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THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen

THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen


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THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen






Interview with Darrell Gulin

John welcomes Darrell Gulin to the podcast for a lively discussion about his amazing history in the photo industry, his outstanding work and what it’s like to be one of only a few Canon Explorers of Light. Info about Darrell: He is the past President of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). He … Continue reading Interview with Darrell Gulin →


Discussion with Rick Sammon

John welcomes Rick Sammon to the podcast along with a guest co-host Neil Powell to talk about Ricks 41st book and his illustrious career in the photo industry as well as his thoughts on creating art and being a creative. Award-winning photographer Rick Sammon loves his day job. A tireless, prolific and inspirational image-maker, Rick, … Continue reading Discussion with Rick Sammon →


Interview with Patricia Davidson

John welcomes Patricia Davidson to the podcast to talk about her evolution as a photographer and her nomadic pursuits and how it has contributed to the amazing artwork she has created. Patricia is a fantastic Oregon based photographer who recently presented at Out of Oregon and Out of Chicago. Listen in as we talk about … Continue reading Interview with Patricia Davidson →


Interview with Gary Randall

While Jack is on sabbatical, John welcomes a longtime friend, Gary Randall to the podcast. Listen in as we talk about the Homette, being the “old man on the mountain”, his photography experience and what inspires him to create such beautiful art. Garys Bio: Gary Randall is an award winning professional photographer, artist, writer, traveler … Continue reading Interview with Gary Randall →


Interview with Josh Lutz from Magnachrome

Jack and John talk with Josh Lutz, President of Magnachrome Inc, one of the leading manufacturers of metal prints. Magnachrome is very unique in that besides printing images on metal, they also offer an outstanding selection of metal frames to mount the metal prints in. If you haven’t seen one of these metal frames, you … Continue reading Interview with Josh Lutz from Magnachrome →


Interview with Miles Morgan

Jack and John welcome the always entertaining Miles Morgan. Listen in as we talk about Miles experience and what inspires him to create the images he does. Miles Bio: “We” are a small group of amateur Fine Art Landscape Photographers located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest; Portland, Oregon to be more precise. By “we”, I … Continue reading Interview with Miles Morgan →


Photography Ideas during Quarantine

While Jack is out on sabbatical, I wanted to put out a few ideas to hopefully inspire or motivate folks to dive in to a photo related topic to keep busy and grow your artistic ability. In spite of the difficult times right now, don’t lose sight of your artistry and how that can enliven … Continue reading Photography Ideas during Quarantine →


Interview with Darren White

Darren White joins us in this episode of We Talk Photo. Darren is a longtime resident of the PNW and who grew his photography along the beaches, rivers and mountains of this beautiful country. Darren is a successful workshop leader and has been published in several leading magazines. Please give this episode a listen, it’s … Continue reading Interview with Darren White →


Interview with Colleen Miniuk

Jack and John welcome Colleen Miniuk to the show. High energy and outstanding creativity are the hallmarks of Colleen. She is first and foremost a fantastic photographer, plus an incredible educator and well-published author. Give this upbeat and engaging podcast a listen! Colleen Bio: I’m a Corporate-America-escapee turned full-time freelance outdoor photographer, writer, publisher, instructor, … Continue reading Interview with Colleen Miniuk →


Interview with David Cobb

Jack & John welcome David Cobb to the podcast. David is an incredible photographer based in the Pacific Northwest and who has travelled extensively throughout the country as well as internationally. Listen in as Jack and John talk about a wide variety of topics with David in this newest episode. Davids Bio Workshop leader David … Continue reading Interview with David Cobb →


Winter Photography & Jacks Sabbatical

In this final episode of 2019 John and Jack discuss several recent industry events plus touch on some winter photography tips as John recently returned from leading a winter workshop to Grand Teton NP. And finally, Jack talks a little bit about his planned sabbatical for the first half of 2020. … Continue reading Winter Photography & Jacks Sabbatical →


Interview with Chris Klapheke of Outdoor Photo Gear

Jack & John welcome Chris Klapheke to the podcast. Chris is an accomplished landscape and wildlife photographer who also happens to be the founder and owner of Outdoor Photo Gear. OPG specializes in carrying all of the accessories any photographer might need for their outdoor adventure. Listen in as Jack and John discuss the photo … Continue reading Interview with Chris Klapheke of Outdoor Photo Gear →


Interview with Ellen Anon

Jack & John welcome Ellen Anon to the podcast. Ellen is an engaging photographer who has a vision for capturing her natural subjects in a way that grabs the viewer. Ellen is a teacher, writer and outstanding photographer and we hope that you enjoy our talk with her! Ellens Bio I’m a freelance photographer and … Continue reading Interview with Ellen Anon →


Interview with Gary Crabbe

Jack & John welcome Gary Crabbe to this latest episode of We Talk Photo. Gary is an amazingly talented photographer and writer and through his various projects his dedication to the craft and art comes through loud and clear. Listen in as Jack and John talk with Gary about his photography, the industry as … Continue reading Interview with Gary Crabbe →


Interview with Dan Bailey – Fuji X Photographer

Jack & John welcome Dan Bailey to the podcast. Dan is based in Alaska and a Fuji X photographer who focuses on landscape, aerial and cycling/adventure photography. An Avid mountain biker, Dan travels extensively to photograph and ride and amass more experiences to add to his wealth of knowledge and skills. Listen in to this … Continue reading Interview with Dan Bailey – Fuji X Photographer →


Photo Manipulation Round Table Discussion

In this episode we bring together a group of photographers for a round table discussion about photo manipulation and discuss items like cropping, sky replacement, compositing, etc. The act of creating art is in the eye of the artist and most of us accept that, however, it’s when artists have not been completely transparent or … Continue reading Photo Manipulation Round Table Discussion →


Interview with Ron Rosenstock

Jack and John welcome to the show a fantastic photographer and all-around great guy, Ron Rosenstock. Ron is a world traveller who has amassed an amazing portfolio of images, both in color and in monochrome. He is currently exploring the world of infrared and how to interpret scenes with this cool twist on digital imaging. … Continue reading Interview with Ron Rosenstock →


Interview with Billy Luong (Fuji Guy)

Jack & John are please to have one of the Fuji Guys on our program, Mr Billy Luong. Billy is a Senior Product/Training Manager with Fujifilm Canada and has an immense passion for photography that comes through in all he talks about. Listen in as they discuss Billys road to fame as a Fuji Guy, … Continue reading Interview with Billy Luong (Fuji Guy) →


Interview with Karen Hutton and the power of awe

Jack & John welcome Karen Hutton to the podcast. Karen is a photographer, author, speaker, voice artist and overall champion of light. Listen in as Karen talks about her inspirations, her experiences and how she approaches her many creative endeavors and the most important, “The Power of Awe”. Karens Bio: Karen Hutton is an International … Continue reading Interview with Karen Hutton and the power of awe →


Alaska Bears & Landscape Photo Workshop Recap

John and Jack recently returned from leading a workshop in Katmai National Park to photograph the grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Listen as they describe the workshop and the fantastic experience. In what could be a “bucket list” trip for many, this workshop is unlike any other that we run and is truly a … Continue reading Alaska Bears & Landscape Photo Workshop Recap →