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Gather around your electronic audio-enabled device and become a part of the conversation. Join a new group of friends as they break down gaming, movies, comics and the larger geek culture into everyday speak.

Gather around your electronic audio-enabled device and become a part of the conversation. Join a new group of friends as they break down gaming, movies, comics and the larger geek culture into everyday speak.
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Gather around your electronic audio-enabled device and become a part of the conversation. Join a new group of friends as they break down gaming, movies, comics and the larger geek culture into everyday speak.






Episode 70: Special of a Special GOTY

This episode is soo frickin' late On this episode: We talk epicly talk about games that earn our respect of Game of the Year.


Episode 69: Talking About Some Good Deals

If you can't seem to use the Internet to find the best deals, you can at least use the Internet to listen to us not give you what you want at all and just the deals we personally find interesting... Cool, right? In today's episode: We name a few intriguing deals out of the bunches. Have a safe and humble Thanksgiving, everybody!


Episode 68: These New Nerds Didn't Wait with Me

I'm not even going to explain myself this time. In This Episode: We talk about the negative connotations of nerd culture vs the multi-billion dollar mainstream integration of video games and pop culture. We're deep.


Episode 67: Single Player Games That Are Right in Front of Me

Look, We're officially back so don't look at me that way. We like to take our time and really absorb all the new single-player focused games. And if we didn't do that then we'd have nothing to talk about and is that what you want, for us to not know what we're talking about? you're a sick bastard and I'll see you at church next week, Jonathan. In the episode: Single player games are making a bit of a comeback and are getting increasingly popular so the Geeks explore the importance it has on...


Episode 66: Talking Definitively About the Joker

We have a very special pre-hiatus episode for you guys this morning. We have a full cast today plus this is one of the most exciting times in comic book movies. What’s a better way to celebrate this occasion but with a hour long talk with funny dumb nerds. Also, first time 50-50 male/female ratio?


Episode 65: Warped Perception of Movies

With MoviePass on the decline, will people still go to the movies? The answer is yes. Movies are very huge events and movie theaters and studio are very smart about getting butts in seats. There, go home... In this episode, Victor quit MoviePass, Aaron stopped long ago, Craig hates movies and Nicole misses her warped childhood.


Episode 64: Pirates Keep Dying All the Time

WARNING: Language is extra explicit in this episode. People sensitive to offensive jokes should listen with caution. So do Pirates know how to use a map? I know that's a dumb question but really, where are they going? What's their plan? I just assume once half your crew dies from lack of food and water you just call it and go home. In today's episode: Victor has strong opinions about pirates and everyone else screams at him.


Episode 63: Surrounded By Indie Games

Can I just say that there are a lot of indies right now, like waaay more than AAA or even AA titles. Like, who's making all of these games? And why do they think a lot of people will play their games if everyone else is making a bunch of games too? ...I guess you can ask me the same about podcasts. In today's episode, the gang over at SpeakGeeky dissect the idea of indies games flooding the market.


Episode 62: Corporations Coming In

Down with corporations, man! They're trying to ruin our pop culture. All of our favorite shows, movies and games! We have to sto... Oh nevermind, AT&T just bought us. Everything's fine. In today's show, Nicole is worried large companies are buying and milking our favorite things for just money.


Episode 61: What Is a Phone Even!?

When's the last time you called your mother and told her you love her? Well make Google call her because she's pretty insufferable! In today's episode, Google Duplex was a hot topic in the last few months. What is it and is it really a big deal?


Episode 60: TMNT Vs Spider-Man Ice Cream

Hey, everyone, let's sit down real quick. I think Aaron has a problem with his video game addiction. Look, he'll be here to podcast soon and I really think we need to talk to him about it. Plus he has a problem with his backlog too and that's not healthy. If we can just.. oh wait, here he comes.


Episode 59: If You Have the Same Video Games

I come from a very privilege background. so when I heard that Sony started blocking CrossPlay, I scoffed! If you want to play Minecraft with your Xbox One friends, just turn on your Xbox One! Then proceed to unfriend them because you all play Minecraft! Ah-ha! - signed, Aaron. In today's episode, the SG kids discuss the situation around CrossPlay titles. Is it important? Is it no big deal? Can Nicole get over Xboxers crowding her e-sports?


Episode 58: Anime Helps You Rest Your Kidneys

My kidneys hurt. Someone put on Trigun. Now that I feel better, the Geeks that Speak start brain hemorrhaging all the shows that they can muster to remember.


Episode 57: E3 2018 Recap

Sorry for the quick vaca but it's okay because we're all back and ready to talk about video games! This is the mega ultra hour long E3 super show. strap in, strap out and strap on for SpeakGeeky's E3 2018 recap episode!


Episode 56: Video Games That We Don't Know About

It's E3 2018 and the SG kids need to tell you all about that games that are happening. And by tell I mean guess. and by guess I mean wish that all our nerd dreams coming true. Welcome to The Wishingcast Spectacular! Starring Aaron, Nicole Craig and Victor.


Episode 55: Do Games Create Toxic Behavior?

Let's see how many first letter of bad words we know; F-word, B-word, C-word, A-word, Q-word.. Look you get the point, but the connection is bad gamers being bad.


Episode 54: PUBG is Delicious

We all like play games about shooting a bunch of people to be the last one standing but why does it have to be brodudes with guns, let's play a Rocket League Battle Royale mode! Also we somehow talk about Gaming on Macs and Marvel.. huh?


Episode 53: Dogs That Rap About Nothing

If a dog raps about nothing, is it even a rap? That's what the SpeakGeeky crew get to the bottom of.. That's a lie, that's not even close to true. I'd say I'm sorry but if I was sorry, I wouldn't even bother to type it out. So yeah.. But um.. Music games.


Episode 52: Avengers Infinity War Spoilercast!

Hey everyone! We talk about The Avengers: Infinity War. Which means spoilers! We do have a good discussion as it stands as a movie but just know that we REALLY GET INTO IT!


Episode 51: Wait, This is a Dating Episode!?

It's probably best not to listen to or take advice about dating from these guys. Especially if Aaron can't even get a date with Victor on air.