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The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle


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The Workamper Show helps people see opportunities to support a full-time RV travel lifestyle




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Podcast host Greg Gerber describes his own Workamping experiences from 2014 to 2017

After interviewing John and Kathy Huggins at the Quartzsite RV Show in January 2014, they asked me two questions. First, why didn’t I have a podcast of my own? Second, why wasn’t I living and working out of an RV? Two months later, I had both and became a Workamper.


In Episode 227, Phil Uecker describes how he supports a travel lifestyle by fixing and inspecting RVs

Phil figured if he was going to be spending a lot of his time fixing RVs, then he should be able to make a living doing that. At first, Phil took classes to be a certified RV inspector, then he returned to NRVTA to take advanced training to learn how to fix RVs, too.


In Episode 226, Tom Tucker describes Workamping at 78 years of age

Tom loves adventure and the RV lifestyle is just right for him. When he discovered Workamping a short time ago, it added an entirely different dimension to his life.


Briter Products CEO Avanti Lalwani talks about solar panels and lithium batteries in Episode 225

With tax incentives being offered by the federal and some state governments, this might be an ideal time for RVers to consider adding or upgrading a solar system on their rigs. Briter Products makes solar panels and energy-efficient batteries to extend off-grid living.


In Episode 224, Jennifer Schillaci describes a decade of RVing with seven kids, Workamping and running businesses

Today I am speaking with a woman who has been RVing with her husband and up to seven children for more than 10 years. They support their lifestyle through Workamping jobs, serving as a virtual assistant, and by operating a mobile RV roofing business.


Episode 223 features Crystal Barnett, with Express Employment Professionals, talking about the Michigan beet harvest

Crystal Barnett, a project manager for Express Employment Professionals, expects to hire 400 Workampers to help harvest sugar beets this fall in Michigan.


In Episode 222, Gary Kolenich describes RVing and designing apparel for GoRVLivin

Gary had seen RV-related shirts for sale at RV parks, stores and at other places, but he was not impressed with the designs. So he created his own for several years until he met another designer who was just as creative.


Beckie Martin talks about Workamping as a family in Episode 221

Beckie Martin is originally from Maryland. She and her husband, Randy, started talking about full-time RVing in 2018. Once they discovered the Fulltime Families organization, their discussion changed from “Can we do this?” to “How can we get started?”


In Episode 220, Ann Streber describes Workamping and hiring others for Trophy Gardens RV Resort

Ann Steber had been a Workamper herself since 2014. Today, she is responsible for recruiting Workampers for the 720-site Trophy Gardens RV Resort in Alamo, Texas.


In Episode 219, Meleah Hosea describes a Workamping job at a New Mexico ranch

The job is a great opportunity for someone who loves dogs and animals, likes to grow food and wants to learn about natural building and growing natural medicines.


In Episode 218, functional nutritionist Frankie Leigh helps Workampers to radiate wellness

As a functional nutritionist, Frankie examines a person’s, diet, habits, lifestyle and routines to help develop an individualized plan to address their symptoms.


In Episode 217, Michelle and Chris Small describe losing everything in a fast-moving RV fire

After an engine fire destroyed their RV and tow vehicle in 15 minutes, Chris and Michelle were stranded in the middle of nowhere without a car, extra clothes, food or any of their belongings. But, their nightmare would get even worse.


Ed Bridgman describes a Workamper position for high-tech Homestead RV Community in Episode 216

As RV communities become the wave of the future, this is a ground floor opportunity for someone to learn the intricacies of RV community management.


Episode 215 features Richard and Venita Peacock, who recruit Workampers for The Boulders at Lake Tyler

The Boulders at Lake Tyler, near Whitehouse, Texas, is a 239-acre RV park with 44 RV sites and a few cabins, glamping sites and text spaces. It caters to guests staying less than 14 days.


Episode 214 features part-time Workampers Craig and Sharon Butts

Originally from Denver and now living in Savannah, Ga., Craig and Sharon Butts are part-time Workampers committed to helping couples strengthen their relationships as well as encouraging more African Americans to experience the RV lifestyle.


In Episode 213, Jessica Heisler describes gate-guarding jobs with JG Security

Jessica said it is relatively easy work, but gate guards must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In return, they earn a base rate of $200 per day and receive a free full-hookup RV site.


Episode 212 highlights opportunities with and Tiger Creek Preserve

My first interview is with Laura Paul, the executive director of It is a long-term disaster-recovery site located in a low-income neighborhood in New Orleans that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and related flooding. My second interview is with Virginia Hamilton, an outreach and volunteer specialist, with The Nature Conservancy. She is looking for Workampers to serve as guest ambassadors, and someone with trade skills to help with a special project.


Episode 211 features opportunities with Blue Water Development Corporation

The company needs Workampers for a variety of jobs from housekeeping to camp hosts. They also help with landscaping and mowing, pool maintenance, taking reservations and serving guests in the camp stores. Some properties have food service operations that need Workampers as well.


Kyle Henson describes the Healthy Nomads healthcare plan in Episode 210

However, Healthy Nomads is not insurance. It is a membership-based healthcare program specifically created for RVers and other frequent travelers. It offers significant savings to traditional health insurance plans. There are three main components to Healthy Nomads.


In Episode 209, Lou Axt describes Workamping opportunities at Iowa’s Adventureland amusement park

There are no contracts to work at Adventureland. You can work just part of the season and move on or stay until the season ends in October. Workampers are needed to help with the rides, serve and prepare food, and to keep the park clean. All jobs are paid.