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If you love film, the you'll love 'Vectis Movies'. An Isle of Wight based film review show. Join Tosin, Sharon & Shaun on Thursday evenings between 6-7pm on 104.6FM and online at

If you love film, the you'll love 'Vectis Movies'. An Isle of Wight based film review show. Join Tosin, Sharon & Shaun on Thursday evenings between 6-7pm on 104.6FM and online at
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If you love film, the you'll love 'Vectis Movies'. An Isle of Wight based film review show. Join Tosin, Sharon & Shaun on Thursday evenings between 6-7pm on 104.6FM and online at






First Man, Butterfly, Bad Times at the El Royale - Vectis Movies 18th October 2018

Shaun waxes lyrical about Cinerama and the old days, joined by Brian. Sharon takes off to the great unknown with Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy in First Man, Xeb runs the rule over the new ITV show Butterfly, and Everyone has something to chip in to convince Sharon to watch a shirtless Chris Hemsworth (believe me, the woman takes some convincing) in Bad Times at the El Royale


New Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker , Johnny English - Vectis Movies 11th October 2018

On this show, we cannot stand for a disgraceful decision regarding the regeneration of Doctor Who, ... Shaun thinks Patrick Troughton's was the best. In other news, Xeb welcomes the brave new world of the Doctor and talking about TV on a Movie Show, Tosin joins Sharon in fawning over Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, and Rowan Atkinson takes our mind off things for a little while in Johnny English Strikes Again.


A Star is Born, Venom, RedCon-1 - Vectis Movies 4th October 2018

'It's here!! It's finally here!!' yells Sharon, as she revels in the fact that We finally have another version of A Star is Born as Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper follow in the footsteps of Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristofferson, Judy Garland & James Mason and the really early one that we can't remember. The thing that is Venom gets our critical assessment and Shaun gets his brain twisted over whether a british zombie movie is good or utter tripe.


The House With A Clock In Its Walls - Vectis Movies 27th September 2018

Tosin rants about getting some respect for Africa on the Big screen, Sharon weighs in on A Simple Favour, Xeb and Shaun give their two cents on The House With A Clock in it's Walls (when they are not tripping over trying to say the title). And everyone gets teary eyed as it's Tosin's final show. *sniff*


Crazy Rich Asians, American Animals, A Simple Favour - Vectis Movies 20th Sept 2018

In this episode, we fall in love and climb through hate with Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh and Henry Golding in Crazy Rich Asians, A crazy group of College kids in American Animals, and A Bargain Basement Gone Girl with Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively and Henry Golding (him again!!) in A Simple Favour. Enjoy


Mile 22, The Nun, Puzzle, The Predator, Searching - Vectis Movies 13 Sept 2018

Shaun has a go at Mark Wahlberg, Sharon and Xeb find the meaning of life in a puzzle along with Kelly McDonald and Irfan Khan, Shane Black's latest has a perhaps predictable effect on Shaun, and Tosin makes some biiiigg claims about Hitchcock and the Internet in relation to Searching. packed show, good show.


BlackKklansman, King of Thieves, The Children Act - Vectis Movies 6th September 2018

Xeb, Sharon and Shaun talk fighting racism in BlackKklansman, robbing vaults in King of Thieves and whether to save a child's live against their will in The Children Act. Enjoy


The Spy Who Dumped Me, Alpha, Luis and the Aliens, Equalizer 2 - Vectis Movies 30th Aug 2018

Xeb and the gang talk spy shenanigans across Europe (yawn!) in The Spy Who Dumped me, Shaun talks the beginning of Man's best friend with Alpha, Xeb takes a bunch of his younger cousins to see kiddy fare Luis and the Aliens and Tosin calls in to discuss Denzel Washington in the Equalizer 2


Christopher Robin, Favourite childhood movies (Bridge to Terabithia, Willy Wonka) - Vectis Movies 23rd August

Xeb and Sharon get a surprise visitor in the shape of Shaun, Tosin calls in with a disappointing review of Christopher Robin and the gang discuss films they loved while growing up. Bridge to Terabithia and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory


The Meg, The Festival, Unfriended : Dark Web - Vectis Movies 16th August 2018

Xeb and Sharon talk giant shark chomping on things in The Meg, Tosin gets teary over the death of Aretha Franklin plays a tribute to the Blues Brothers then quickly talks about The Festival before he starts bawling Shaun phones in to talk how he enjoyed a film centred around a computer when he really doesn't get computers in Unfriended: Dark Web. Quote: If you're a teenager who's never been to a Festival, you might enjoy watching the Festival. Enjoy


Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, Hotel Transylvania 3, Ant-man and The Wasp Revisited - Vectis Movies 9th August 2018

Xeb runs the desk like a pro, Sharon sits quiet for 40 minutes while we discuss films she hasn't seen (and animations at that)what a trooper, Tosin gushes over the most anarchic superhero fun at the cinema this year, yes, including Deadpool. And Shaun rings in for what becomes a frankly embarrassing love in for Ant-Man and the Wasp. Quote of the night: For a Parent with a small child who needs two hours sleep, go see Hotel transylvania 3. Enjoy


Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, Mission Impossible : Fallout, Incredibles 2, Hotel Artemis, Ant Man and the Wasp, Skyscraper - Vectis Movies 2nd August 2018

After two weeks off, it's a bumper week as dicuss the biggest and Ant sized latest releases, including Mamma Mia, The Incredibles 2, Ant Man and The Wasp and Skyscraper. This time round, Xeb runs the Show with Tosin as a mostly compliant backseat driver. Shaun and Sharon throw in their two cents as well. Enjoy


The First Purge, TAG, The Kissing Booth, Is Netflix ruining Cinema? - Vectis Movies 12th July 2018

Tosin's back from swanning around on stage, and we jump right into a resilient and chameleonic franchise that is The Purge, We all wish we had friends that played around with us for 30 years with TAG, We talk the first Netflix Original Blockbuster in The Kissing Booth and we fret about whether Netflix is killing the Cinema, or whether cinemas just have to raise their game.


Adrift, Leave No Trace, Sicario 2 : Soldado - Vectis Movies 5th July 2018

Tosin bunks off again (word has it he may never return, get out the bunting). So Xeb steps up to the big leagues in his first go at presenting the show. Sharon is the only one who has done her homework and shows up on time, so she talks Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin in Adrift, Ben Foster in Leave no Trace, the Shaun legs it in late to give the skinny in Soldado, or is it Sicario 2: Soldado? or is it Sicario 2 : Day of the Soldado, or is it 'How we fired our marketing guys for ballsing...


Ocean's 8, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of First half of 2018 - Vectis Movies 28th June 2018

Tosin is away this week (the slacker) so Brian dons his superhero tights and steps in to save the day (again). Due to a tiny little football get together in Russia, there are no new movies around to review, none. So Sharon gives her view on Ocean's 8, Shaun revists The Hurt Locker and some other things on home media and being halfway through the year, Brian leads everyone through their memory banks to figure out what's been good, bad and just blllueerrgh!! about the year in cinema so far.


Vectis Movies 7th June 2018 (Island Con Special - Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom, Solo : A Star Wars Story, Deadpool 2, Avengers Infinity War)

Today we celebrate the very best of geek culture that is ruling our cinemas this Summer. We talk Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Space Operas all to highlight one of the Isle of Wight's newest attractions, The Island Comic Con, bringing the very best of geek culture to the Island.


Vectis Movies 24th May 2018 (Solo : A Star Wars Story, Life of the Party)

The least anticipated Star Wars movie in history is finally here (whoopee?) and it might actually be good. We also review the latest Melissa McCarthy starrer. It's the one where she's sweet and sugary part of the time and a raging party monster the other part (can't wait for her Jekyll and Hyde)


Vectis Movies 17th May 2018 (Deadpool 2, Entebbe, Sherlock Gnomes, Breaking In)

This week, the Merc with the Mouth is back as we ruminate if Ryan Reynolds is one of those lucky people that has found his purpose in life. Talk Airplane Hijack drama feat. Rosamund Pike and Daniel Bruhl. We ponder exactly what Hollywood casting directors have on their briefs that makes them go 'Eddie Marsan!! he'll do'. Sharon watches her annual animated movie and (spoiler alert) likes it, and Gabrielle Union kicks some ass.


Vectis Movies 10th May 2018 (I Feel Pretty, The Strangers : Prey at Night)

We endure another week of slim pickings as everyone runs from a certain purple Titan. Bravely sticking their heads up above the parapet are Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty, and the team behind the most unwieldy title sinc Mark Felt: The Man who brought down the White House and not in a good way. Enjoy


Vectis Movies 3rd May 2018 (Marvel Cinematic Universe Review)

This week there are no new movies in the cinema, NONE. And that is because there is one film that has taken all the oxygen avalaible and has all other films running for the hills, that’s right people it’s the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, so many words (catches Breath). Taking up all the oxygen in a totally different way is Avengers Infinity War and we decided to step back in time and see what brought this movie to our doors.