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Unapologetically Canadian podcast host Tracey Arial explores Canadian identity through conversations with creators from across the country.


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Unapologetically Canadian podcast host Tracey Arial explores Canadian identity through conversations with creators from across the country.








The Great Cycle Challenge Canada Fundraiser

We are now in the second week of the Great Cycle Challenge in Canada. I thought this would be a good time to meet Ian Parker, who directs fundraising for the Sick Kids Foundation. We spoke about inspiring Canadians who cycle to raise money every August, the community created through our efforts, the importance of diversity and gratitude for Canadians who give.


Get Out of a Rut With Christine Sauer

Christine Sauer is a neuroplasticist turned coach who helps women struggling with depression and other mental health issues thrive.


Reid Allaway and Tourne-sol's elec-truck project

I spoke to project head Reid Allaway about organic vegetable and seed farm cooperative Tourne-sol's operations, protecting farmland as a commons and how they went about getting a fully electric truck.


Getting history right with Irene Moore Davis

This is my interview with Irene Moore Davis, a woman who descends from Black pioneers settlers who lived in Southwestern Ontario in the nineteenth century. She speaks, teaches and writes about Black history, equity, diversity, and inclusion and will publish a book about the history of African-descended people in Windsor and Sandwich soon.


2022 Let's Go!

Okay 2022, we're ready for you. I hope. With COVID still on and so many government restrictions underway, how can we creatively lead sustainable lives while thriving? My word of the year: courage. The word “courage” stems directly from a feeling that I’m at the edge of my capabilities as an entrepreneur. I will need to continue stretching beyond who I am now in the coming year. Last year’s challenges included course development, fundraising and application development. I also hired many...


Writing up the ancestors with Janice Hamilton

It was a joy to speak with journalist and genealogist Janice Hamilton about her ancestors, her recent book "Reinventing Themselves," and surprises she's discovered while researching and writing her family history.


Creating diversity via permaculture with Stefan Sobkowiak

Stefan Sobkowiak spent twenty years turning a traditional commercial apple farm into an extraordinary oasis of permaculture diversity. He's deeply grateful for that abundance, which defines Canada for him. The episode is brought to you by the CAUS crowdfunding campaign at https://laruchequebec.com/.


How Lloyd Whitesell challenges norms

Lloyd Whitesell challenges norms just by being himself. His academic career began with co-creating the field of queer musicology. He's now among the leaders working to make space for diverse populations within music. Along the way, he's won awards for research excellence and teaching. He's also the world's expert on singer songwriter Joni Mitchell's talent as a composer. Listen to our conversation and consider which norms unintentionally influence you.


Motivating Youth with Bineta Ba

When I interviewed Bineta Ba, she was the executive director of Toujours Ensemble, a Canadian non profit association that helps youth succeed at school. As of next month, she'll be leading an international development foundation.


Marian Bulford's Heritage Discoveries

This week on the podcast, I interview Marian Bulford, a genealogist, researcher, indexer and writer. She describes what it's like to discover family secrets as she researches and writes stories about her ancestors.


Resolutions 2021: Setting up to win

How can I go forward into this year in a positive way that gives me energy? Set up clear accountability goals that scare me a little. Rely on other people more. Automate more functions.


Ruminations on 2020 and the pandemic

There are many ways to deal with a crisis. In 2020, we all discovered how well we handle uncertainty and stress. Some of us kept working in essential services. Others used the time to create works of art. Some people couldn’t work and struggled instead to find ways to occupy their minds and bodies in ways that helped others. Together, we grew and learned grace.


Farming for the Future with Ramzy Kassouf

This week, I interview Ramzy Kassouf, one of the partners in Les Jardins Carya, a farm in Senneville, on the island of Montreal. Les Jardins Carya specializes in lettuce, kale, spinach, sprouts and other greens. Ramzy and I spoke about the importance and challenges of sustainable farming, the need to support one another during hard times and Canada's diversity.


Exploring the power of art with Karen Klucowicz

This week, I interview artist and gallery operator Karen Klucowicz. We spoke about entrepreneurship, the challenges of staying productive, working process and contributing to the local community.


Indie publishing success with Heather Grace Stewart

Heather Grace Stewart, author of “The Ticket” is my guest this week. We discuss the challenges of indie publishing in Canada, her success with Self Publishing Formula and our shared belief that kindness is an essential quality of Canadians. This has been an exciting week as an entrepreneur so it’s a good time to discuss independent publishing with my fantasy romance writer buddy.


Change your story, change your life

This week's 11-minute segment talks about my mood today, November 10, 2020. Highlights include: the idea that you can change your life by changing your story, faltering on word-count in Nanowrimo, thoughts about being process-oriented or product-oriented, discovering the Achewillow fiction podcast, and my frustrations not seeing family this year. Today is also the day I announce my new story discovery sessions.


Can you write to heal? Penelope Arnold hopes so.

This week, I discuss the necessity of celebrating, connecting to the community and staying active. I also speak with Penelope Arnold, whose story "The Imposter" got longlisted for the CBC writers' prize. I was extra excited to speak with Arnold because she works in Orangeville, where I grew up. We talk about anorexia, addiction, writing and missing home.


Technology's benefits and risks with Glen Sharp

In this episode, I talk about continuing to grow despite a worldwide pandemic. I also interview Glen Sharp from Sharp Innovation Solutions about the risks and benefits of technology, the importance of developing your personal assets and the importance of local communities.


Talking copywriting with Robyn Roste

I'm in strategic planning mode this week, so it's a good time to listen to copywriter and Abbotsford resident Robyn Roste. Robyn is on a campaign to get writers to collaborate more readily and her tips and tricks had The Write Life name her blog as one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2020 earlier this year. Hope you enjoy our conversation.


How crafts connect generations with Mary Sutherland

This week, Unapologetically Canadian features an interview with family historian and quilter Mary Sutherland. Mary tells us about the art shows, retreats and charity, all featuring quilts. To read the show notes, refer to https://traceyarial.com/blog/mary-sutherland.