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A podcast about the lives of the people of the isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.

A podcast about the lives of the people of the isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.


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A podcast about the lives of the people of the isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.




59 Charlotte Mellis

In this episode I talk with Charlotte Mellis of Larach Mhòr, near Treshnish. Charlotte’s family have had a home on Mull since the 1950’s. Her father was in the Navy when she was wee so she grew up between Mull, Malta and Greece. Charlotte is a noted potter who owns the Tin Shed gallery, where you can see both her work and exhibitions by herself and others throughout the course of the year. She hails from a family of renowned artists including her aunties Margaret Mellis and Ann Stokes. Our...


58 Carla Lamont

This episode is a conversation with Carla Lamont of Fionnphort. Carla originally hails from Canada and chose to come and work in Scotland, starting off on Iona, before coming across to Fionnphort where she and her husband John run the remarkable 9th Wave restaurant. As well as running a very successful restaurant, you may know Carla from her recent appearances on Master Chef – the Professionals. Our conversation takes in her youth in different parts of Canada and then we go on to talk about...


57 Dawn Reade

In this episode I talk with Dawn Reade of Tobermory. Dawn comes originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland. We talk about growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, her family, her choice to come and study in Edinburgh, the relative attractiveness of people in rural as opposed to urban settings, the development of the Island Bakery business, how international market trends affect a rural business such as theirs and so much more. Dawn and I were able to record this at my house when...


56 Duncan Brown

In this episode I talk with Duncan Brown, formerly of Tobermory. Duncan talks about growing up in Tobermory in the 70’s and 80’s and the role that sports, scouting and more played in his youth. We talk about football, Bogie racing, The Rally and lots more. Duncan gives a great account of what it’s like to be in a Rally car, the sensations and smells – he paints such a clear picture, it’s a delight to hear. We then go on to talk about Duncan’s working life in Engineering, his training and...


55 Iain MacKinnon

In this episode I talk with Iain MacKinnon of Tobermory. If you’re listening to this on its day of release, a very happy Christmas to you! Iain talks about his family roots here on the island, and connections to Tiree. We talk about characters from the past, with Iain bringing their memory to life by telling stories that they told him. There are tales of the First World War, Ireland in the 20’s and more passed on from the mouths of MacGochan and others. We talked together one evening with...


54 Hannah Fisher

In this episode I talk with Hannah Fisher of Kintra in the Ross of Mull. Originally from Dunkeld, Hannah is a musician who has toured the world with bands including Idlewild and King Creosote, whilst also having a fantastic solo career as one of the most interesting fiddle players and composers around at this moment in time. I’m delighted to say that Hannah has let us have two pieces of music to play in this episode! Thank you Hannah! Our conversation takes us back through her childhood, the...


53 Shirley Pinder

This episode is a chat with textile artist Shirley Pinder. Shirley grew up in Tobermory where her Mother and Father ran Strongarbh House and the Gallery on the Main Street, where they sold various things including materials woven by her father and herself. Shirley brings her childhood and family clearly to life while also giving us a very fine picture of how her own career developed along with bringing up her family. Shirley’s given me lots of photos and other bits and bobs for the website...


52 Judy Gibson

I’m absolutely delighted to say that this episode is a chat with Judy Gibson of the Isle of Erraid. Erraid is a tidal island off of the Ross of Mull, with a remarkable and long history. Judy and I chatted at the start of lockdown over the internet on a fairly poor line, which cut out several times. Our conversation covers a lot of ground. We talk about how her family first came to holiday on Iona and then onto Erraid, where her mother chose to settle. We talk about Judy’s life and adventures...


WWDitW American Years cross over episode - The Cuban Missile Crisis

COMING SOON: *WWDitW Live@Home* - Friday 31st July 19.30 on Zoom - follow our social media for a link to the event! This is a short bonus episode of What We Do in the Winter which features an episode of the American Years Revisited podcast. At the height of the Cuban missile crisis the USS Proteus left the Holy Loch outside of Dunoon in a great hurry, where it was at the heart of the US nuclear defence system. The seas were so rough that she had to seek refuge in Tobermory Bay. In this...


51 WWDitW Live Event March 2020

Episode 51 - WWDitW Live @Dervaig Village Hall on the 6th of March 2020. This episode is a recording of a live event that we had at Dervaig Village Hall on Saturday the 7th of March 2020. The topics covered in this episode include: Dervaig Village Hall in the Past; a live performance of a play featuring lots of local people at Calgary Bay in 1993, Movies Made on Mull and Delivery vans. At the start I go over the rationale for the project, which if you’ve listened to the end of episode 50...


Islands in Film Trailer

This is a brief advert for Islands in Film, which premieres tomorrow evening at 8pm, Friday the 26th of June 2020. For more info please follow this link https://whatwedointhewinter.com/2020/06/18/islands-in-film-premiering-fri-26th-june-8pm-on-youtube/ Filmed by 75 people and edited by Alasdair & Georgia Satchel, it features music by Hannah Fisher and Sorren Maclean. The aim of the film is to make connections and bring us all together a bit. Another aim is to raise funds for Mull and Iona...


50 Richard Kellett

This episode features a chat with Richard Kellett of Aros Mains. Originally from the Borders Richard is a paramedic here on Mull. He’s lead a remarkable life, having been in the army seeing service in Iraq during the 2nd Iraq war. Many people here on the islands will know him from his work with the ambulance service, his time as manager at Am Birlinn and many other incarnations. It was a real honour to spend this time with Richard and I thought it important to make his episode the 50th as he...


49 Sheena Walker

This episode is a conversation with Sheena Walker. Brought up in Dervaig, Sheena talks about the lives of her Mother and Father, her various jobs on the island, the social scene of her youth and so much more. Due to the current lockdown situation we recorded our chat over the internet. These days, whilst working in Edinburgh at the Royal Scottish Academy on the mound, where she’s in charge of private views, visits to artist’s studios and runs the RSA friends, Sheena keeps her home in...


48 Anja and Mark Jardine

This episode is a conversation with Anja and Mark Jardine of Iona. Due to the current lockdown situation we recorded our chat over the internet. Originally from Germany Anja comes from a town near Leipzig, and grew up during the cold war, when the Berlin Wall divided the country into East and West Germany. Anja was in the East living under communism. We talk about the experience of growing up in this environment, and the moment when it all changed with the fall of the wall. Mark was brought...


47 Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop

In this episode I talk with Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop of Lochdon. Elizabeth’s recalls coming to the island, her teenage years, the Craignure Inn and much more. Donald talks about his family trade, growing up in Tobermory, and there’s some great stories about the music scene on the island in the past. It was just great to spend time with both Donald and Elizabeth in recording this conversation, I look forward to catching up with them both again soon. Following the last episode I’m going to...


46 Charlie Hogg

In this episode I talk with Charlie Hogg of Tobermory. Charlie and I have been trying to get a time to catch up together since the start of the project, so I’m absolutely delighted to have finally got around to spending time with him and to have the opportunity to share this with you. Charlie’s memories take in life in Tobermory, visits to Haunn and the Treshnish Isles, and we talk about his working life, the characters of his youth and a quite remarkable boat yard in Tobermory, on the light...


WWDitW Dervaig Live Event Trailer

There's a live event coming up this Saturday, the 7th of March 2020, in Dervaig Village Hall at 19.30. We'll be talking about Movies Made on Mull, Dervaig Village Hall through the years, the theatre production at Calgary Bay in 1993, delivery vans and local characters. If you've got anything you want to bring along to discuss, please feel free to do so! Cheers!


45 Gordon Bruce

In this episode I talk with Gordon Bruce of Iona. Originally from Cumbernauld, Gordon has lived on Iona for the last 18 years or so. We talk about life before Gordon came to Iona for a good portion of the episode, and then, roughly half way through we come on to his life on Iona, the various jobs that he’s had over the years, and touch into the nature of life in a small community and touchingly, the kindness of others. My wife and our dog make an appearance towards the end of the episode, so...


44 Morag and Dougie Campbell

In this episode I talk with Morag and Dugald Campbell of Sunipol, in the North of Mull near Cailleach. Originally from Grimsay in the Outer Hebrides, Morag will be well known to many listeners here on the island as a midwife. In fact she brought more than a couple of the listeners into the world. Dougie was born in Achahoish and moved to other locations in Argyllshire before settling here on Mull with Morag. Morag and Dougie lived on Gometra for a few years, which they describe with great...


43 Iain Morrison

In this episode I talk with Iain Morrison of Penmore. Iain runs Turus Mara with his son Colin and wife Pat, and sails daily from Ulva Ferry to Staffa and the Treshnish Isles in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. We cover a lot of ground in this episode. We talk about growing up in Penmore, going to school at Mornish, where his Mum was the teacher. We talk about his parents, and a little about his grandparents. At one point Iain talks about the evictions, these of course are the clearances....