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S5, Ep 3: Not Those New Mutants

[Content warnings for vore, a pregnancy scare, and related topics in these issues.] On Today's Episode: Charlie continues to be cursed at restaurants, we do a short recap, and talk about new mutants? AKA Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo, and Nick Bradshaw's Wolverine and the X-men issues #5-8. Topics Discussed: This is a weird-ass book to be reading in the year 2019. That's all I got.


HoX Takes

Join Charlie (@geneticghost) and Reed (@armustdie) as they discuss HoX, PoX, DoX, and more! Topics Discussed: Malevolent Geese as 2019 Icons, Comics Charcuterie, Emotions Make You Go Oof, Apocalypse: Not a Barometer for Success Cover image courtesy @maliciousglee, drawn by @karen_xmenfan!


HoXDoX Power Hour

Charlie and friends of the podcast Chris Eddleman (@strictlyworse), Adam Reck (@arthurstacy), Zack Jenkins (@xavierfiles), and Dan Grote (@danielpgrote) get together to talk about House of X, Dawn of X, and The World's Largest Orange AKA Orange World.


Cut to the Geeling

The Young Ones celebrate the end of Pride Month as Charlie, Mikey, and Reed talk about characters who help us relate to our identities or give us gay feelings (geelings). Topics Discussed: "Can you live with a curse?"; Reed's Chain of New Memories; Mikey's Extremely Bad Segue; Ryan Gosling, But He's Just a Baby Goose; Canon Playdough; When Ur Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Fanfic U Read Along the Way; The Nightmare Avengers; Teddy Altman: A Quick Primer; Why the MCU Films Mean Something, Dammit;...


S5, Ep 2: Nobody Consulted Bruce Springsteen On This

On Today's Episode: We try to explain Deathlok, discuss X-Men Scout Cookies, and more as we cover issues #1-4 of Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo, and Nick Bradshaw's Wolverine & the X-Men. Topics Discussed: A Bit of Amusement; The Twilight Zone AKA the Bus Dimension; Please Donate to Our Offshore Mutant Nation; Quentin Quire Is Straight? And Other Mysteries; "When You're X-men, You're Family"; "Can I Talk to You About How Much I Hate the Kiddy Hellfire Club"; Throwing a Bad Alien Trope in the...


S5, Ep 1: Grant Morrison Is Haunting This Podcast

On today's episode, we're gearing up to talk Jason Aaron's Wolverine & the X-Men, but in order to do that, we have to give you some context. So join us as Reed gives a potent summary of Scott & Logan's motivations for the Schism event, Charlie explains why a Death Seed is a watermelon seed but for Death, Mikey takes us into Uncle Fantomex's World, and we're all haunted by the ghost of Grant Morrison as we untangle the Xavier School's cast of characters. Topics Discussed: Sometimes the...


S4, Ep 2: Release the Glitter Data

Content Warning: Our discussion of Uncanny X-Men #11 includes content warnings for suicide, character death, and self harm. If you're sensitive to that, please take care! Reed (@armustdie) joins us again to talk Age of X-Man, Uncanny X-Men #11, the Shatterstar mini, Mikey makes a case for The Wild Storm, and we discuss the mysteries of glitter, online harassment, depression & suicide in media, and the cat antics that started it all. Topics discussed: Please Release the Glitter Data; Nate...


S4, Ep 1: Third Time's The Champion

A new year, and a new episode of The Young Ones! We're back to comics and talking Mark Waid & Humberto Ramos' Champions with Reed (@armustdie). Join us as we talk that, queer representation in media, Scott Summers, LGBT Robots, Arctic Coke, and more!


S3, Ep 10: This Year in X-Men

A lot sure happened this year in X-Men. Join us, Chris Eddleman and Adam Reck as we talk about this year in X as well as our hopes and dreams for 2019. Spoiler: It's going to contain a lot of Nate Grey.


The Best Sleepover We Never Had (Acts of Friendship Crossover)

It's a very special episode of The Young Ones for our Acts of Friendship crossover today! Join us as we talk with our guests Christina Eddleman from @ChrisesPod and Luke Herr from @MultiversalQ as we talk about teen stories, comics, and why we love them. Topics Discussed: What makes a good teen story?; Good or bad teen slang; The cycle of adults with teen problems and vice versa; Has there ever been a teen story you liked when you were younger that didn't stand up to your older self's...


S3, Ep 9: Soda Wars

On today's episode of The Young Ones, we learn the answers to some tough questions, such as: "Which version of Mountain Dew is the best?", "What is going on with Extinction and X-Men: Disassembled?" and, "Why is Charles Xavier the worst?" We also answer some of your questions from Twitter.


S3, Ep 8: No Exit From Subway

On today's episode: We do another X-Comics roundup! This time covering Multiple Man #1-3, Mr. & Mrs. X #1, X-Men Gold Annual #2, and Cable #159. (CW: discussion of PTSD/panic attacks in Cable) Topics Discussed: Sprite Remix; Coca Cola Freestyle; Charlie's Subway Opinions; A Black Box Theatre Concept; What the Fuck, Jamie Madrox; Bringing Readers Up to Speed; The Best & Worst Ship Names; Cable Emotions; Suffering in Fiction


S3, Ep 7: How to Survive as a Warrior/Landlord Without Really Trying

On today's episode: Tim Seeley (@HackinTimSeeley) joins us for a Q&A to discuss his upcoming Shatterstar miniseries. Cover art done by @PPitteArt.


S3, Ep 6: How To Hide in The Dark Dimension & Other Life Lessons

On today's episode: We talk with our friend Chris (@strictlyworse) about nostalgia, childhood toys & stuffed animals, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Topics Discussed: SDCC Breakdown; DC Says "Hold My Beer"; The Raddest Theme Song; A Brief Summary of All the Power Rangers Iterations; Bulk & Skull; "Looks Like a Space Dumpster to Me!"; We're at the Combination Gym & Juice Bar; TFW You Leave the Power Rangers to Train for the Olympics; Weird + Bad Power Rangers Behind-the-Scenes; Chris'...


S3, Ep 5: The Best Teen Titans Show

It's a very timely episode of The Young Ones this week, as we talk about the 2003 cartoon Teen Titans (and not any of those other ones, we don't talk about those). Topics Discussed: Number Problems; Shatterstar News We Never Thought We'd Get; Comics We've Read; X-Men: Days of Future Stay In the Past; The Geography of Comic Book Universes; Toxic Waste Buffets & Cement Transformers; Why You Shouldn't Put a Prequel at the End of a Series; Kiss to Learn English; Heroes for Hire Don't Always Get...


S3, Ep 4: Dial 1-800-Young-Ones

On today's episode, Charlie espouses the virtues of restaurants with free salad and bread, Mikey admits to his leftovers problem, and we talk about some of the teen-adjacent comics we've been enjoying recently. Topics Discussed: The Chaotic Neutral of Podcasts; Charlie's Pinboard Theories; How to Not Interact with Creators; New Mutants: Dead Souls #4; The Mechanics of a Nightmare Realm; The Most Relieved Hug in all of Comics; Trauma & "Strong Female Characters"; What Does "Abrasive" Mean,...


S3, Ep 3: We are the Crystal Gems!

On today's episode, Charlie emerges from an internet-less void, Mikey sings (badly), and we take a spoiler-filled deep-dive into Steven Universe. Topics Discussed: Podcast Birthdays; Becoming a Under-40 Shatterstar Luminary; Aqua, the Verve, and More 90s One-Hit-Wonders; Lestat the Vampire Prince vs Weird Twitter; The World of Steven Universe; A Silly Shatterstar Reference; Who Are the Crystal Gems?; Why Lars is the Best; The Visual Theming of Rose Quartz; What Happens When Space Rocks and...


S3, Ep 2: Two Mutants, Deadpool and a Pizza Place

Have a minisode! Where we talk about Deadpool 2 kind of. And some other things. The real episode 21 will come to you two weeks from now!


S3, Ep 1: To Batman... And Beyond!

On today's episode: Mikey talks late 1990s cereal prizes, Charlie thinks there's too many Spider-Men, and we reminisce about Batman Beyond. Topics Discussed: Someone Take Lewis Tan's Phone Away, Still Alive, A Brief Discussion of Late 90s Pop Culture, Batman (Don't) Get Your Gun, The Gotham Aesthetic, Tracer from Overwatch, A Batman with a Life, The Return of HitClips, A Case of Mistaken Jokerz Identity, A Future Slang Primer, Cop vs. Punk, "Right in the Bruce Wayne feels," Mr. Fixx the...


S2, Ep 9: Weirder and Worse

On today's episode: Mikey gets pulled back from the brink of an internet rabbit hole, Charlie has an X-Corps epiphany, and our good friend Casey (@caseycrook) joins us to talk about the end of Runaways Volume 1. Topics Discussed: Slime & Slime Accessories, We're Not Starting a Stephen King Podcast, A Chili's at the End of Reality, Street Fighter Vs X-Force, Runaways Vol 1 #17-18, Nico Minoru's Spell Spreadsheet, Alex's Ill-Conceived Morrowind LARP, A Typical Villain Monologue, How Now to...