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Bob and Elliot love to travel which is equally matched by our passion to share and listen to other travelers' journeys.

Bob and Elliot love to travel which is equally matched by our passion to share and listen to other travelers' journeys.
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Bob and Elliot love to travel which is equally matched by our passion to share and listen to other travelers' journeys.






TTB 057: Visiting Cuba with Coast to Costa

While living in Spain for four years Andrew developed fluency for the language and fell in love with the culture. His time there has given him the ability to create a local’s experience, highlighting some of the best- kept secrets that cannot be found in a guidebook. After moving back to San Francisco, he worked in the Spanish food and wine industry. In this role he was able to build relationships with the best restaurants, wineries, and Mezcal producers in Northern Spain and Mexico. It was...


TTB 056: Hiking the Italian Dolomites

On this episode we talk with Christine, born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii currently works as an ER doctor. The shift work allows her to have a nice chunk of time in her schedule for extended vacations around the world. Today we talked with her about her hiking trips in the Italian Dolomites. We touched up on logistical tips on traveling to the Dolomites which included information on air travel, hiking, the food!


TTB 055: August Travel Bites w/ Bob and Elliot

On this episode we discuss some of the recent travel related news we found interesting or relevant over the month of August. We discuss the rise in the trending slow-tourism, the Amazonian wildfires, and the clashes in the street and airport of Hong Kong! Up This Month: Catherine, a Hawaiin ER Doctor who spends her vacation time scaling the Italian Dolomites Andrew of Coast to Costa talks to us on Cuban tourism Samuele and Daniela aka "Ordinary Jones" - an archaeological investigator in Italy


TTB 054: RV-ing w/ Destination Rejuvenation

Jennie and Lynn Owens have been foster and adoptive parents, worked in residential care, and started a clinic to help struggling children families. They found themselves in a state of compassion fatigue as a result of emotionally draining work and secondary trauma. They took radical measures to ensure their ability to continue the work they are passionate about. They sold almost everything, including their house, bought and RV and began traveling full time seeking adventure, margin, and...


TTB 053: Design Your Detour

On this episode we speak with Kelly Abanda who was spending her early adult life according to the structured template that society has laid out in corporate America. However, something was missing. Kelly’s soul longed for more meaning and adventure. At first, she was too afraid (of failure, of people’s judgement, of making the wrong choice, etc.) to make any changes. Then one day it hit her---if she wanted a different life, she had to make different choices and it was 100% up to her to...


TTB 052: Unleash Your Potential

On this episode we talk with Zurab of Unleash Your Potential on why you should consider your physical and mental health while travelling. Zurab was able to experience over 70 countries in only a few years while being a personal trainer on a commercial cruise ship. In that time he gained valuable experience on the importance of staying physically fit and mentally free while doing what he loves!


TTB 051: July Travel Bites w/ Bob and Elliot

On this episode we discuss some of the recent travel related news we found interesting or relevant over the month of July. From the electric car trail through the Alps with Switzerland's Grand Tour to wondering how often airplanes actually get a decent scrub down!


TTB 050: The Elephant Project

After seeing elephants being abused in Thailand, Kristina was given the motivation to start The Elephant Project in order to help raise funds for elephants and create awareness for the well being of the species. Kristina now donates 100% of the net profit from her sales of stuffed elephant toys to organizations globally that rescue and care for injured, abused and orphaned elephants.Some of the organizations that Kristina contributes to are; the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, Sheldrick...


TTB 049: Traveling to Iceland with GJ Travel

Gregory fell in love with Iceland as a teenager through its history and literature 13 years ago as a young student. The beauty of the country took over and drew him into the tourism industry when he realized that his teaching would impact the experience of tourists in the magnificent Icelandic landscape. Gregory now designs tours for the Sales Department for GJ Travel, coming up with exciting trips likely to attract guests from all over the world: themed tours, cultural and relaxing tours,...


TTB 048: Private Guide Worldwide

Garth Hovell is an international travel specialist and private guide who escorts high net worth individuals and their families on adventure holidays focusing on wildlife and ancient cultures ensuring a safe, inspirational journey of a lifetime.Garth Hovell was born in 1975 in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, and he was raised in Botswana where his passion for adventure, travel, wildlife, and ancient cultures flourished. Since beginning his guiding career, Garth has acquired many of...


TTB 047: Traveling with Pride

Chase Angle is an avid travel that works a steady job like many of us aspiring world nomads. This episode focuses on logistics (inter-national vs intra-national travelling, lodging, and safety), finances, and advice on travelling as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. At the end of our talk Chase tells us some fantastic personal stories from an award ceremony in England to a small island in Greece.


TTB 046: Couchsurfing Orange Acres

Jefferey James is the owner and founder of Orange Acres Commune in Missoula, Montana. In his words, “Orange Acres is about helping veterans, at risk and financially disadvantaged young adults, native american tribal members, artists, actors and actresses, musicians, foreigners, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, military, retired military, sea shepherds, builders, engineers, pioneers and explorers, travelers chasing their dreams on a tight budget. Some guests are broke and starting over in life, some...


TTB 045: Mindful Traveling and Voluntourism

This week we talk with Travis Zane. Travis is a multimedia creative focused on creating insightful photo editorials, videos, essays, and travel guides. His content pairs lifestyle and travel photography with thoughtful words, encouraging audiences to embody mindfulness, exhibit compassion, and discover the simple and profound beauty life has to offer.


TTB 044: Baby Can Travel

Prior to having kids, Celine took a year off work to travel the world. She and her husband knew that when they returned they would spend the rest of their lives trying to travel as much as they could. Having a passion and being just a little stubborn, Celine and her husband knew wouldn’t wouldn’t stop traveling into parenthood and made a promise to each other that they would find a way to keep seeing the world. After their kids were born, they quickly realized how different travelling with a...


TTB 043: Archaeological Exploration in Cambodia

Dr. Sarah Klassen is the co-director of the Cambodian Archaeological Lidar Initiative (CALI). In recent years, imagery from two lidar acquisitions were used to map seven previously concealed and undocumented dense urban landscapes surrounded by much lower density peripheries in medieval Cambodia (9th – 14th centuries CE). The revelation of these urban areas suggests that a complex web of agricultural and occupation spaces linking more densely inhabited urban nuclei may have been a...


TTB 042: Inked and Abroad

Alex got Leukemia a week before Christmas. As he explains on this episode, “getting told you have cancer is hard. Going through the treatment might be even harder. Getting back to life once it’s all said and done, that might be the hardest thing of all. But travel has always made me feel free. Made me feel alive. And the stories it gave to me, well they weren’t always the type of things I’d tell my Mum. Then again, every corner of the world offered chances for me to heal. With every journey...


TTB 041: No Barriers

In 2001 Erik Weihenmayer climbed Mount Everest. He has completed all of the Seven Summits-the tallest peak on each of the seven continents. His latest achievement was kayaking the length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. All of these achievements are impressive in their own right, but Erik went blind at 14. In this episode we discuss Everest and his latest book, No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon. Enjoy the episode!


TTB 040: The Peace Corps in Africa

Rick Hammond discusses his experiences as a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Zambia, and what two years living in Zambia was like as an American.


TTB 039: Skydiving, Mountain Biking, And More

Peter Hayes has spent his life chasing adventures throughout the world. From skydiving around the world through the 1980’s and 90’s to skiing and scuba diving, Peter continued to keep his travel experiences active as he traveled. Now, coming off of a seven week campervan journey through the Swiss Alps for a mountain biking event, Peter sits down with us to share some of his favorite moments on the road.


TTB 038: Peru Part 4 - Planning Peru (2 Of 2)

This week’s episode is Part Two of a two part series of your favorite travel podcast hosts and their good friend Brian Driscoll breaking down the travel logistics and planning for Peru. We get into the details of our Airbnb accommodations, restaurant reviews, and budgeting. We also provide insightful information on how to get from Machu Picchu to Ollantaytambo and then Cusco to Lima. We break down where we chose to eat and what we saw in the towns within the Sacred Valley, and general...