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Real life. Real friends. Raw truth. A podcast for women who crave something MORE.

Real life. Real friends. Raw truth. A podcast for women who crave something MORE.
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Real life. Real friends. Raw truth. A podcast for women who crave something MORE.




Heather's 5 Reasons to Befriend Yourself | EP 26

We’re all about cultivating great friendships with others, but the truth is that sometimes the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Because after all, you’re the only person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. So you might as well befriend yourself. That’s why in this episode, Heather shares 5 wise ways to be your own best friend. We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment on Instagram @therawhoneys or our Facebook Page. Follow Raw Honeys on...


Drunk Girl Bathroom Stall Support Group | EP 25

Oh, girl! We’ve been known to go to the bathroom in pairs in order to chit-chat in peace. But sometimes what we find in the stall is love and pure friendship from a drunk girl. You know what we’re talking about, that girl you meet at the club by the bathroom sink who’s got sage advice, supportive encouragement, and ego-boosting compliments to share! It’s moments like these when we realize that the women of the world have our back. We’re in this together. Follow Raw Honeys on Instagram:...


Friendship Online vs IRL | EP 24

Do you know your BFF IRL? Or are you only connecting through a screen? As valuable as online friends are, there’s no substitute for the bonds you create when you can make real life eye contact. We know that making friends as a grown woman is not as easy as it was in our sandbox days. But the love, support, and conversations over Rosé IRL are so worth the effort. Follow Raw Honeys on Instagram: Join our community on Facebook:...


The Loneliness Epidemic | EP 23

Have you ever stood in a crowded room and felt utterly isolated? In this age of social “connection” where we have less and less in-person interactions, loneliness is a growing problem. Join us as we discuss the root cause of loneliness, why it’s crucial that we take action against it, and how it impacts even your physical health. Read more about studies done on loneliness here:


The Lost Art of Listening | EP 22

With all the noise out there, it’s difficult to be heard. But at the same time, how much are we actually listening? We don’t just mean hearing, but really listening between the lines. How often do you find yourself in a conversation with a friend, and you’re just waiting for them to take a breath so that you can be heard? We talk about how things can really change when we stop. Open up. And listen. Check out Accidental Courtesy, the documentary Amanda mentions on the show. And we want to...


Not Giving Up On Friends | EP 21

All relationships take work. But friendships can sometimes feel especially exhausting--even if we can't put our finger on exactly why. But instead of investing our time and energy into understanding where the friendship is breaking down, we tend to do the easiest and safest thing imaginable: we give up. But is that always the right move? In this episode, we discuss how to know when to "give up" on someone , and when it might be worth it to stick it out. Follow Raw Honeys on Instagram:...


Thanks for listening to Season One! We'll be back in July!

Thanks for listening to season one of The Raw Honeys podcast! The Raw Honeys podcast will be on hiatus until July 17, when we return with all-new episodes on life, love, and everything in-between. Until then, get caught up on our earlier episodes or join the conversations happening inside our Raw Honeys Facebook group. If you enjoy our show, please consider leaving a rating or review on the listening platform of your choice! See you soon!


Mad Isn't Bad | EP 20

Anger is honest. It’s valid. It’s justified. When we’re taught to keep calm and carry on, it’s easy to bury our true feelings of frustration deep inside. So like the proverbial tree in the woods, if your anger is locked away, does anybody feel it? We talk about how anger is never isolated. And when we don’t face it, our emotions can have dire effects on our health, happiness, and relationships. So put your shovel away and get your hands dirty. Helen Fisher Ted Talk (story starts at 21:00)-...


Abortion Laws: A Honey's Perspective | EP 19

Abortion Law is the most hot button issue concerning women today. And with the newly proposed laws in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and others, it’s a topic we HAVE to address. But this isn’t your typical abortion talk because . . . We love you if you’re pro-choice. We love you if you’re not. We love you if you’ve had an abortion. We love you if you think you would have one. We love you if we know you would never have one. Instead of joining the argument, we want to use our voices to let...


Bingeworthy Friendships | EP 18

We’re huge fans of women supporting each other in the media. So we took our love of TV and friendship and combined the two into a list of our favorite portrayals of female friendships. Okay . . . maybe this was just a way for Amanda to talk more about Sex and the City. While you’re trying to decide what to binge watch this summer, check out some of these beloved friendship themed shows: Sex and the City: The Golden Girls: Grey’s Anatomy:...


Guilty Pleasures | EP 17

Guilty Pleasure. We all have one. You know that thing you think is so “bad” but it makes you feel so good? On this episode, we’re challenging this misnomer. If we’re made to experience pleasure, then why should we feel guilty about it? And is this phrase indicative of something darker? Or do we just delight in the forbidden? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your guilty pleasure. Leave us a comment on Instagram @therawhoneys or our Facebook Page! Follow Raw Honeys on Instagram:...


Sex, Shame and Purity Rings | EP 16

Virgin or slut. Modesty vs. sexual liberation. Sin and sensuality. There’s a cultural, maybe even moral, divide in how sex is represented to and for women. Sex has become synonymous with shame for so many women. It’s time to reclaim our bodies, our pleasure, and our sexual identities. No more guilt. No more closed doors. And no more shame. Check out Nadia Bolz-Weber’s book Shameless: A Sexual Reformation that Chelsea references in the show. Want to have an open...


A Hot Mess or A Clean Freak? | EP 15

Are you a hot mess? Or a clean freak? On this episode, Amanda and Chelsea dive beyond the clutter to what’s really behind these personality types. One’s a mini-Marie Kondo and the other a chaotic creative. We find out if clean freaks are just vying for control while messy types are avoiding responsibility. Or do they have more in common than we think? Follow Raw Honeys on Instagram: Join our community on Facebook:...


Trust Yo'Self | EP 14

Your intuition is your superpower. So why does it seem like our heads and hearts are always at battle? And when one wins, we constantly question our decision? Trusting ourselves is not something that our society encourages. Instead we’re forces to dig for it and then defend it. The good news is that trusting and believing in yourself is a muscle that can be developed as soon as you choose that you’re worth it. And honey, you’re worth it. Because when you take that leap and trust your gut,...


A Honey's Guide to Travel with Stacey Marie Brown | EP 13

A Honey's Guide to Travel with Bestselling Author Stacey Marie Brown Every Honey craves a little adventure. So why not take that adventure on the road? Or on a train track, the water, or in the air? Travel enthusiast and bestselling author, Stacey Marie Brown joins Chelsea and Heather to chat about how travel advances the mind, feeds the soul, and inspires creativity (among many, many other amazing things!) Hear Stacey’s hilarious and heartfelt experiences abroad and how adventure awaits you...


Defining Success On Your Terms | EP 12

Success. We all want it. Some of us even want to be known for it. But in our quest to find out how success is REALLY achieved, we had to ask if success looks the same thing to everyone? We've learned that the definition of success is a completely individual idea and it evolves over time as our lives and priorities change. Our favorite success quotes. Amanda “True success means winning in the battle with yourself. Those who persist in the pursuit of their dreams, no matter what the hurdles,...


Curse Like A F*cking Lady! | EP 11

Growing up, we’ve been told that swearing, especially like a sailor, is not “ladylike.” But we’re The Raw Honeys, so when it comes to cursing, we really don’t give a s*** about “cleaning up” our language. In fact, there’s a fun study that shows that people who swear tend to be more honest. And who the hell doesn’t want to be considered honest? Still, we have to ask. Does dropping an F-bomb make us sound uneducated or like less of lady? Follow Raw Honeys on Instagram:...


The REAL Secret to Happiness: A State of Being | EP 10

THIS is the REAL SECRET to manifesting, to inner peace, to TRUE happiness. It’s not about getting something, it’s about being something. In fact, once you start BEING someone who has THAT THING YOU WANT, guess what?! That THING YOU WANT shows up! Conversely, if you aren’t being the kind of person who is a match to having that thing, don’t hold your breath! Today, we'll talk about all the real things we do to help us get to the good feeling state like meditation, counting our blessings, and...


School, Stress, Smoke & Sex with Teen Guest Brooke | EP 09

High school isn’t for the fainthearted . . . especially in 2019. On this episode, Heather sits down with her teenage daughter, Brooke, whose dream is to make a difference in the world. Brooke encourages all of us to give the youth room to share their views and give their voices the respect they deserve. In an open dialogue with her mom, Brooke talks about how school can be an unwelcoming place for teachers and students alike, and how the school system isn’t preparing them for the real world...


Ghosting Social Media | EP 08

With everyone posting on social media ‘round the clock, we can easily get cornered into FOMO. But what would it be like to disconnect from social media for 3 years . . . on purpose? In this episode, Chelsea talks about how her social media hiatus started as a result of her depression because every time she typed a smiley face emoji, she felt like a liar. We not only talk about the pressure to have an online presence, but the pressure to present a carefully curated version of ourselves. And...