week, anyway. So that was money well spent. But it is indeed time to hit the ground running and grab some huge...


Grange Hill/The Gaffer

Ever keen to show willing and set a tentative foot outside of what their therapist tag-team refers to as a 'comfort zone', the hosts of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour bite the bullet and wade into the unmitigated squalor of vintage televisual entertainment, pegs on noses and smelling salts at hand. The first stop on this week's voyage of absolute judgement is Grange Hill comprehensive, where the curriculum appears to be taking second place to evening-jobs, underage drinking and non-sterile...


The Real Ghostbusters/In Loving Memory

It may be warm outside, but the ever-present, preternatural chill in the heart of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour means that even the sunniest months are spent in gleeful contemplation of spooky televisual scheduling. And while Doctor Velvet and Blackout don't engage Full Pumpkin Mode™ just yet, they're still on the blower to a pair of organisations that can help potential patrons deftly dispose of the dead... Grudgingly lifting the receiver through spent bubblegum and sarcasm is the very...


Wizbit/Odd One Out

Ever keen to test the contemporary legitimacy of old idioms, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour has noted that while good things may come in small packages, it does not stand to reason that all small packages are good. And there are few things smaller and with more questionable good-ness than the subject of this week's podcast... In a Daniels-centric outing, Doctor Velvet and Blackout are joined by Ozzy Bognops to cast a critical eye over the seminal children's fantasy series Wizbit, before...


First Class/Dempsey & Makepeace

In the hallowed halls of MountPeg Towers, young Doctor Velvet and Blackout like nothing more than taxing their brains to a good quiz and/or mystery. And having gained a reputation for all the nothing, Pod Producer Ken has finally sat them down in front of some fast-paced 1980s excitement... It's off to the BBC first, as The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour takes a predictably arch look at Debbie Greenwood's esteemed TV kids' quiz First Class, following which it's a trip to the big smoke courtesy of...


Super Gran/George & The Dragon

It's the show that asks: the sun might always shine on TV, but what happens when that TV is showing North Tyneside? The gang at MountPeg Towers are all about respecting their elders, so the prospect of spending a double-shift in company where this will be expected leads now to some industrial level tongue-biting... Only joking! It's business as snarky usual when The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour runs into a pair of older ladies who, quite frankly, are more than cut out to look after themselves....


Star Wars: Droids/Starsky & Hutch

And so they're back! In outer space! You just walked in to find Doctor Velvet and Blackout here with that patient, if faintly underwhelmed look upon their face(s)! Yes, The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour returns for another spectacular series, as some beloved favourites come under the retrospective microscope, as well as a few forgotten gems... The first stop on tonight's excursion is a Galaxy Far, Far Away, to catch up with the goggle-eyed antics of some familiar Droids. Following which, it's a...


New series trailer: The Moomins/My Husband And I/Science Workshop

Yes, the sun is blazing and fun is being had, which means it must be time once again for our intrepid heroes to close the curtains, open some bottles and spend what is arguably the best part of the year huddled indoors furiously scribbling notes at the idiot's lantern about programmes that normal people watched three or four decades ago then promptly forgot. In this trailer for the exciting NEW SERIES of The Peggy Mount Calamity Hour, normal televisual service is resumed as Doctor Velvet and...


The Return Of Captain Invincible

Okay, it's all very well handing in the paperwork for a superhero flick at the pitch meeting and then blowing the budget on a spy caper (yes Disney, we're looking at you) but at MountPeg Towers, capes are taken incredibly seriously. To redress the balance, our heroes have invited round the gentlemen from The ExtonMoss Experiment to form a committee for auditing silver spandex on celluloid... And tasked with bringing the very best of cutting-edge contemporary superhuman cinema to the luxury...


The Boys In Blue

Summer has well and truly arrived outside MountPeg Towers, and since the Happy Shopper set up their own de-liver service it can largely stay there. Faced with the unpleasant prospect of going outside and getting fresh air, the intrepid hosts of The Peggy Mount Sunday Matinee Hour decide the only people they want to interact with is regular guest Ozzy Bognops, so invite him round to drink port and watch a video. Again. What's needed before the great outdoors (and/or unwashed) can be braved is...



The televisual schedule continues to be utter rubbish and short of vintage gems to digest and dissect, Doctor Velvet and Blackout have once again sent Producer Ken round to the video shop to procure some small-screen cinematic entertainment for The Peggy Mount Sunday Matinee Hour... This week he's returned with a 3L bottle of Rola Cola, a kilo of flying saucers and a well-worn tape of Charles Jarrott's blistering 1981 superhero / spy action adventure comedy, Condorman. Ken has several...



The Peggy Mount Sunday Matinee Hour video shop is open and the tapes are simply flying off the shelves. But far from numbing their brains to the latest popcorn-fodder, Doctor Velvet and Blackout prefer to crack open the reserve rum and engage with a maritime marvel from the vintage selection... Under the critical microscope this week is Robert Altman's seminal 1980 tale of nautical neuroses, Popeye. With its comedy/adventure/musical format and a cast of certified comedy genii, horror movie...