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What Magic is This? is a topic based podcast about Magic, the Occult, the Esoteric, the Paranormal, the Supernatural and the Weird. Each episode revolves around one single topic in the hope that we can flesh out the important aspects one needs to know about it. From history to practices to important figures and more, What Magic is This? is for anyone curious about Magic and the strange world in which we live. If you're looking for the best place to find out about any of these topics, you've found the right Podcast to get you on your way.




What Magic is This? is a topic based podcast about Magic, the Occult, the Esoteric, the Paranormal, the Supernatural and the Weird. Each episode revolves around one single topic in the hope that we can flesh out the important aspects one needs to know about it. From history to practices to important figures and more, What Magic is This? is for anyone curious about Magic and the strange world in which we live. If you're looking for the best place to find out about any of these topics, you've found the right Podcast to get you on your way.








Astrological Magic with Andrew Watt

Astrology and Magic. Two things that go together like salt and pepper. When we look back through the ages, they always seem to have been intertwined, for matching what happens in the celestial spheres with what happens here on earth seems like such a natural interaction. But where does one even start? What things should one keep in mind if they want Astrology to be the major aspect of their Magical spells and rituals. Helping us through it is the Astrologer, Magician and Poet- Andrew Watt.


Introduction to Paganism with Angela Puca

The term Paganism is used today (for the most part) to refer to contemporary religious and spiritual traditions which take their influences from historically pre-Christian beliefs. While many of these are fairly different from each other, there are some distinctions which these sorts of Paganism all seem to share for the most part. Many are Polytheist, see spirit and the sacred as being imminent, and hold the natural world in high regard. Taking us through some of the broader strokes of contemporary Paganism is the scholar of Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism- Dr. Angela Puca!


The Celts... and Magic with Amy Hale

If one was to walk into their local New Age, Witchcraft and Magic shop and have a look around, one would notice that much of the merchandise in said shop was Celtic. From amulets, to books of Celtic Magic, even Celtic Oracle Cards. This would probably give one the impression that the Celts were an enormously magical civilization, perhaps even the most magical that has ever existed. But how much do we know about the Celts, and how should we think about Celts these days? To help us understand better is Folklorist and scholar Dr. Amy Hale.


The Origins of British Fairies with Francis Young

When most of us close our eyes and think of Fairies, more often than not the winged fairies of 19th century Britain is what will come to mind. Over the last 160 years, some historians and folklorists have attempted to figure out just how the British conception of the fairy came to be. For the most part and in the minds of many, it seems like fairies were some sort of Pagan Celtic survival of Christianization. However, this might not be the case at all. Taking us through the Origins of Fairies in Britain, is Author and Historian Dr. Francis Young.


Fairies, Witchcraft & Magic with Lee Morgan

Much of the last four episodes in the Fistful o' Fairies series has been about the history and folklore of the Fairies. But what does a Magical world look like with Fairies involved; what is a Fairy witchcraft? While most folks through history have done their best to avoid or appease the Good Neighbours, what things should be kept in mind if one would wish to interact in some way with them? Giving us a peek into the world of Fairy, Witchcraft and Magic is the author and Traditional Witch, Lee Morgan.


Fairies in Ritual Magic with David Rankine

When one looks back at older documents belonging to and written by ritual magicians, for the most part they seem to be about compelling Angels, Demons and Spirits to aid you in your magical activities. And yet, not discussed very much by anyone is the fact that in some of these Grimoires, Fairies seem to make an appearance. What's more, the reason that fairies are evoked seems to be for entirely different reasons than the usual suspects. Taking us through Fairies in ritual Magic of the past, is one of the foremost authorities on Western Ritual Magic and Grimoires, the one and only David Rankine!


Fairies, UFOs & Aliens with Joshua Cutchin

No doubt, UFOs and Aliens would be familiar to every listener of this Podcast. The mysterious and downright terrifying entities we call Aliens as well as their supposed activities here on earth are beyond notorious, indeed they are part of our culture and have been for the last 70 years. And yet, almost every aspect of Aliens and their apparent abductions has an antecedent in the folklore of Fairies. In fact, many are saying that the phenomena of UFOs and Aliens are just a modern interpretation of a somewhat spiritual experience that is intrinsically human somehow. Helping us tread into these murky waters is a someone who knows them well- author and musician Joshua Cutchin.


Fairies & Ireland with David Halpin

Without a doubt, when one thinks of Fairies and the cultures as well as countries which have historically been associated with them, no place can hold a candle to that of Ireland. The Aos Sí, or people of the mounds have been a part of life in Ireland for thousands of years. Ireland's landscape is absolutely packed with the remains of stone circles, hillforts, ringforts and other such monuments which are known as Fairy Forts. But what sort of relationship have the people of Ireland had with Fairies? Taking us through all of the varieties of how Ireland relates to the Good People is writer and blogger of Irish and worldwide Fairy lore- David Halpin!


An Introduction to Fairies with Jo Hickey-Hall & Simon Young

There’s not a single person listening to WMiT? who doesn’t know what a Fairy is. Or do they? When the word “Fairy” is uttered, most likely our minds immediately think of a small, somewhat feminine, little winged humanoid that glows. But this conception of Fairies is a somewhat recent one. There is so much more to the stories, the history as well as the behavior of these ethereal and magical beings. Allow yourself to be reintroduced as it were, to the entities we call Fairies by the host of The Modern Fairy Sighting Podcast Jo Hickey-Hall, and the Scholar of the Supernatural Dr. Simon Young!


A Fistful o' Fairies

The next five episodes of What Magic is This? Podcast are going to be opening the doors to the Good Neighbours. Fairies are perhaps one of the most unexamined yet strangely important aspects of the Western Magical Tradition. The late 19th and early 20th century tried to defang them. Over the next 5 episodes, we will be bringing them into focus like no other Podcast before. Coming very soon!


Santería - Lucumí with Steven Cherena & Eric Purdue

During the 19th century, African slaves brought to Cuba continued to worship and revere their own Gods, dieties and spirits from their original Yoruba religion, but masked as Catholic Saints. These gods and sprits are called Orisha, and they form the backbone of the African diaspora religion Santería, otherwise known as Lucumí. There are many aspects of Lucumí which make it very unique, including initiation, divination, ancestors, and so much more. Giving the listeners a well-rounded introduction to this austere tradition are Santeros Steven Cherena and Eric Purdue!


The Return of Jeffrey Kripal - 100th Episode!

It happened! What Magic is This? Podcast has reached 100 "Official" episodes! Of course there were some small episodes and some filler episodes here and there but now we are at the big century mark for the Podcast! And so, for a bit of a celebration, I was trying to think back at which show and guest do I think about more than any other. One episode in particular I think about constantly. I adore his work, and he is someone who I think that everyone who listens to this show should know. That's right! It is time for The Return of Dr. Jeffrey Kripal!


Hildegard of Bingen

The word "Polymath" is one that gets used for quite a few people that are already residents of the Fools Gallery, but I don't think anyone deserves that title more than the mystic and visionary medieval abbess Hildegard of Bingen. Given to service God by her parents at a young age, Hildegard didn't start to flourish and share her uniqueness until middle age. Someone who would have been an extraordinary person at any period of history, Hildegard has something for every one of us to admire. An absolute favourite and someone who stands tall in the Fools Gallery.


Hypnosis with Lance Baker & Devin Person

We've all seen the movies and recognize the tropes- Swinging Pocket Watch, eyes rolling back into the head, "You are Getting verrrrrryyyy Sleeeeeeepy..." And yet, Hypnosis is so much more than what most of us are lead to believe. From helping to deal with certain anxieties, breaking habits and even pain relief- Hypnosis seems to be a still little understood but extremely amazing condition. Taking us through the wonders of Hypnosis are two of my favourite former guests- Lance Baker and Devin Person!


The Origins of Angels with Mika Ahuvia

Many within the realms of Magic, Spirituality, and Mysticism are well aware of heavenly messengers which are called Angels. While many are familiar with the depictions of them as winged celestial beings, their origins and deeds are a bit less well known in today's world. Angels were incredibly important to the Ancient Jewish peoples, and more recent scholarship has begun to uncover to what extent Angels played a role in the nascent Judaic worldview. One of these scholars is my guest for this show- author and professor Dr. Mika Ahuvia!


An Introduction to Solomonic Magic with Alexander Eth of Glitch Bottle Podcast

When all is said and done, the Western Magical Tradition seems to have one clear and definable feature- it has mainly been about attempting to solicit the aid of spiritual creatures or entities for all manner of magical ends. There is no better encapsulation of this than what is called Solomonic Magic. Guided by Grimoires or magic books, the techniques and protocols of Solomonic Magic are fairly specific but require elucidation none the less. Helping introduce us to the history as well as taking us through a Solomonic Grimoire to showcase the protocols as well as Solomonic method is the host of the greatest podcast about Magic and the Occult in existence- Alexander Eth of Glitch Bottle Podcast!


How To Read Grimoires

No doubt we are all familiar with the common story trope of a dusty and haggard book of Magic which is filled with spells, rituals and numerous diabolical looking diagrams. However, these certainly existed and many of them are housed in collections both private and public(ish). The word "Grimoire" got its name as these books were very hard to read and make sense of. Still to this day, if you were to open a translated Grimoire, it will leave one quite confused as to what to make of it. Until now that is. Let's get cracking, we've got some work to do.



Hailed by many as a forefather of modern medicine, the story of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known to the world as Paracelsus- is one of hardship, stacked odds and wonder. While his contributions to medicine and health are being recognized more and more through the centuries, after his passing his legend and myth grew exponentially. A Titan of Magic certainly, on this episode we will be unpacking the vitriolic and brilliant Alchemical Doctor that is Paracelsus!


Saints with W. of Saint Anthony's Tongue Podcast

Saints are everywhere. From street names, to buildings, to the names of certain herbs and plants. For a time, their stories and miracles were familiar to many of us. And yet, when one chooses to look a bit closer at the Saints and the cult of the Saints, something fairly magical emerges. Going through the Saints and their Magic with us, is W.- the host of the excellent podcast about Saints, Folk Catholicism and Mysticism, Saint Anthony's Tongue!


Hypnagogia with Samantha Giacalone

There is a state that occurs right before one falls asleep that is perhaps one of the oddest and trippiest experiences one can have without the use of drugs. This is called Hypnagogia and it occurs every time we fall asleep. Our perceptions become very strange and we can experience many different sensations; sometimes amazing and sometimes terrifying. And yet this state has been utilized by inventors, artists, mystics and prophets to great effect. Joining WMiT? on this episode is friend of the show and fellow onieronaut, The Mad Sorceress Samantha Giacalone!