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Home to The Playlist Podcast Network and all its affiliated shows, including Adjust Your Tracking (AYT), The Discourse, Be Reel, Indiebeat and more. The Playlist is the obsessive's guide to contemporary cinema via film discussion, news, reviews, features, nostalgia, and more.

Home to The Playlist Podcast Network and all its affiliated shows, including Adjust Your Tracking (AYT), The Discourse, Be Reel, Indiebeat and more. The Playlist is the obsessive's guide to contemporary cinema via film discussion, news, reviews, features, nostalgia, and more.
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Home to The Playlist Podcast Network and all its affiliated shows, including Adjust Your Tracking (AYT), The Discourse, Be Reel, Indiebeat and more. The Playlist is the obsessive's guide to contemporary cinema via film discussion, news, reviews, features, nostalgia, and more.






The Discourse #14: Queen & Slim / Knives Out

Ryan is joined by Robert Daniels (, MediaVersity, The Playlist) to discuss Melina Matsoukas' bold directorial debut "Queen & Slim and the discourse surrounding the film while also finding time to discuss Rian Johnson's crowd-pleasing whodunnit, "Knives Out." 0:00-29.38: "Queen & Slim" Review 29.39-44:14: "Queen & Slim" ***SPOILERS*** 44:15-57:00: "Knives Out" Review 57:01-01:10:00: "Knives Out" ***SPOILERS*** 01:10:01-End: The Grab Bag Robert: A Beautiful Day in the...


The Fourth Wall #14: Sterling K. Brown Talks 'Waves' & How Being A Father Helped Shape His Latest Role

t's hard to imagine someone who radiates love and positivity as much as Sterling K. Brown. As I entered the room to speak with the "This Is Us" star about his latest film "Waves" for Episode 14 of The Fourth Wall, he was glancing at his phone all giddy, cheering with excitement. Naturally, it being a Saturday, I simply assumed his college football team scored, however, it was something far more heartwarming that spoke to the essence of who he is. Brown was receiving updates on his son's flag...


Be Reel: ‘The Irishman’ Bookends a Spiritual Trilogy of ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Casino’ with Untold Regret

There’s a way of reading Martin Scorsese’s first-person mob epics—“Goodfellas” (1990), “Casino” (1995), and “The Irishman” (2019)—as three stages of criminal life. So on a new Be Reel, Noah and Chance look back through this spiritual trilogy for its groundbreaking style, the sometimes goofy repetitions of that style, and the shadow history of America created by 10 hours of mafiosos, teamsters and their middlemen. Oh, and Chance's dad—a Vegas craps dealer circa 1978—stops by for a lightning...


The Fourth Wall #13: Chadwick Boseman Describes Pivotal Contribution to 'Black Panther,' Talks '21 Bridges'

"There has to be a sense of what the angst of the city is," says Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. The actor contemplates the ingredients that make up a successful depiction of New York City while joining me to discuss his new film "21 Bridges" for Episode 13 of The Fourth Wall over a cappuccino. "We don't get to feel the pedestrian level of New York because this movie's [21 Bridges] moving too fast for that, but you need to feel the pressure, that intensity. When a crisis happens in New...


The Discourse #13: Ford v Ferrari / Honey Boy

Rafael Motamayor (/Film, Polygon, The Playlist) and Griffin Schiller (FilmSpeak, The Fourth Wall) joins Ryan Oliver to discuss James Mangold’s “Ford v Ferrari,” Alma Har’el’s “Honey Boy,” and a variety of other topics. 0:00-33:10: “Ford v Ferrari” Review 33:11-54:55: “Honey Boy” Review 54:56-End: Grab Bag Rafael: “The Mandalorian,” “Watchmen,” “Mr. Boogedy” Griffin: “Frozen II,” “Waves,” “Uncut Gems” Ryan: “The Irishman” --- Send in a voice message:...


The Fourth Wall: Willem Dafoe Talks 'The Lighthouse,' 'Motherless Brooklyn,' and His Love of Acting

With over a hundred acting credits to his name, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more productive actor in the business than Willem Dafoe. From superhero blockbusters to prestige pictures, to anime adaptations, to video games, to a nautical descent into madness, Dafoe has done it all, and now the actor joins me for this special episode of The Fourth Wall to discuss his incredible year between "The Lighthouse" and "Motherless Brooklyn." It was only last year that Dafoe garnered awards...


The Fourth Wall #12: Trey Edward Shults Talks Interactive 'Waves' Script, Crying to Radiohead, and Bearing His Soul to Craft a Deeply Personal Story

Writer/Director Trey Edward Shults joins me for Episode 12 of The Fourth Wall to talk about his third feature "Waves" (my FAVORITE film of the year) discussing the critical moments in his own life that directly inspired the events of the film. As A24's "Waves" comes crashing into select theaters this Friday, it's astounding to think that such a profoundly human, visceral, and heartwrenching tale is the work of a filmmaker on their third feature film, however, not every filmmaker is Trey...


Be Reel: The Essential Films of Bong Joon-ho

With “Parasite” poised to become 2019's highest-grossing foreign film within the US and already among the year's most lauded features, Be Reel is taking this week for an episode entirely focused on Bong Joon-ho and his two decades of routinely stellar work. In addition to the "Parasite" deep-dive, longtime listeners might notice the Be Reel guys breaking a cardinal rule: they once swore to never discuss “Snowpiercer” on the podcast because of the unrest it caused their friendship in 2013....


The Fourth Wall #11: Edward Norton Discusses How 'Chinatown,' 'Reds,' and 'Do the Right Thing' Influenced 'Motherless Brooklyn'

"Motherless Brooklyn" marks a twenty-year journey for writer, director, producer, and star Edward Norton and Norton joins me to discuss the film on Episode 11 of The Fourth Wall. Norton is truly one of the great talents of our generation whose diverse body of work has spanned across films such as “Primal Fear” and “American History X,” both of which earned him Academy Award Nominations, “Fight Club,” “The Incredible Hulk,” and “Birdman” just to name a few. In the mere twenty-some minutes we...


The Fourth Wall #10: Director Tim Miller Talks 'Terminator: Dark Fate,' Collaborating with James Cameron, Representation, and Filmmaking Innovation

1991's "Terminator: Judgement Day" is finally getting a proper sequel in the highly anticipated "Terminator: Dark Fate," and my guest for Episode 10 of The Fourth Wall is the film's director Tim Miller. Tim has become somewhat of a rising star given the breakout success of 2016's "Deadpool." While the filmmaker sadly departed the sequel due to creative differences (see Tim's original plan for "Deadpool 2"), a new opportunity arose in the form revamping the Terminator franchise. A veteran of...


Be Reel: 'Jojo Rabbit', 'The Producers', and the Perplexing Legacy of the Nazi Satire

Charlie Chaplin lampooning Hitler’s bombast and fragility in “The Great Dictator” (1940) marked one of film comedy’s all-time “truth to power” moments. But 80 years after WWII, how best to laugh at fascists when they seldom don the brownshirt? With the release of Taika Waititi’s “Jojo Rabbit”—a would-be charming comedy about a Hitler youth whose imaginary friend is der Führer—Chance and Noah ask themselves why, how, and when skewered Nazis are funny. After reviewing “Jojo,” Chance and Noah...


The Fourth Wall #9: 'Treadstone' Producer Talks Explosive Action, Robert Ludlum, and Crossover Potential for the Bourne Spin-Off Series

"The Bourne Legacy," "Jason Bourne," and "Treadstone" producer Ben Smith joins me for Episode 9 of The Fourth Wall to talk about expanding the World of Jason Bourne in the Bourne spin-off series. Making for the perfect blend of "24" meets "Heroes," the series marks an almost decade long journey for Smith as he's had his heart set on expanding the world that Robert Ludlum created. Perhaps much of this influence comes from the involvement of "Heroes" creator Tim Kring, who Smith discussed...


Be Reel: Battling Ourselves In 'Gemini Man', 'Fight Club' and 'Us'

As much as people say, "You're your own worst enemy!", it's never been truer than for the protagonists of "Gemini Man" (2019), "Fight Club" (1999) and "Us" (2019). Whether through movie-science cloning, mental illness or oppressive class structures (with a healthy dose of late capitalism in all three), this week, the Be Reel guys are looking at movies that pit protagonists against literal manifestations of themselves. Around the 28-minute mark, Noah and Chance are thrilled to be joined by...


The Discourse #12: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Ryan is joined by Clint Worthington (Consequence of Sound, The Spool) to discuss "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie," the epilogue to Vince Gilligan's groundbreaking series that hit Netflix this past weekend. Be sure to check out Clint's ranking of the "Breaking Bad" Cold Opens at Consequence of Sound: 0:00-21:35: “El Camino” Review 21:36-45:00: “El Camino” ***SPOILERS*** 45:01-End: Recommendations Clint: “Great...


Indie Beat - Carolina Monnerat

We speak to director/producer/actor/dancer Carolina Monnerat about Brazil and the movies she's made, including the new "Queen of Lapa." --- Send in a voice message:


The Discourse #11: Joker

Prepare for #MaximumDiscourse, and set phasers to stun. "Joker" - the Todd Phillips-directed dark superhero drama based on Batman's most iconic nemesis - is finally here, and there are certainly thoughts to be had. On this episode, Ryan is joined by Chris Evangelista (/Film) to unpack the controversial film, and tackle the overall discussion happening in the film community at large. 0:00-32:05: “Joker” Review (Non-Spoiler) 32:06-End: ***SPOILER DISCUSSION*** --- Send in a voice message:...


The Discourse #10: First Love / September Round-Up

After a brief hiatus while Ryan was on paternity leave, The Discourse is back! On this episode, Ryan is joined again by Jenny Nulf (Austin Chronicle, Austin Asian American Film Festival) to talk Fantastic Fest 2019, the films in September that we missed ("It: Chapter Two," "Hustlers," and more), and dedicate the main review segment to "First Love," the latest film from Takashi Miike. 0:00-5:38: Intro/Ryan’s Penance for Losing at Fantasy Football to Griffin 5:39-18:16: Fantastic Fest...


'Ad Astra', 'High Life' and 'Interstellar' Rethink the Paternal Myths of Space Adventure [Be Reel]

This week's Be Reel trio—"Ad Astra" (2019), "High Life" (2019), and "Interstellar" (2014)—draws on the revelations of therapy couches as much as astronomy. With special attention on the critically acclaimed new James Gray/Brad Pitt drama, Noah and Chance unpack these sagas of fathers, children, and the literal and metaphorical light-years between them. --- Send in a voice message:


The Fourth Wall #8: Andy Muschietti Talks Bad Endings, Ritchie’s Story & More In Our "IT Chapter Two" Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Andy Muschietti joins me for Episode 8 of The Fourth Wall to discuss "IT Chapter Two" in full spoilers! Andy first garnered the attention of many with his 2013 debut "Mama." The film was based on his three minute short of the same name which also piqued the interest of Guillermo del Toro who went on to executive produce the feature. Muschietti's work and success on "Mama" proved him to be a real emerging talent in the horror genre and it's easy to see why he was brought on for the...


Be Reel: Beat 'Em At Their Own Game Show ('Quiz Show', 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'The Running Man')

Nobody tells you about the bonus round after the million-dollar question—the one where we ask, "Why have we obsessed for 70 years over the TV game show in all its inherent fakeness, exploitation, and only a lottery ticket's chance of paying the common person their money?" This week, BE REEL is buzzing in, to reappraise "Quiz Show" on its 25th anniversary, "Slumdog Millionaire" one decade after it took home the Oscars' highest honor, and "The Running Man" because it's a very silly movie that...