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This podcast is for people who are interested in downsizing their life, creating remote income, and working from anywhere. The RV Entrepreneur is a podcast that supports entrepreneurs in and around the RV Community.


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This podcast is for people who are interested in downsizing their life, creating remote income, and working from anywhere. The RV Entrepreneur is a podcast that supports entrepreneurs in and around the RV Community.




Starlink Alternative For Reliable Internet On The Road | Working From Roam with Jess Jorgensen of GoRoam Tech | RVE 285

Today I'm bringing you Jess Jorgensen, a full-time RVer and the founder of goRoam Tech. Her company helps solve the huge problem about getting reliable internet on the road, other than Starlink. They've put packages together that allows "at home" Internet speeds truly anywhere! It's not "cheap," but if your job depends on it, it's not out of reach either. I was surprised at how affordable it is! She also has some great tips for people with less connectivity needs. Groomed into corporate IT...


Teaching Piano From Your RV with Anna Fagan | RVE 284

Anna Fagan is a full-time RVer who teaches piano from her Class A Motorhome. Tune into this episode to learn more about her setup, how she manages to teach her students online despite the unpredictable Internet, and how she finds new students. In this episode, we also talked about the importance of being kind through all the changes that entrepreneurship and the RV lifestyle throw our way and the importance of mentorship through the business-building journey. Connect with Anna...


What Its Like Getting off the Road While Running and RV Based Business With Bryanna Royal of Crazy Family Adventure | RVE 283

Today we’re chatting with Bryanna Royal of Crazy Family Adventure about what it’s like to close a chapter of full time travel, move into a sticks and bricks home and how that affects running an adventure and RV based business. Bryanna, her husband Craig, and their 4 kids sold their house, bought an RV and traveled around North America for 8+ years plus backpacked Europe for 3 months. They have recently settled back into a house and are adjusting to their new normal. They blog about their...


Unplug Your RV Indefinitely While Working From The Road?! : Finding The Power With John Lehman The "BoonDoctor" | RVE 282

Can you work off grid from your RV indefinitely? Yes, you can! In this episode we are joined by John Lehman, aka the "BoonDoctor". John's a full time off grid mobile RV technician specializing in solar, batteries and electrical. He designs and installs the very best solar solutions particularly for ATC Toy Hauler owners. We talk about why he went full time, how his business evolved from his own needs, his experiences from his many years of off grid living, what goes into an off grid RV...


7 Types of Social Media for RV Entrepreneurs to Create From the Road | RVE 281

It's easy, as RVers, to get trapped in the cycle of feeling always on — especially when it comes to social media content creation. We're constantly being told to create reels, shorts, or TikTok videos. It's exhausting unless you know what to create and have a clearer plan of action when creating it. In this episode, I, Kimberly Crossland, share 7 types of social media content you can cycle through and create, so you can get off that hamster wheel faster and get back to relaxing sooner. This...


Scaling a Van Rental Startup Through Influencer Marketing and Building an Adventure Brand | RVE 280

Hey! This episode is with my friend Dave from Karma Campervans, located in Calgary, Canada. David started his van rental business five years ago with a small fleet and has grown it to over 70 vans! In this episode we talk about: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be sure to join the RVE community on Facebook: Connect with RVE on your favorite socials: Want to be a guest on the show? Fill out this guest form:...


Family Travel for Free?! How Travel Hacking for Families Can Greatly Improve Your Adventures With Heidi Dusek From Ordinary Sherpa | RVE 279

Heidi is a returning guest on the RVE podcast and although this episode focuses on traveling families, if you haven’t come across the concept of “travel hacking” you’re going to want to listen-in regardless - its a very cool way to play within the rules and reap some awesome travel rewards! Heidi helps families connect through simple and authentic adventures on her podcast, Ordinary Sherpa, Instagram feed, website, book and through speaking and community-building events. The Dusek's are an...


Freedom To Dream: Living In An RV To Pay Off $60K Of Debt With Jill Sirianni | RVE #278

In today's episode, I (Rose) have the pleasure of speaking with Jill Sirianni of the Frugal Friends Podcast. Jill's a natural-born "frugalista" and a licensed clinical social worker. She also co-hosts the Frugal Friends Podcast to help people overcome their impulse spending and transform the habits that cause them to overspend. Jill's best frugal move was when she and her husband paid off $60K of debt by getting creative with their living situations and side hustles. They've lived in 2...


How to Earn a Living From Your RV as a Content Creator | RVE #277

Are you drawn to writing, photography, graphic design, or other forms of content creation? There's an opportunity in those mediums to earn a healthy income from your RV by helping others create content for their brands. I, Kimberly Crossland, speak with Rachael Lyons of Next Destination Marketing in this episode. I met Rachael at the RV Entrepreneur Roundtable in Montrose, Colorado a few months back, and we instantly hit it off nerding out over written content, SEO, and more. In this...


How RVer’s Connect and Create Community on the Road With Michael Andersen of Traveling Gatherings | RVE #276

On today’s episode I’m talking with Michael Andersen from Traveling Gatherings. I met Michael this fall at the RV Entrepreneur roundtable - he and his partner Andrea came out after being full-time on the road for only one month to boondock with us at The Campers Hub in Montrose Colorado. After participating in the roundtable and making what seem to be some stellar long term connections and friendships, Michael was motivated to create an online space where travelers could stay informed...


Considering Running A Business From The Road? Simplicity's Your Friend with Steve Johnson from Boondockers Bible | RVE 275

Simplicity and Nomadism go hand in hand. Today I (Rose) have the pleasure of speaking with Steve Johnson. Steve is a nomadic entrepreneur, computer geek, and one of the pioneers of Internet marketing. He and his wife Sash produce and manage numerous websites, including Boondocker's Bible, an online guide to boondocking. They also run Choctaw Websites, which helps small businesses find their target audience through effective branding, creative advertising, and hitting the right marketing...


New Year, New Goals: How to Make 2023 Your Year for RV Entrepreneur Success | RVE 274

‘Tis the season to enjoy holiday cheer, soak up family time, and make a plan for what the New Year will entail. 2023 is shaping up to be a year full of massive changes. As an RV entrepreneur, keeping focused is crucial. In this episode, you’ll go through three exercises and think through five questions to help you prioritize your goals for your business in 2023. This isn’t your average goal-setting exercise, however. It will help you design your business around your RV lifestyle, so you can...


How to Build a Six Figure Blog That You Can Sell | RVE 273

In this episode, I (Heath) speak with Ashley Mann of RV Inspiration. We talk about how she started it with the intention to build a resource and not a personal brand. We cover a lot of topics, including: Be sure to join the RVE community on Facebook: --- Send in a voice message:


Retail Arbitrage & Full-Time RV Travel - A Receipt for Success With Nikki Kirk From Your Selling Guide | RVE 272

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Nikki Kirk. I’ve been following Nikki for several years now and actually had the pleasure of having out in person at the RVE Roundtable earlier this fall. Nikki is a digital nomad who has traveled to 48 States in her RV since 2017. She has recently bought land and is beginning to build out a home base from the ground up. In June of 2017, she started her Amazon selling business from the RV and in 2018, after seeing how successful and relatively...


RVE Is BACK & With New Hosts! | RVE 271

We’re back after our fall break and coming in strong with some new voice here on there RV Entrepreneur podcast! I’m now joined by three other hosts and we can’t wait to see what this team growth means for the community. Please welcome your new RVE host team! Heath Padgett He’s BACK! - Heath Padgett is the cofounder of Campground and was a full-time RVer for six years. While traveling across the country Heath & his wife wrote books on RV life as well as started the RV...


2022 RV Entrepreneur Roundtable Event Recap & Lessons Learned | RVE 270

Here is my recap of the 2022 RV Entrepreneur Roundtable event! The event was an absolute blast and the attendee responses showed that it was one of the most valuable events they’ve ever attended. Listen in as I recap the five days and let you in on what worked, what didn’t and what we learned from putting on this in person event. A HUGE shoutout to our parent company & sponsors for making this event possible! RV LIFE: Champion Power Equipment:...


Inspiration and Impact - Why Bryce & Nellie of The Jurgys Started Filming and Ultimately Bought a Campground | RVE 269

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Bryce & Nellie of The Jurgys. Bryce & Nellie started documenting their adventures and hiding treasures on YouTube 6 years ago in effort to get more families adventuring together. A planned 6-month road trip turned into multiple years full-timing in an RV while adventuring all 50 states. While on the road, they started a production company that now weaves into their online brand, The Jurgys. Continuing their passion of getting more families...

Turning Your Lifestyle Into a Business With A.J. Forget of The Buslife Kitchen | RVE 268

Today we have the pleasure of talking with A.J. Forget A. J. is a chef, writer, photographer, traveler, and self-proclaimed dilettante. He left a career as a wildland firefighter to pursue his lifelong passion of writing and his outlandish goal of a modern nomadic life. He lives in a converted school bus with his partner, a silversmith and dreamworker, and their eternally-sleepy dog, traveling the world in pursuit of natural beauty, grand adventure, and the tastiest food out...

Using Digital Platforms to Create in Person Community With Todd and Sheila Konitzer of Switch It Up | RVE 267

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Todd & Sheila Konitzer. Todd and Sheila are full time RVers who have turned their travels into a successful YouTube channel and have excelled at taking that online community into the real world with in person meetups and huddles. The realization of how short life really is hit the, square in the face in 2019. After losing 2 parents within 4 months of each other, Todd and Sheila decided to sell all their possessions, leave behind their careers,...

From Hobby into Department Stores, How Brooke Happe Grew a Handmade Product Business Into a Formative Lifestyle Brand While Full-Time RVing | RVE 266

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Brooke Happe. Brooke is a goal-oriented, career gal and life long planner who chose to go seriously off script and has never looked back. Her big life change has taught her that life comes in ever changing seasons and she is determined to fully enjoy each one. Brooke owns b.e.happe, a small batch, handcrafted, and small business sourced accessory and apparel company that gives back to children’s hospitals. With b.e.happe, she wants to document...