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Travis and Ant talk about anime in the most head ahh way you could possibly imagine.

Travis and Ant talk about anime in the most head ahh way you could possibly imagine.
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Travis and Ant talk about anime in the most head ahh way you could possibly imagine.




Overrated/Underrated: All Black Clover Villains

Have you ever felt like your favorite villains don't get the respect they deserve? Do you hate it when the worst villains ever written get all the hype? Do you think the Jared Leto's Joker was one of the most underrated performances of all time? Well, have we got an episode for you! This week, Travis and Ant have another installment of overrated/underrated with the topic of Black Clover villains. Listen to see if your favorite people to hate get the attention they deserve. Underrated...


Demon Slayer: Ep. 15-21 Review

As we near the end of the first season of Demon Slayer, Travis and Ant continue their journey through the story. Join in as the boys discuss their opinions of some of the most iconic episodes in all of modern anime. Episode 19, the 19th episode, and the episode of our lord aught 19 I do declare... we really like episode 19.


One Piece: Thriller Bark Review

Do you like The Nightmare Before Christmas? Do you love One Piece? Ever wondered what it would be like if they had a baby? Travis and Ant discuss another arc of One Piece, this time focusing on Thriller Bark. Spooky trees, hate-able villains, and why was the horror themed arc so freaking funny?


MHA: What Does Your Favorite Character Say About You.

We all all love class 1-A, but what does my favorite character say about you? Well, wonder no longer! This week, Travis and Ant will give you the cold, hard facts of what your favorite class 1-A student say about you? Remember, these aren't opinion; it's fact... not really... but they are... People who look both ways before crossing the road, the super edgy skater bro's, and the King of the Kyle's.


Ranking Every Anime We've Ever Seen

We're literally ranking every anime we've ever seen. And by that, we mean every anime that Travis has seen. Ant's list would make for a great 5 minutes short. Lil' gangsters, first impressions, and how many hours would it take for me to binge every anime?


One Piece: Water 7/Enies Lobby Arc Review

We went a little long on this one, but hey... we love One Piece! This week, Travis and Ant go over one of the greatest arcs in all of One Piece, Water 7. Better animation, powerful foes, and why did this arc make me cry SO FREAKING MUCH?


Demon Slayer: Ep. 8-14 Review

We're back again to talk about the hottest (and bloodiest) anime out right now. Travis and Ant return to the "Anime of the Year" contender, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, to discuss the events of the past few episodes. Sunlight swords, astonishing animation, and where you at goblin-mask man?


The WORST Main Characters in Anime

Everyone has a favorite main character, sure. But do we ever stop to think about the main characters that are just absolute garbage? Well, we do! Travis and Ant discuss some of the most unlikable and unlovable main characters in anime. Split personalities, the power of friendship, and someone PLEASE explain to me how he can dual-wield, because I still dont get it.


Top 10 Favorite Main Characters

Everyone's got a favorite main character, even if that anime isn't their favorite. We just cant deny the likeable qualities of those little trouble-maker/ law-bringers. We want to present these characters to you in a more interesting way though. Travis and Ant are join by returning guest Aven Wakkuri to discuss their favorite main characters in a competition-style discussion. Travis and Aven take turns trying to convince Ant that their choice of main character is better than the other. Since...


Ranking The Straw Hat Pirates as Roommates

Everyone loves the Straw Hats... but would you really want to bunk with them? This week, Travis and Ant discuss which of these fun loving crew members would be the best first mate in a roommate situation. Stolen food, ragers every night, and can someone please get these goblins out of my basement?


Black Clover Arc Ratings

Travis and Ant return to talk about one of their favorite running animes out right now, Black Clover. With the show now having a few arcs under its belt now, we decided to rate them (Spoiler alert, they're all pretty good). Background barking, crappy sub-plots, and this is where you boys become men!


Demon Slayer: Ep. 1-7 Review

Have we got an amazing anime for you! With all the buzz around the new Demon Slayer being adapted into an anime, we had to see if it lived up to the hype. It did. This week, Travis and Ant discuss the new anime Demon Slayer up to the, as of now, most recent episode by looking at the plot, characters, theories, and a MAJOR plot hole. Demonic vendettas, masked mentors, and NEWS FLASH: YOU CAN'T BREATH UNDERWATER!...or can you?


Characters We All Love More Than The Main Character

You all know what we're talking about. Sometimes, the main characters just fall short in our memories, leaving only the greatest side characters left as our favorites. This week, Travis and Ant discuss some of their favorite characters that, honestly, we all love more than the main character. Interdimensional sword attacks, three-sword style sword attacks, and if I choose scissors while playing rock, paper, scissors, does that count as a sword attack?


Overrated/Underrated: Boruto, One Punch Man, Tier Lists + End Game???

Travis and Ant discuss, once again, some of the most under-appreciated and overly hyped things in anime... and comics? JRPGs, the strongest character ever, and y'all already know where Ant-Man has been. R.I.P. Thanus


Top 10 Favorite Villains

Back from a tough week of school work and responsibilities, Travis and Ant return with a new topic of discussion. This week, they go through Travis's top 10 favorite villains. Kicking puppies, unstoppable insects, and that villain actually has a good point - just saying.


Overrated/Underrated: E-Girls, Jump Force, Mineta, and More!

Travis and Ant introduce a new type of episode series - Overrated/Underrated! In these episodes, the hosts will discuss the most over and under rated things about things in anime. While in the future we plan to focus on specific anime, we'll just talk about anime in general this week. Speed readers, over-used archetypes, and Jump Force is basically the anime version of Super Smash Bros.


The Promised Neverland: Episode 7-12 Review

Travis and Ant give their thoughts on the conclusion of the first arc of The Promised Neverland. Great escapes, totally messed up family trees, and why'd they take away my favorite character...or did they?!


The Top 8 Most Iconic Women in Anime

We send off International Women's Month with a special returning guest, Aven Wakkuri, as we discuss some of our favorite women in anime. Royal bloodlines, honorable mentions, and is Ant really this stupid?