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Hi, I'm Taku Mbudzi and I love to tell stories — give me a pen, a microphone or a camera and I’ll have something to share. Two Words with Taku is a show about my writing and storytelling adventures. Watch my film Gugu naGogo on ABC iview at and see my world at Podcast produced and recorded on the traditional country of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, Australia.




Hi, I'm Taku Mbudzi and I love to tell stories — give me a pen, a microphone or a camera and I’ll have something to share. Two Words with Taku is a show about my writing and storytelling adventures. Watch my film Gugu naGogo on ABC iview at and see my world at Podcast produced and recorded on the traditional country of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, Australia.








Blast Off! — Gugu naGogo BTS

Today’s Two Words: Blast Off! Thanks to everyone who's watched my film Gugu naGogo and shared their lovely messages of support. I'm so pleased you're enjoying it! Here are a few fun bloopers for you: It was also pretty magical celebrating our film launch at Melbourne Planetarium. Gugu naGogo played on the large dome, surrounded by twinkly stars in a dark night sky. It was wonderful hearing people’s different reactions as it played and I was so...


Film Community — Gugu naGogo BTS

Today's Two Words: Film Community What does the future of community-led content creation look like in Australia? My filmmaker friends and I discuss the Kaleidoscope Project, our films and much more. Watch all our films Viv’s Silly Mango, Gugu naGogo, Namaste Yoga, and Yaz Queens on ABC iview: and our video chat here. Our Collective Viv's Silly Mango Gugu naGogo Namaste Yoga Yaz Queens More at Music by Audius...


Safe Space — Gugu naGogo BTS

Today's two words: Safe Space In this episode I discuss how I handled creative, business, emotional and cultural safety during the making of my film Gugu naGogo. I also give special thanks to some of the black and African women who have supported me and my project along the way. More at Watch Gugu naGogo on ABC ME and iview from 20 November 2022. Music by Audius Mtawarira See for privacy information.


Escape Velocity — Gugu naGogo BTS

Escape velocity requires an object to propel itself with enough speed and thrust to break through a barrier. — NASA Today's Two Words: Escape Velocity In Season 4, I'm going behind the scenes to break down how I made my first short film Gugu naGogo, premiering on ABC ME and iview on World Children’s Day, 20 November 2022. More at Original music composed by Audius Mtawarira. See for privacy information.


Casting Call

Today's Two Words: Casting Call I'm joined by guest co-host Tariro Mukando to share the casting call for my short film Gugu naGogo. We discuss the film synopsis, what we're looking for and how you can apply for the roles. Shoot date: September 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. More information at Timestamps: See for privacy information.


Access Granted

Today's two words are: Access Granted and in this episode I'm answering your question, "How do I find the money to write my story?" More at See for privacy information.


Canon Eyes

Today’s two words are: Canon Eyes and in this episode I ponder, “Where do we want our stories to sit amongst others like them?” More at See for privacy information.


Same Same

Today’s two words are: Same Same and in this episode we explore, “How do we know when a story’s dead and it’s time to write a new one?” More at See for privacy information.


About Face

Today’s two words are: About Face and in this episode I ask, “What do we want the world to know about us?” More at See for privacy information.


Season 3 Intro — So you call yourself a writer?

So, you call yourself a writer, huh? Where’ve you been published? Can we watch your films? What’s on your IMDB profile? Oh... you’ve self-published… on your blog? Oh, you’re just, sort of starting out? Oh, so are you even a real writer? Ignore all that. You are a writer. You love words. You find them delicious and eat them for breakfast. You love putting them together and tearing them apart. You love testing and teasing them. You. Love. Words. Except sometimes your own words terrify you....


Episode 100 — Answering Your Podcasting Questions on Instagram LIVE

Episode 100! I finally took to Instagram LIVE to answer your burning questions about podcasting. Watch the whole video, complete with show-and-tell of my recording gear at Thank you for listening and supporting Two Words with Taku since 2017 — here's to 100 more episodes! See for privacy information.


99 Episodes but a TV Show Ain't One

I've finally made it to Episode 99 of this podcast! Here's a quick update on what's happening with my TV stuff and what I'm planning for my 100th podcast episode. Thanks for listening and stay safe! x See for privacy information.


Pitch Perfectin' with Producer and Filmmaker Sher-Li Tan

"Pitching is a verbal way of selling your story, and I like to leave something visual so they remember my pitch." — Sher-Li Tan I thought I was the Queen of Pitch Preparation until I met producer and filmmaker Sher-Li Tan. We first met at YouTube conference VidCon and she blew me away with how passionately she spruiked her projects. In this episode we talk about how she prepares for pitching her shows — everything from the documents she creates to how she researches her audience and the...


Short Courses with Wendy Gray, AFTRS Head of Industry Program

"Children's television is wonderful for people starting out in the industry because there tends to be more opportunity for people who don't have a long list of credits." — Wendy Gray I've fast-tracked a few skills after discovering the short courses offered by the Australian Film Television Radio School (AFTRS). In this episode, I chat to Wendy Gray from AFTRS about their courses and who they're designed for. We also chat about Wendy's career in the screen industry, including her extensive...


Chain of Title with Lawyer Dee Mbugua

"…without the proper documentation proving the ownership of the work, there’s no protection from legal action." The world of television is full of great ideas and magic...and contracts and legal agreements that underpin how all that magic comes together. In this episode, lawyer Dee Mbugua explains what 'chain of title' means and why it's so important in the media industry. She also gives useful tips for seeking legal advice, especially when it comes to the fineprint. If in doubt, don't make...


Writers' Guild with Screenwriter and Podcaster Evrim Şen

"The way that we can tell stories if we use audio, specifically fiction, is so interesting and diverse. Audio is such a freeing medium." I joined the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) so I could meet inspiring young screenwriters like Evrim Şen. We met at an Animation Writing Workshop and hit it off instantly — we're both fired up about stories for and about young people. In this episode, Evrim shares how joining the AWG is helping her writing career and how things are different in real-life...


Authentic Voices with Vlogger and LGBQTI+ Advocate AJ Clementine

"I love that this younger generation is being more expressive and feeling their emotions, instead of trying to not feel things. " We keep hearing that we need more authentic voices telling their own stories. But what does that look like when you’re creating a TV show with different characters? How do you, as a writer, make their stories feel authentic, if you haven’t personally lived those experiences? In this episode, I chat candidly with YouTuber and content creator AJ Clementine about...


Writers' Rooms with Screenwriter and Script Editor Wendy Hanna

"Read scripts from the shows you like and shows you don't like. Have a good look at how they lay things out. " Wendy Hanna's episode is full of great tips about writing, finding other writers, growing your community of writers and even entering writing competitions. Hear how we first met at an Animation Writing Workshop and how the mock writers' room she created inspired me to re-think how I'd find writers for my show. Podcast Guest Profile Wendy Hanna is an AWGie nominated screenwriter...


Funding Films with Filmmaker and Director Hawanatu Bangura

"The key thing is, these funding bodies want you to contact them. They'll give you the time to explain what's required because they want people to succeed as well. " How can you fund your creative projects whilst working a day job? Who do you need on your team to make your funding applications more competitive? How important is it to create a proof of concept to get more funding? In this episode I chat to filmmaker Hawanatu about how she's managed to get her films and web series made. We...


Managing Money with Xero Australia's Amanda Newton

"Don't settle for a relationship with your accountant or bookkeeper that isn't working for you. " I know too many artists and creative people who don't feel comfortable talking about money — how much to charge, how to get more of it, how to manage it, how to grow it etc. I've finally had to confront my own fears and insecurities about money because my creative projects need proper funding to happen. In this episode I share how I manage the finances in my production company and how I...