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Hosts Jamie Earnest and Roger Romero explore the trials and tribulations through which musicians, painters and artists in general navigate their creative careers.

Hosts Jamie Earnest and Roger Romero explore the trials and tribulations through which musicians, painters and artists in general navigate their creative careers.
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Hosts Jamie Earnest and Roger Romero explore the trials and tribulations through which musicians, painters and artists in general navigate their creative careers.




Episode 15 - Artists! Musicians! Creatives! Copyright your work!! (feat. Mia Tarducci)

Jamie, Roger and guest Mia talk about the importance of copyrighting your work, with real world examples from Mia's current legal battle. Artists should mainly be focused on their work, right? Well, as a small business, you want to expect the best and be ready for the worst. Without proper preparation, others could easily take advantage of your work and you could end up with little-to-nothing as compensation. In this episode, we go through our experiences with copyright and speak to the...


Episode 14 - Creating Your Artist Skill Set Through Love of Public Radio (feat. Brian Siewiorek)

Listen to Jamie, Roger and our featured guest Brian Siewiorek dork tangent about mini discs and cassettes while they scratch the surface of what hardcore public radio/music fans do for a living. Public radio is vital to the education and distribution of music. As Production Director at 91.3FM WYEP, Brian uses his acquired skills in broadcast radio to investigate, research and distill stories in music. The local radio station is committed to music locally and nationally, featuring artists...


Episode 13 - Maneuvering Professional Artists Organizations and constructs (feat. Madeline Gent)

In this episode, Jamie & Roger speak with special guest Madeline Gent about the work surrounding the professional artist realm. Madeline is the executive director of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, a non-profit arts organization specializing in exhibitions for its members. In working with hundreds of artists regularly, she navigates the art world in knowing the consumer, the artist and the details to get one to the other. From pricing your work to understanding the gallery system, this...


Episode 12 - Artist Branding (feat. Riley Mate)

In this episode, Jamie, Roger and guest Riley Mate talk about using branding as a tool in an artist's career. Branding is more than just creating a logo; it involves developing the entire visual aesthetic. Riley, as the creative director at Clockwise and the founder of his own brand pseudodudo, works with his clients to build a personal stamp in someone else's image. As artists, we have an obligation to present ourselves - whether that be performing, showing at a gallery, or even posting on...


Episode 11 - Multiple Hats and How Artists Make Them Work (feat. Corrine Jasmin)

In this episode, hosts Jamie & Roger speak with guest artist Corrine Jasmin about the challenges she faces for the many lives she leads. As a writer, videographer, poet, visual artist and more, Corrine wears all of her hats proudly. Sometimes it's a fight with her well-roundedness because she has to balance her time. She's whole as an artist, but she'll be the first to admit that there's so much she hasn't figured out yet. With the success of her new book, Tread, we also take a look at her...


Episode 10 - Evaluating How We Talk with Artists at Event Spaces (feat. Emma Vescio)

In this episode, Jamie, Roger and special guest contemporary art curator Emma Vescio talk about their experiences at art events. Conversation about contemporary art can often start off as negative, especially when the casual viewer feels intimidated by their lack of understanding. People can unwittingly be quite offensive to the artists and curators; they'll either belittle the work or belittle the artist for something they can't help (i.e. their age, their gender, the color of their...


Episode 9 - Your Productivity is NOT Your Self Worth as an Artist

Jamie & Roger talk through their struggles with self worth that come from being so close to your work emotionally. We touch on self love, our questions and practices for trying to pass off that nagging anxiety about producing more work.


Episode 8 - Your Inevitable Artist Identity Crisis

In this episode, Jamie & Roger share their personal histories with battling identity crisis, as well as what they do to deal with it now. Jamie sees her work as a love letter to the South, but what does it mean when her work is sold in the north (Pittsburgh)? Roger talks of his upbringing and how it has affected his career trajectory


Episode 7 - When Do Artists You Admire Become Your Peers?

In this episode, Jamie & Roger talk through peer-to-peer artist interactions. Sometimes, your peers were brought up with you. Other times you develop relationships with the people you truly respect, and that gradually turns them into your contemporary.


Episode 6 - Why Don't Artists Know How to Take A Vacation?

In this episode, Jamie & Roger return to talk about what they did over some of the 3-month hiatus they took from this podcast. Some of that revolves around taking a vacation, which both artists admittedly don't do very well. You're conditioned to work on your art during your free time when your work other jobs, so isn't vacation the ultimate free time?


Episode 5 - How Could You Know the Value of Your Art? (feat. Dhruva Krishna)

Jamie, Roger and special guest Dhruva Krishna talk about the issues and fallacies that come with placing value in one's artistic work. Dhruva is a musician and promoter in Pittsburgh whose hard work is most clearly seen in promoting local music venues and artists.


Episode 4 - What Do You Do When You Feel Like Garbage About Your Work?

Creatives can't always be on a hot streak. It's important that, when you're feeling low about your artwork/music/etc, that you don't let it affect you so much as to bring you away from your art. In this episode, we talk about the emotional toils of creative work as well as some of the things we've done to get out of those downtrodden moments.


Episode 3 - What Does it Mean to Sell Out?

In this episode, Jamie & Roger talk about the concept of selling out - Who're the prime sell outs? What constitutes as selling out? Should artists expect to compromise their work for success?


Episode 2 - How it's Actually Important to Give Constructive Criticism

In this episode, Jamie & Roger talk about the importance of constructive criticism without tip-toeing around the idea like your typical passive aggressive artist.


Episode 1 - How To Talk About Art Without Being A Pretentious Prick

Episode 1 of our podcast has Jamie & Roger talking about what their interactions are like with the average Joe about their artistic work.