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The New Wolsey Theatre Podcast takes you deep into theatre life at one of the UK's much loved regional theatres. Join us on stage, backstage, front of house and everywhere in between!

The New Wolsey Theatre Podcast takes you deep into theatre life at one of the UK's much loved regional theatres. Join us on stage, backstage, front of house and everywhere in between!


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The New Wolsey Theatre Podcast takes you deep into theatre life at one of the UK's much loved regional theatres. Join us on stage, backstage, front of house and everywhere in between!








Episode 10: THE SOUND OF MUSIC is coming to the New Wolsey - Bridie Horne from the Children's Theatre Company tells all!

Bridie Horne from the Children's Theatre Company (CTC) chats to us about their brilliant company, CTC, and reveals all about the upcoming show at the New Wolsey, The Sound of Music! We chat about the make-up of the company - the four different areas ranging from a part-time academy to full-time foundation course to prepare students for the next step in their careers. Bridie talks about seeing the school through the pandemic (CTC were in just their first year when COVID struck!) and...


Episode 9: Sweeney Todd is coming next week! We talk to Owen Berry from IODS about the show.

In this episode, Owen Berry from the Ipswich Operatic and Dramatic Society (IODS) talks to us about their latest show, Sweeney Todd, which is coming to the New Wolsey from 29th June to 2nd July! He chats to us about how the show and how it came about, how they navigated their way through COVID and are almost ready for the stage a few years later than planned, and how rehearsals are going. We spoke a bit more in-depth about IODS, what his role within the society is, and about some of the...


Episode 8: BONUS EPISODE - Tony Casement chats to us about all of the exciting events, performances and rehearsed readings coming up as part of our Writers' Week programme!

In this episode, Tony Casement, Head of Creative Communities at the New Wolsey Theatre, chats to us about Writers' Week! From Monday 20th to Saturday 25th June is 'Writers' Week,' a programme of events celebrating new ideas, new inspirations and new creative writing. Events are ticketed, with most of them free of charge. There will also be the opportunity for you to donate to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. What's On: Mon 20 Jun, 7:45pm Kabul Goes Pop: Music Television...


Episode 7: Pete Hazelwood and Jake Barinov talk to us about livestreaming, their roles in our last rock 'n' roll pantomime, and how they helped us win 'Best Digital Pantomime' at this year's UK Pantomime Association Awards!

In this episode we talk to Pete Hazelwood and Jake Barinov about livestreaming, the huge amount of hard work they put into making Jack and the Beanstalk - an incredible experience not only in the auditorium but for people watching at home too - and how it feels to have played such a big part in our recent Best Digital Pantomime Award win at this year's UK Pantomime Association awards ceremony. They tell us how they came to know each other, before they really got to know each other during...


Episode 6: Sarah Holmes, Chief Executive of the New Wolsey, reflects on more than 22 incredible years at the helm!

In this episode we sit down with our outgoing Chief Executive, Sarah Holmes, to chat about her incredible 22 years in charge at the New Wolsey Theatre. Sarah chats about why she's made the decision to leave now, after steering the theatre through the pandemic, as well as talking a little bit about Doug Rintoul, the incoming Chief Executive, how she knows him, and how she knows we're in good hands going forward. Sarah also talks about her journey through her 22 years of leadership, as well...


Episode 5: Mr P (David Phillips), Head of Production & Facilities at the New Wolsey, takes us through everything he does within his role!

In this episode, Mr P, Head of Production & Facilities at the New Wolsey Theatre, talks to us about his job and what he, and his team, do here at The New Wolsey! He gives us an insight into how he first started working in the theatre industry, including a very interesting story about something from his first ever theatre. Mr P talks about navigating COVID-19, and specifically about how the New Wolsey adopted an approach to accommodate everyone with the continuation of livestreaming as...


Episode 4: It's Party Week at the New Wolsey! Tony and Sally reveal the full line-up of entertainment starting from 25th May.

In this episode, Tony Casement, Head of Creative Communities and Sally Jones, Theatre Manager chat to us about Party Week taking place from 25th May - 31st May at the New Wolsey Theatre. Celebrations begin on Wednesday 25th May with live music from Rush - A Joyous Jamaican Journey which is a hugely entertaining and informative show, taking us through the story of reggae music and the Windrush Generation. On Thursday 26th May, it's the chaotic cabaret cult of An Evening Without Kate Bush,...


Episode 3: The fabulous cast of Burke & Hare take us behind the scenes of this 'joyous' and 'murderous' comedy! Feat: James Mack, Hayden Wood and Josie Dunn

Hold onto your hats - or all 31 of them actually! Yes - there are 31 characters in this outrageously funny show and all of them played by the sensational trio: actor-musicians James Mack, Hayden Wood and Josie Dunn. Hosts, Katharine and Jack, dig deep behind the scenes of the 'Burke & Hare' rehearsals to find out more about the show, the characters and the glorious songs that make up this 'joyous' and 'murderous' play. The cast talk about the real Burke & Hare days and how the brilliant...


Episode 2: CREATIVE COMMUNITIES - Discover how to get involved with us. We talk to Tony Casement and Rachel Fitzgerald

This podcast episode is all about Creative Communities at the New Wolsey Theatre, a place where everyone is given the opportunity to participate in, engage with, and discover the arts, and even potentially learn the best ways to make their passion in the arts a career. We chat to Head of Creative Communities, Tony Casement, and Creative Communities Projects Producer, Rachel Fitzgerald about what their work involves, and about all of the things Creative Communities has to offer, such as...


Episode 1: It's 'The Birds and the Bees' show time - talking to James McDermott and the full cast; Laura Doddington, Richard McIver, Louise Gold and Siôn Tudor Owen

Welcome back to the New Wolsey Theatre podcast - Season 2 - Episode 1! In this brand-new season we take you right into the heart of our theatre - on stage, backstage, front of house and everywhere in between! This episode is all about The Birds and the Bees - a hilarious romantic comedy play, set in the heart of the Norfolk countryside. We talk to James McDermott, playwright, scriptwriter and poet who provided additional material to relocate the story of the play (originally set in...


Episode 7: The Magic of Panto - Just a British Thing? The Dame and NYT Critic spill the beans

Why are we Brits bonkers about pantomime? And what do they make of this Christmas tradition over in the U.S? In this podcast episode, Sue talks to The New York Times journalist Alexis Soloski about Christmas theatre traditions, catching Wagon Wheels and extremely rude jokes. Sue also speaks to actor Steve Simmonds to get a Dame’s-eye view of panto in the U.K. Alexis Soloski is a theatre critic for the New York Times and a contributing writer for the Guardian here in the UK. Alexis wrote an...


Episode 6: Making it Real – Access and Inclusion in UK Theatre (Part 2)

In this, the second part of our look at access and inclusion in the UK theatre industry, Sue talks to two inspirational people whose work is making access and inclusion a reality, and about their experience of being involved in the production of Oliver Twist. Amy Leach is Associate Director at Leeds Playhouse. Amy grew up in Darwen, Lancashire and attended the Youth Theatre at the Bolton octagon Theatre on graduating from Durham University. She co-founded the award winning Theatre Company...


Episode 5: Changing the Game: Access and Inclusion in UK theatres - Part 1

In this episode we talk to two female powerhouses in the UK theatre and disability landscape. Sarah Holmes is Chief Executive of the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich. As Sarah prepares to hand over the baton to a new Chief Executive after nearly 21 years at the helm, we talk about the responsibilities of theatre leaders in making change – so that theatre is truly accessible and inclusive of everyone. We find out how Sarah’s impatience for change and an impromptu conversation in a graveyard,...


Episode 4: ‘A good laugh is a mighty good thing!’

In this feel-good podcast episode we talk about the power of laughter. Charlie Chaplin once said: ‘ A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing.’ Following a year when laughter might have been scarce for many, Theatre Unwrapped explores the transformational effects of laughter, from its origins in early humans to the ways we ‘laugh’ online and how we create comedy for the stage. And we find out what happens when you take clowns to places where laughter really is...


Episode 1: Doctor Theatre - The mysterious medic of theatre

Who is Doctor Theatre and how does this mysterious medic seem to cure practically anything inside a theatre? Does Doctor Theatre really exist and what does he or she actually do? In this first episode of the Theatre Unwrapped podcast, Sue Lawther-Brown is joined in Dressing Room 3 at the New Wolsey Theatre with guests, actor Rob Jarvis and Dr. Raj Persaud. Rob Jarvis talks about the occasion when he first heard Doctor Theatre at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. Rob gives examples of...


Episode 2: How to open a closed theatre

How do you reopen a closed theatre? How much money and effort does it really take and what sort of experience do you need to re-open a dark theatre? What does a closed theatre look like and smell like? Who looks after closed theatres and how do they get a second chance to open their doors again? In this podcast episode Sue Lawther-Brown from the New Wolsey Theatre unwraps what it really takes to re-open a closed theatre. As theatres prepare to re-open after being forced to close by the...


Episode 3: Polari – The secret language of theatre

Where does the secret language of Polari come from? Who used Polari? How do you speak Polari? Why was Polari adopted by the British gay community in theatre and who still uses Polari today? In this podcast episode Sue Lawther-Brown carefully peels back the many layers of Polari. Her guests Paul Baker and Rae Coates teach Sue some Polari words and educate her about its origins and adoption by the British gay community in the first half of the twentieth century. Paul and Rae talk about when...