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A podcast about life from real dudes. Nothing is off the table.

A podcast about life from real dudes. Nothing is off the table.
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A podcast about life from real dudes. Nothing is off the table.






EP 17 - Lana Heintjes Interview

On this weeks episode, TTCL welcomes Lana from Hudson Valley Circus Arts on the show! Lana is on here telling us her journey through life and how she got started with yoga and Hudson Valley Circus Arts!


EP 16 - Setting Goals and Summer Expectations

UPDATE: Sorry everyone we had an issue and the file only uploaded 6 minutes and not the full episode! We apologize and here is the full episode. Thanks again for your ears ;) After a two week hiatus, TTCL is back with entrepreneur Edward Araujo. They touch on how important it is to have goals in life. Also summer vacation is right around the corner for the kids, whats's your summer expectations?


EP 15 - Daniel Grimsland Interview

On this episode the boys have on Daniel Grimsland as their special guest. Topics include church, playing in bands, life on the road and currently being a producer living out in LA and much more!


EP 14 - Marvel Endgame, Difficult People and Personal Development

This week the boys have a special guest joining them while talking about 1. Marvel Endgame, what do you think is gonna happen? 2. Dealing with difficult people, daily struggle for some. 3. Personal Development. Changes you need to make in your life.


EP 13 - Spoiling kids and dealing with confrontation

After a week off, the boys are back at it! This week consists of, 1. Spoiling kids. How far is too far? 2. Confrontation. Let's be honest for a second, we all hate it and we all feel awkward when it happens. Sometimes though, you need to step up and defend yourself. Find out who brought the confrontation upon themselves. Also don't forget to visit


EP 12 - Featuring Devin Shelton from Emery

On this episode Dave & Mike have a special guest joining them. Guitarist/vocalist from the band Emery, Devin Shelton. They talk about how the band started, handling your relationship while on tour, transitioning from being labeled a Christian band to what they are now and much more! He also drops some band NEWS that has not been released yet...shhhhhh. You'll have to listen to find out more.


EP 11 - Relationship Goals and Labeling

On this episode of TTCL, Mike and Dave are discussing, 1. Relationship Goals. Is that pic you post #relationshipgoals really goals? Or is it superficial? 2. Labels. We are not talking about the ones on food. Labeling people. We have all been guilty of it. Finally, we are happy to announce our website! Head over to


EP 10 - The Stupid Negative Things

On this weeks episode, the boys talk about: 1. The new "challenge" teens are doing and some other online craziness. 2. Mike has been dealing with some negative energy this past week. Listen to hear how he gets through it. 3. Overcoming your fears. The positive side is just on the other end. 4. New serial killer movie with Zac Efron?


EP 9 - The Mark Gaye Interview, Criticism and Insecurities

On this episode, the boys 1. Sit down with Mark Gaye. He's a world renowned barber and has an awesome point of view on life. 2. Criticism. How you should handle it. 3. Insecurities. Dealing with that uncomfortable feeling. Send us your questions to any of our social pages and we'll answer them on the next episode. Facebook, IG and Twitter all @ttclpod.


EP 8 - The Healthy Habits, Man Rockets and Church

On this episodes the boys are talking, 1. Healthy Habits. Dave is going on a diet and Mike shares his input and what he does to stay healthy. 2. Man Rockets. The boys give their Top 5 man rockets! Who is your favorite man rocket? 3. The Church. Are you on the right team? Is there even a team? Some people think so. Find out what we think! Also send us your questions to @ttclpod and we'll answer them on the next episode! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE/LEAVE A REVIEW! Thank you...


EP 7 - A Star Is Born, Loving Yourself and Cultural Beliefs

This week Dave and Mike have special guest Joey Lee Cabral joining them on the podcast. 1. Interview with Joey. 2. A Star Is Born. The boys break down the movie and try to put themselves in the characters shoes. Did Bradley Cooper's character Jackson love himself? Did the boys cry at the end? 3. Loving yourself. How can you make someone else happy if you're not happy? 4. Cultural Beliefs. Do you put your trust in an animal to tell you if winter is gonna be short? How about a lie...


EP 6 - Mom Talk (from dudes) With Balancing Your Career & Family Life While Living On Social Media

This week Dave's dad joins TTCL to talk about, 1. Moms and how they don't get enough credit when they should! Do you give the mother of your child enough credit? 2. Balancing your career and family life. Never devote 100% of your time towards your job. Make sure you make time for your family. Family First 3. Social Media. The good, bad and ugly. Get out and have that social interaction FACE TO FACE! DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE/RATE AND LEAVE US A REVIEW! IT HELPS US OUT! :)


EP 5 - The Must Haves & Marvel Nostalgia

Have you recently had a new baby? Find out what Mike and Dave's must haves are. What's your must haves??? They also give their thoughts on the new Spiderman Home Away Home and Captain Marvel trailers. What's your favorite MCU movie? They take a trip down memory lane and suffer from nostalgia! DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE/RATE AND LEAVE US A REVIEW! IT HELPS US OUT :) TTCL Pod on Apple Podcasts


EP 4 - The Dad Life While Drinking Beer or Liquor and Streaming Apps

Can you live the Dad life and have an alcoholic beverage all the while streaming your favorite TV show or Movie? What's your Go To streaming app? DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE/RATE AND LEAVE A REVIEW! It helps us out :) TTCL Podcast on Apple Podcasts


EP 3 - The CBD, Good and Bad Music with a Virtual Reality Experience

This episode flows real well starting with 1. Music. Is music nowadays good or bad? 2. Virtual Reality. Would you live in it if you could? 3. CBD. The positives from the marijuana plant DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE/RATE AND LEAVE A 5 STAR REVIEW IT HELPS US OUT :) TTCL Pod on Apple Podcasts UrbalActiv CBD Twitter


EP 2 -The Sensitive World with Family Tips and New Years Resolutions

On this episode the boys talk about, 1. The sensitive world. How can you avoid it? 2. Their own Family tips. Are you putting family first? 3. New Years resolutions. Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them? Twitter TTCL Podcast SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE US A 5 STAR REVIEW ON iTunes :)


EP 1 - The Get To Know Us Episode

The first ever episode for TTCL. Mike and Dave gives you the listener a little bit of a tease and what to expect on upcoming episodes, how they met and a little inside information about them as people. Come join the boys for this ride! SUBSCRIBE/WRITE A 5 STAR REVIEW TTCL Pod on Apple Podcasts



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