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Zuzanna Szadowski

Romeo and Juliet Act 3, Scene 2 Juliet October 19, 2018 Zuzanna Szadowski is playing Juliet and Yelena in Uncle Romeo Vanya Juliet. What is in store when Chekhov characters have the Shakespeare play as their subtext? A world of possibilities is realized in this thrilling production from the minds of Bedlam! Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of the text.


Jackson Dean

Titus Andronicus Act 5, Scene 1 Aaron September 28, 2018 Jackson Dean sees the English Speaking Union's Shakespeare competition as more of a celebration of Shakespeare. Having won this past years competition, he has lots to celebrate. With an affinity for villains and a keen sense of text, Jackson's future looks bright. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of the text. See the video of his performance:...


A New Approach to Actor Training

John Patrick lays out a bold new vision for the future of training actors. Could we all be Acting Teachers? Listen to his full interview here.


John Patrick

August 30, 2018 Voice Coach Acting Teacher Welcome to the Revolution! John Patrick is calling for a radical change to the way we approach voice work and actor training. Click here to listen to John Patrick's thoughts on Actor Training. Sam Shepard Quote: “I feel there are territories within that are totally unknown.Huge, mysterious and dangerous territories. We think we know ourselves, when we really know only this little bitty part. We have this social person that we present to each other....


Liz Wisan: Clown

Liz Wisan is a member of the New Neighborhood, a theater company in NYC. She also works seriously as a clown. Although she admits that sometimes it feels like she is in a cult, she finds the clown work extremely rewarding as an actor. Check this short interview out! And here is her full interview about working on Kate in Taming of the Shrew!


Liz Wisan

The Taming of the Shrew, Act 5, Scene 2 Kate July 31, 2018 Liz Wisan is performing Kate in her first season at Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. What surprises does she have for the role and does Hudson Valley have for her? A rousing interview about love and relationships ensues. Click here to follow along with the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Fest text. Click here to follow along with the text Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of the text....


Julia Coffey

Richard II; Act 3, Scene 2 Richard July 1, 2018 In her second season at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Julia Coffey takes on the role of Richard II, Shakespeare's most famous deposed king. It's a play which bridges the gap between the medieval and the modern world, and with a woman in the title role, this production opens some intriguing questions about the times we're living in today. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click...


David Hammond

Henry V; Prologue Chorus May 31, 2018 Like a great Jazz Musician, Shakespeare uses Iambic pentameter as the underlying time signature to his rhetorical flourishes. David Hammond explores this and many other ways of approaching the first playwright to give his characters language that pursues objective actions. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of the text.


Terry Tamminen

The Lost Letters of William Shakespeare April 24, 2018 Years ago, Terry Tamminen was given a treasure trove of letters, reported as written by Shakespeare. Are they real? If so, they give a never before seen insight into the life of the playwright we know as William Shakespeare.


Lee Nishri-Howitt

Othello; Act 2, Scene 3 Iago March 28, 2018 “What’s he then that says I play the villain?” Iago may be the baddest of Shakespeare’s bad guys, so what’s the trick to keeping the audience on your side when you’re clearly up to no good? According to our guest Lee Nishri-Howitt, the answer lies in the structure. Join us for a conversation with Lee about his journey from a non-native speaker of English, to becoming a professional vocal and dialect coach. Click here to follow along with the text....


Michael Urie: Origin Story

Alone on stage and getting laughs, Michael Urie had a question. The answer is not what he expected. Click here to listen to his interview on Hamlet.


Michael Urie

Hamlet; Act 2, Scene 2 Hamlet February 27, 2018 Is Hamlet the Paragon of animals or a Quintessence of dust? For Michael Urie, appearing at the Shakespeare Theater of DC, Hamlet is mentally and emotionally ambidextrous and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Mr. Urie, who is directed by Michael Kahn, brings clarity to Hamlet's journey by trusting the text and using himself to the fullest. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text.


Benjamin Curns

Macbeth; Act 3, Scene 1 Macbeth January 25, 2018 Benjamin Curns has been with the American Shakespeare Center for 16 years. In this interview with a recent black belt, Ben describes the magic of ASC, the perspective he has gained over the years and dives deep into an oft overlooked speech from Macbeth. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of the text.


Patrena Murray

The Winter's Tale Act 3, Scene 2 Paulina December 15, 2017 Have Bard, Will Travel! The Public Theater's Mobil Unit brings Shakespeare all over the 5 boroughs of NYC. Patrena Murray, playing Paulina in the Mobile Unit's production of The Winter's Tale, talks the audiences, the impact and of course what is going on in one of Shakespeare's most beloved "problem" plays. Click here to follow along with the text. Click here for a First Folio version of the text. Click here for a scanned version of...


Blaine Swen

Improvised Shakespeare Company November 15, 2017 Shakespeare as Socrates? … The founder and AD of the Improvised Shakespeare Company, Blaine Swen cozies up to the mic to drop some knowledge. It's anything but Greek philosophy as Blaine shares some tricks of the trade and recites a never before heard Shakespeare Prologue.


Aditi Kapil and Liz Engelman

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Play On! Project Measure for Measure October 6, 2017 Just in time for Halloween… How do you make a 400-year-old laugh? (Tickle his funny bone.) Aditi Kapil and Liz Engelman are digging up ways to breathe life into some of Shakespeare’s (ahem) “mustier” laugh lines for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s “Play On! 36 playwrights translate Shakespeare” project. Aditi and Liz talk about teaming up on Measure for Measure, and the problem with Pompey's posthumous...


Elise Thoron & Julie Felise Dubiner

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Play On! Project The Merchant of Venice August 28, 2017 Play On! Playwright Elise Thoron and Dramaturg Julie Dubiner have teamed up to take on the tricky business of "translating" The Merchant of Venice for The Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Play On Project. Find out how Thoron and Dubiner are tackling one of the most ambitious, talked-about, and controversial projects in the world of contemporary Shakespeare performance - and get a taste of what a modern...


Brian Vaughn

Utah Shakespeare Festival July 26, 2017 What is the future of Shakespeare? Brian Vaughn, the Artistic Director of the Utah Shakespeare Festival talks to us about the new developments at the USF, how current events might affect Shakespeare Festivals and what he looks for in an actor. With Mr. Vaughn at the helm, the future looks bright.


Kevin Rich

Illinois Shakespeare Festival I Heart Juliet June 20, 2017 Kevin Rich is on the move. As the Artistic Director of The Illinois Shakespeare Festival, Kevin's commitment to Applied Shakespeare has inspired him to seek out new and bold voices, including the Q Brothers Collective. The Q's will be premiering I Heart Juliet at the ISF this summer. What surprises are in store? Kevin has the answers.


Curt L. Tofteland

Richard II; Act 5, Scene 5 Richard II May 24, 2017 Is there a message of hope in the words that King Richard II speaks to us from his prison cell in the Tower of London? Our guest, Curt Tofteland, is the Founder of the internationally acclaimed Shakespeare Behind Bars program. In 22 years at the helm of SBB, Curt has discovered three noble truths: Humans need a Tribe, Humans need a Story and Humans need to Reflect. Using Shakespeare, Curt teaches the prisoners these truths and the question...