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The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell, is the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life.

The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell, is the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life.


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The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell, is the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life.




Will You Be My Mentor? With Niamh Donoghue of Soundboard

Download Podcast Transcript Mentorship may sound like an intimidating practice, but it’s really not! You just have to think of it like a relationship where someone with more knowledge guides someone with less knowledge. This is how today’s guest, Niamh Donoghue, perceives it. Niamh is the CEO and founder of Soundboard, a platform connecting people through events, workshops, and 1:1 peer mentorship. Through a mutual exchange of personal, professional, and life experiences, its goal is to...


Illuminating Your Entrepreneurial Self with Carolina Campbell of Illuminate Consulting Group

Download Podcast Transcript Being an entrepreneur might sound liberating and amazing, but it definitely has its own challenges. Today’s guest, Carolina Campbell, is here to illuminate the realities of entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to finances. Carolina is the Founder of the Illuminate Consulting Group, a company that provides outsourced COO & CFO services, detailed business & growth strategy creation, and strategy for capital investment. As a former Wall Street Managing...


How To Start Over and Dive into Entrepreneurship with Lara Schmoisman from The Darl

Download Podcast Transcript Becoming an entrepreneur is a unique journey which is always different depending on the person. Today’s guest definitely has an inspiring story to tell! Lara Schmoisman is the CEO and founder of The Darl, a boutique marketing agency. She’s also a marketing coach and podcaster. Though nowadays she wears a lot of hats and has a thriving marketing business, life was not always so pretty for her. Everything that she has today is because of hard work and a...


How This Financial Planner Helps You Eliminate Shame with Renee Cohen from #PlanningWithRenee

Download Podcast Transcript Financial planning sounds like an overwhelming concept, right? Well it’s not, and today’s guest is here to tell you all about it! Renee Cohen is a financial advisor who shares her unique approach by leading financial wellness programs to teach individuals and small business owners the importance of money management in a fun and simple way. Highlights: To learn more about Renee, follow her on Instagram. Sign up for The First Degree Membership! By becoming a...


How To Get Your Personal Leadership Development On Point with Allison Krawiec from Poppylead

Download Podcast Transcript Do you believe that being a leader is just not for you? Well, think twice! Today’s guest is here to make you change your mind. Allison Krawiec is a certified leadership coach, consultant, and founder of PoppyLead, a company which combines research-backed leadership assessments with a touch of intuition and self-awareness practices (guided meditation, journaling, etc.) to help entrepreneurs and leaders have their own back via self-leadership. It’s all about the...


No Basic Pitching with Lexie Smith from THEPRBAR inc.

The world of public relations may sound intimidating or not quite understandable for many of us. Luckily, today’s guest is here to clear everything up! Lexie Smith is the founder of The PR Bar Inc., an inspiring brand that specializes in educating motivated entrepreneurs on how to expand their impact, influence, and revenue through PR. With 10 years of PR and marketing experience, Lexie has helped countless companies and entrepreneurs gain accelerated success through the world of public...


Say Yes To Yourself with Reese Evans from Yes Supply

Have you ever felt like you don’t have what it takes to be successful? It’s time to start believing in yourself! Today’s guest, Reese Evans, is a Master Manifestation and Abundance Coach, Creator of the YES SUPPLY METHOD, and is on a mission to teach the world the power of their subconscious mind and universal laws to create the life you’re meant to live. Basically, YES SUPPLY is a coaching system that teaches individuals how to reach their highest potential, tap into their unlimited...


Progress not Perfection with Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney from Fleur de Lis Fitness

Finding motivation to workout and stay healthy is not always easy and in this particular context that we’re living in, it gets even harder. However, today’s guest will surely raise your spirits up and get you moving right away! Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney is the Founder and trainer of Fleur de Lis Fitness, a Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Solution that empowers clients to take control of their health journey by providing accountability and guidance. Aside from this, Claire is also a...


Turning Your Passion for Blogging into a Thriving Business with Emily Martin

Blogging is often a hobby or a passion that a lot of people have. But did you know that you could turn it into a business? This is exactly what today’s guest did! Since 2009, Emily Martin has curated the Lifestyle blog, The JetSetting Fashionista, where she writes about restaurants and wineries in the Bay Area and around the world, and interviews some of the industry’s most talented chefs and winemakers. This inspired Emily to further pursue her passion for food, wine, events and hospitality...


Consistency is the New Organic with Anneliese Gartner

Launching your own marketing strategy to boost your business sales and bring visibility to your company is not an easy task. Thankfully, today’s guest, Anneliese Gartner is here to help you with that! Anneliese is the founder of Apto Media, a creative marketing agency that offers Brand Design & Strategy, Marketing Solution Packages, and Production Services to small businesses who are looking to adapt, grow, and scale. Having an extensive background in Advertising and Sales, Anneliese knows...


Figuring Out How To Live a Joyful Life with Daniele Gates

If you are lost in a chaotic routine, today’s guest, Daniele Gates, helps you find your inner balance. Her transformation with yoga helped her change bad habits and turn negative energies into positive experiences. Daniele started B-School in 2018 and now she’s Yinsa’s founder and creative director, selling Ayurvedic skin care products and teaching a yoga wellness lifestyle. Daniele shares her growing process: not only business related but also about her daily habits and emphasizes the...


Take the Anxiety Out of Your Love Life with Sober Dating Coach Katie Grimes

Did you know that “Love Addiction” exists and it’s rooted from lacking self-love? It may sound crazy, but it’s real! Today’s guest, Katie Grimes, opens up about this addiction that she had a while ago and how she managed to overcome it. Nowadays, Katie is a Sober Dating Coach who helps women increase their self-esteem to create healthier and happier love lives. If you’re desperate to find love, listen up and you’ll learn a big lesson! Highlights: To learn more about Katie Grimes, visit her...


The Visual Side of Being a Solo-entrepreneur with Diana Davis

When searching for what truly impassions us, we may feel at a loss… or, our true passion could be right in front of our own faces and we don't even notice! For today’s guest, Diana Davis, her true passion grew out of a hobby that she had as a young girl: taking pictures with her camera. Nowadays, Diana is a photographer, graphic designer, and business coach who works with brands and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. As an entrepreneur, Diana understands her clients’ unique...


A Conversation to Pivot your Career and Find the Confidence to Get your Dream Job with Serena Johnson

Have you finally built enough courage and left that job that did not make you happy but you don’t know what to do next? Today’s guest, Serena Johnson, can help with that! Serena is a career coach who has her own business called “Get me Out of This Job”. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Being the queen of the career pivot herself, and with her true passion for professional development, Serena’s goal is to help people who don’t know how to leave their jobs or help them what to do next once...


How to Successfully Build a Marriage Between a Brand and a Partner with Sally Rogers

Can partnerships build the foundations of your business? Sally Rogers, Founder & CEO of Parsnip, tells us everything about her path as an entrepreneur before and after incorporating an associate to her project. With a strong and diverse background, she was able to learn from every experience she had and used that knowledge to define the type of company she wanted to build. Sally explains how after testing her potential market, she was able to find a need that would give value to the...


The Truth About Launching your Business and Living your Passion with Monica Monfre

We can all agree that launching your business on social media can be quite a challenge. Whether you’re going live or creating IG stories, it’s tough to identify the key ingredients for engaging and creating a solid social community. Today’s guest, Monica Monfre, a multi-passionate side hustler, is here to clarify our minds by sharing the secrets on how social media can be an easy-peasy working ally to reflect your authenticity and keeping your audience at the edge of their cellphones. As if...


Confessions of a Six Figure Earner with Nikki Nash

Have you ever dreamt about being a six figure earner? Nikki Nash, today’s guest, knows how to turn that into reality! Nikki is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Market Your Genius, a company which helps women build profitable and successful businesses by taking advantage of their own experiences and expertise. Reaching that six figure goal requires a lot of steps and tips which Nikki advises on this episode...hear it out! Highlights: To learn more about Nikki, you can follow her on Instagram...


Life Changing Coverage with Chris Lotz

Thinking about getting insurance of any kind mostly feels overwhelming and intimidating: there are loads of options in the market and it’s hard to choose. Today’s guest, Chris Lotz, shines a light into the insurance world and how necessary this service is. Chris is the CEO of Goodcover, an insurance company which is different from the rest because it offers a digital experience and offers a renters policy that is 50% less expensive than what others charge. Highlights: To learn more about...


Unlocking your Subconsciousness with Traveling Hypnotist with Nicole Hernandez

Have you ever thought about doing a hypnotherapy session in order to heal your anxiety or stress? If not, today’s guest, Nicole Hernandez, is here to tell you all about this kind of healing! Nicole is a NYC-based double-certified hypnotist who uses a special kind of modality which aims to get you unstuck and simply de-hypnotize you from the heavy, unconscious burdens you've been carrying. Highlights: To learn more about Nicole, you can visit her webpage or follow her on Instagram Sign up...


Redefining the Magic of Motherhood and Alternative Education with Stephanie Trzaska

Entering motherhood and thinking about the education of your child can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Luckily, today’s guest, Stephanie Trzaska is passionate about helping children and their families find joy, peace, and connection. This is why she created her own company called Little Scraps of Magic, a nurturing digital community which provides a space for moms to chat, listen to experts, and seek answers to their questions without feeling judged. What’s more, Stephanie has an MA...