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We are the Valkyries, a squad dedicated to all things nerdy.

We are the Valkyries, a squad dedicated to all things nerdy.
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We are the Valkyries, a squad dedicated to all things nerdy.




The Valkyries Podcast Episode 6- Tom Woodman and Futures

Welcome back kittens! On this episode of the show, we chat with the frankly delightful Tom Woodman, the creator and author of Futures. We chat about the influences, the incredible art by Rupert Smissen, fears for the future and we learn that Tom really really loves Neil Gaiman. As always, this ep may contain some swear words so headphones are advised if listening around small children, at church or near any kittens/ puppies! As always we hope you enjoy, if you would like to support our...


The Valkyries podcast ep 5- Sara and the Royal Stars and Resonant

In a new series on the Valkyries Podcast, we try to talk about comics in no more than 20 minutes. On this episode of The Valkyries Podcast we are going to talk in 20 minutes about Sera and the Royal Stars and Resonant, two new releases from Vault Comics. Hope you enjoy, Love Heather and Georgie


The Valkyries Podcast Episode 4- Carlos Giffoni Strayed

On this episode of The Valkyries Podcast we chat with comic writer Carlos Giffoni, writer of the newly released Strayed. A tale about astral projecting cats in space. As always there may be some choice language, so headphones on in public friends! Enjoy, Love Heather


The Valkyries Podcast Episode 3: Creators of Metalshark Bro Kevin Cuffe and Bob Frantz

On this episode of the Valkyries podcast, we talk the absolutely darling masterminds behind Metalshark Bro, Kev Cuffe and Bob Frantz. We had an absolute riot talking with these too about all things shark, Morrissey and which of the British Royal Family are the biggest Metalshark bro fans! As always this is flagged as mature for some choice language so consider this your warning! Thanks again Bob and Kev for the wonderful interview and we look forward to talk with you again very soon! Be...


The Valkyries Podcast Episode 2: Interview With Emma Vieceli

We chat with the lovely Emma Vieceli about her latest comic Breaks Vol 2, her influences and we ask the all-important "who would you invite to the ultimate comics dinner party" question! As always there may be some choice language! Sit back and enjoy! Loads of love, Heather and Georgie


The Valkyries Podcast Episode 1: George A Romero

In our debut episode of The Valkyries podcast, myself and Georgie discuss the life, works and legacy of horror daddy George A Romero! As always, grab a brew, get comfy and I hope you enjoy! This podcast is rated explicit due to some choice language! Lots of Love Heather