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Forgiveness: What it is, and what it isn’t

The concept of Forgiveness has been around since the beginning of time. Whether you’re religious, spiritual, atheist, etc., the reality is that we live in a broken world with broken people, myself included. Where there is brokenness, there is pain. And where there is pain, there is expression of that pain. Sometimes we express that pain in healthy ways, but often we don’t. Often when we’re in pain, we inflict pain on others. My dad put it well as I was growing up: “Hurt people hurt people”....


Called to Love: Interview with Jina and Jerry Ezell

It's National Adoption Day! This is a special day for so many people. It raises awareness to the need for adoption in America. According to the official National Adoption Day website, there are 113,000 children awaiting adoption from foster homes in the United States. So naturally, I had to interview Jina and Jerry Ezell. If anyone understands the experience of the foster system, and adoption, it's these two. Be inspired by their real, raw, honest story. Hear their perspective about love,...


Birth, Babies and Beyond: Interview with a Midwife

Recently, I got to interview an AMAZING midwife in Oregon: Desiree LeFave. Anyone who knows her, loves her. So naturally, I needed to talk with her for my show. Desiree shared her story about how and why she became a midwife, explains the importance of midwifery, and talks about the birth center she owns - Bella Vie Birth Center.Birth Centers provide an important alternative for women who don't want to give birth in a hospital and desire to have a more natural experience. I myself gave birth...


I left the church but not God: Interview with ex-pastor Ryan Murphy

“I left the church but not God” That phrase alone says it all. This is the story of a man named Ryan Murphy. He served in his church faithfully for 15 years as a pastor, so leaving it certainly wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, there are far too many stories like his, myself included. So when I saw his saga unfold, I had to reach out to him. Ryan understands multiple things that I believe are noteworthy: * Loss. Leaving a church, whether you’ve been shunned, let go peacefully, or just chosen to...


How to Succeed: Interview with Heather Kirksey

Continuing my series of interviews in Porto, Portugal, I interviewed Heather Kirksey, Vice President of Community & Ecosystem Development at the Linux Foundation.Before asking her to interview, I spent a few days listening to her speak on stage and talked with her one on one. Several things impressed me about Heather. First of all, she's highly intelligent. Listening to her was a true delight. Secondly, she understands the value of hard work and perseverance under trial- something many of us...


How to Treat Your Employees: Interview with Restaurant Owner in Portugal

While I was in Porto, Portugal, my husband and I found this amazing, charming little restaurant called Goela. Let's just put it this way, we ate there 3 days in a row while we were attending a developer conference. The slogan for Goela is "Random Comfort Food". And let me tell you, it lives up to its name in the best of ways. The recipes are so creative and diverse. Every single "random" ingredient intertwines together in the perfect melody of flavors. And not only that, but everyone who...


Finding Strength Through Grief: Interview with Casey Cain

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege of attending a developer networking conference with my husband in Porto, Portugal. I met some of the most amazing, inspiring people while I was there. One of them, senior technical community architect for the Linux Foundation, Casey Cain, has been through it all. After he shared his story with me, I insisted on an interview. If anyone understands loss, it’s this guy. The wisdom he’s gleaned from the grief he’s experienced is worth the...


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