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Based on the lifestyle blog This podcast will answer lifestyle questions from beauty and fashion to travel and health. Featuring interviews with interesting people from the life of one of Nashville's most prominent female tastemakers and tastefinders.

Based on the lifestyle blog This podcast will answer lifestyle questions from beauty and fashion to travel and health. Featuring interviews with interesting people from the life of one of Nashville's most prominent female tastemakers and tastefinders.
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Based on the lifestyle blog This podcast will answer lifestyle questions from beauty and fashion to travel and health. Featuring interviews with interesting people from the life of one of Nashville's most prominent female tastemakers and tastefinders.




#13 - Award Show Musts with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is back with Kelly to talk through the award show process and what she does herself to get ready for her pre-show hosting gig with E! Beauty, fashion and food tips included and applicable to any big event you have coming up in your life!


Mini-sode #8 - The Myth About Crystals with Frank Castelleno

Crystals are all the rage these days for energy healing, but do they really work? Kelly is back with psychic/medium, Frank Castelleno putting an end to any crystal myths and answering all your questions about what crystals do and how they work.


#12 - Kelly Answers Questions About ALL of her jobs, Very Cavallari on E! and her Love Life...with Amy Brown and Kelly Henderson

Amy Brown, co-host of The Bobby Bones Show takes over the Velvet's Edge Podcast and puts Kelly in the hot seat to answer all of your questions about Kelly's day job as a celebrity hair, makeup artist and stylist. They also talk about the Velvet's Edge blog and podcast and how all of that has changed since Kelly joined the cast of Very Cavallari on E! - in addition to more personal questions covering Kelly's biggest celeb encounter and of course her love life.


Mini-sode #7: Major Laser with Cosmetic Nurse Keri Claudel

Keri talks Kelly through the benefits of all different kinds of face lasers. If you have sun damage or redness anywhere on your face, you don’t want to miss all the deets. They also decide which laser to do on Kelly’s sunspots and post a video of her procedure!


#11 - I See Dead People with Psychic / Medium Frank Castellano

Kelly talks to pre-cognitive psychic medium, Frank Castellano, about his gift of seeing future events and talking to those who have crossed over. Kelly also describes details of readings Frank has done on her and how she knew what he was saying was real when her grandfather came through to talk to her via Frank.


Mini-sode #6: The low down on filler with Keri Claudel

In the second mini-sode covering injectables, cosmetic nurse, Keri Claudel, gives Kelly all the deets on filler - including the different types of filler and where it should be injected into the face. They also discuss the phenomenon of Kylie Jenner lips.


#10 - The Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions with Amy Burleson from LASH.

Kelly talks with Nashville’s top Lash extension expert about how lashes can be the biggest game changer in your beauty routine. The girls break down the lash extension process and answer all your questions, while drinking wine and tequila naturally. Amy’s clients include: Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert, Kelsea Ballerini, Ashley Monroe and many more.


Mini-sode #5: The Benefits of Botox

Kelly sits down with cosmetic nurse, Keri Claudel, to talk all things botox, why Kelly started getting botox and some of the myths and fears around such a "dirty" word.


#9 - It's Not A Party Until Someone Pukes or Sh*ts Their Pants with Erin Creighton

Kelly talks to celebrity event planner Erin Creighton, owner of Creighton Events, about how to create the best party in town. Erin's clients range from Maren Morris and Luke Bryan to Dierks Bentley and more. She also gives Kelly tips on how to make a party great on a budget.


Mini-sode #4: Why Every Woman Should Be Shaving Her Face

In this 8 minute mini-sode, Kelly talks through her highly controversial secret to looker younger, face shaving. With answers to frequently asked questions about the process, myth-busters and a how to description. ​


#8 - How To Master The Mess with Clea & Joanna of The Home Edit

Kelly sits down with the founders of the Home Edit, Clea and Joanna, as the organizing experts spill all of their top tips on how to get and stay organized. The Home Edit has clients including Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate.


Mini-sode #3: Kristin Cavallari’s Food and Diet Routines

Kelly talks to friend, Kristin Cavallari about how she keeps her diet clean and her body healthy. Kristin also explains why having her own goats and chicken’s will help maintain her healthy lifestyle.


#7 - 50 Cent, Migos and Donald Trump walk into a bar.... with Mary Hilliard Harrington, Sr. Manager at Redlight Management

Kelly sits down with top Nashville music manager, Mary Hilliard Harrington to talk behind the scenes of management, PR and the music industry. They also dive into the #metoo movement and what it's like for Mary to be a top woman in the music industry. Mary also gives details about how she got into the industry and got her start working for none other than Donald Trump himself.


Mini-sode #2: Quick and easy ways to update your home with Brittney Forrister (Part 2)

Kelly and interiors guru, Brittney Forrister, give more tips on updating your home on a budget- Including tips on how to modernize old pieces in your home and a DIY way to personalize and give life to a blank wall.


#6 - Getting Very Cavallari with Kristin Cavallari

Kelly’s friend Kristin Cavallari stops by to talk about her new reality show, Very Cavallari and her old reality life on the Hills and Laguna Beach. The girls also talk fashion, beauty, how Kristin met husband, Jay Cutler and Jay’s different version of the same story.


Mini-sode: Quick and easy ways to update your home

In the first Velvet’s Edge mini-sode, Kelly and interiors guru, Brittney Forrister give tips on home updates that are quick, easy and cost- effective!


#5 - Gossip from the Runway with Amanda Valentine - Three time Project Runway Veteran

Amanda Valentine is a top Nashville fashion designer & stylist, who has appeared on Project Runway 3 times! She tells deets of how she got into styling and why it involves Adam Levine. She also gives Kelly reality TV advice and both girls give guys some advice on dating women in their 30’s.


#4 - How To Be A Cool Mom - Part 2 with Amy Brown, Co-host of the Bobby Bones Show

In Part 2 of this Radio Amy podcast, Kelly and Amy break down their nutrition tips and why being "juicy" is now more desirable than being stick thin. Amy also gives an update on her two kids and talks through the process of adopting them from Haiti.


#3 - How to Be A Cool Mom with Amy Brown Co-Host of The Bobby Bones Show

In the first episode of a two part series: Kelly talks to Amy, co-host of the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones show about style, Kelly’s dating history and how to be a cool mom.


#2 - Bringing Sexy Back with Annie Psaltiras: Stylist for Justin Timberlake, Dierks Bentley + more.

Annie Psaltiras is one of Hollywood’s top stylist, With a client list ranging from Justin Timberlake to Chris Pratt, Dierks Bentley and Rob Lowe. Kelly sits down with Annie to talk about how she got in the business, bad styling stories and how it all changed last year when Annie was diagnosed with breast cancer.