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The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle

The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle


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The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle




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Episode 040 features Kyley Moody with American Land & Leisure

Kyley Moody is with American Land and Leisure, a recreational property management company that serves as a concessionaire for the U.S. Forest Service. The firm also oversees campgrounds in California state parks as well as those owned by utility companies. Kyle explains the hiring process and what workampers need to do to apply and set up interviews. He also explains how workampers can better present themselves to ensure a good interview and increase their chances of being hired.


Episode 039 features Dennis & Tracie Utley plus Robert & Jessica Weyman

Today we are going to talk with two couples who are active dreamers in that they are gathering information and developing a plan to hit the road on adventure. Dennis and Tracie Utley have lived in Peoria, Ill., for most of their lives where they raised four children, who are all married and starting families of their own. The second couple, Robert and Jessica Weyman, is from Texas, and they are also planning to hit the road soon. Robert worked as a high school principle and Jessica worked as...


Episode 038 outlines the new Dreamer’s Journey by Workamper News

Rendezvous is like a bootcamp for workampers. It packs a ton of essential information into a week’s worth of training to prepare people to launch on their journey as full-time RVers and workampers. But, all that information can still be overwhelming for people who don’t have RVs, but are just thinking about embracing the lifestyle. Steve Anderson will outline the new Dreamer’s Journey, an online training program that takes place over a 12-week period. It features 24 coaching sessions with an...


Episode 037 features Bay Shore Camp & Family Ministries

Jeff Parsons is the executive director of Bayshore Camp and Family Ministries, which is located along the shores of Lake Huron, about two hours north of Detroit in the thumb of lower Michigan. Bayshore hires workampers to help serve meals, manage the camp store and oversee the mini-golf course as well as help with mowing and landscape work. Workampers even help check campers in and out every week.


Episode 036 – Bill Linsenmeyer from Your Best Address

Bill Linsenmeyer is the owner of Your Best Address, a company ideally suited to support RVers and workampers. The company helps RVers set up residency in South Dakota, get a driver’s license, register their cars, register to vote and even handles all their mail while traveling.


Episode 035 features workamping business owner Jill Sessa

Jill Sessa has certainly figured out how the system works and how to bypass years of banging her head against a wall trying to climb some corporate ladder only to retire when she’s too old to really enjoy the things she likes to do. Jill explains how she creates structure in her day in order to be able to see some amazing things and enjoy some incredible adventures, but also work the 15 to 20 hours a week necessary to maintain her business and lifestyle.


Episode 034 features James Jenkins with Guard 1 Services

Guard 1 Services provides security to the oil industry by staffing gates through which trucks and oil workers pass every day. The firm pays at least $150 per day, and includes a full-hookup RV site. The company prefers to hire couples because the gate must be staffed 24 hours a day.


Podcast 033 features Clay Adam plus Bill & Becky Brown

The first interview is with Clay Adams, a registered nurse/paramedic who is also a registered RV technician and Level 2 certified RV inspector. He describes his first assignment last year that turned out so well that he is headed back to Alaska again this summer. Bill and Becky Brown are dreamers who are counting the days until they are both retired. They talk about what attracts them to the workamping lifestyle and what they're doing to prepare for the adventure.


Episode 032 features Eric Reed with Southern Cross

Eric Reed is the vice president of human resources for Southern Cross, a firm that contracts with utility companies throughout America to help detect natural gas leaks in pipelines. The company can offer full-time work, benefits for workampers and the opportunity to long-term projects in different parts of the country.


Episode 031 features Colleen Iund and Sisters on the Fly

Colleen Iund has been camping for 62 years. Her family started an RV dealership selling towables back in 1959, but her family was camping in tents for several years before that. When she’s not traveling with her husband or family, Colleen likes to take part in activities organized by Sisters on the Fly, a group of women of all ages who like to get together for fly fishing, but also to do Dutch oven cooking, kayaking and just hanging out at the firepit.


Episode 030 features Basecamp Hospitality and SkyMed

Basecamp Hospitality is a National Forest Service contractor that manages 116 campgrounds within 2 million acres of forest land in Utah and 19 other states. SkyMed is a membership organization that promises to bring people home if they are sick or injured while traveling. Both firms offer opportunities to workampers.


Episode 029 features Marcia Mercer and Walter Meckley

Today’s show will feature interviews with two workampers. Marcia Mercer has been a solo RVer, and Walter Meckley is a life-long handyman who is preparing to embrace the workamping lifestyle with his wife, Charlotte.


Episode 028 – Jim & Chris Guld with Geeks on Tour

Chris and Jim Guld are the owners of Geeks on Tour, a company they started in 2003. They were full-time RVers for 14 years, and recently downgraded to a Class B motorhome. Their passion is to help people better understand how technology works in a basic sense, and how various apps can make their lives easier.


Episode 027 – Robbin Beach has two workamping jobs

Robbin Beach actually works two jobs from their RV. The money-maker involves doing medical coding from her computer wherever they may be. With the major bills covered, she can also volunteer at state and federal parks in exchange for a free RV site.


Episode 026 – Jobs with Whiterock Conservancy & Good Sam

Today’s episode will feature interviews with two companies that employ workampers. One is Whiterock Conservancy, an outdoor recreation area in Iowa, and the other is with Good Sam, a company that evaluates campgrounds and RV parks across the country.


Episode 025 – Roadschoolers Raylea Willey & Maddie Karnes

Today’s podcast features interviews with some pretty incredible youngsters who are growing up RVing with their families. One of them now lives in an RV park managed by her parents. Fifteen-year-old Raylea Willey has been homeschooled for several years, and 10-year-old Maddie Karnes is in her first year of being roadschooled. They talk about their experiences and adjustment to the RVing lifestyle.


Episode 024 features interview with Workamper Jerri Burrell

Jerri Burrell started RVing with her mother and stepfather in Myrtle Beach, Calif, in her late teens. She continued RVing when she moved to California 18 years ago. This summer, after her daughter graduated from high school, Jerri opted to give workamping a try. She is a trained emergency medical technician, but has been working for the Army Corps of Engineers as a volunteer campground host at a reservoir in the Sierra National Forest near Fresno, Calif.


Episode 023 features opportunities at Silver Dollar City and with Guest Services

Silver Dollar City is a theme park and water park in Branson, Mo. It offers 40 rides and attractions, 18 restaurants and 60 retail centers plus a campground, most of which are staffed with workampers. Guest Services is a contractor for several state and national parks, that is looking for workampers all over America. The firm manages the Everglades National Park in Florida as well as Lake Mead in Arizona, Big Sur in California, Mount Rainier in Washington, and several others.


Episode 022 – Barbara Alpher enjoys workamping in her 70s

Barbara Alpher has enjoyed camping much of her life, but always in tents. When her mother and son were both gone in 2013, she made a decision that changed her life. She bought a travel trailer and hit the road seeking adventure. The remarkable thing is that Barbara was 73 years old at the time.


Episode 021 – Opportunities at Wall Drug and Aramark

This episode features two shorter employer interviews for Wall Drug and Aramark. Wall Drug is looking for workampers next year to work in the retail store as well as the very large 530-seat café. Anne Spotted Bear describes jobs in retail and food service. Aramark is looking for people to work at the stadium in Surprise, Ariz., during spring training month. Barry Holtcamp is looking for general utility workers, cashiers, cooks, warehouse workers and supervisors. There are more than 100...