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2023 is the 4th Season of The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, formerly the Two Boomer Women Podcast. Each episode is a conversation between me – I’m Agnes Knowles, your host – and a guest who talks to a subject that, someway, somehow, is relatable to Boomer Women. The guests can be any age, any gender, as long as their message is positive, informative, pertinent to our demographic. You, dear listener, might need to be open-minded, curious, tolerant, inclusive… and if you are, you will enjoy these conversations, maybe learn something, and I encourage you to share each and any episode! Click the Follow/Subscribe button to be notified of the next great guest.


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2023 is the 4th Season of The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, formerly the Two Boomer Women Podcast. Each episode is a conversation between me – I’m Agnes Knowles, your host – and a guest who talks to a subject that, someway, somehow, is relatable to Boomer Women. The guests can be any age, any gender, as long as their message is positive, informative, pertinent to our demographic. You, dear listener, might need to be open-minded, curious, tolerant, inclusive… and if you are, you will enjoy these conversations, maybe learn something, and I encourage you to share each and any episode! Click the Follow/Subscribe button to be notified of the next great guest.




Jeanne Andrus: The Gift of Menopause

My guest today had a perfectly fine life… until age 48; Jeanne Andrus then uses the verb “clobbered” to explain what perimenopause did to her. That began her 4 year journey through personal experience, research, and training to understand how and why menopause affects women so completely. It's hard enough that our mothers probably never talked about menopause, and perhaps we don’t have too many friends we compare stories with, but when doctors and other health practitioners don’t talk about it either, it can be super confusing, even frightening. A strong proponent of a natural menopause, Jeanne is firm that you need to support your body as it navigates the changes that come with menopause. “The gift of menopause is that we get to take ourselves and put ourselves in the center, in the very center, of our lives” Jeanne also has thoughts for men and relationships. Find Jeanne at Learn more about Jeanne at


Beate Chelette With Thoughts for Women Planning the Next Chapter

Beate Chelette has an amazing story… actually she has more than one. So many good ideas… and almost every calamity except pestilence… and then a gift: the Small Business Administration (U.S.A.) A smart business woman who could stay one step ahead of the trends – maybe she created them? – the truth lies somewhere between kismet and serendipity. This podcast doesn’t often pursue a business theme, but Beate’s stories and insights and wisdom make it really interesting. Many pre- and early-retirement people consider another career, Beate talks to the entrepreneur and the VA. Beate has also written The Women’s Code – that’s a book worth picking up. Such an advocate for women and the issues that society inflicts. I give Beate several scenarios about a woman’s “work” situation… her answers are both insightful and so interesting… the words of a professional… and so inspiring! Find Beate at Learn more about Beate at


Cristina Castignini: Eating Disorders at Any Age

Cristina Castignini had an eating disorder. Once she had her PhD in Counseling Psychology, perhaps it was inevitable that she focus in on eating disorders. In this episode, Cristina explains eating disorders and blows some myths out of the water. As women, we tend to think that young women are the prime suspects for eating disorders, but menopause can also be a trigger. I’m fairly sure I’ve not had an eating disorder but some of Cristina’s examples really hit home for me… remnants of the diet mentality? What do you not say to someone with an eating disorder, or that you’re concerned might have an eating disorder? Cristina helps us out. Find Cristina at Learn more about Cristina at


Chris Donaldson: It’s The Journey Not The Destination

From bullets and bombs in Belfast in the 70s to a variety of civil wars in Africa… not to mention crossing the Sahara on a café racer… Chris Donaldson’s life did not lack excitement and danger in 1979/80. As Chris’ “trip” unfolded he realized the destination was no longer the “thing” – he was traveling for the sake of traveling (… still on the Moto Guzzi café racer!) From Ireland down through Africa to South America, L.A. to Vancouver and across Canada, south through the U.S. and Mexico to South America… that was Chris’ first trip. You might remember names like the Ayatollah Khomeini, Idi Amin, Pablo Escobar… Chris seemed to visit at less than opportune times! This conversation is adventure but nothing compared to the book!! Holy Moly! Find Chris at Buy The Book: Going The Wrong Way Learn more about Chris at:


DON’T Be Dismissed by the Medical System with Amanda Laden

Amanda Laden’s medical issues went undiagnosed… or misdiagnosed for decades. Ridiculously debilitating periods, several miscarriages… until the right doctor happened to be in attendance and recognized all the signs. As Boomer Women, we are past our baby-making years but this might be vital info for our daughters or granddaughters. We are, however, not past the age of being misdiagnosed, even ignored, as medical patients. Both Amanda and I are privileged, educated white women. Health equity is a subject (read passion) that has grown out of Amanda’s personal experiences. Women of colour, gender-non-conforming people are at way higher risk of misdiagnosis or being ignored. We do get a little political – no apologies. Find Amanda at Learn more about Amanda at


Swami Nityananda on Living in Joy and Freedom

From the moment she joins the conversation Swami Nityananda’s warmth and joy shines through. I start at the beginning, requesting a better understanding of “Swami” and her names. If, for even a second, you struggle to find your true self… or you define yourself by one of the roles you play in life, Swami will remind you of your strengths, and loveliness… again and again. Connectedness is a bit of a theme throughout, but Swami also has thoughts on those people who live and connect only with themselves. We have some discussion about gender and Swami explains that the divine is beyond gender, as is the light inside you / us but… we have social circumstances that also come into play. My questions may have proven my lack of knowledge in this episode but Swami’s explanations really reflect her knowledge of, her belief in all facets of her practices. So much inspiration and joy from Swami Nityananda in this episode. Find Swami Nityananda at Learn more about Swami and find all her links at


Nan Ives on Your Ultimate Retirement Life

Retirement is in need of a reboot. That is Nan Ives’ mantra and she is the woman to show you how to do that. Don’t arrive at retirement thinking it will unfold. In today’s world, you may have 30 years to go after you relinquish the 9-5. Nan encourages you to consider options, to experiment your way forward… but do it before you get the golden handshake. There are so many options in a variety of areas of life. She realized she had a lot of the financial bits organized when she took her retirement, but there’s a lot more to retirement than just the money. So, she and her partner did a lot of research into the lives and choices of pre- and post-retirees before they created the signature programs that will make sure you’re prepared in all areas of the post-9-5 world. “It’s not one and done.” Find Nan Ives at Learn more about Nan and find all her links at


Paula Harris on Financial / Life Planning for Widows

Paula Harris found herself often helping widows sort out and plan finances after the death of their husband… and thus her business had a focus. Paula shares a few of the very unfortunate scenarios she has encountered and then discusses the realities of “older” folk who are not as computer literate as they might need to be to access financial information these days. Curve Ball Life Planning refers to being pre-prepared for the things life throws at you. Paula also lists the documents that might be needed in the event of a life change… so know where they are. And the documents might change as the years go by. The gift of preparedness… so important for those left behind. So many good tips about the importance of preparing now. You thought tomorrow was a gift a decade ago? It’s even more so now. As is purpose. Find Paula Harris at Learn more about Paula and find all the links at


Dana Diaz on Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissism… do you know it has both physical and mental effects on people? Narcissists have an over-inflated ego they need to feed… at any cost. Dana Diaz has been the victim of narcissists and the manipulation that goes with that. She’s a smart woman with a good education and yet she still fell victim and married one. In this episode, she describes a typical narcissist and is very candid about the personal trauma is caused her. Dana says she saw the signs but managed to excuse them as momentary lapses or as personal short-comings… haven’t many of us done that. Interesting advice… it’s not about what you’re feeling about them… listen to what you’re feeling inside yourself. “If something feels off, it probably is.” Find Dana at Learn more about Dana and find all her links at


Lisa Sakai - Bucket List Accelerator

Money. You’ll hear different financial advisors from time to time on this podcast because many of us are a generation for whom A. it was a taboo subject and B. our husbands made the decisions around money… even though they might have been none the wiser. Lisa Sakai is The Bucket List Accelerator. How do you know what to put on that bucket list if you don’t Live! Now. Don’t be defines by a career or a job title. Have you thought “to the details”? So much practical advice from Lisa in this episode. Too often we think of retirement through other people or other company’s eyes… Make retirement about you, your interests, your personality. AND… so important, make sure your financial advisor connects with you on many levels. Find Lisa at Learn more about Lisa and find all her links at


Tina Davidson on Secrets and Creativity

Tina Davidson has a very unusual childhood story… which she didn’t learn the truth of until she was a young adult. As an adult she became a highly regarded pianist and composer. Tina discusses her road to success with no female role models and her experience now as the subject of dissertations by students who probably do see her as their role model. She is also so generous in expecting her listeners to claim the music as their own as they listen to it, and other musicians to consider themselves collaborators as they express her music their way. Both travel and secrets were a large part of her childhood… Tina shares the story of the secrets quite candidly. She also talks about the effect of having her daughter on the music, and the secrets from her past, and life as a single parent. As for the secrets… “what a tangled web we weave…” However, stay tuned for the “gift of love”. Find Tina at Learn more about Tina and her music at


Color Guru Gila Melamed Becomes a Nomad

Gila Melamed is an acquaintance of an acquaintance of mine. I knew Miriam had travelled North America in a camperized van for six months last year and when she told me she was hosting a woman who was travelling North America in a camperized car for a year… I was intrigued. A Mazda CX-5 is a nice car… but to live in it? By choice? I do ask some practical questions. Gila seems to be a colourful character by any standards so her adventures and stories are probably not a surprise… hopefully they will be an inspiration. She also explains how women nomads connect with each other. So much growth for Gila as she embraces this lifestyle. Many of you will identify with her story and her experiences and her evolution. Could you be next? Find Gila at Learn more about Gila and find all her links at


Haden Starbuck - Creatrix: Embrace Your Creativity

This episode almost didn’t happen because Haden and I laughed so much right from the get-go. Creativity is your ‘soul voice’ – you being you – is Haden’s definition of creativity. Phrases like “nurture the magic” “living in flow” “perspective shifts” work in Haden’s view of the world. Other terms like comfort zone and perfectionism and inner critics are concepts Haden has great ideas for dealing with. And together we give you great visualizations when the inner critic starts nagging you. Haden has such poetic moments that you need to listen through! Agnes’ summation: The most important take-away is to listen to the universe and to thine own self be true. Ripple out. Learn more about Haden at


Alison Smith Uses Nature as a Metaphor for Life

As so often happens, it’s the clarity of an analogy that opens one’s eyes to the life practicality of the analogy. Such is the case with Alison Smith. And “Landscaping Your Life” was born… tools using nature’s landscapes as metaphors for your life to help you get back on track. It makes sense when you think about how often we use nature terms in our day-to-day life. The way Alison explains her application of nature to life, it really does come clear how we can see patterns of our behaviour and choices when out in nature, and apply them back to our behaviour and choices in life. If you’re a cold water swimmer, you’ll appreciate Alison’s discussion around her pastime. Find Alison at Learn more about Alison and find all her links at


Liz Deacle: Adventurer Mum to Digital Entrepreneur

Liz Deacle and I have a few things in common… which resulted in lots of laughs, right from the get-go. Many people keep the 9-5 even though they aren’t happy because of the retirement plan. Liz and her husband decided to worry about retirement “later”, they cashed in and took their two teenagers on a year-long global adventure. Liz is a fabulous story teller, with a non-stop sense of humour… oh, and then there’s the enticement of how she and her husband figured out how to be “digital nomads” – that means, now that the children are grown, they earn enough money from their online endeavours to keep travelling and doing life their way. Stay tuned to the end for the New Zealand wine recommendations!! Find Liz at Learn more about Liz and find all her links at:


Katie Snyder - Breast Cancer: What to Expect

Katie Snyder educates us on both breast cancer and her breast cancer journey with candid honesty and humour. Strange bedfellows, perhaps, but Katie’s humour helps get us all through the details and anguish of that journey. Perhaps we should warn this episode may not be for the weak of heart. Katie explains how Tillie the Tumor is not a medical emergency within that community but, of course, Tillie’s landlady wants her dealt with ASAP. Not to mention, this is in the time of Covid. So many medical terms that the uninitiated might recognize, Katie describes the reality of the tools and the procedures. You’ll be intrigued, you’ll squirm, and you’ll also laugh. Get wait listed for Katie's book at Learn more about Katie at


Gregory Anne Cox - Rebellious Wellness Over 50

Rebellious Aging – there are lots of ‘risks’ that come with aging… but Gregory Anne Cox says you still have “choice”. She calls her top tips the Power of Six: Sleep, Fat, Protein, Blood sugar, Mindset, Exercise. Sound hard? Try it anyways, you might surprise yourself. Greg suggests that everything is “food”. That includes the thoughts we think, what we allow into our energy field – our inner conversation can be harder to control than the outer conversation. Gratitude. By this age, we’ve come through some hard times. Key phrase: “come through” – we’re still here. So we can get through the next setback too. Spend your energy on appreciating how far we’ve come. Greg shares interesting thoughts abouts genetic testing. Interesting statistic: 90% of lifestyle diseases depends on us, our behaviours, our diet. So get educated. Find Greg at: Learn more about Greg and find all her links at:


Deb Curtis - Equity in the Workplace & in Business Acquisition

Gender discrimination is part of the discussion today. Many of we Boomers might recognize the theme of Deb Curtis’ stories… only hers are from the 1990s and later, not the 1960s or 70s! Deb took all she learned over her 30-year career however, and built a small business supporting other women looking to acquire a small business, especially women of diverse groups. The wisdom of women-owned business can be found in many developing nations – why not the US? Deb has some great insights into the issue… I got to thinking she could be a policy advisor to whoever write the rules! And she explains the process of small business acquisition loans. If you’re a Boomer who’s thinking of retiring from your small business, Deb discusses that at some length too… think “succession plan”. Or… perhaps you’re a Boomer looking to buy a business for that ‘next chapter’! Deb closes with a dream for the future where equity and diversity and inclusion are facts of life. Find Deb at Learn more about Deb and find all her links at


Amy Ewbank - ReStory Your Brain

A few long-distance sound issues today. Amy Ewbank is “a deliciously flawed, complex and wonderful human being, who supports other deliciously flawed, complex and wonderful human beings to live their best lives.” We take an early detour with interesting insights into media’s use of women and the story around them… and male bonding. Many of us have a story about what our life will look like. Amy discusses what we might do if things don’t follow that story line. When you berate yourself, Amy suggests bringing a sense of curiosity about your thoughts and… bring a sense of humour too. When you Re-Story” focus on Joy… focus on alternatives. Amy discusses the Bechdel Test. You may want to look that up! (link below) When you ponder “What am I?” what is your first response? And don’t “people please”! You’re a role model… did you realize that? Embrace it! Find Amy at Learn more about Amy and find all her links at


Leann Stickel on Living With MS

The Power of Positive Thinking. Today’s episode is the story of an eternal optimist with four small children finding out she has a chronic illness and her navigation of life with that illness over 13 years. Leann explains Multiple Sclerosis – her symptoms, what it is and how it manifests… all in lay terms and great analogies. After a good cry and some despair, Leann regained her positivity and there’s been no looking back. Her message though, is to honour the sad. Her attitude is a model to strive for no matter what you’re looking at. If life becomes a dry, crumby cake… find the frosting! And sprinkles! Bring the Joy! Express Gratitude. Be a Clapper. Find Leann at Find more about Leann and all Leann's links at **A few incidents of Zoom sound playing silly bugger.