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S3, Ep 3: We are the Crystal Gems!

On today's episode, Charlie emerges from an internet-less void, Mikey sings (badly), and we take a spoiler-filled deep-dive into Steven Universe. Topics Discussed: Podcast Birthdays; Becoming a Under-40 Shatterstar Luminary; Aqua, the Verve, and More 90s One-Hit-Wonders; Lestat the Vampire Prince vs Weird Twitter; The World of Steven Universe; A Silly Shatterstar Reference; Who Are the Crystal Gems?; Why Lars is the Best; The Visual Theming of Rose Quartz; What Happens When Space Rocks...


S3, Ep 2: Two Mutants, Deadpool and a Pizza Place

Have a minisode! Where we talk about Deapool 2 kind of. And some other things. The real episode 21 will come to you two weeks from now!


S3, Ep 1: To Batman... And Beyond!

On today's episode: Mikey talks late 1990s cereal prizes, Charlie thinks there's too many Spider-Men, and we reminisce about Batman Beyond. Topics Discussed: Someone Take Lewis Tan's Phone Away, Still Alive, A Brief Discussion of Late 90s Pop Culture, Batman (Don't) Get Your Gun, The Gotham Aesthetic, Tracer from Overwatch, A Batman with a Life, The Return of HitClips, A Case of Mistaken Jokerz Identity, A Future Slang Primer, Cop vs. Punk, "Right in the Bruce Wayne feels," Mr. Fixx the...


S2, Ep 9: Weirder and Worse

Weirder and Worse On today's episode: Mikey gets pulled back from the brink of an internet rabbit hole, Charlie has an X-Corps epiphany, and our good friend Casey (@caseycrook) joins us to talk about the end of Runaways Volume 1. Topics Discussed: Slime & Slime Accessories, We're Not Starting a Stephen King Podcast, A Chili's at the End of Reality, Street Fighter Vs X-Force, Runaways Vol 1 #17-18, Nico Minoru's Spell Spreadsheet, Alex's Ill-Conceived Morrowind LARP, A Typical Villain...


The Monster at the End of the Book

On today's episode: Mikey tests a new cold intro idea, Charlie helps us remember the themesong to Pyramid, and we're talking spoilers for New Mutants: Dead Souls #1-2 & Cable #155. Topics Discussed: Predictably Left Hanging on a Cliff, Sportsball, Podcasting Is Just Weird Radio, New Mutants: Dead Souls #1-2, Comics ASMR, What the New Mutants are Made Of, Millenials: Just Older Teenagers?, Supernatural-Style Cold Opens, Freeing Yourself From Continuity and Making it Work, Casual Gay vs...


S2, Ep 8: Bogies, Breakfasts, and Betrayals

On today's episode: Charlie gives us a rundown on PGA feuds, Mikey talks about brunch struggles, and we finally discover the identity of the mole in Runaways #15-16. Topics Discussed: Wrestlemania vs The PGA Tour, A Cursed Breakfast Adventure, Runaways Vol 1 #15-16, A Grossly-Colored Sewer, Remaining Positive While Goth, Space BDSM, A Ghost Trap with a Face, Hit Clips, The Merits of Waiting For Murder, 2000s Mecha, Everyone's Least Favorite Game Level: The Water Temple, The Bends,...


S2, Ep 7: Live Up To My Family Name

On today's episode: Mikey brings up an old meme, Charlie talks childhood TV shows, and we take a look back into the past in Runaways #13-14. Topics Discussed: Avengers vs X-Men: Consequences, Ghost Branding™, Romance Movies in Science Class, An In-Depth Discussion of Street Sharks Animation Budgets, Xenomorph Pizza Marketing, Even More Shatterstar News, The Fandom Paradox aka Schrodinger's Shatterstar, Runaways Vol 1 #13-14, Storytime: Runaways Style, Quentin Quire is a Nazi & Daken's...


S2, Ep 6: Spider Demons and Street Sharks

On today's episode: Mikey issues a challenge, Charlie has some questions about the Darkforce Dimension, and we meet Cloak & Dagger in Runaways #11-12. Topics Discussed: Mikey Goes to the Movies, Singing the Praises of New Mutants: Dead Souls, A Sad Alien Crisis, A Modest Podcast Proposal, Runaways Vol 1 #11-12, Heroes Who've Been Hired, A Brief Return of Mutant Drugs, B-List Heroes and Why You Should Love Them, Service Revolvers, Yet Another Slight Genre Shift, Banter as a Display of...


S2, Ep 5: Oops! All Drama

On today's episode: Mikey lives his best life via theatrics, Charlie has their suspicions about Topher come to pass in unexpected ways, and it's only Teenage Wasteland in Runaways Vol. 1 issues 9-10. Topics Discussed: A Highly Likely Cereal Debacle, Legacy Numbering: All Ups No Downs, Runaways Vol 1 #9-10, A Slight Genre Pivot, How To Be A Bad Friend Ft. Alex Wilder, Acquiring Coffee When You're A Runaway, Coming To Terms with Being a Mu--An Alien, Fans Who Only Watch the Movies, The...


S2, Ep 4: A Lovingly-Rendered Soda Fountain

On today's episode: Mikey spreads the gospel of Todd Howard, Charlie gives a brief tutorial on crime, and we both get frustrated with teen boys in Runaways #7-8. Topics Discussed: jeff_kaplan.png, Even the Podcast Cannot Escape Contrived Numbering Systems, The Mon-Stars of Limbo, Method Roleplaying, The Italian Job–But Bad, Aliens Make Bad Fashion Choices, Villain Cognitive Dissonance, Not That Nextwave, Being Fake Woke: Just Don't, Don't Trust This Boy, Pelicans On Parade, You Were...


S2, Ep 3: Heroes Never Die

On today's episode: Charlie wonder why Karolina's mom is so terrible, Mikey cuts Chase some well-deserved slack, and we realize that parents really just don't understand. David Collins (@DungeonCommandr) joins us to talk about Runaways Vol 1 #5-6, as well as things we've been loving recently, what Overwatch characters the Runaways would main, how to portray strategist masterminds in the modern day, and his X-Men-inspired tabletop roleplaying game, Mutants in the Night.


Skateboards, Swords, and American Dollars

On today's episode: Mikey doesn't know the rules of Iron Chef, Charlie forgets that the main characters on the Dukes of Hazzard were all related, and we both take a walk down the Wildways. Topics Discussed: The Rad Cosplay That Started It All, The New Mutants of Hazzard, Magical Girl Monster of the Week, Mikey Can't Pronounce Giles, A Case for a Good Daken, Teenage Gambit: Maybe Worse Than Regular Gambit, Rachel Summers Is the Sarah Connors of the Marvel Universe, In the Mojoverse You...


S2, Ep 2: Aliens, Ghostbusters, and Jurassic Park, Oh My!

On today's episode: Charlie brings us more Shatterstar news, Mikey thanks Machine Man for his contributions to society, and we see the kids aren't alright in Runaways: Pride and Joy. Topics Discussed: Gay Mutant Developments - Deadpool Edition, Accent Excitement, The Voracious Venom-Dog, Danny Rand aka The Terrible RPG Character Nobody Wanted, Runaways Vol 1 #3-4, The Worst of All Possible Dimensions, Calming the Savage Beast Chris Pratt-Style, CGI vs Holograms, You Too Can Have...


S2, Ep 1: The Curious Case of the Murder in the Basement

On today's episode: Mikey is a 2000s pop culture encyclopedia, Charlie wants Chase Stein to think about his life choices, and we finally break into Runaways Volume 1. Topics Discussed: Overwhelming Gay Mutant Developments, Revolutionary Boy Shatterstar, Backwards Listening, Runaways Vol 1 #1-2, A Brief Tsunami History, Gothic Lolita Fashion, MMORPG Memes, Nightmare Parents, Hot Vegan Culinary Tips, A Baby-Sitter's Club Pop Quiz, Questionable Security Methods, Is It One-Way or Two?,...


S1, Ep 8: Generation X Spoilercast Q&A with Christina Strain!

On today’s episode: Charlie extols the virtues of Rictor and Shatterstar, Mikey gets emotional about the Runaways, and we talk to writer Christina Strain about her run on Generation X. Topics Discussed: Comic OCs, Gen X: Old Vs. New, Why Quentin Quire is Really a Jerk, Pulling the Threads of Continuity, X-Men Barbershop Culture, Lovable Losers & The Breakfast Club Formula, The Gifted: A Great But Frustrating TV Show, A Brooklyn 99 Reference, A Tale of Two Everetts, Skin Deserved Better,...


S1, Ep 7: Dance Off to the Death

On today’s episode: Mikey gets sucked into the black hole that is Hulk continuity, Charlie thinks Matt Murdock should probably be evil in every reality and we both come to the realization that there are way too many spider people. Topics Discussed: A Quick Tutorial on Anime Filler Episodes, The Value of Retcons, More Information about Spider-Verse Than You Ever Needed to Know, Sexy Decrepit Spider-Vampires, Edge of Spider-Verse: Spider-Gwen, Why Every Spider Book Should Be a Cartoon,...


S1, Ep 6: Robot Magic 2: Skrull-Kree Jamboree

On today’s episode: Charlie can’t math, Mikey speculates on ROM: Space Knight, and we talk way, way too long about the finale of Young Avengers Volume 1. Topics Discussed: Space Debt, Young Avengers #11-12, Captain AV-ROM of the Laser Discs, Demon Baby Hands (Again), Magical Moms, Trying to be Responsible and Failing, How to Write a Good Queer Romance, The Skree, Climactic Battles on Convenient Skyscrapers, Teddy and the Technicolored Kree Force, Please Respect Lil Viz, The Ocean of...


S1, Ep 5: Robot Magic

On today's episode, Mikey wonders about Super Skrull technology, Charlie doesn’t know how robots work, and we get to the final arc of Young Avengers Volume 1. Topics Discussed: Errata, New Year's Resolutions, Young Avengers Volume 1 #9-10, A Bad Montage, How to Stage a Friend Intervention, The Super Skrull, Laser Beams Sent Through Space, Not Subtle Shapeshifters, Some Exciting Dramatic Readings, When Your Mom’s a Skrull, A Grisly Murder, Eli Running Away (Again), A Cell Phone for Ants,...


S1, Ep 4: Someone Please Fire Kat Farrell

[CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains the following subject matter - drug use, drug abuse, and sexual assault.] On today's episode: Charlie is concerned about misuse of NYPD resources, Mikey shares something very near and dear to his heart, and we both talk about the background of the the team in Young Avengers Special #1. Things discussed: Marvel Animated Features, Young Avengers Special #1, How Not to Be a Good Reporter, Annuals and Why Sometimes They Aren't Called Annuals, Dad...


X-tream X-Mas Spectacular

Join us this week as we discuss some of our favorite things just in time for the holidays.