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Poet trying to speak what isn't spoken. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/unspokenwords/support

Poet trying to speak what isn't spoken. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/unspokenwords/support
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Poet trying to speak what isn't spoken. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/unspokenwords/support




Unspoken Words of Chef Donny

Season 4 Episode 42 of Unspoken Words Podcast Becky the Poet and special guest: Chef Donny (@khaonoodleshop) owner of Khao Noodle Shop cozy restaurant in East Dallas, serving Chef Donny’s signature Boat Noodles and other Laotian bites inspired by his mom, his childhood memories of her home-cooking and his travels throughout Southeast Asia. In celebration of Asian Pacific Islander heritage month Chef Donny speaks on accomplishing dreams outside of what Asian parents want for their...


Unspoken Words of Dj Cayne

We have special guest: Cayne who is a DJ and record producer residing in the Dallas Texas area. His style has been described as very versatile ranging from Hip-Hop, EDM, Latin, Pop and Ambient. Music: Dank - That N*gg FT. King Moe Trigga J and Kush Sparker - Been On That Grind Mode - Nobody New Dinero - Make Something - Diamond Ring Find Dj Cayne: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djcayne/ Booking: https://djcayne.com Merchanside:...


Google Rage Almighty

Season 4 Episode 40 of Unspoken Words Podcast Special guest: Rage (@ragealmighty) Becky The Poet sits down with Rage and learns a little more about him. Rage not only is a performer but a youth advocate helping the youth speak their truth through poetry. Rage also touches upon one of Becky The Poet poems written and performed titled " Depression " . Rage Almighty drops gems about how to make a career being a poet.


How To Be Authentic When Writing Poetry ft. Pretty Hurtz

Season 4 Episode 39 of Unspoken Words Podcast Becky the Poet and special guest: Pretty Hurtz (@msprettyhurtz) poet speaking about How To Be Authentic when writing poetry. Sasha (@msprettyhurtz) speaks about her journey on being authentic and that it is not an easy thing when it comes to poetry, especially performing a piece from a past situation. If you like to watch the podcast please subscribe to the youtube channel Unspoken Words Podcast. We are on apple podcast, souncloud and...


How to Use Rhyme and Rhythm When Writing Poetry ft. IAMPOETRYTEACHER

On Episode 38: IAMPOETRYTEACHER and Becky The Poet break down what self care is. Becky The Poet and IAMPOETRYTEACHER then explains their style of writing poetry which leads into the topic of rhyming and rhythm.


How to Use Your Voice When Writing Poetry ft. Niecee X

Becky the Poet and special guest: Niecee X (@nieceex) poet and owner of Revolution and Cafe Bookstore speaking about using your voice and how to find your voice. Niecee uses her voice to speak truth she sees. Niecee speaks about sometimes having to change your perspective to find your voice.


How To Combine Your Faith and Poetry ft. Quinn Rivera

Season 4 Episode 36 of Unspoken Words Podcast Becky the Poet and special guest: Quinn Rivera (@quinnriv) founder of Humbled Daily (@humbled_daily) sit down outside of Khao Noodle Shop to discuss HOW TO use your faith to write poetry. Quinn speaks about buying into the WHY meaning you’re not just buying a shirt with their logo but you’re buying something that could potentially spark a conversation to hear the word of God possibly. Quinn also breaks down his whole process on how he writes his...


Subsequent Navigation ft. Brie Marie

On episode 35 of "Unspoken Words" Becky the Poet is joined with Brie Marie (poet) who's biggest struggle is developing an autoimmune disease. Brie speaks about changing lifestyle habits and going through emotional ups and downs. Social Media: Instagram: @unspokenwordspodcast Twitter: @unspokenpodcast and subscribe to us on iTunes. Make sure to leave a comment and review. Find more episodes at www.beckythepoet.com or listen to us on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes. Special...


Apologetically Two Simple

Episode 34 Season 4 I, BeckyThePoet sit down with Tamir and Sydni from Two Simple Clothing speaking about their upcoming fashion show happening March 2, 2019 Saturday. Instagram: Tamir - @tamirb_ Syd - @itsmesyd_ Two Simple Clothing - @twosimpleclothing www.beckythepoet.com


Not Just Another Love Poem Monet Black

Poet/Author : Monet Black speaks about her inspiration on becoming a poet. The honesty level of poetry, real. What it's like to be a poet apart of the LBGT crew. Love and poetry always comes together. Social Media: IG: @Monet.black


Passion Vs Money Rome D'Carlo

Special guest: Rome D'Carlo (@romedcarlo) Featured Poet: Lauren Chalaire (@lauren_chalaire) Are you doing it because you love to do it or are you just doing it for the money?


For Poets Only Lauren Chalaire and Rome D'Carlo

Special guest: Lauren Chalaire (@lauren_chalaire) Featured Poet: Rome D'Carlo (@romedcarlo) 4:30 - Rome spits his poem: Goddess 10:15 - Is there competition in the poetry community? 11:40 - What is the Difference between slam poetry and spoken word? 15:00 - What's the vibe out here in Dallas like? 16:25 - What are poets expecting coming to For Poets Only? 18:50 - How does charging for poetry events work? 23:50 - Are you going to make that impact in Dallas? 27:30 - Lauren spits a poem she's...


Epi 32 Passion vs Money Rome D'Carlo

Epi 32 Passion vs Money Rome D'Carlo by BeckyThePoet


Trap Violinists ft. Gabby Clover

Last episode of season 3 with special guest Gabriella Clover. Violinists in the DFW metroplex plays all genres of music, street performer working in corporate America. Speaks about the art of networking using word of mouth, financially investing into her business and her end goal in the music field. Gabby's Social Media: Instagram: @gab.clover Bookings: cloverviolinists@gmail.com Unspoken Words Social Media: www.beckythepoet.com Instagram: @unspokenwordspodcast & @beckythepoet


Don't Let The New Year Fail You

Season 3 is not yet finished but I wanted to update you on what has been going in my life. 2019 just started and things haven't been going as planned but I'm still floating above water. Vendors of the Unspoken Showcase: Instagram: @uniquepieces.asd @simply_creating @3rets Website: www.beckythepoet.com Unspoken Showcase February 1st.


Brandon's Words [NeedISayMoore]

Brandon Moore aka Need I Say Moore sits down and talks about a little of everything. Brandon Moore: Instagram: @mooreindallas (all social media platforms) If you want to listen to the podcast: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/unspokenwordsp... Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/06ZL8oe9kEcrGQ6pFmAVZF?si=fxpIeERTQbC607ZF9WEleQ Apple Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/u... UWP Social Media: IG: @beckythepoet and @unspokenwordspodcast Website: beckythepoet.com


Cameron's Words [Black Canvas 2019]

Music editor of Cosign Magazine | Founder of Dallas Black Canvas | Manager of Black Renaissance | Cameron Tendaji (@illumindaji) speak about: What Black Canvas Is? and the plan for Black Canvas Cosign Life: Dealing with the clout chasing Executing Goals for 2019 Cam's Mental Health His creative life and pharmacist life Poet: @thejoehenkel - A Child's Life If you want to listen to the podcast: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/unspokenwordsp... Spotify:...


Kazz's Words [Verifying 2019 Goals]

Second half of season 3 shifts from their stories to transitions of walking into the New Year. We discuss about Verified Vlog and what they are all about then moving into #nationalgoalwritingday December 27th. Finishing off with tips walking into 2019. Poet: @always.moodieee - Black AmeriKKKA Instrumental by Major League Beats If you want to listen to the podcast: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/unspokenwordsp... Spotify:...


Le'Seven's Words [Real or Naw]

Le'Seven and I speak about knowing when and who to give favors, managing time and prioritizing, along with having patience. More interestingly the conversation gets deeper and slightly emotional. The Seven Agency Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesevenagency/ Website: https://www.the7agency.net Poet: @monet.black - I never like wearing dresses as a child Website: https://www.monetblack.com If you want to listen to the podcast: Soundcloud:...


KG's Words [Entrepreneur Dad]

Media and Marketing: special guest KG (@cosignkg) speaks about the man behind Cosign (@cosignmag). Hardly speaking of the business but touching upon being a dad and also being an entrepreneur. Dealing with rejection and overcommitting. 1:30 - instagram issues 6:40 - KG's story 7:00 - Working overseas 9:50 - Beginning of Plan B 11:20 Today's issue: Rejection 16:08 - Overcommitting 17:20 - Big Man KG getting hype 23:00 - Metaphor relating to food 29:30 - Being a dad and entrepreneur life Poet:...