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Two Boomer Women is hosted by One Boomer Woman – Agnes Knowles (while Boomer 2- Mar Sulaika Ochs - is on sabbatical) – and in the second Boomer Woman chair is a revolving door of guests who have something to say to Boomer Women. It’s Boomer time: Boomer interests, Boomer life. If you’re interested in being a guest, click this link:

Two Boomer Women is hosted by One Boomer Woman – Agnes Knowles (while Boomer 2- Mar Sulaika Ochs - is on sabbatical) – and in the second Boomer Woman chair is a revolving door of guests who have something to say to Boomer Women. It’s Boomer time: Boomer interests, Boomer life. If you’re interested in being a guest, click this link:


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Two Boomer Women is hosted by One Boomer Woman – Agnes Knowles (while Boomer 2- Mar Sulaika Ochs - is on sabbatical) – and in the second Boomer Woman chair is a revolving door of guests who have something to say to Boomer Women. It’s Boomer time: Boomer interests, Boomer life. If you’re interested in being a guest, click this link:




Summer Rerun: Suspense Writer Maggie Thom

Maggie Thom... Glenna Mageau... today you'll primarily meet Maggie Thom: award winning suspense/mystery/thriller writer. Maggie discusses her methods - writing, plot development, character studies - and the preparations for publishing. If you've ever considered writing, you'll get lots of tips. If you're looking for a good suspense with twists and turns throughout, you'll be following Maggie in no time! Links mentioned: Scrivenor: (that's...


TBW-Manly Monday: Keenan Fiddler on Gut Health

Gut health is one of those subjects we don't know enough about and it's not the prettiest subject around so, often, we don't mention it. Keenan Fiddler in a Holistic Nutritionist. He explains probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics. You may inherit your genetics but you also inherit habits - that's not always handy. Healthy food can help, even fix, a lot. Stress can be internal and external and is not helpful, in the least. Keenan guides us on what's good to eat, what should we avoid (we know...


Summer Rerun: Financial Planner Nahanni Ackroyd

This episode first appeared in February 2021. It appears here this week while Two Boomer Women take a well-deserved break. Nahanni Ackroyd is a diligent, caring, perceptive, smart financial planner on Vancouver Island. In this episode she discusses some of the basics of Retirement 101 in the Canadian context. Critical Illness insurance is recommended by Agnes and Nahanni - so she touches on it. Finally, if giving is part of your financial plan, 100 Who Care is a great way to keep your...


Mar-velous Monday: The Story Goddess Remembers Air India

1987 was two years after the Air India catastrophe and it was the year that Mar Sulaika was invited to get her story as the investigations continued to unfold. The woman she spoke with gifted her a sari, a few pieces of which Mar Sulaika still has and appreciates. During her career as an investigative researcher and producer, Mar Sulaika had a front row seat to the outfall from many impactful events. In this series, she explores her most memorable and touching. You can find more Story...


TBW Guest: Fran Pitre Pursued Her Dream

We all have dreams... or had dreams... that got put on a back burner because life happened. Today Fran Pitre talks about how she put a former dream back on the stove and cranked the heat! Apparently raising three sets of twins, running a home and having two careers wasn't enough because her former life as "the singer in the band" wouldn't stop itching her. Hear her story and listen to her tips about pursuing that dream, not letting it fizzle out. To try, and possibly pivot is better than...


TBW Guest: Retirement Options Coach Susan Farling

After a thirty year counselling and psychotherapy general private practice, Susan's transition to specializing in retirement and third stage of life coaching was a natural one. Today she discusses ageism: some of the background, why it's important to recognize it, the impact of internalized ageism, ageism in society, and intergenerational ageism. Both Susan and Agnes have personal examples. Susan can be found at Her free e-book on planning adequately for...


Mar-velous Mondays: The Story Goddess Remembers Burstall, Saskatchewan

Mar Sulaika is back for what might be shaping up for a new series called "The Story Goddess Remembers..." where she revisits some of the most memorable, heart-leading stories from her career as a reporter and producer. Today: Burstall, Saskatchewan where tragedy befell the small community in 1995. Mar Sulaika leads with her heart, captures a story from the hearts of others, and touches our hearts with her memories. Find more at


TBW Guest: Stress & Resilience Coach DurgaMata of London Wraps Up

DurgaMata of London brought so many fabulous and interesting stories to the podcast the time flew! so... it became several episodes. In this third and final episode, she reviews her Seven Steps to Happiness. Hopefully listeners will join DurgaMata and Agnes as they brainstorm the qualities and skills of happy people. Find out more about DurgaMata and the varied ways she leads clients to reduce stress and increase resilience at You can also download her...


TBW-Manly Monday: Bob Levin on Computer Security

Bob Levin got his start in computers in 1973! That's called an early adopter. In this episode he talks security: our computers, our email, the internet... and his mantra Back-up. Back-up. Back-up. From passwords to patches, he explains why security is so important... and that it's our responsibility! Bob can be found on FaceBook: He explained he has a course to help you upgrade that unsupported Windows 7 to Windows 10. He made it free for you:...


TBW Guest: Stress & Resilience Coach DurgaMata of London is Back!

The second episode with DurgaMata was so engaging it became too long for one episode. This week, DurgaMata explains finding the pipe and tabor and her enjoyment of busking; how the talented artist she is was found by silk painting; and how her 40 years of meditation practice made the therapy of forest bathing a natural extension of that. Tune in next week for the completion of the conversation where she describes her Seven Steps to Happiness, and hopefully you'll join her exercise to...


TBW Guest: Personal Development Coach Sheila Finkelstein

An award-winning artist and author, Tech Savvy Senior Sheila Finkelstein, is an 81-year-old grandmother whose “kids” (educators and business people) often come to her for “how-to’s.” As a former teacher and current life coach, Sheila has had years of experience in honing her communication skills. She now uses them to support boomers and seniors in having fun while learning how to thrive in the age of technology. Her own in-depth tech journey started with her first website in 2004. Five of...


TBW Guest: Stress & Resilience Coach DurgaMata of London

Such an interesting guest today! Where to start... Raised a Quaker; competitive white water canoeist; met her guru by accident... design?; teacher; silk painter; triathlete; habit stacker; musician; forest bather; story teller. DurgaMata has been meditating for 40 years, and her life experiences have led her to this place where she coaches on stress relief and resilience. Covid has prompted her to take her workshops and retreats online. You can find Durgamata at...


TBW Rant: Agnes & Judith Create "Grey Ruckus"

Something a little different today as Agnes shares and discusses a recent conversation (but one of several) she had with Judith over how the Canadian government is failing its seniors. For now they're calling it Grey Ruckus! It might be a movement you want to join! Some of the numbers Judith shared from her island home: removing a tooth: ~$50 remove a carcinoma: ~ $375 cut/colour/blowdry (her hair): ~$25 mani/pedi: $17.50 freshest piña colada in the world: $12 Lovely large restaurant...


TBW - Manly Monday: John Orian of Play At Creation

John Orian has a pretty impressive CV but, now that he's "retired" (he calls it "rejuvenation"), he's exploring our true purpose for being on Earth. John has very interesting ideas that will certainly get you pondering many "Why"s. His brand is Play At Creation - savour life experiences... and share that message with everybody else. Once you're retired, John invites (challenges?) you to Dream, Design and Create a venture that will make a profound difference in how much you savour...


TBW Guest: Laughter Yoga Master Trainer Linda Leclerc

When you interview a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, you expect a lot of laughter and Linda does not disappoint!! Yoga, exercise, therapy... the benefits of this unsung modality are profuse! Linda teaches us and at the same time we laugh so much it's like a free session! As if that wasn't enough, Linda made a special video for you, the podcast listener: So many links to share so you can learn...


TBW Guest: Inspired U School Founder Janae Bower

Janae Bower is an inspirational speaker and life purpose coach, and the founder of Inspired You School. Janae describes three 'worlds' we all inhabit: home, work, and above and beyond. The author of 'The Little Girl Who Found IT" discusses finding IT, her Inspired Living Blueprint and Challenge, and how the challenge can lead to Inspired U School. Janae brings a pretty impressive pedigree to her business along with a devotion to family and her own "above and beyond". Find out more about...


TBW Guest: Penny Stevens on Family & Distance During Covid

When you interview a good friend there are bound to be a few laughs and that’s about how this episode starts. Living in Canada, with close family in both Canada and England, Penny – like so many listeners - has been greatly affected by the ongoing Covid pandemic. Her practical nature has allowed her to roll with what she can’t do and appreciate what she can do. Penny describes care arrangements that are in place for her aging mother and how life is unfolding for her two daughters, one...


TBW Guest Michelle on Trans Children

A scenario you might never have imagined goes like this: your grandson comes to you and wants to talk. You can tell it's important so you curl up on the couch with him and he says "Gramma, I have this boy-body but I know I should be a girl." Most of us would not know how to react, and would probably say the wrong thing. Learn how to handle what might be the most important conversation of your life in this episode with Michelle, mother of a trans daughter, who knew more about the situation...


TBW Guest: Kathleen Kinasewich of Soul Circle Mandalas

Kathleen Kinasewich has always been lured by mandalas and in 2009 registered for formal training as a facilitator. In this episode, she talks about the history of mandalas, how they appear in so many different cultures around the globe, and why so many of us resonate with mandalas. The chat got so interesting, Agnes dropped her notes and let the conversation go where it would. While CoVid has waylaid Kathleen's live workshops, she can be found online with virtual workshops. Find out more...


TWB - Can You Answer a Few Questions Please?

Welcome to TBW! Today is going to be a really short episode. The technology gods really were not kind to Agnes today when her intended guest and she met on Zoom and after almost an hour of trying to outsmart them, they gave up, washed out their coffee cups and went for a walk in the sunshine. Three requests in this episode: Contact Agnes @ See you next week!!