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Start your day with Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams and Diener from 5:30 am - 10:00 am




The South Florida Morning Show 3-30-23

Well now, the fight between DeSantis and Disney has taken a new turn just when you thought it was over. Did Disney just land the final blow? Then, we have some concerning news about the Pope as he was admitted to the hospital yesterday. We have the update on that situation. Also, it's opening day in MLB! Some fun things to go over with that great American tradition. And we give our final send off to the FAU men's basketball team as they arrive in Houston for the Final Four! What should we...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-29-23

Wheels up! We give our best to FAU and preview the Final Four this weekend as they make their way to Houston. Also, you'll never guess who one of their biggest fans is. We had no idea this guy graduated from there! Then, we have the latest on the fallout from the bodycam footage from the Nashville police officers who took down the school shooter. And we have a lot of fun updates for TV shows! Lots of good stuff out there now and coming out... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-28-23

We start off with plenty of reaction from all over when it comes to the Nashville school shooting yesterday. We'll tell you what we know right now. Then, there was a big development when it comes to school choice here in Florida. DeSantis made this big announcement. Also, this was nuts! A driver was sent flying through the air when a tire came loose. Everyone's okay. And we have the latest on the reports that Disney is laying off at least 7,000 people. All that and much more... Learn more...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-27-23

Final Four history! A major victory for the south Florida teams as both Miam and Florida Atlantic advanced to the NCAA semifinals for the first time ever. Then, we have the update of Trump vs DeSantis after Trump made some new attacks during his Waco, Texas rally. Also, we have the updates on all the tornadoes and explosions from over the weekend. Not good. And why are there now protests in Israel? There might be a major change taking place there... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-24-23

The Piers Morgan sit down interview with DeSantis finally aired last night and we have some of the highlights, including his answer regarding 2024. Then, what happened in Syria last night that led to us sending airstrikes over there? Crazy story. Also, how did that TikTok hearing go yesterday? Not too good for that company. And the madness continues as the Sweet 16 got underway last night. How about those FAU Owls?! Fun stuff there. All that and much as we head into the weekend. Learn more...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-23-23

It's Trump watch day 4 as it seems the tide may have turned. We'll tell you why the case may be falling apart for the Manhattan DA. Then, will TikTok end up getting banned in the US? The CEO is in front of Congress this morning, we have the update on that. Also, the Sweet 16 starts tonight and we're all in for our local team! FAU is now becoming a national Cinderella story. And there was a tornado in LA?! We have the details on the rare occurrence yesterday... Learn more about your ad...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-22-23

did DeSantis take some shots at Trump? And did he answer the question of whether or not he is running for president? We cover it all in the highlights from his interview with Piers Morgan. Then, we have the latest on the supposed Trump indictment. Will he be in court next week? Also, we have a real whale of a tale! These guys lost their sailboat to a whale encounter. And it was a true cinematic moment at the World Baseball Classic last night as Japan took down the US... Learn more about your...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-21-23

Is today the day that Trump haters have been waiting for? We'll tell you what to expect, or what not to expect with Trump's possible indictment. Then, DeSantis was asked about Trump's possible arrest and he gave an answer that has some Trump supporters angry. Also, we have some exciting sports news! Another Miami team advances and the USA is going for the world championship tonight. And why would you hire someone and then fire them for being blind? This Papa Johns store is not smart... All...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-20-23

Wait, so is Trump going to get arrested? This story is blowing up and we have all the details and what may happen because of it. Then, what should we expect from this 3 day summit between Xi and Putin? It's just getting underway now. Also, should we take these warnings from North Korea seriously? We'll update you on what Kim Jung Un is saying there. And we have some great sports news! USA in the baseball final and two south Florida teams in the sweet 16! Learn more about your ad choices....


The South Florida Morning Show 3-17-23

Well, do we have the proof we need to finally show how dirty Biden and his family are? We'll tell you about the money trail that was released yesterday. Then, Bracket Busters galore! March Madness is fully underway after some major upsets yesterday in the NCAA tournament. Also, why did someone attack the drummer from Def Leopard? It happened right here in South Florida too. And of course the biggest news of the day, it's St. Patrick's Day! We have some great little factoids and all the fun....


The South Florida Morning Show 3-16-23

Well, this video is interesting. We have the details on the new video that has surfaced showing the Russian jet taking down the US drone. What now? Then, is San Francisco really going to give 5 million dollars to every black person in the city?! Wait until you hear this reparations proposal. Also, why is Trump now suing DeSantis? Things are getting nastier there everyday. And get those brackets ready! It's time for some madness as the NCAA tournament begins this afternoon... Learn more about...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-15-23

Well here's the news we didn't want to hear, tensions between the US and Russia are rising? We have the update after a Russian jet shot down an American drone. Then, DeSantis fired back at Biden in a big way after he called him "sinful" during his "Daily Show" interview. Also, what would cause someone to throw an avocado at their boyfriend?! Our Floridope right there. And could the "Tiger King" Joe Exotic end up on the debate stage? Well, he's running for president. All that and much more......


The South Florida Morning Show 3-14-23

The political season continues to heat up as Trump came out with some new attacks against DeSantis. What's he saying this time? Then, what are consumers saying about the banks that have collapsed? Confidence is definitely low as this mess continues to grow. Also, are you ready to fill out your brackets?! The amount of money involved with this is insane! And why is this guy suing Buffalo Wild Wings? He might be right, but this seems kind of frivolous. All that and much more! Learn more about...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-13-23

Were the Oscars actually...good last night?! Yeah, we have some feel good moments and highlights to talk about. Then, what are we to make of these bank collapses? Are the bailouts coming? We have the latest there. Also, here's a story you probably haven't heard much about, there was a migrant rush at the El Paso border and it wasn't pretty. And we bet you haven't heard of the January 6th choir...They now have the top spot on the iTunes chart along with Trump! Learn more about your ad...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-10-23

What was happening with these people in Congress during the Twitter files hearing yesterday? These representatives had no idea what they were talking about. Then, is Fauci on his way down? The seat is getting hotter for him as questions continue to arise about his tactics. Also, we have our very own unique Oscar's preview for the show on Sunday. This should be interesting. And talk about a deal! Rush Limbaugh's estate just sold for $155 million, but wait until you hear how much he paid for...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-9-23

DeSantis came out strong yesterday to show people why he was "banning" books from schools and tackled the hoax of it all. These books were porn in school libraries. Then, what happened to Mitch McConnel? Apparently he fell and is now in the hospital. We have an update on that. Also, would you be interested in this Oscar's gift basket? And will they joke about the slap? Yes, we have an Oscar's preview. And get ready for the Valentines Day asteroid! In 23 years... All that and much more. Learn...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-8-23

Ah yes, the reaction to the "Tucker Tapes" came in hot n' heavy yesterday from all the usual suspects. We'll let you know what nonsense they had to say. Then, we have new details on the 4 American's who were kidnapped in Mexico. Unfortunately, it's mostly bad news. Also, will Novak Djokovic be able to play in the Miami Open this month? DeSantis is trying to make it happen. And we have a new alcoholic drink on the market! Get ready for Sunny Delight vodka... Learn more about your ad choices....


The South Florida Morning Show 3-7-23

Well now, were all the narratives from January 6th a lie? This footage released by Tucker Carlson last night certainly shines a new light on the situation. Then, what is happening in Mexico? We have the update on those 4 American's who were kidnapped by the cartel. Any chance we can get them back? Also, is time running out for TikTok? Maybe this thing could get banned after all. And a scary scene out of a United flight to Boston. Why was this guy threatening to kill everyone?! All that and...


The South Florida Morning Show 3-6-23

Trump vs DeSantis is heating up as they had dueling speaking events over the weekend. We have highlights from Trump at CPAC and DeSantis in California! Then, Chris Rock has broken his silence. We have the highlights from his scathing stand up special from over the weekend. Also, how did this guy get bitten by an alligator on his own porch?! And we have an official Girl Scout cookie controversy! All that and much more... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The South Florida Morning Show 3-3-23

He's guilty. We react to the lightning speed in which it took the jury to reach their verdict in the Murdaugh trial. And you won't believe who had his own analysis about it. Then, DeSantis continues his country wide tour, we think it's pretty telling where he's going next. Also, first we had cocaine bear, now there's cocaine hippos?! And, how bad do you want to get away from the police that you willingly run into a burning building?! Our Floridope... All that and much more... Learn more...