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THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen

THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen


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THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen






Fujifilm X-T5 and 2023

In this episode, Jack and John discuss the newly announced Fujifilm X-T5 and how it compares to the X-T4 and the X-H2 cameras and why someone would choose one over the other. Plus, they discuss some photo editing software that is an essential part of their workflow. Spend an entertaining time with Jack and John … Continue reading Fujifilm X-T5 and 2023 →


Interview with Mike Moats

Jack & John welcome Mike Moats to the podcast as they engage in a casual, yet informative conversation. Mike is an amazing close-up/macro photographer and he joins the podcast to talk about what he does, how he produces such amazing images and what inspires him. Mikes Bio: Mike Moats is an international award-winning, professional … Continue reading Interview with Mike Moats →


Interview with Chuck Kimmerle

Jack and John are pleased to welcome Chuck Kimmerle to our discussion. Chuck is an amazing fine art black and white photographer with a unique and distinctive style honed from many years as a staff photographer for news papers. Chuck recently transplanted to the Eastern Sierra area of California and is just starting to explore … Continue reading Interview with Chuck Kimmerle →

Alaska Workshop Recap

Jack and John recently returned from their workshop in Katmai NP photographing the grizzly bears and amazing fall color landscapes and talk about the experience with one of the attendees. Visiting this area is truly a bucket list item and they feel fortunate to be able to share this experience with their attendees. This year … Continue reading Alaska Workshop Recap →


Alister Benn Out of Darkness

Jack and John are honored to welcome Alister Benn to the show. Alister is regarded as one of the leaders in the landscape photography genre with his expressive and introspective work. He comes to us today to talk about his new printed book, Out of Darkness. Here is how Alister describes the genesis of the … Continue reading Alister Benn Out of Darkness →


Guy Tal Interior Landscape

Jack & John welcome one of the most exciting and insightful creators, artist, photographer and writers today, Guy Tal. Guy has produced an incredibly amazing body of work, both visually and written about photography and life. Guy is one of the most vivid and introspective thinkers who has an innate ability to transfer his thoughts … Continue reading Guy Tal Interior Landscape →


Photo Cascadia New Book Washington Evergreen Land of Natural Wonders

On this very special episode, we welcome 6 of the 7 members of Photo Cascadia to talk about their new book, Washington Evergreen, Land of Natural Wonders. These folks are always busy and it is a huge accomplishment to get so many of them all on the program with us. Joining us in this episode … Continue reading Photo Cascadia New Book Washington Evergreen Land of Natural Wonders →


Interview with David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick

We are pleased to bring you two outstanding guests in this episode of We Talk Photo. Listen in as we talk with David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick. Both are amazingly accomplished photographers in their own right and together, they are a powerhouse duo. Recently David has injected new life in to Nature Photographers Network, a … Continue reading Interview with David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick →


Masters of Nature and Landscape Photography Symposium

Folks, this episode is a big one….we are officially announcing and launching the Masters of Nature and Landscape Photography Symposium. Created by Bill Fortney and Jack Graham, MNLP will bring together luminaries in the photographic field to teach and share their knowledge to the attendees in the amazing landscape in and around Tucson Arizona. The … Continue reading Masters of Nature and Landscape Photography Symposium →


Interview with Adrian Klein

Jack and John welcome Adrian Klein to the podcast in this latest episode. Adrian is a Pacific Northwest Photographer and member of the Photo Cascadia team. He has been a prolific photographer and workshop leader over the years and we are thankful to have him on as our guest on the podcast. About Adrian Born … Continue reading Interview with Adrian Klein →


Interview with Ian Plant

Jack and John welcome Ian Plant to the show to talk about his amazing professional career, his approach to photography and some of his favorite and memorable experiences he’s had in photography. Ian also discusses his new venture with Rick Sammon, called Photo Wonders, which is a site dedicated to some of the wonders to … Continue reading Interview with Ian Plant →


Producing Better Prints

Jack and John are very excited to bring you this episode of We Talk Photo to introduce a new educational course for producing better prints. Our guests, and the creators of this course, are Sean Bagshaw (below) and Zach Schnepf (left). Both are accomplished photographers, workshop leaders/teachers and all-around great guys! Printing can have many barriers to … Continue reading Producing Better Prints →


Olympic National Park Workshop

Jack and John come to you in this episode from their hotel in Forks WA as they prepare for their Olympic National Park workshop. Listen in as they discuss the preparations they go through to plan the workshop itinerary and work to provide the best possible photo and learning experience possible for the clients. The … Continue reading Olympic National Park Workshop →


Interview with Krista McCuish

John and Jack welcome Krista McCuish to this episode of We Talk Photo. Krista has travelled all over the world and engaged in several careers and throughout has remained connected to the visual arts. She currently resides in Nova Scotia, which is where she completes a large portion of her work. On a recommendation from … Continue reading Interview with Krista McCuish →


Interview with Richard Bernabe

Jack and John welcome Richard Bernabe to the show in this wonderfully insightful episode. Richard has been a professional photographer for 20+ years and has received much recognition and rewards for his amazing photography of wildlife, landscapes and travel. Travelling to over 60 countries so far, Richard is seen as an expert in many locations … Continue reading Interview with Richard Bernabe →


Eyes Wide Shut in Ukraine by Cole Thompson

John and Jack welcome back Cole Thompson to the show. Cole recently sent out a mailing with a collection of images in it, all centered around the people of Ukraine. With his images and words, we were moved by his expression and wanted to have him on the show to talk about this body of … Continue reading Eyes Wide Shut in Ukraine by Cole Thompson →


Interview with young photographer Lance Wilson

In continuing our series of young up and coming photographers, we welcome an amazing 14 year old photographer to our show, Lance Wilson. Lance just started his photographic journey during the pandemic, photographing alongside his father, and many of his images are catching peoples attention. Growing up close to the Pacific Ocean, Lances images … Continue reading Interview with young photographer Lance Wilson →


Let’s Talk Bears!

Jack and John welcome a special guest to the podcast, our friend and guide in Alaska, Jerry. Jerry has been flying and guiding in Alaska for 40 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us on this episode. Hear some great stories as well as what it’s like on our Alaska Grizzly … Continue reading Let’s Talk Bears! →


Photography Masterclasses

In this episode, Jack and John discuss the concept of photography Masterclasses and how they differ from tours and workshops and how both Jack and John lead masterclasses at very select locations for those folks who want to bring their creativity to the next level. Masterclasses are a wonderful opportunity for those who are already … Continue reading Photography Masterclasses →


Interview with Brooks Jensen

What can we say about Brooks Jensen….wow. Jack and John are very honored to have Brooks on our show in this episode. If you don’t know about Brooks, he is the creator and creative engine behind Lenswork “magazine” and multi-media platforms devoted to fine art photography. Lenswork has been the preeminent photographic periodical for decades … Continue reading Interview with Brooks Jensen →