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Life discussions that will encourage, inspire, uplift, and leave you feeling hopeful.

Life discussions that will encourage, inspire, uplift, and leave you feeling hopeful.
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Life discussions that will encourage, inspire, uplift, and leave you feeling hopeful.








The Holiday Season and Family – S1E10

Take time to enjoy the holiday season. Photo 1 is by Christopher Ryan and photo 2 is by Aaron Burden on Unsplash. It is that time again--the holiday season has begun. And for many of us, it is a joyous time to behold. For the most part, people look forward to spending the holiday season with family and friends. Of course, others are happy for the long-awaited vacation time from work or school. Reflection and thanksgiving The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on the many blessings...


Christianity Misunderstood–Understanding Grace-S1E9

Why is Christianity misunderstood? Well, Christianity is misunderstood because some Christians do not understand Grace. You see, grace and truth come by Jesus Christ. He showed love to everyone He met. Unfortunately, there are Christians who don't represent Him well. Thus, causing others to not want anything to do with Him. So then, some people give Christians a bad rap. They stereotype all Christians as angry, judgmental, hypocrites. And that's not true for so many of us. I say us; because...


Living Through a Diagnosis-S1E8

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease. So, when is a disease considered a chronic condition? Well, the CDC defines chronic disease as a condition that lasts one year or longer. Thus, causing a need for ongoing medical attention. And also limiting one’s daily activities or both. In fact, the main causes of disability and death in America are diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. They are also the leading...


Mental Health Awareness – S1E7

Mental Health—no longer a taboo subject For many years mental health was considered a taboo subject. Even though, in 1949 the month of May was designated Mental Health Month by Mental Health America. Also, October 10th, 1992, was chosen as World Mental Health Day to bring awareness to mental health issues around the world. Indeed, mental health awareness is at the forefront now more than before. In fact, we have been witnessing the result of untreated mental illness in the headlines. And...


Mental Health: Cyberbullying, Depression, and Suicide – S1E6

What are people thinking? The frequency of suicide and murder-suicides have been in the headlines now more than ever. For that reason, it makes you pose the question, ‘What are people thinking?’ Let's keep in mind, our thoughts are important to our everyday living. Whatever we meditate on, most often affects our movement through life. In other words, we shouldn’t allow negative thinking to take over our lives. Because continual negative thoughts can lead to negative behaviors. So, Lady V and...


Wisdom – A God-listening Heart – S1E5

What is wisdom and why is it important? Wisdom is the state of being wise. It is knowledge of what is right coupled with good judgment and discernment or insight. And a God-listening heart will assure wise decisions. When we use wisdom, it helps us avoid reckless decisions. Lady V and I believe everyone needs wisdom to live skillfully. And a God-listening heart will greatly help one in that process. So, let’s look at why wisdom is important to our lives as a whole. For instance, the Word of...


Human Trafficking—The Need for Recovery Pt. 2-S1E4

Forced Labor and Sex Trafficking In episode 3 part 1 we obtained a better understanding of ‘human trafficking.' For instance, we learned the definition of ‘human trafficking,' with clarity from The State.gov Policy Issues for Human Trafficking. In other words, modern-day slavery and trafficking in persons are common terms the International Labor Organization, activists, and independent researchers use when referring to both forced labor and sex trafficking. Sex Trafficking and the Adult...


Human Trafficking—The Need for Recovery Pt. 1-S1E3

What is Human Trafficking? When one hears the words ‘human trafficking,’ people often think of criminal organizations selling and shipping women and children out of the U.S. Although we are not wrong in thinking the previous thought is true, sadly that is just part of a much larger picture. According to The State.gov Policy Issues for Human Trafficking, trafficking in persons and modern slavery are umbrella terms that are used to refer to both sex trafficking and compelled labor. In the...


The Homeless Population—Who are They? S1E2

Who are the Homeless? A homeless person pushing a cartPhoto by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash The face of homelessness in America has dramatically changed over the years. Most people would agree, the representation of homeless persons in the thoughts of many Americans are negative. The following examples describe some of those stereotypes: a drunk, filthy, smelly man riffling through a dumpster a bag lady pushing a cart filled with [what appears to be] a lot of junk the con-artist pretending to...


What is Love and the Role God Plays in It? – S1E1

The Topic of Love This week SD and Lady V discuss the topic of love; such as, ‘What is love and the role God plays in it?” The ladies start the discussion with the following definitions of the word ‘love’ from Dictionary.com, Love can be a warm personal attachment sexual passion, a term of endearment enthusiasm of a certain thing (love of books, movies, cars, and etc.) used as a score of ‘0’ in the sport of tennis. SD and Lady V discuss the importance of being on the same page about ‘love’...


Intro Episode-WeRSHETalks

On the Intro Episode-WeRSHETalks, SD and Lady V introduce their new weekly Podcast which will cover a wide range of topics including the following: Love and the role God plays in it Christianity misunderstood Unfair treatment of immigrants Human trafficking Living through a Diagnosis Family secrets and the damage they cause In some cases, the pressures of life in addition to negativity from the following sources; The News Social Media Family Friends Coworkers would cause one's circumstances...