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What Magic is This? is a topic based podcast about Magic, the Occult, the Esoteric, the Paranormal and the Supernatural. Each episode, my guest picks a topic that is up for discussion and they have the opportunity to ask any question that occurs to them. For those curious about Magic in any way, these episodes should provide an introduction to the many aspects that make up the world of Magic.

What Magic is This? is a topic based podcast about Magic, the Occult, the Esoteric, the Paranormal and the Supernatural. Each episode, my guest picks a topic that is up for discussion and they have the opportunity to ask any question that occurs to them. For those curious about Magic in any way, these episodes should provide an introduction to the many aspects that make up the world of Magic.




What Magic is This? is a topic based podcast about Magic, the Occult, the Esoteric, the Paranormal and the Supernatural. Each episode, my guest picks a topic that is up for discussion and they have the opportunity to ask any question that occurs to them. For those curious about Magic in any way, these episodes should provide an introduction to the many aspects that make up the world of Magic.








Hermetic Magic with Sam Block

Since 2011, my guest Sam Block, also known as Polyphanes, has written well over 1.5 Million words on his Blog, The Digital Ambler. Having found his work in late 2013, I loved his passion and process regarding such texts as the Corpus Hermeticum and the Greek Magical Papyri. In this episode of WMiT? I finally get to pick his brain about some of my favourite aspects of magic, his process and how he tackles such things as using Barbarous names, substituting ingredients, even prayer. The Magical...


Charles Fort

Fish falling from the sky. People disappearing from one area only to be found in another. People igniting on fire for no reason. Such phenomena was finally given a voice in the early 20th Century all thanks to one man- Charles Fort. The word 'Fortean' is used by some to describe this phenomena but the thing is, cataloguing strange instances when reality seems to get weird should not be the only thing that Charles Fort is known for. The man who invented the Supernatural (a term Charles...



Where does one even begin? Kabbalah has been marked down as one of if not the foundational Element of the Western Magical Tradition. It has also been marked down as a much maligned and misused Judaic Esoteric Tradition; a beautiful and vast tradition that was passed from master to student. Suffice to say, a lot of what passes for Modern Magic is inspired in some way by what is called Hermetic and/or Practical Kabbalah. In this episode of What Magic is This? Doug is joined by Tanin to share...


Drugs & Magic with Danny Nemu

It probably didn't take us humans very long to discover that certain plants and fungi, when we interacted with them or ingested them- would cause strange effects. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes prophetic, often exhilarating- Drugs and our dalliances with them have intrigued and enthralled us for longer than we've been recording history. Many would say that these substances and spirituality are intrinsically linked in many ways. Of course, Magicians and Witches have utilized this to great...


Journeying with Wren Collier

Something available to each and every one of us is a capacity to explore strange worlds, dimensions, and realms. This can be as simple as having a dream each night, to as complex and unusual as a full-blown Out of Body Experience. While some would argue that this is merely just an act of Imagination, to those who Journey often such an explanation seems as far away from the truth as anything could possibly be. Joining the show to share some knowledge is a luminous soul who has Out of Body...



'But Dead Men tell no Tales, they say! Except old tales that burn away the stifling tapestries of day. Old Tales of life, of love and hate, of time and space, and will, and fate.' Western magic has recently seen a revitalization of the Practice of Necromancy- Divination, Invocation, Evocation and Communication with Spirits of the Dead. Most likely, Necromancy has its origins in Ancestor veneration but came to be something more. Cultures around the world have their own forms of Necromantic...


Hear Me Out... The Patreon Episode

The Time has come. It was bound to happen. Now, you will have the chance to support me (your host- Douglas!) and my work with the Podcast. In this Episode of WMiT? I go through some of my thoughts on starting a Patreon account, the reasons for doing so, why one should join, what might be on the Patreon and More! Speaking from the heart, this is not an episode to skip; Hear me out... Support my Flourishing on Patreon or if you Enjoyed the Episode, Toss Me a Coin or Two.


Animism with Gordon White

One is constantly surprised by the world and universe we find ourselves in. Every Ecosystem seems to overflow with life, be it forest, desert, tundra, even cities. The longer one sticks with Magic, the more it seems like the whole Universe is somehow alive. Yet despite things we can identify as certainly being alive, perhaps some of the denizens of the ecosystem we say clearly aren't alive- actually are, including the ecosystem itself. This is Animism. In this Episode of WMiT?, Doug is...


Spirits with Aidan Wachter

Many Magicians would say that one of the most important aspects of Magic is interacting with 'Spiritual Creatures.' The idea of Spirits being a part of this world and that there could be a 'Spirit World' has been with us far longer than it has not. Of course, the prevailing worldview of the last 300 years has done a fairly good job of attempting to demolish the idea that spirits have ever existed. Yet Spirits (or at least belief in them) has never gone away. In this Episode of WMiT? we are...


Ancient Greek Magic

The Greeks have a legacy in many areas of Modern Western culture- from Politics, to theatre, to philosophy and medicine. And of course- Magic, as it is from the Greeks that we get the word 'Magic.' Their stories are absolutely suffused with Magic, Gods and sorcerous characters, adding much to their mythical culture; The Greeks lived in a Magical world of Gods, Myths and the restless Dead. In this Episode of WMiT? Doug and his guest Eva go through some of the ways that the Greeks used Magic...


Chaos Magic Part II

On our second voyage into the azure waters, we dive into conversations and currents of Chaos. Firstly we talk about the Philosopher King of Magic, one Ramsey Dukes. From here we sail about on the winds of a few Chaos Magic orders and groups, ever pondering if there ever really was a Chaos Magic movement. My guest for this episode Saul sheds some light on an online Magical current that for a time burned bright but now only seems to flicker. Of course, WMiT? cannot merely have only a...


Chaos Magic Part I

Late 1970's England. An iconoclastic group of misfit Magicians got tired of the same old story that in order for Magic to work, one had to be a part of a Tradition and go through necessary steps. To this they said 'Nonsense! All one needs is belief and how one utilizes that belief for it to work!' They thus birthed the first form of Postmodern Magic that was based entirely off of Results- Chaos Magic. Baked into this movement and the Chaos toolkit was a pragmatism that if the Ritual or Spell...


Emanuel Swedenborg

For a time, Emanuel Swedenborg was a name that many in Europe and America were familiar with. These days, very few have even heard the name and those who have, the words 'Madness' or 'Liar' are not behind. Called by Ralph Waldo Emerson 'A Mastodon of Literature' the work and life of Swedenborg are indeed extraordinary. From his odd inventions, Life philosophy and his mystical experiences, there is much to learn from 'The Scandinavian Da Vinci.' So we head back to the Fools Gallery, to...



We live in an observable, measurable world; one built of the smallest bits of matter. And so we live our lives thinking for the most part, that this is the reality of everything- that the only thing that matters, is matter. Yet for a dominant social paradigm, Materialism & Physicalism has a hard time with a few things, especially those things which is says doesn't exist because it cannot explain it. In this episode of What Magic is This? we take a page out of the Materialism rulebook and...


Mental Health & The Magician

Depression, high anxiety, addiction and other mental health issues effect a huge number of us. Many are looking for answers or ways that we can get better or deal with these afflictions ourselves. How does Magic and the Occult intersect with such things? Are there similarities, and if so- what can we learn from them? The amount of internal pain that many of us carry with us each day is difficult to deal with, but there are ways in which we can get help as well as create help. On this...


The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Part II

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was finished. However, much of their mystique was only just beginning. With the publication of their Rites and Rituals by Israel Regardie, the secrets of this Magical Order were finally revealed to the world. As for the world of the Golden Dawn, it was one of Kabbalah, of Divine Will and one that believed that all things that were manifest on earth was somehow connected to one another through correspondences. Yet what effect did the Golden Dawn have on...


The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Part I

There is no other Magical Order that has done as much to shape people's perceptions of Magic than The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. From the practical use of Tarot, to the emphasis of Kabbalah, to the idea of initiation into Magic- all of this was a consequence of this short-lived magical group. In the first of a two-part episode, Douglas puts forward some notion of what magical ideas were around before the Golden Dawn and what was the story of their history, with a spotlight on a few...


The 4th Dimension

Ask anyone what they think the 4th Dimension is and most likely they will say that it is Time. Which is true, in some sense. But the 4th Dimension is more; so much more. It could be the lattice around which everything that has, is, and will happen- happens. The obsession with looking at higher dimensions and other worlds began in earnest in fin-de-siecle Victorian England. With figures such as Edwin Abbott and Charles Howard Hinton, people started to look closer at a dimension that we...



What if I told you that you could have certain desires manifest in your life with a few seemingly simple steps? What if things in your life could change to meet with your aspirations both physical and mental? A somewhat recent weapon in the Magicians arsenal, Sigils are pictographic representation of an outcome that you desire. Their possibilities are seemingly endless, from creation to activation to disposing of them. Sigils go to the core of magic in many ways and are great evidence that...


The Marvellous Magical World of Alan Moore

Residing in the heart of England lives one of the most notorious Wizards of the last 100 years. A Wizard who has not only seen the future, but some say has had a hand in crafting it. Conjuring characters that are as timeless as his ideas, there does not seem much that is beyond this Sorcerer's Magic. We are talking about Northampton's own Mr. Alan Moore. Widely considered the greatest writer of comic books in the history of the medium, Alan is beloved and feared in equal measures. Besides...