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Based on the lifestyle blog This podcast will answer lifestyle questions from beauty and fashion to travel and health. Featuring interviews with interesting people from the life of one of Nashville's most prominent female tastemakers and tastefinders.

Based on the lifestyle blog This podcast will answer lifestyle questions from beauty and fashion to travel and health. Featuring interviews with interesting people from the life of one of Nashville's most prominent female tastemakers and tastefinders.
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Based on the lifestyle blog This podcast will answer lifestyle questions from beauty and fashion to travel and health. Featuring interviews with interesting people from the life of one of Nashville's most prominent female tastemakers and tastefinders.




Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby with Dr. David Yarian

Our society is over saturated with sex, yet somehow talking about sex and sex health is almost taboo. Kelly sits down with sex therapist, Dr. David Yarian to discuss the keys to a healthy sex life and what the guidelines should be no matter what the relationship. They also talk about removing shame and judgement from sex, what expectations really should be and how to put the “play” back into it. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Modern Day Etiquette with Myka Meier (#40)

Modern etiquette has evolved exceedingly from the former days of etiquette. What used to be training on formalities is now more like life coaching to produce confidence and make everyone the best versions of themselves. Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, offers explanations of modern etiquette and tips for everything from who pays for the first date to how to talk to friends. Learn more about your ad-choices at


CBD 101 With The Founders of Yuyo Botanics (#39)

Amanda and Christie of Yuyo Botanics join Kelly to talk about the benefits of CBD. Some of those benefits include cancer aid, anxiety and depression relief and inflammation reduction which is the major cause of most disease. The ladies also talk about their creation process and why being a clean company, with clean products, is so important. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Savings Accounts are Sexy with Daniel Burke of Burke Financial Group (#38)

Daniel Burke is CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) at Burke Financial Group and is giving savings a new voice. He talks to Kelly about how to start saving at any income level, the nasty “B” word (budget) and why anyone thinking “I’m young, I’ll save later,” is missing some major opportunities. It’s all about saving now and spending later and Daniel is telling us all how to do it. All income levels included. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear with Laura Lemon of Lemon Laine (#37)

Laura Lemon is the owner and founder of Lemon Laine, one of Nashville’s coolest destinations for natural skincare. This natural beauty brick and mortar has made rise in both Tennessee and Texas as the go to for natural beauty. Their personalized oil bar is a cult favorite, as well as destination for bachelorette parties and GNO’s. Laura talks with Kelly about the benefits of oil in your skincare routine, her can’t live without natural beauty products and how she overcame fear to start her...


How to Brand Your Business with Libby Callaway (#36)

Libby Calaway is the founder of the Callaway , a marketing and pr firm, that helps brands and creatives develop their stories and create the content surrounding that. She has creatively found a way to combine her previous skill set as a journalist and stylist to build brands around nashville and name her business. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Everything Is To Be Continued with Joy Williams (#35)

Joy Williams is a singer/songwriter most famously known for her part in the former duo, The Civil Wars. Joy talks about what life looks like after reaching some of your biggest dreams and also seeing them fall apart. She describes her latest project, Front Porch, and taking a break and getting back to what she loves has made some of her best music yet. Joy also explains why drinking with Adele and tattoos go hand in hand. Learn more about your ad-choices at...


How to Survive a Breakup with Laura Yates (#34)

Breakup and relationship coach, Laura Yates, gives breakup survival tools. Everyone wants to have a better relationship after a breakup, but what are you doing to heal and make that happen? Laura Yates has the answers. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Finding Your Aura Color with Mystic Michaela

Mystic Michaela is a fourth generation psychic medium who specializes in reading auras, the colors she sees surrounding each person. Your aura color can say a lot about your personality, who you should be in relationships with and even your life’s purpose. Michaela breaks down how to find your aura and also reads Kelly aura so everyone can see how it works. Let’s just say she nailed it. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Reveal and Revitalize Your Natural Radiance with Living Libations founder, Nadine Artemis. (#32)

Nadine Artemis is the founder of Living Libations and author of Renegade Beauty, which is all about beauty secrets and solutions to reveal and revitalize your natural radiance. She gives Kelly natural remedies for everything from cellulite to smelly armpits all while talking about the wonder and beauty that is the human body. Learn more about your ad-choices at


How To Love Successfully with Love and Relationship Expert, Samantha Burns

Samantha Burns is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in love and relationships. She is also the founder of and author of Breaking Up & Bouncing Back: Moving On To Create The Love Life You Deserve. According to Samantha, most people are missing the key foundational points when they are looking for love and relationships. She educates us on two major questions everyone should ask and answer about themselves before they start dating. Samantha also...


How To Have a Good Relationship & Perfect Highlights with Hollywood’s Top Hair Colorist, Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson has made a name for himself coloring hair for Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chelsea Handler, Margot Robbie and more. He is also the co-founder of the successful hair product line, DP Hue. However, the journey to success was not as simple as it may seem. Growing up a gay man in a Morman family, Justin had to decide pretty early on to own his dreams and chase them, no matter what the cost. He takes us all on that journey in this podcast and sprinkles a...


Life After Death with Pippy Pomeranz (#29)

Pippy Pomeranz is back to give exciting updates on the arrival of her twins after a devastatingly long journey to have babies. Pip battled through 8 miscarriages and the loss of twins via surrogate to finally receive her sunshine and rainbows in new babies, Hunter and Andie. If you have battled with any infertility or pregnancy issues or just like stories with happy endings, listen up now! Learn more about your ad-choices at


Hollywood’s Top Scandal with Top Celebrity Publicist and “fixer,” Jack Ketsoyan (#28)

Hollywood’s best kept secret was just that until this VE Podcast. Kelly talks to top celebrity publicist and crisis manager, Jack Ketsoyan about the stories behind the story in Hollywood. Jack talks through the toughest parts of his job and also tells us mind-blowing details on why Paris Hilton is actually smart?? Jack also gives his tips on how to break into the entertainment and PR industry. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Introducing: Committed Season 2

We’re back, baby! On April 11th, the Committed podcast is coming back for Season Two. Get ready to believe in love all over again as host Jo Piazza interviews couples navigating the good, the bad, the messy, the wonderful and sometimes the hilarious —-often all in the same story. As she did in season one, Piazza will cover an array of poignant and timely topics such as coping with a spouse stricken with a sudden illness, an engagement put in limbo because of immigration status, watching a...


Dierks Bentley (Part 2) The Country Music Superstar's Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage

Dierks Bentley answers fan questions with Kelly including most embarrassing moment on stage, drink of choice, favorite sexual position, will he ever bring back the curls and more.... Learn more about your ad-choices at


Dierks Bentley (Part 1) - Not Drunk or On A Plane with Country Music Superstar

Kelly talks to longtime client and country superstar, Dierks Bentley, about what getting started in the music business actually looks like, what it feels like to be the Susan Lucci of Country music award shows and the pros and cons of being famous. Dierks also describes what true success looks like and why making sure his kids “grow up to not be assholes” is one of them. Learn more about your ad-choices at


#26 - The Art of Health with Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Motley

Dr. Motley is the leading chiropractic physician and kinesiologist in Nashville. He uses multiple methods for healing your body naturally and to a place that you can thrive everyday. He and Kelly talk natural medicine and the importance of getting to know your own body and story. They even discuss how the Enneagram personality test is a major part of Dr. Motley’s diagnosing practice for his patients. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Hangover Prescription For Your Skin with Keri Claudel, the Nashville Beauty Girl (Mini-Sode)

Being “over-served” can take a major hit on your skin. At one point or another, most of us have seen the effects on our skin that a night out of drinking can do. Not that this will ever happen again, but in case it does, Keri Claudel gives Kelly some major tips on skin remedies to save hungover, tired skin. These tips can also be applied to dry winter skin for a major fix as well! Learn more about your ad-choices at


Ohhhhh That Smell with Arielle from Nella Moon Candles (#26)

Kelly talks to Arielle St. Pe Ricci, founder of Nella Moon Candles about how much we are subconsciously guided by scent through our everyday lives. They break down how scents effect your brain, your mood and even who you like. As well as details of what scents can calm you down, give you life and even increase sexual arousal. Learn more about your ad-choices at