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Topics on writing, editing, creativity, and personal development.


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Topics on writing, editing, creativity, and personal development.




S2 E1 What Is Peripeteia?

Peripeteia is a tragedy's favorite tool. One that builds to an unexpected yet pleasing catharsis for the audience and that often brings an ending that is true to life. In this episode, we discuss what peripeteia is as well as how you can use it in your own storytelling.


S1 E2 Jobs of the Future for Writers

In today's episode, we will discuss jobs of the future for writers, based on a 2019 reprt from Deakin University in Australia and the Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited. The future is something that many writers think about when it comes to both maintaining and advancing in their careers, which is why any knowledge about what we can expect in the future is always welcome.


S1 E1 How to Submit a Short Story - from the Perspective of the Reader

In this episode we will discuss how to submit a short story to a magazine from the perspective of the reader. The reader is the first person who will read your manuscript after it has been submitted, and yet, how much do you actually know about what goes on in the reader's mind while they read your story?


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Hello! My name is Jelena. I'm a writer, editor, screenwriter, and Ph.D. Candidate in English Literature - Mythopoeia. This podcast will focus on topics that have to do with writing, creativity, editing, mythology, and the human condition. If you'd like to contact me: