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The Reel Debaters, a bold and un-censored 4 person film debate about most of the arguments in cinema no one ever talks about.

The Reel Debaters, a bold and un-censored 4 person film debate about most of the arguments in cinema no one ever talks about.
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The Reel Debaters, a bold and un-censored 4 person film debate about most of the arguments in cinema no one ever talks about.




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Ep.24 Reel Talk With Chris Stanton

Reel Talk this week has Comedian and Debater on the Reel Debaters Chris Stanton talking to Micheal Petrow and Jimmy Skinner about his time in film school, shooting in public parks, what happens when you put the wrong soundtrack in a movie on Youtube. Micheal, Chris and Jimmy also talk about the idea of a best blockbuster category at the Oscars, when is CGI too much and they play a game of "would you rather" only true Tom Hank's fans would love. Email Instagram...


Ep.23 "Did we just become best friends ?"

The buddy comedy has been a staple in film genre as far back as Abbot and Costello. It works off the idea that both people in said duo bring a certain "je ne sais quoi" that is missing when the 2 actors aren't combined. The Reel Debaters found this was a great place to focus their attention for this weeks show. The premise: Find your favourite buddy comedy duo and put them in charge of your wedding starting with the wedding social all the way to the speeches and MC'ing the big day" Rules:...


Ep.22 The Reel Debaters Horror Special

Happy Halloween Debaters! Today on the the show Micheal Petrow, Martin Navarro and with the help of our resident horror expert Jimmy Skinner take a deep dive into what they love about the Horror Genre. With the amount of ideas coming out of the dark side of cinema it was hard to focus on just one thing so welcome to a fire side conversation about some of favourites when it comes to the best series or stand alone movies are out there, what we think of when we talk about vampires and...


Ep.21 Reel Talk with Stuntman Bj Verot

Welcome to Reel Talk day! In short , we can't fit every idea into the debate so we decided to make some more episodes and have some fun with them. This week on the podcast Micheal Petrow, Mark Cowell and Martin Navarro sit down with director, actor, producer and stuntman Bj Verot and pick his brain on how he got into stunt work, what it takes to learn the craft and some of his favourite stunts he has performed over the years. Correction: Hey everybody, the correct episode is up and ready...


Ep.20 "Heres Johnny"

There is law that states if a person is murdered inside their home the real estate agent has to disclose it to the new potential buyers. When we heard this we thought one thing only ... MAKE A DEBATE ABOUT IT! This week on The Reel Debaters we turn on the sales pitch and see who can close the deal. The debate: You're a real estate agent tasked with selling a piece of property that was featured in a horror movie and convince the 3 other debaters to purchase it, and judge whose pitch is the...


Ep.19 Reel Talk live from The Park Theatre

Welcome to our first Reel Talk Episode. Whats Reel Talk? Simply put, it's the conversation we get into while producing the show that dosen't have a home to live for eternity on the internets. You'll be getting interviews, trivia, some good ol' Top 10's and a few other segments that will show up now and again. Our first episode was recorded live at The Park Theatre in Winnipeg on September 29th at the Manitoba Podcast Festival. We got to sit down with a ton of local podcasters and talk...


Ep.18 "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"

Ever think to yourself "hey self, what bad guy/girl from a movie would run a great daycare"? We're guessing not much but thats why you listen to us, so you don't have to. This week on The Reel Debaters we're celebrating evil doer's in a whole new light. The debate: The last daycare in town is run by a movie villain/antagonist. If you had to leave your kids with one for the day, who would it be and why would they make a for a great daycare teacher. The rules: They had to be an a%$hole,...


Ep.17 "Who is your daddy and what does he do?"

Sex ed, family health, health class, it’s been called a dozen things over the years but no matter what you call it it’s still awkward talking about pregnancy and what not in front of your peers. The Reel Debaters this week decided to find out what would happen if movie character taught it instead your gym teacher. Debate: If you could pick any character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger to teach you about the birds and the bee’s, who would it be and why ? Rules: No Terminator, we are...


Ep.16 "Hellboy. He's real!"

Raise your hand if you have heard of the classic video game Rampage… (giant animals terrorizing a city while they beat each other to a pulp) Keep your hand up if you liked the video game “inspired” movie Rampage with Dwayne “ The rock” Johnson…. ...Where did all the hands go? Whatever side of the Rampage coin you land on ,this debate should add some fuel to the fire as to how we think it should have been done Premise: Instead of limiting the movie to just the monsters from the video...


Ep.15 "Look man, I ain't falling for no banana in the tail pipe"

The perfect Prank is hard to pull off. You need timing, people who know how to keep their yap shut and a victim who won’t see it coming but imagine for a moment you had all of this PLUS and unlimited budget and one of the best mind fuck movie plots to use as said prank , now were talking right! This week on The Reel Debaters the boys are taking advantage of all the loved or not so loved ones in their life with an over the top prank debate that is full of hilarity and dark ideas. The...


Ep.14 "And your new tag team champions of the world are"

"Your new tag team champions of the world are ...." If these words "ring a bell" then this episode is gonna be more of a treat than normal. This week on The Reel Debaters Hollywood and Wrestling are combined for one over the top match up. The Debate: If you could take 2 different characters played by the same actor and put them together to make a tag team duo, who would they be an why? The rules: No super heroes or super powers. We all know Superman would win if we picked him, this about...


Ep.13 "Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I think all of us have wished at some point in our youth secretly to replace our current parents with a set from our favourite movie(s), just me? Alright then, moving on... This week on The Reel Debaters we take that wish and put it into action. The Topic: If you could replace your current parents with a set of parental like figures/parents from any movie, who would they be and why? The Rules: They have to perform some parent like quality or be actual parents to count. Parental...


Ep.12 "They call it 'Royale with Cheese'"

With the way the hospitality industry is booming these days it takes a lot to come up with an idea that really draws people in and makes them want to come back to your establishment be it a restaurant, food truck or bar. Thats why this week on The Reel Debaters we decided to combine 2 loves into one podcast, Food and Film. The topic: Pick a character from any movie and design a restaurant around them. Your character is the chef and the movie you pick from needs to be used to create...


Ep.11 "It's the car, right? Chicks love the car."

Today on The Reel debaters its fast cars and fuel pods in a fast and furious track across this great nation we call home (Canada to those that are just tuning in) The Premise is if you were in a cross country race (think cannonball run meets death race) and you have to pick a car to win it, what car from what movie do you pick? Winner gets pink slips. Rules: No flying cars, no transformers and no time travel. Only weapons from the movie are allowed , no mod's. Cars being argued are from...


Ep.10 "I am the law!"

YO ADRIAN! One of the most famous lines from Sylvester Stallone's resume of movies. But what about the rest? Most of us will admit that it's either the Rocky Franchise or the Rambo series that comes to mind first when you think of good ol' Sly. This week on The Reel Debaters we decided to highlight some of his other lesser celebrated characters with a twist. The Scenario: Who ever we pick we have to argue why said character would be up for the task in a Camp Directors position at a summer...


Ep.9 "I'll have what she's having"

While trying to escape a crowd of adoring fans, movie star Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) hops into a passing car driven by Kelly Selden (Debbie Reynolds) in singing in the rain when they are introduced to each other for the first time. Or maybe you're more familiar with the taxi cab scene in "When Harry met Sally"... These are just some of the examples of what is known as the “Meet Cute”. Whats a Meet Cute you're asking? Its the scene in a movie which two individuals are brought together in...


Ep.8 "I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves"

Superman. Batman. Spiderman. Iron Man. Xmen. The list of heroes and the groups that that they belong to has historically ended with the suffix "man" Today on the Reel Debaters we a trending away from all things masculine and celebrating the female super hero and all their/her glory. Bout damn time , we totally agree with you too! The scenario is this: For the day you are given Nick Furries ( think GM of a sports franchise if you don't know who he is) duties to assemble a 4 person super hero...


Ep.7 "May the 4th be with you"

Do or do not podcast , there is no try. This week on the Reel Debaters we switched gears for a minute. Instead of the debate format we’ve been giving you we decided to have a fire side conversation (sans fire) in honour of Star Wars and May the 4 be with you weekend. This is clearly a topic that has been argued over and over and over again so we tossed some of the more commonly known topics (who shot first, Han or Greedo?) out there to give our take on them as well as ones that are more...


Ep.6 "Thats not a knife, this is a knife"

Scene: It's a Zombie Apocalypse You and 4 of your friends are cornered by a horde of walkers You are each given one hand to hand combat weapon to miraculously fight your way out with...WHAT THE HELL DO YOU PICK? That was the scenario on this weeks episode of The Reel Debaters. Weapons being argued are from the movies Kill Bill Volume 1, Braveheart, Army of Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick In the living room this week is Martin "Danger" Navarro, Mark "I'm inept at geography" Cowell,...


Ep.5 "It made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs"

Imagine you had the power to get your hands on any space ship from any movie that you've ever seen! Then imagine being able to pilot that ship for a day.... Yeah , awesome I know! That's what this weeks episode is all about. This week in the Living Room its all faster than light travel and hyperdrives as we argue down a long list and decide which one wins the title of "Best space ship to pilot for a day". Ships being argued are the Borg Cube (Star Trek) Trimaxion Drone Ship...