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The podcast for all things Ukrainian, discussing Ukraine’s history, culture and traditions as well as what’s happening in the diaspora. Hosted by Andrei and co-hosts: Brianna, Justin, Nathan and Olexa.

The podcast for all things Ukrainian, discussing Ukraine’s history, culture and traditions as well as what’s happening in the diaspora. Hosted by Andrei and co-hosts: Brianna, Justin, Nathan and Olexa.




The podcast for all things Ukrainian, discussing Ukraine’s history, culture and traditions as well as what’s happening in the diaspora. Hosted by Andrei and co-hosts: Brianna, Justin, Nathan and Olexa.




Episode 21 - Constitutional Court and Shadow Economy

Ukraine has fallen into a constitutional crisis following a controversial decision from the countries constitutional court. This week we look at President Zelenkyy's high stakes response to this ruling, as well as the shenanigan's happening inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


Episode 20 - Ukraine's Journey into Space

Ukraine has recently joined the Artemis Accords, a US lead effort to return to the moon. We delve into Ukraine's space history and it's ambitions in the field of space exploration. Coming back down to Earth, we explore the new streaming platform 'Takflix', which aims to deliver Ukrainian language cinema to your living room.


Episode 19 - Becoming a Master Bandurist

This week, we speak with Australian-Canadian Victor Mishalow - a world renowned Bandurist and Merited Artist of Ukraine. Join Us as we explore his truly diaspora story, growing up in Sydney, discovering a love for the Bandura, moving to Ukraine to study in Soviet times and settling in Toronto.


Episode 18 - The Petrykivka Artform

In this week's episode we discuss the Petrykivka painting style, its' historical origins and how the artform lives on today.


Episode 17 - Borscht Wars and Zelenskyy's Poll

We take a look at Ukraine's goal to reclaim its national dish from its Soviet past; additionally, we compare the results of our poll against Zelenskyy's national poll.


Episode 16 - Kyiv Post & Crimean Fried Chicken

Kyiv Post turned 25 this month, so we discuss its important role on the voice of Ukraine in the world; and we explore fast food, Crimean style.


Episode 15 - Celebrating Australian-Ukrainian Cinema

Join us this week as we interview Stefan Bugryn, a highly-acclaimed Australian-Ukrainian Filmmaker from Melbourne. We discuss the motivation behind his award winning 'War Mothers' film series, some of the production challenges, the experience of working in Ukraine and meeting Ukrainians affected by the ongoing War.


Episode 14 - Biden, Trump and Ukraine

Which outcome will benefit Ukraine, a Trump re-election or a Biden victory. This week we discuss what each candidate plans for Ukraine.


Episode 13 - Faith in the Diaspora (Part 2)

In part two of our series we explore how the Ukrainian church spread through Canada and how Ukrainians settled the Canadian Prairies.


Episode 12 - Charity, Poverty and Environmentalism

Are you as confused by recycling and as scared of climate change as we are? Ukraine is taking steps to increase their recycling rates, taking an education based approach. Also, COVID 19 wreaks havoc on Ukraine’s poverty rates, and we look at challenges facing Ukrainian orphans across the country.


Episode 11 - Navalny & Crimean Water Issue

This week we explore the blatant assassination attempt on Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the ramifications of this on European politics. We also look at the disastrous water situation in Crimea with Russia trying to sue Ukraine over alleged responsibility for the crisis.


Episode 10 - Pickles, Bombs & Borsch

This week we interview Julian Knysh, an Australian-Ukrainian Filmmaker and curator of this year's Pickles, Bombs & Borsch short film programme at the 2020 Sydney Underground Film Festival. We discuss the Ukrainian short films being screened and the current creative renaissance occurring in Ukrainian cinema generally. For more information: Pickles, Bombs & Borsch @ the Sydney Underground Film Festival 2020


Episode 9 - What you might not know about Donbas

In this weeks episode we spotlight some little-known facts about Donbas, as well as a strange way the Separatists commemorate their 'heroes'.


Episode 8 - The Irish link, Wikipedia & Salo

When you think of Ukraine and Ireland, are potatoes and soccer the first things that come to mind? These two countries on opposite ends of Europe are more similar than you might think. Find out more on this topic, how Wikipedia is making a difference in Ukraine, and the delicacy of salo (pig fat), in this week's episode of Uki Life Abroad.


Episode 7 - Belarus' Fight for Democracy

Join us as we delve into the recent protests in Belarus as well as what is happening in eastern Russia.


Episode 6 - Faith in the Diaspora (Part 1)

In the first episode of our mini-series 'Faith in the Diaspora', we explore the challenges of practicing our faith during the pandemic.


Episode 5 - Chrystia Freeland - A diaspora Ukrainian & Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Chrystia Freeland is currently the highest ranked Canadian-Ukrainian in Canada's political establishment. We discuss the various roles that Justin Trudeau has assigned to her, and what this means for global Ukrainian politics, as well as the positive influence of Ukrainians within Canada. Also, Russia's newly opened armed forces cathedral drew controversy with its proposed mosaic depictions of Putin and Stalin.


Episode 4 - Zelenskyy's First Year

In 2019, Volodymyr Zelenskyy went from being a comedian and political outsider to being in the spotlight as Ukraine's new President. Join us as we review his first year in office and cover last week's terrorist act in Lutsk.


Episode 3 - Magnitsky & the global fight against corruption

A Russian lawyer, an American investment banker and the collapse of the Soviet union - this may sound like the start of a corny joke, but in this week's episode we'll be looking at how they come together to fight global corruption in the 21st century. Also, proposed amendments to Ukraine's language laws spark protests.


Episode 2 - The power of Divchata

This week we look to America and interview the founders of Divchata, a group that's working towards equality and social justice for Ukrainian women all over the world. Also, a group of nuns share their Ukrainian embroidery traditions to make face masks for those who need them most. For more information on Project Divchata: News...