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Having the conversations about design we want to have, sometimes with guests. You should listen. Hosted by Larisa Berger, Erika Hall, and Mike Monteiro.

Having the conversations about design we want to have, sometimes with guests. You should listen. Hosted by Larisa Berger, Erika Hall, and Mike Monteiro.
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Having the conversations about design we want to have, sometimes with guests. You should listen. Hosted by Larisa Berger, Erika Hall, and Mike Monteiro.




Episode 18: Not Content with Content

Kristina Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic and Confab: the Content Strategy Conference joins us to talk about content, and strategy, and why some people continue to be wrong on the internet. Also, what’s up with supervillain lairs? ----more---- EPISODE LINKS contentstrategy.comBrain TrafficKristina on TwitterConfab: The Content Strategy ConferenceWhat is Design Thinking? - IDEO UWhat Does a Content Strategist Do?


Episode 17: Design is the Solution?

Design pioneer, entrepreneur, author, and longtime friend of Mule Nathan Shedroff joins us to talk about innovation, sustainability, and the Cats trailer. Nathan co-founded one of the first web services firms ever, went on to create the ground-breaking Design MBA program at California College of the Arts (CCA), and is now executive director of Seed Vault Ltd, building an independent, trusted bot economy on the blockchain. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS nathan.comNathan on TwitterMake It...


Episode 16: Ruined by Design

Mike wrote a book about ethics. We also talk inexpertly about equines and touch on the stupidity of gender reveal parties and Ayn Rand fans. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Mike on Twitterruinedby.design "Ayn Rand was a dick." shirt by Mule Design


Episode 15: Designer Yells at Cloud

Jeff Tidwell, entrepreneur and long-time friend of Mule joins us to talk about his latest project. Next For Me is a resource for people 50+ as they navigate new work and social contributions. We discuss ageism, opportunities to build a better society, and the relationship of kids these days to our lawns. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Jeff on TwitterJeff on LinkedInNext For Meencore.org


Episode 14: Quant to Qual

We are joined by Lynne Polischuik, a veteran researcher, founder of LynneUX, and Canadian with a small weird dog. She shares what she’s learned over her career moving from marketing and analytics to the qualitative side of things working with organizations like Google, Automattic, and HealthCare.gov. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Lynne on TwitterClement MokOn Surveys


Episode 13: Funny, you don’t LOOK like designers

Mike, who makes better coffee than Larisa, and Larisa, who is better at math than Mike, are joined in the studio by David Dylan Thomas to talk about cognitive bias. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS daviddylanthomas.comDavid on TwitterDavid on MediumCognitive bias - WikipediaHawthorne effect - WikipediaClever Hans - WikipediaOrchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of“Blind” Auditions on Female MusiciansRhyme-as-reason effect - WikipediaPlain Language Act18FWhen It Comes to Gorillas, Google...


Episode 12: What’s Up With The Web?

We sit down with the legendary Jen Simmons, currently Designer and Developer Advocate at Mozilla, to take stock of the web in 2019. Design, technology, platforms, ethics, operations, remix culture, CSS. It’s all in there. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Jen SimmonsJen Simmons on TwitterThe Web AheadCSS Grid InspectorSay hello, new logo | The Official Slack BlogThe Experimental Layout LabCut the Bias | A Mule WorkshopThe Anatomy of Change | What we’ve learned from our own gender bias...


Episode 11: Design Strategy for the Birds

We catch up with John Mahoney, Vice President of Digital Products at National Audubon Society for the National Audubon Society. Four years after a successful launch, we reflect on what it took to create a flexible new design system and achieve lasting change for a complex organization. A big part was “soaking in the pain.” ----more---- EPISODE LINKS National Audubon SocietyJohn Mahoney on TwitterThe Audubon Bird Guide AppBirds!American AnimalsA Rare Copy of Audubon’s ‘Birds of America’...


Episode 10: Humans Talk to Humans

We welcome Nate Bolt, the founder of Ethnio and author of Remote Research, to talk about talking to the right people, why so many businesses go about qualitative research the wrong way, and how powerful a simple conversation can be. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS EthnioGeneral MagicDementia & User Research image: Casual Friday Gets *Really* Weird by Nate Bolt via Flickr


Episode 9: Empathy for the Devil

Stephanie Lucas, Senior UX Designer at LinkedIn joins us to share how she incorporated principles from the Mule ethics workshop into her practice. Inspired by a comment from another participant, Stephanie created a Red Team/Blue Team workshop to uncover how bad actors might wreak havoc on the platform. We talk about using an ethical framework to make better choices. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Stephanie Lucas - Senior UX Designer, Member Trust, Privacy, and HelpWhat Are“Ethics in...


Episode 8: It’s All Practice

It’s a new season of VOD, and the theme is design practice. After contemplating the tyranny of seaside pumpkins, Erika and Larisa talk about the promise and pitfalls of various approaches to design in the delivery-focused organization. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Trader Joe’s pumpkin productsPumpkin FestivalThe Irish Coffee Story


Episode 7: Towards Civic Futures

Is the problem with systems design that we’ve forgotten how to make good compromises? Strategic designer and co-founder of Dash Marshall Bryan Boyer talks about his work thinking about the future from the vantage point of Detroit and formerly, Finland. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Dash MarshallCivic Futures: Notes on Dash Marshall’s work at the intersection of architecture, technology, and societyHDL Blog - Helsinki Design LabConstruction of Michigan's tallest building begins with...


Episode 6: Public Interest

Scratch a follower of Ayn Rand and you’ll find someone who looks to the government for help in a hurricane. Pragmatic design leader and public sector champion Cyd Harrell joins us to talk about the practice of designing systems for citizens. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS 18FSpace CampThe Legacy Museum & The National Memorial for Peace and JusticeWhy Disney World Has Its Own GovernmentGet Into Government: An Insider's Tips for Breaking InCalifornia Government Operations AgencyWeb...


Episode 5: Design and The Triple Storyline

While we weren’t paying attention, software ate the world and barfed up a hellscape. By taking a broader set of perspectives, designers can work with informed intention to create ethical and profitable systems. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Thinking in TriplicateFacebook Ad CampaignJohn ElkingtonTriple bottom lineSlaughterhouse-FiveToo good to survive: The rise and fall of RdioBasecampBarber surgeonWomb ChairBall ChairThey Live


Episode 4: People Are the Problem

We sat down with Dan Brown to talk about the joy and pain of facilitation, issues with various types of maps, and why designers have to get comfortable talking to people. Dan is a titan of Information Architecture, co-founder of EightShapes, and the author of several useful books and tools for doing better design work. Apologies to Boston. ----more---- EPISODE LINKS Dan Brown EightShapes Twitter Medium Dan’s cards Information Architecture Lenses Twitter Medium Dan’s...


Episode 3: The Learning Loop

Don’t call it gamification. Author, game designer, and CEO of Shufflebrain, Amy Jo Kim joins us to talk about her Game Thinking methodology, the joy of working independently, and getting clients to walk through the fire and accept criticism they might not want to hear. P.S. Amy Jo has a podcast! Getting2Alpha


Episode 2: The Democratization of Design

Designer Khoi Vinh joins us to talk about his take on the job of a designer and his efforts to make the field more accessible. EPISODE LINKS In Defense of Design Thinking, Which Is TerribleFiverr99designsApple SwiftCodePenDesign is a JobJuiceroAdobe XDDesigner News


Episode 1: What is the job of a designer?

What is the job of a designer? This is our first episode and this topic will be the theme of our first season.