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Voices for the voices that go unheard

Voices for the voices that go unheard
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Voices for the voices that go unheard




Hector Franco a.k.a. Kiki Xtravaganza

Hector Franco is in da house!! A wardrobe stylist, designer and performance artist, we talk to Hector about about growing up surrounded by wigs (his mom was a custom-wig maker to the stars), wearing wigs and snatching wigs as a member of the House of Xtravaganza!! Hector will tell us all about his altar ego Kiki Xtravaganza how this alter-ego was created, and she's all about spreading joy in and around the night clubs of West Hollywood and Los Angeles! Join us as we have a kiki…with...


DJ Eddie X

Luis and Kim talk with Eddie Irrzarry - Xtravaganza. Famously known as: DJ Eddie X, his life's story is filled with wonderful twists and turns from dancer to club promoter to famous DJ, then a music producer and remixer. We talk to Eddie about his origins in New Jersey to his participation in the ballroom scene in New York. He'll tell us what brought him to Los Angeles to open two infamous nightclubs: The Temple and La Selva and why he moved to Miami to open Club Pump. Eddie has also worked...


Paris is Burning - 30 Year Anniversary Roundtable

It’s been almost 30 years since Paris is Burning - the iconic documentary about Harlem ballroom culture - was released. It was re-released into theaters this summer with a new digital restoration supervised by director Jennie Livingston with a national roll-out planned. We sit down with Writer and cultural critic Ernest Hardy, and Quinn Callicott - Licensed Clinical Social Worker and instructor, about it’s enduring legacy and impact on popular culture.


A Brief History of Voguing

Luis and Kim take it back and trace Voguing’s early beginnings in the underground ballroom scene - where ball ‘children’ like Willi NInja and Paris Dupree would do battle on the dance floor - to its explosion on the world stage after “Paris is Burning’ was released and a certain boundary-pushing popstar handpicked two dancers from the House of Xtravaganza to be in the video for a little song called “Vogue’. We talk about how Voguing evolved from that watershed moment into three distinctive...


Why Werque?

Luis Camacho & Kim Blackwell explain what “Werque” means and why they thought their regular chat + kiki sessions might just make a good podcast. Luis talks about his life as a child and how he became a famous dancer.


Introducing Werque - The Podcast

Each week, Luis Camacho AKA Luis Xtravaganza and Kim Blackwell share inspiring stories from people ‘werque-ing’ it on daily - whether it’s on the world stage - or backstage; they center the stories of creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, and more who found their own unique voice and created space for themselves and those who came after them. Follow them at @werquepodcast for all the latest.