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Bob and Elliot love to travel which is equally matched by our passion to share and listen to other travelers' journeys.

Bob and Elliot love to travel which is equally matched by our passion to share and listen to other travelers' journeys.
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Bob and Elliot love to travel which is equally matched by our passion to share and listen to other travelers' journeys.






TTB 040: The Peace Corps in Africa

Rick Hammond discusses his experiences as a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Zambia, and what two years living in Zambia was like as an American.


TTB 039: Skydiving, Mountain Biking, And More

Peter Hayes has spent his life chasing adventures throughout the world. From skydiving around the world through the 1980’s and 90’s to skiing and scuba diving, Peter continued to keep his travel experiences active as he traveled. Now, coming off of a seven week campervan journey through the Swiss Alps for a mountain biking event, Peter sits down with us to share some of his favorite moments on the road.


TTB 038: Peru Part 4 - Planning Peru (2 Of 2)

This week’s episode is Part Two of a two part series of your favorite travel podcast hosts and their good friend Brian Driscoll breaking down the travel logistics and planning for Peru. We get into the details of our Airbnb accommodations, restaurant reviews, and budgeting. We also provide insightful information on how to get from Machu Picchu to Ollantaytambo and then Cusco to Lima. We break down where we chose to eat and what we saw in the towns within the Sacred Valley, and general...


TTB 037: Peru Part 4 - Planning Peru (1 of 2)

This week’s episode is Part One of a two part series of your favorite travel podcast hosts and their good friend Brian Driscoll breaking down the travel logistics and planning for Peru. We get into the details of our Airbnb accommodations, restaurant reviews, and budgeting. We also provide insightful information on how to get from Cusco to Machu Picchu, information on where to eat and what to see in the towns within the Sacred Valley, and general information on what you can expect to...


TTB 036: A Soldier's Journey Into War

Mike Maggio signed his initial enlistment contract on August 8, 2007 and was quickly shipped off to basic training. Enlisted as an Infantryman Military occupational specialty (MOS) 11B, Mike attended basic training at Fort Benning, GA and was later assigned to a stryker brigade combat team. He spent 30 days in Germany during Cooperative Spirit 2008, were he trained with German, Australian, British, New Zealand, and Canadian NATO allies. Mike was deployed to Iraq 2009 through 2010 and...


TTB 035: Game of Thrones Filming Locations

What a special episode we have here! With the aid of Marleah DiMenna (Bob's wife) we discuss the planning, preparation, and logistics for finding Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia. In September, 2018 TTB Co-Host Bob and Marleah rented a car while on their honeymoon in order to travel to “off the beaten path” GoT filming locations. Starting in the capital of Zagreb, they drove through the various cities and natural landscapes of this beautiful Adriatic country in order to retrace...


TTB 034: Travel and Finance

Grant Cross, who after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Finance and Investments, went on to be a Hedge Fund Credit Analyst and eventually a Equity Research Associate covering stocks in the Building Products and Materials Sector as well as Recreational Vehicles. After realizing how miserable he was doing the office grind, Grant decided to leave his job and travel around to every state in the United States, sharing his journey on Instagram. Since his departure from...


TTB 033: The Wonderful World of Disney

Brianna Driscoll is an experienced and avid Disney World trip planner who visits The Most Magical Place on Earth at least one time per year! When she visited Disney for the first time during her senior year of high school, she fell in love. Now with two kids, it’s an experience she craves to give them over and over again. With Disney not being an inexpensive trip, she has begun to gather tips and tricks to try and save as much money as possible. Through her own research and experiences, she...


TTB 032: Peru Part 3 - Psychoactive Flora

Scott Lite is an ethnobotanist, herbalist, adventurer, seed-saver, plant hunter, explorer and apprentice to the shaman of the world. He was trained as an herbalist at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism in September 2011. Scott is an associate of the Botanical Preservation Corps and was on the 2010 expedition to Peru collecting seeds and information on medicinal, edible, and sacred plants throughout the Andes. In 2010 Scott opened the Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization or...


TTB 031: The Triple Crown of Hiking

Jacob Gilliland recently completed The Triple Crown of hiking. This feat, which only about 450 people have ever done, consists of completing the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail totalling close to 8,000 miles. Jacob has also spent time in Alaska to pursuing a career in guiding in which he still does today.Jacob currently work as an Outdoor Adventure Specialist at Appalachian Ski and Outdoors Inc. and guide people fishing in Alaska during the summer...


TTB 030: Teaching Abroad in Asia

Ryan Kallio is a passionate traveler from Australia living in South Korea. Since first deciding to head overseas, Ryan loved the challenge of exploring new countries, cultures and languages all across the globe. Ryan has spent many months travelling through Europe and Asia before finally considering teaching abroad, and is now in his second year working as an English teacher in Seoul. Korea. Most of Ryan’s days are spent teaching kindergarten and elementary students!


TTB 029: Some People Take Photos, I Paint

Kevin Swanick studied landscape architecture at the Pennsylvania State University, and he has a unique, and often contemplative travel style. Instead of traveling with camera gear and snapping thousands of pictures per trip, he prefers to sit down in one location and paint the scenery. Painting allows Kevin to build an intimate relationship with that location, and it helps to solidify those moments in his memories. Our conversation with him was truly fascinating!


TTB 028: The Great Migration Honeymoon in Kenya

Michela Solinas and her husband spent their honeymoon somewhere rather unusual. Every year, the great migration occurs in Kenya, and Michela wanted to take advantage of the trip and explore the diverse wildlife of Kenya. In September 2018, Michela and her husband travelled witnessed a part of the Great Migration and then ended their journey at the islands of Seychelles.


TTB 027: Travelling with a DJ

Kevin Owens has had the opportunity to view different cultures of the world through a unique lens and from an unusual perspective. He makes his living traveling the world as a videographer for DJs and his job is to capture the heart pounding moments of party atmospheres around the globe.


TTB 026: Using Travel to Educate

Travis Tennessen has taught field courses and led numerous domestic and international excursions for university students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Penn State University. Travis founded and now co-facilitates Community Engagement Fellows which helps build community-based learning opportunities. Travis fully believes in the notion that travel is a powerful tool to help educate and broaden perspectives.


TTB 025: The Jetsetting Family

Rod and Jess decided to step away from their careers, sell their stuff, and embark on a full-time family adventure with their 6-year-old son Santi and 2-year-old daughter Nora. Since then, they have visited 9 countries and 32 cities in just 24 weeks! Working while traveling has allowed them to lower their travel expenses, and stretch their budget so they can sustain their adventures as The Jetsetting Family.


TTB 024: Bob and Elliot's Top National Parks

On this episode, two best friends sit down and swap some of our favorite US National Parks that we’ve had the privilege of visiting and some of the ones we plan on going to in the future. Fantasize over your love for nature with The Traveler's Blueprint duo and discover some of our own experiences in these amazing places, including Elliot’s awakening experience in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons as a kid and Bob’s time dog sledding in Rocky Mountain National Park! After reminiscing about...


TTB 023: Peru Part 2 - Trekhoppers

Matt Waugh, a Scottish Ex-Pat, who came to Peru in 2006 as a tour leader responsible for groups of tourists from all over the world leads treks between Lima and La Paz. He has also previously been travelling globally running trekking and other tours on the Great Wall China, Central America, Egypt and Eastern Europe. Back in Peru, he has also been involved with various NGO projects, including in the running of a children's Special needs school in the Sacred Valley. He has been running day...


TTB 022: Peru Part 1 - Lima Gourmet

Samantha Lewis is an American from Kansas City living in Peru for the last eight years. In 2011 she founded The Lima Gourmet Company together with her Peruvian husband, now the top food tour company in the country. Since very little, she had a passion for food and new cultures which propelled her to study in Europe and South America, and eventually take residence in Peru. Lima Gourmet Tours combine a behind-the-scenes city tour with Peru's star dishes and top-notch restaurants; so you can...


TTB 021: The Minivan of Memories

On this episode we talk to Adilson Randi. Born in Brazil and now living in Dublin, Ireland. Adilson has taken his passion for travel beyond the act itself. In attempt to learn more about the world and the people who occupy it, Adilson built an amazing blog platform known as the Minivan of Memories allowing travelers throughout the world to have a platform to share their personal experiences.