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The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle

The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle
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The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle




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Episode 014 – Workampers Mike and Yvonne Hall

Mike and Yvonne Hall have been full-time RVing and workamping for 18 years. They lived in a fifth wheel for many years, and loved it. However, they just acquired a motorhome, and love it, too. They’ll explain the advantages of both and why they opted for a 40-foot motorhome at this point in their adventure. They have had plenty of experience working as campground hosts, which is a popular workamping job. Te also get into technical aspects of workamping, such as selecting a domicile state,...


Episode 013 – Opportunities at Prairie Berry Winery

Our guests today are Amanda Burleson and Ermin Husidic. Prairie Berry Winery has won more than 1,000 international awards. They not only offer traditional grape wines, but also wines produced from locally-grown fruits, or prairie berries, as they are called. Workampers lead customers through wine-tasting events to find the best wines to pair with a variety of foods. Prairie Berry also staffs a kitchen that creates a variety of handmade sandwiches, pizzas, salads, artisan plates, and desserts.


Episode 012 – Workamper Macgyver Hlad aids in storm cleanups

For the past nine years, Macgyver Hlad has found a workamping niche. He’s a storm chaser of sorts who travels around America to areas impacted by natural disasters and finds jobs helping to remove storm debris. It sounds like tough work, but Macgyver loves the freedom working outdoors offers – even when the circumstances are less than ideal. Like other millennials, he realizes that the scope of work has changed, and he’s embracing what’s called the gig economy where people work short-term...


Episode 011 – Opportunities with Alaska Excursions

Our guests today are Shauna Hansford and Erin Redington, with Alaska Excursions or Alaska X for short. Their company caters to guests who arrive via cruise ships. Alaska X offers several fun excursions for the cruise passengers, and the firm hires workampers to guide, drive and escort them as they have some fun. Based in Skagway, Alaska X offers a dog mushing experience as well as a zip line adventure, horseback riding and a wilderness adventure. The firm hires about 120 workampers for a...


Episode 010 – Workamper Mary Shinn describes her solo experience

Mary Shinn loves to camp. She and her husband bought their own RV in the 1980s and traveled all over America. She even drove an RV down to Honduras. It was one adventure after another. But, when her husband died five years ago, Mary didn’t want to sit at home all day. She went camping in Missouri where she encountered her first workamper. One thing led to another and she wound up working as a campground host out in Washington state. She has never looked back.


Episode 009 — Workamping opportunity with Adventureland Resort

Adventureland is a family-owned and operated theme park that features more than 100 rides, shows and attractions. It offers everything from roller coasters and kiddie rides to a full-size waterpark and live entertainment. It also has a campground and several retail stores as well as food service options. Bri Fors is the human resources coordinator who hires all the workampers. She is joined by two people who spent the summer working at Adventureland, Sherry Hicks and Lou Axt.


Episode 008 – Workamper Anthony DeAmaral

Anthony DeAmaral has been attending this year’s event with his wife, Angelina, and their 3-year-old son, Colton. After years of planning, the young family is weeks away from hitting the road to begin their RV dream. Angelina will be operating a children’s clothing business from their fifth wheel, and Anthony will be attending classes to learn how to repair RVs for other people or inspect them for new buyers.


Episode 007 – Small Business RVer Initiative

A major announcement was made this morning with the launch of the Small Business RVer initiative, which was developed in collaboration with Ziglar, Inc. It will help people start, grown and maintain an RV-based business anywhere that someone has electricity and an internet connection. CEO Tom Ziglar and Howard Partridge, who heads up the company’s business training, show that, yes, it is possible to run a business of your own from an RV. They also identified more than a dozen examples of...


Episode 006 – Valkyrie Musarra from Bowlin Travel Centers

Bowlin Travel Centers staffs 10 locations in the southwest part of America. Workampers staff the souvenir shops, gas station and even Dairy Queen restaurants at a few locations. This is a wonderful opportunity to get paid to explore the southwest, enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery in all of America while basking in warm temperatures pretty much all year.


Episode 005 — Dana Ticknor describes her RV-based business

Dana Ticknor and her husband, Vaughn, have been full-time RVing for 10 years. What makes their situation so unique is that they’ve been full-timing with 12 children – seven boys and five girls. In the past, they worked construction jobs to finance their travel adventures. In this episode, Dana Ticknor explains how the family makes money running a small business affiliated with Lilla Rose, a direct sales company providing hair accessories.


Episode 004 – Michael Moore from AGS Publications

Michael Moore is the general manager of AGS Publications. AGS hires teams of Workampers to travel the country to sell ads for the guest guides. They meet with business owners to show how the ads help draw people to the business, especially people who are new to the area or just passing through. The teams stay free at the campgrounds they are serving, and earn commissions based on the amount of advertising they book.


Episode 003 – Workamper Liz Cress

Liz Cress and her husband, Mike, have been full-time RVers for three years. Last summer, they were in Alaska. They’re about to leave Vermont and head to Tucson, Ariz., for the winter. This summer, they have been working at a camping resort in Vermont where Mike has been serving in the golf course pro shop while Liz worked in the campground store.


Podcast 002 – Interview with Workampers Mike and Betty Gill

Mike and Betty Gill are RVers from Louisiana, who have been on the road since 2010. They have worked a variety of workamping jobs over the years, but found a position they really like at the Dollywood amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.


Podcast 001 – Interview with Workamper President Steve Anderson

In our introductory episode, Steve Anderson, the president of Workamper, outlines what the podcast is about, what types of interviews people can expect, and how the podcast will help people embrace the RV lifestyle more quickly.