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Explore the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences with award-winning editor, writer, and luxury travel expert Bruce Wallin. Each episode will inspire you with fascinating stories about unique, life-shaping journeys—and connect you to the remarkable people who make them possible. Gain insider access to extravagant hotels, impactful adventures, and secret hideaways, and discover the magic of travel at its very best.

Explore the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences with award-winning editor, writer, and luxury travel expert Bruce Wallin. Each episode will inspire you with fascinating stories about unique, life-shaping journeys—and connect you to the remarkable people who make them possible. Gain insider access to extravagant hotels, impactful adventures, and secret hideaways, and discover the magic of travel at its very best.


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Explore the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences with award-winning editor, writer, and luxury travel expert Bruce Wallin. Each episode will inspire you with fascinating stories about unique, life-shaping journeys—and connect you to the remarkable people who make them possible. Gain insider access to extravagant hotels, impactful adventures, and secret hideaways, and discover the magic of travel at its very best.






24 - Epic Family Travel from Mauritius to Japan with One&Only's Philippe Zuber

Philippe starts by sharing his favorite family destination, the little-known Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean. Part of Mauritius, Rodrigues is a rare find in today’s world, a place that has truly preserved its historic culture, beautiful land- and seascapes, and laid-back island lifestyle. Next, Philippe talks about a decision he and his wife made when their two sons were young. They created a family policy by which each of the boys could choose a vacation destination anywhere in the...


23 - Go Here, Not There with New York Times Columnist and Alternative-Destination Expert Elaine Glusac

New York Times travel columnist Elaine Glusac is an expert at something that has become increasingly essential for travelers: finding the best alternatives to the world’s most popular destinations. She joins Bruce to dive into the top spots for experiencing everything we love about over-touristed spots—minus the crowds. Elaine starts by giving us a behind-the-scenes look into the New York Times’ “52 Places” article, an annual feature that explores the newspaper’s picks for the year’s most...


22 - There's Way More To Mexico Than You Think, with Journey Mexico Founder Zachary Rabinor

We might as well call this “The Big Book of Mexico” episode, because it’s filled with a lifetime of adventures, insider spots, and authentic luxury hotels throughout the country. Our guest is Zachary Rabinor, the founder and president of Journey Mexico, a unique luxury travel company that takes clients far beyond the country’s well-known beach destinations. Not that he doesn’t appreciate Mexico’s great beach resorts—he’s been living in Puerto Vallarta for almost 20 years, and he joins Bruce...


21 - Fun in Faraway Lands with Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs

CEO of Six Senses Hotels, Resorts & Spas and sustainability pioneer Neil Jacobs leads us on a journey to Oman, Israel, Brazil, India, and beyond, as he explores some of his company’s off-the-beaten-path properties—and how each is making sustainable tourism fun in its own unique way. Neil, who speaks six different languages, is an ideal guide for a global journey. He speaks with Bruce about how his ability to communicate in locations worldwide opens up new experiences and often leads to his...


20 - Freeform Globetrotting with the “Punk Rocker of Luxury Travel,” Crystal Vinisse Thomas.

As the vice president and global leader of luxury and lifestyle brands for Hyatt, Crystal Vinisse Thomas has her fingers on the pulse of all things trending in the travel industry. She’s also a trendsetter herself, with an energy, style, and creativity that have helped her become one of the youngest and most dynamic leaders in luxury travel (and prompted Bruce to dub her the “Punk Rocker of Luxury Travel”). In this episode, Crystal joins Bruce to discuss everything from how living abroad...


19 - A&K’s Geoffrey Kent on His Wild Past and the Adventurous Future of Luxury Travel

Geoffrey Kent has likely done more to shape what modern luxury travel looks like than anyone else. Dating back to 1962—when he founded Abercrombie & Kent and started leading the first photographic safaris in Africa—he has been a pioneer of new destinations and new ways of traveling. Sixty years later, he’s still leading the way and discovering new places to explore. Geoffrey’s pioneering adventures began at the age of 16, when he had just been expelled from high school in Kenya. He soon set...


18 - Space Tourism Now with Space Perspective Founder and Biosphere 2 Alum Jane Poynter

Space tourism is a hot topic in travel these days, but what exactly is space tourism? Jane Poynter, the co-founder and -CEO of Space Perspective, give us the low-down on the realities of space tourism today—and how the facts in this case might be even better than the fantasy. Poynter’s career in space tourism stems from her time as one of the original team members of Biosphere 2, an experiment in which she and seven colleagues lived in a man-made, hermetically sealed environment for two...


17 - The Greatest Galapagos Adventures with Expedition Expert, Wildlife Conservationist, and Ecoventura CEO Santiago Dunn

Onboard a 20-passenger yacht off the coast of Española Island in the Galapagos, Bruce interviews local expert, conservationist, and CEO of the luxury expedition company Ecoventura, Santiago Dunn. In this special episode, Dunn discusses the treasures and adventures that make the Galapagos islands one of the world’s most sought-after destinations—and how to make your trip exceed even your wildest dreams. It’s no secret that the Galapagos is one of the top wildlife destinations in the...


16 - Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund CEO Dr. Tara Stoinski on Rwanda, Ellen DeGeneres, and a Conservation Success Story

This week, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund CEO Dr. Tara Stoinski joins Bruce to discuss the fascinating scientific and conservation work the organization does in the mountains of Rwanda, as well as the fund’s brand-new Ellen DeGeneres Campus—a facility that will not only change how we study and protect mountain gorillas but also enhance what is already one of the world’s epic travel experiences. Continuing the work of the legendary Fossey—who was murdered in Rwanda in the 1980s—Stoinski and her...


15 - The Ripple Score: Bruce Poon Tip’s Top Destinations Where Your Money Does the Most Good.

Bruce Poon Tip is the founder of G Adventures, the world’s largest small-group travel company, which takes some 200,000 travelers annually on trips ranging from luxury yachting expeditions for boomers to hostel backpacking excursions for millennials. No matter how different each itinerary may look, they all revolve around the same core themes: cultural immersion, benefiting local communities, and creating a transformative experience for both traveler and host. Indeed, Poon Tip was talking...


14 - The Ultimate Sports Events for Travelers with New York Times Best-selling Author Larry Olmsted

In honor of Super Bowl LVI this week, sports expert and New York Times best-selling author of Fans, Larry Olmsted, discusses the world’s ultimate sporting events and how they can provide some of the most insightful cultural experiences for travelers. In this episode, Olmsted shares his favorite (and least favorite) events, ranging from the Super Bowl, to the Kentucky Derby, the Women’s World Cup, the Rugby World Cup in South Africa, and more! His newest book Fans, takes an exciting...


13 - Africa’s Greatest Safaris—and the Women Who Make Them Possible

ROAR AFRICA founder, women’s rights activist, and conservationist Deborah Calmeyer shares how her fascinating childhood in Zimbabwe inspired an equally interesting career creating some of Africa’s greatest safaris. Calmeyer’s stories—which include tales about growing up with a lioness as a pet, designing safaris for clients like Robert Redford, and having a near-death experience with a pack of wild dogs—are colored with her love and passion for the unlimited treasures and life-changing...


12 - The World’s Top Skiing Destinations with Olympic Gold Medalist Tommy Moe

In 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway, Tommy Moe became the first U.S. male skier to win two medals in the same Olympics—one Gold, the other Silver. But Moe is much more than just one of the greatest downhillers in history; he is also a fun-loving free-skiing enthusiast and a pioneer of heliskiing in his adopted home state of Alaska. As someone who has skied just about everywhere for fun and sport, he’s the perfect guide to lead us on a global adventure to the world’s top ski destinations for...


2022: Your Best Travel Year Ever - Season 2 Trailer

Travel That Matters is taking a short break for the holiday season! We’ll be returning January 11th, 2022 with all new episodes airing every other week. Until then, enjoy episodes from Season 1 and share your favorite inspiring, life changing, or maybe just little known special places you’ve discovered on your travels with Bruce at or @TravelWithBruce on Twitter. We’d love to feature some of your top destinations on the show in 2022. Happy holidays and we’ll see you down the...


11 - Insider Dining Destinations with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts President Radha Arora

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts President Radha Arora is one of the most influential people in travel. He’s also a true connoisseur of global cuisine, and in this episode, he speaks with Bruce about some of his favorite dining destinations and go-to spots worldwide. Arora begins by giving us an insider’s view on a place he practically considers home: Paris. Rather than the famed Michelin-star establishments, Arora’s first stop in Paris is Le Bon Georges. At this small bistro, with its chalkboard...


10 - Extreme Superyacht Adventures with EYOS Expeditions CEO Ben Lyons

Journeys to remote destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, and Papua New Guinea are already ultimate adventures. Add a private superyacht to the equation, and those adventures soar to a whole new level. Such trips are the specialty of EYOS Expeditions, whose CEO, Ben Lyons, speaks to Bruce about these incredible journeys, his own personal adventures, and his passion for the extreme regions EOS explores. The primary advantage to a yacht charter over, say, a standard cruise, is that you can...


09 - Accomplishment Travel with the Highly Accomplished Travel Journalist Jackie Caradonio

For some travelers, visiting a destination isn’t just about what they can experience, but about the specific goals they set out to achieve while there. Bruce calls it Accomplishment Travel—a term he coined to describe the one-of-a-kind adventures of his friend and fellow journalist Jackie Caradonio. The daughter of a hotel general manager, Jackie grew up in hotels, but it was at childhood sports camps where she started developing a travel style all her own. Whether it was tennis,...


08 - The Most Exciting New Luxury Hotels, Cruises, and More with Marriott International’s Chris Gabaldon

There are countless reasons to love travel, but for many people, the magic of a great hotel experience drives their passion. Marriott International’s Senior Vice President of Luxury Brands, Chris Gabaldon, joins Bruce Wallin to talk about some of the more than 130 new Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, and other hotels that his company will be opening in the coming months and years—but also about his personal love for hotels and travel. Gabaldon points out that many historic hotels, such as the St....


World’s Best Hotels & Resorts, Chapter 1: The Brando, Featuring Richard Bailey

Few hotels combine exclusivity, luxury, and sustainability like the Brando does. In the first of our miniseries focusing on the best hotels and resorts in the world, we take a closer look at this remarkable private island property set on the Teti'aroa atoll near Tahiti. The vision for the resort began with Teti'aroa’s owner—and French Polynesia’s most famous resident—Marlon Brando. After falling in love with French Polynesian culture, Brando bought his own piece of paradise in 1967. After...


07 - Off-Google Travel With Africa Expert Will Jones

Bruce speaks with adventurer, conservationist, and Journeys by Design founder Will Jones about the best safari destinations for different types of travelers. From first timers to seasoned vets of the Sub-Saharan circuit, Jones has led clients like Ralph Lauren and other high-profile people on countless adventures that combine conservation, cultural immersion, and high-adrenaline action. With his new Off-Google trips, he is starting to take those clients deeper—and on more meaningful...