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Welcome to the Open Mic Arts, Culture, Family, Humor
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Welcome to the Open Mic Arts, Culture, Family, Humor








Ep. 99 | Special Guest Bofta Yimam

My guest today is a former journalist, Emmy Award winner turned entrepreneur. Bofta Yimam She coaches executive leaders and high-impact entrepreneurs to help them craft a compelling story to use in multiple channels. This involves laser-focused messaging and powerful storytelling techniques to move their audience into action. Bofta uses her decade of media acumen, thousands of live on-air reports, speaker experience as well as hosting her own private workshops, she moves her clients to take...


Ep. 98 | Marine Tanguy Owner of the MTART Agency

Marine Tanguy got one of her first tastes of art gallery management when she was just 21 years old, but she didn't like what she saw. She felt the traditional gallery model was "elitist" and didn't allow for works from all demographics. And so, she decided to change this by opening MTArt in 2015. It's an agency for up-and-coming artists, helping them pay for studios, showcase their work through public art installations, virtual galleries and commercial partnerships and find buyers. Young...


Ep. 97 | Project Runway Season 16 Winner Liris Crosse

Our very special guest for today's show is Liris Crosse. In this episode we talk about her humble beginnings, her keys to success and longevity in a very tough business, and what it really takes to walk the runway. Liris was one of the signature curvy models for the promo commercial for BET/Centric's new show “Curvy Style With Timothy Snell”. She was also one of a few models selected to walk the runway for reality TV competition, Project Runway’s, first ever plus size collection at New...


Ep. 96 | Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Dan Martell

Dan started his first business at 17 and it failed, at 19, another company was started, and it failed. After that, he started consulting for 3 years, and...he hated that. At 24, he started another company, and it was a success, but, like before it almost crashed into the ground. At 27, he became a certified millionaire, and since then he has been helping other companies, business owners, and learners alike, complete the steps to run a successful software company or business. Dan believes...


Ep. 95 | Special Guest Alexa Curtis

At 21, Alexa Curtis runs her own business, has a syndicated podcast on Radio Disney, and is arguably, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the game. She is very transparent when it comes to her personal life, running a full time business, and only having one boss in her entire life, herself. She has more that earned her place, worked very hard, learned from her mistakes and knows what it takes to have longevity, and build something that is sustainable. We discuss...is there such a thing as...


Ep. 94 | Brittany Hennessy Author of "Influencer"

Brittany Hennessy is the best-selling author of “INFLUENCER: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media” and the Co-Founder of Carbon, a technology company building solutions for influencers. A pioneer in the influencer marketing industry, she lends her expertise to brands, small businesses, and influencers as a consultant. Brittany is the former Senior Director, Influencer Strategy & Talent Partnerships at Hearst Magazines Digital Media and the first person to hold that title....


Ep. 93 | Voice Actor Jodi Krangle

My guest today is Jodi Krangle. Jodi's rich, alto voice has been described as soothing, warm and sincere. While collaborating with clients all over the world, she’s voiced national and international commercial campaigns for companies like Bissell, Kraft/Capri Sun and Visit Orlando, narrated documentaries & web/explainer videos and has been the narration voice for shows on both Slice Network in Canada and HGTV in the US. Jodi’s background as a singer has provided her with an innate sense of...


Ep. 92 | Special Guest Jamie Kilstein

Today's guest is Jamie Kilstein. He is a comic, podcaster and teacher of Jiu Jitsui. Jamie has been featured on Joe Rogan's podcast, and multiple national television programs, and talk shows. I caught up with him before he headed over to Australia to tape his brand new comedy special, to talk about life and what has been going on. Enjoy.


Ep. 91 | Author Riya Anne Polcastro

My guest today specializes in telling the kind of stories that crawl under your skin and keep you up at night. She specializes in telling the kind of stories that crawl under your skin and keep you up at night. Polcastro appears both in front of and behind the camera for Murderline Images. She spent last year as a vagabond and grew up as an "illegal" in Mexico, both experiences having given her a cosmopolitan perspective on a variety of topics. Her books include Jane, Suicide in Tiny...


Ep. 90 | Special Guest Gregory Paul Kotsaftis

Today's guest has a very compelling story of loss and redemption. Gregory owned multiple businesses making millions of dollars only to loose it all, in his words "after becoming dishonest, unethical, and self centered." He was charged with theft and served eighteen months in the Colorado Department of Corrections for his actions. He now speaks and has published a book on the power of the truth and how dishonesty is becoming an accepted part of our community. He has an extensive insight on...


Ep. 89 | You Are More Than Capable

Its been a while since Brett has released a solo show. So we figured it was time. The title really says it all. We thank you all for listening and supporting the show. Enjoy.


Ep. 88 | Special Guest Hayley Gripp

My guest today is an American Actress, Model, Chef and philanthropist. Her name is Hayley Gripp. She got her start in the industry as a print model in national ads for "Verizon Wireless" and "As Seen On TV." As a model, Gripp has also walked the runway for NYFW and LAFW. In acting, Hayley has shot multiple commercials, has been a celebrity taste tester on Cupcake Wars, and landed prominent roles on "CSI: Las Vegas," "Hollywood Hillbillies" and the Lifetime original series "Killer Kids."...


Ep. 87 | Special Guest Chase Hughes

Chase is a leading military and intelligence behavior expert with 20 years of creating the most advanced behavior skills courses and tactics available worldwide: He is also a leading behavior expert in the United States and the #1 bestselling author of two books on tactical behavior skills. He is the author of the worldwide #1 bestselling book on advanced persuasion, influence and behavior profiling. Chase teaches elite groups, government agencies and police in behavior science skills...


Ep. 86 | Certified Dating Expert Damona Hoffman

Certified dating expert, TV personality, podcaster and author Damona Hoffman is my guest on this fun filled episode! She can be seen on BET Television, heard on Sirius XM Radio and all over, dishing out practical dating advice. From texting, to meeting in person and in between. She was a delight to chat with, and provided some great insights. Enjoy! www.damonahoffman.com


Ep. 85 | Jeff Webber of Spades Sunshades

You have heard the commercial spots for a little over a month. Now its time to meet the man behind Spades Sunshades, Mr. Jeff Webber. Sunglasses for poker players, by poker players. That is their motto. He has a great story, and he is an amazing poker player. Its all in for this episode! www.spadesunsshades.com


Ep. 84 | Comedian Joel Byars of Hot Breath Podcast

Joel swings by today, all the way from Atlanta. He talks comedy. and his podcast and how it all ties in together. His show has been hailed by NPR as a Master Class in Comedy, and there is a reason why. He also teaches comedy classes, and interviews some of the top names in the business. #hotbreath. Enjoy! www.joelbyarscomedy.com


Ep. 83 | Celebrity Stylist and Influencer Ali Levine

Alie Levine stops by talk fashion, west coast winters, her new jewelry line, and how to balance it all as a new mother. She is real, genuine, and that is one of the many reasons people love her. She just released a brand new line, "Hearts on Fire" jewelry, and its all the rave. In this episode we keep it totally real. Oh, and you may also recognize from "Stripped" On Bravo TV! www.alielevine.com...


Ep. 82 | Special Guest Kimmy Neal of Built Vibrant. Co

Social media and brand marketing expert, Kimmy Neal steps up to the Open Mic, to talk branding, marketing, strategy, and how to make your business stand out. She has an incredible story, enjoy. builtvibrant.co on IG Follow the show.... openmicpodcast on IG brettsopenmic on Twitter www.theopenmicpodcast.net


Ep. 81 | Kara Mayer Robinson of the "Really Famous Podcast"

The delightful Kara Mayer Robinson steps up to the open mic to chat about her podcast, and how her experience as a therapist and journalist, gets her the most amazing interviews with icons, and A-List Celebrities alike. Enjoy.


Ep. 80 | Scott Dikkers Co-Founder of the Onion and AV Club

Joining me for my 80th episode, Scott Dikkers, Best Selling Author, and Co-Founder of the Onion Newspaper. This was a true delight for me. We talked about his career as a comedy writer, drawing comic strips, and how the Onion Newspaper was birthed. And...everything that happened in between.