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42: Movie Posters of the 80’s - Part 1

This summer, The Poster Boys take an extended trip back to the movie theatre lightboxes and video stores of their childhoods, and survey the Movie Posters of the 80’s in a two-part spectacular. In Part I, designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith comment on trends in 80’s poster design, titles, typography, and branding, holding both photo-based designs and richly illustrated painted works on the same playing field as pieces of key art worthy of both nostalgic remembrance and fresh...


41: Bill Gold Advertising

With the recent passing of Bill Gold, The Poster Boys look back on the design studio headed by one of the biggest names in film advertising for over 40 years. From Casablanca to Mystic River, Brandon and Sam touch on Gold’s early days as an in-house designer at Warner Bros. before diving into the numerous film poster campaigns he and his collaborators created for some of cinema’s most enduring works. After the Bill Gold Advertising studio tour, the boys open up the Flat File to take a...


40: Czechoslovak Film Posters

This month, The Poster Boys take a second trip back to eastern Europe after the second world war to look at the history behind the rise and decline of the Czechoslovak film poster. Brandon and Sam weave in and out through the late 1940s down through the early 1990s to shed some light on the the world the artists of post-war Czechoslovakia inhabited and the designs they created for some of cinema’s most treasured films. A special thanks to Jozef of for his help in...


39: Ingmar Bergman

In honor of Janus Films’ centennial retrospective of Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema, the Poster Boys survey the film posters of the influential and iconic Swedish auteur. From arthouse classics like THE SEVENTH SEAL and CRIES AND WHISPERS to overseas sensations SUMMER WITH MONIKA and PERSONA, Bergman’s films saw creative and visionary poster designs in Germany, Poland, Japan, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the US, providing a veritable international poster tour for listeners and cinephiles this...


38: Barbara Kruger

After a small break due to technical difficulties, The Poster Boys are back! This month, Brandon and Sam dive into the work of renowned artist Barbara Kruger, looking back to the beginning of her career as a designer to see how she used her training as an art director at Condé Nast to bridge the gap between fine art and graphic design. From posters to billboards to editorial art, the boys discuss some of their favorite pieces, and examine how form and content can be used as a force for...


36: Holiday Gift Guide

It’s an extra special light episode centered almost entirely around dead trees! This month, Brandon and Sam try something a little different in time for the holidays: they look at some of their favorite art and design related books published (or found) throughout the year and do their best to suggest them as gifts, while making impassioned arguments for local libraries along the way. SHOW NOTES & LINKS Visit to for links to our holiday gift selections. Music...


35: Stephen King

Find a flashlight and a blanket to hide under, because The Poster Boys are taking a Halloween themed trip down memory lane with the work of Stephen King. This month, Brandon and Sam discuss their favorite book covers and film posters from (and based on) the bestselling author’s more chilling tales, diving into the differences between marketing a story for print and film while reminiscing about how inescapable King’s presence was when they were growing up. SHOW NOTES & LINKS James Jean...


34: The Process - Part 1

This month, Brandon and Sam journey back into their own lives to discuss how they first got involved in design, and the ways in which their process has changed over time. From school flyers to fake toy packaging, the boys share stories from their childhood and discuss how they both went from designing film posters for fun to making it into a career. SHOW NOTES & LINKS Carnage for Kids Music selections: “Bass on Titles” opening theme, Great Southern Land from the Young Einstein Original...


33: Back to School

Grab your lunch, pack your books and get ready for the first day of class! This month on the show, designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith head back to the halls of academia, diving into some of the most notable posters for films centered in or around the school. From Pretty in Pink to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the boys look back at their favorites while trying to piece together the process behind some of the genre’s most iconic pieces of key art. SHOW NOTES & LINKS Sela Lewis /...


31: David Lynch

With the return of Twin Peaks after 26 years, designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith look back at the posters that have accompanied the many films of David Lynch in their first director-themed episode. From Eraserhead to Inland Empire, the boys discuss how Lynch’s unique cinematic vision has been marketed both in the US and abroad since 1977 while looking at the role a one-sheet plays in honoring a filmmaker’s work. Plus: listener feedback and a few words on the state of the superhero...


30: Jacqueline S. Casey

Best known as a designer and later director of the Office of Publications at MIT, Jacqueline Casey created some of the most striking graphics for lectures and events at the prestigious school for over 30 years. This month on the podcast, Brandon and Sam look back at the work and career from one of America’s most prominent practitioners of the Swiss Style before opening the Flat File and discussing the film posters created for Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 science fiction classic, 2001: A SPACE...


27: Stenberg Brothers

This month on The Poster Boys, Brandon and Sam head back to the 1920s to look at the incredible film posters born out of the Russian Revolution and the work of two of Russia’s most prominent designers in particular, Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg. Despite a tragically short career, the Stenberg Brothers crafted over 300 posters during a period fraught with societal and technological change while becoming the pioneers of design and advertising techniques used throughout the world to this...


26: Georg Olden

For The Poster Boys’ first episode of 2017, designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith look at the life and work of Georg Olden, one of the most prominent and influential black executives in the American advertising business. Olden designed and art directed countless television title cards for CBS television which embodied the most timeless qualities of modern graphic design, and additionally designed for the Office of Strategic Services before it became the CIA, for the conference that...


24: Barbara ‘Basha’ Baranowska

This month on The Poster Boys podcast, designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith look at the diverse work of Polish poster artist Barbara Baranowska, also known simply as ‘Basha.’ An essential voice in the Polish Poster School (see also last May’s episode for more), Basha created a chameleonic oeuvre while living in post-war Poland and France through the 60′s and 70′s, including iconic posters for films ranging from Zulawski’s POSSESSION to WILLY WONKA. The Poster Boys also chat about some...


22: Film Posters in the 21st Century - Part 2

Drawing from their experience as poster designers, hosts Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith take a general look at the ins and outs of film poster design in the 21st century, and how commercial factors like billing blocks, logo placement, and actor likenesses have shaped poster design from the 70’s to today. The Poster Boys also chat about some books, sites, and poster designs that have caught their eye recently, and then open the Flat File to take a look at the poster art for Steven...


21: Dick Bruna

On this month’s episode of The Poster Boys podcast, designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith look at the inspiring life and iconic work of Dutch designer Dick Bruna, from his hundreds of book cover designs to his children’s books and characters, and his designs for his home town of Utrecht in The Netherlands, from whence host Sam brings a report from his recent trip. Plus: This month in The Flat File, the book covers and poster art for PSYCHO. SHOW NOTES & LINKS Dick Bruna / Miffy...


19: Brandon & Sam’s Favorites - Part 2

This month The Poster Boys continue with a look back at their favorite movie posters ever. In the second of a two-part episode, Brandon and Sam reflect on the film posters that have left a lasting impact on them in recent years, including those by artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Cuba, and some of Hollywood’s most striking one-sheets from Silence of the Lambs to Rosemary’s Baby. SHOW NOTES & LINKS Movie Poster of the Week: “Une femme douce” and the Posters of Olga...


18: Brandon & Sam’s Favorites - Part 1

This month Brandon and Sam look back at their favorite movie posters ever. In the first of a two-part episode, the Poster Boys reflect on the movie posters of their childhood and the designs that captured their imagination growing up, from the art of Faerie Tale Theatre to Robocop and The Rocketeer. SHOW NOTES & LINKS Art of the Modern Movie Poster, Judith Salavetz, Spencer Drate, and Sam Sarowitz, with text by Dave Kehr, Chronicle Books Faerie Tale Theatre artwork gallery John Mattos...


17: Corita Kent

This month The Poster Boys look at the life and art of Corita Kent. A nun and teacher at Immaculate Heart College, and beginning in 1964 the chair of its art department, her silkscreens combined religious language with that of American advertising culture and the spirit of 60’s modern art. As a teacher, her philosophy and class exercises brought a radical and fresh perspective not just to the spiritual ideas of the church but to the artistic and creative process overall. Brandon and Sam...


16: Batman v Superman

From their small, separate start on the silver screen in the 1940s to joining forces for one of the most anticipated epics hitting theaters in 2016, Batman and Superman have woven in and out of cinematic history for over 70 years. Leaving in their wake a plethora of film posters, the Poster Boys look back through the key art that defined each cinematic interpretation of two massive cultural icons and use their highs and lows to examine the constantly changing trends within the...