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Living Better Is A #ThoughtRevolution Away

Living Better Is A #ThoughtRevolution Away
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Living Better Is A #ThoughtRevolution Away




Osteoporosis Awareness & Drea Kelly: Dancer, Choreographer, Survivor – SPS6x14

Learn how fashion and design were brilliantly used to help educate and create awareness about something we all need to know about: osteoporosis. It can or will affect you or someone you know. Then: I just love Drea Kelly. The dancer, choreographer and mother opens her heart and spirit with me. She shares with us how she went from surviving to thriving after nearly ending her life by suicide, after the emotional, physical and mental abuse she suffered at the hands of the sad, headline-making...


Dolores Catania: A Visit Inside a Women’s Shelter Who Have Fled Domestic Violence – SPS6x13

Men aren’t always welcome or permitted in a women’s shelter. Just before Christmas last year, my friend Dolores Catania, a force of nature with a big heart and a strong sense of service (you may know her from The Real Housewives of New Jersey), was able to bring me inside a shelter she supports in Paterson, New Jersey, that houses women and their children who have fled domestic violence. I met several women, long-term devoted leaders of the shelter, and current residents, some with young...


Celebrating Canadian Music: 4 Interviews with Canadian Musicians – SPS6x12

Shaun celebrates Canadian music and talks with talented Canadian musicians for the entire hour. Pop/R&B singer Satya (from Montreal) tells us about her start being adopted from across the world to her journey with alcoholism, and what it means to her that her single, “Maybe We Should”, has hit the US charts too. Click here for the sublime video. Newfoundland folk/pop duo, Quote the Raven (Jordan Coaker & Kirsten Rodden-Clarke) are a “Mary Chapin Carpenter” with a Maritime vibe and a man who...


Devon Franklin, Producer of Breakthrough. Darren Stehle, Gay Leadership Coach – SPS6x11

Executive producer and friend of the show Devon Franklin discusses the Easter weekend opening of his new movie about miracles, Breakthrough. Franklin also authored this year's tome, "The Truth About Men". Gay leadership coach, Darren Stehle, host of the Living OUT Podcast, and editor of my magazine,, says one truth he knows about gay men is that many don't know how to be men. Find out what he means.


Deborah Cox & Zahra Lavji – SPS6x09

Deborah Cox is the person I have interviewed most in my nearly 20-year media career. We tête-a-tête one more time on The Shaun Proulx Show. Find out what brings her back to Toronto, what it's like for her living in Trump's America, on being inspired and mentored by Whitney Houston, receiving awards, and more! My pal, Canadian Optician Zahra Lavji also joins me in the studio for a Kleenex-clenching-tale that you could not make up – from her bold, first solo-travel trip, to where she was born...


Hot Brown Honey & FinanciallyFit in the Community – SPS6x08

YOUR questions answered on an all-new Shaun Proulx Show where we get #FinanciallyFit with TD Bank’s Al Ramsay and Nishaa Agarwal. Nishaa tackles audience questions as Al shares his inspiring #ForeverProud moments. Then things get sticky when I chat with the feisty Aussie co-creators of the international theatre movement, Hot Brown Honey. And back by popular demand, my chat with James Geary, author of the wonderful, much-needed tome, Wit’s End. Funny ha-ha and funny peculiar!


FinanciallyFit with TD Bank: It’s RSP Season – SPS6x07

It’s RSP Season and the deadline Is March 1st! In this month’s edition of #FinanciallyFit, TD Bank’s, Al Ramsay, National Manager of LGBTQ2+ Business Development shares why he and his team have been so active attending events in Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax, and promoting upcoming events in Calgary and Toronto. Orlando Lopez, Financial Planner, discusses some of the misconceptions about RSPs that make some people nervous at this time of the year, because they’re "forced" to take a deeper...


The Makers of Mid-Day Squares & Author James Geary – SPS6x06

Almost time for my Mid-Day Squares snack – stolen, given, purchased – this is my new favourite snack to attack these days, and these three beautiful people hit The Shaun Proulx Show studio from Montreal to serve not just the super fun story of their superfood chocolate business, but shiny bright radio gold. 47 laughs, one marriage proposal, 2 headset throw-downs, and one answer before the question was asked. PLUS how the deaths of two fathers helped two of us in the room soar. Oh yeah, and...


Acts of the Heart: Katherine & John Vellinga; Plus​​ Joanne Simons – SPS6x05

Valentine's Day is almost here! Do you live life heart-first? Our guests are changing the world for the better, because for them, it starts with the heart. Katherine and John Vellinga, the Canadian husband and wife team behind Zirkova Vodka, talk about the quality they put in to their vodka and how their “spirit” brings a new kind of love to the global equality table. Then, Casey House CEO Joanne Simons shares why acts of the heart ripple beyond what anyone is able to see. Come have a...


Garrett Swann, Aviva Reimer, and Mani Nasry of the Movie “We” – SPS6x04

Entrepreneur, Garrett Swann talks about vision boards, success, and more. Matchmaker Aviva Reimer has some tips to help the single folks out there find their special match. Filmmaker Mani Nasry talks about his years-long journey to complete his passion project, the film “We” about Canada, culture clashes, love, and more.


Are You #FinanciallyFit Post-Holidays? – SPS6x03

Let's get #FinanciallyFit! How was your holiday season? Did you stay within your budget or overspend? I may have failed grade 10 math but I sure love numbers now! And I give credit where credit is due: The Shaun Proulx Show and TD Bank’s monthly #FinanciallyFit segment brings joy, laughs, fun and wise financial talk that all of us can relate to. Al Ramsay, Nishaa Agarwal, and Orlando Lopez join me in this episode to discuss how to mend any damage done to your finances post-holidays. I also...


Interview with the Cast of New Play, An Unsafe Place – SPS6x02

An Unsafe Space is a new play by writer and director Richard Klagsbrun that premiered at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. Shaun Proulx speaks with Klagsbrun and co-stars Precious Chong and Craig Lauzon An Unsafe Space is a comedic play about free speech, censorship, and the ideologically-based suppression of ideas, as well as the stereotyping of people and their opinions based on their racial and ethnic identities. Inspired by an actual event at a major North American university, the play...


Holiday in Chernobyl & Health Tips for the New Year – SPS6x01

Let's take a holiday… in Chernobyl? 10 ways that social media might be making you fat! And how to beat the winter blues using plant based medicines. Sing along with me now! “We are going on a summer holiday / If you want to go, yo, Sven / We're going to London and New York City / And we take a little piece of #Chernobyl” CUT! Who in tarnation holidays at the site of the world’s biggest, worst nuclear disaster ever? Shaun Proulx Show Travel Expert, Sabrina Pirillo, that’s who! Get your glow...


#FinanciallyFit 2018 Year In Review – SPS5x28

Your favourite #FinanciallyFit folks are looking back on the very awesome 2018 they had together. You aren’t going to get money talk that includes laughs, tears, and a melatonin accident anywhere else but The Shaun Proulx Show! Then: we’re helping you be a bigger star than you already are with help from a New Jersey cop, Louis Spagnola and Toronto mixologist, Billy Killin! I suddenly needed to dance, to bust a move, to trip the light fandango (but catch the light fandango before it hit the...


Fashion Santa’s Not So Silent Night – SPS5x27

FashionSanta! One year after his annus horribilis, supermodel Paul Mason has the last ho-ho-ho. I have never seen supermodel Paul Mason not impeccably dressed. #FashionSanta is back on The Shaun Proulx Show following a year of #ThoughtRevolutions and he’s raising money for sick kids this holiday season. How? Hotel rooms and not so silent nights! Yes, we are still flirty and no, he still has not moved on that dinner he invited me to. There, Paul, now our dirty laundry is airing publicly! And...


Relax Your Fear On World AIDS Day – SPS5x26

It is World AIDS Day and this year we are at Healing House in Toronto, Casey House’s pop-up spa with 100% HIV+ healers. Would you book a treatment? #SmashStigma


Fundraising & Opera: Tammy Yates, Valerie Jones, Soprano Maureen Batt – SPS5x25

Shaun Proulx speaks with Tammy C Yates, Executive Director of Realize Canada (Proux is also a member of the board) and Valerie M Jones about the challenges that charities face with fundraising. Soprano, Maureen Batt gives Shaun a lesson in Opera.


Reality Doesn’t Bite! Sarah Hanlon & Dolores Catania – SPS5x24

Reality doesn't bite! Shaun Proulx's #ThoughtRevolution radio continues as he's joined in conversation by two smart and open-hearted guests. Freelance journalist Sarah Hanlon won Big Brother Canada 3, was my 24 Hours co-columnist, and is a smart, sassy, opinionated marijuana activist. Was Canada making pot legal a non-starter? What’s with “not showing the flower” in advertising? Can we smoke on-air? We get her ideas in this post-pot legalization world Canada is now part of. And what's it...


Mentorship Helping Today’s Youth & Small Business Entrepreneurs – SPS5x23

Mentorship makes the world grow and improve. This week we talk to Matthew Chater, CEO of Big Brothers and Big Sisters Canada, about how they stay modern in ever-changing times. We surprise him with a blast from my past: my “Little Brother” Vinash, from the 1990s when I volunteered as a Big Brother for four years. Then, we get #FinanciallyFit with TD Bank’s Al Ramsay, learning about the mentoring of LGBT entrepreneurs. October is smallbusiness month and Niisha Aggarwal gives us tips and...


Trans Icon Mandy Goodhandy and Jessica Speziale – SPS5x22

This Thanksgiving weekend I'd like to say a special thanks to YOU! Thank you for supporting my work and my message. This episode of The Shaun Proulx Show featuring one of my heroes: trans icon, Mandy Goodhandy, and the soon-to-be "Taylor Swift of rock", Jessica Speziale – you know I'm rooting for her!