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A podcast about the lives of the people of the isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.

A podcast about the lives of the people of the isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.


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A podcast about the lives of the people of the isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.




49 Sheena Walker

This episode is a conversation with Sheena Walker. Brought up in Dervaig, Sheena talks about the lives of her Mother and Father, her various jobs on the island, the social scene of her youth and so much more. Due to the current lockdown situation we recorded our chat over the internet. These days, whilst working in Edinburgh at the Royal Scottish Academy on the mound, where she’s in charge of private views, visits to artist’s studios and runs the RSA friends, Sheena keeps her home in...


48 Anja and Mark Jardine

This episode is a conversation with Anja and Mark Jardine of Iona. Due to the current lockdown situation we recorded our chat over the internet. Originally from Germany Anja comes from a town near Leipzig, and grew up during the cold war, when the Berlin Wall divided the country into East and West Germany. Anja was in the East living under communism. We talk about the experience of growing up in this environment, and the moment when it all changed with the fall of the wall. Mark was brought...


47 Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop

In this episode I talk with Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop of Lochdon. Elizabeth’s recalls coming to the island, her teenage years, the Craignure Inn and much more. Donald talks about his family trade, growing up in Tobermory, and there’s some great stories about the music scene on the island in the past. It was just great to spend time with both Donald and Elizabeth in recording this conversation, I look forward to catching up with them both again soon. Following the last episode I’m going to...


46 Charlie Hogg

In this episode I talk with Charlie Hogg of Tobermory. Charlie and I have been trying to get a time to catch up together since the start of the project, so I’m absolutely delighted to have finally got around to spending time with him and to have the opportunity to share this with you. Charlie’s memories take in life in Tobermory, visits to Haunn and the Treshnish Isles, and we talk about his working life, the characters of his youth and a quite remarkable boat yard in Tobermory, on the light...


WWDitW Dervaig Live Event Trailer

There's a live event coming up this Saturday, the 7th of March 2020, in Dervaig Village Hall at 19.30. We'll be talking about Movies Made on Mull, Dervaig Village Hall through the years, the theatre production at Calgary Bay in 1993, delivery vans and local characters. If you've got anything you want to bring along to discuss, please feel free to do so! Cheers!


45 Gordon Bruce

In this episode I talk with Gordon Bruce of Iona. Originally from Cumbernauld, Gordon has lived on Iona for the last 18 years or so. We talk about life before Gordon came to Iona for a good portion of the episode, and then, roughly half way through we come on to his life on Iona, the various jobs that he’s had over the years, and touch into the nature of life in a small community and touchingly, the kindness of others. My wife and our dog make an appearance towards the end of the episode, so...


44 Morag and Dougie Campbell

In this episode I talk with Morag and Dugald Campbell of Sunipol, in the North of Mull near Cailleach. Originally from Grimsay in the Outer Hebrides, Morag will be well known to many listeners here on the island as a midwife. In fact she brought more than a couple of the listeners into the world. Dougie was born in Achahoish and moved to other locations in Argyllshire before settling here on Mull with Morag. Morag and Dougie lived on Gometra for a few years, which they describe with great...


43 Iain Morrison

In this episode I talk with Iain Morrison of Penmore. Iain runs Turus Mara with his son Colin and wife Pat, and sails daily from Ulva Ferry to Staffa and the Treshnish Isles in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. We cover a lot of ground in this episode. We talk about growing up in Penmore, going to school at Mornish, where his Mum was the teacher. We talk about his parents, and a little about his grandparents. At one point Iain talks about the evictions, these of course are the clearances....


42 Joanie and John Mackay

In this episode I talk with Joanie and John Mackay of Tobermory. Joanie comes originally from Tobermory and John from Dervaig. Our conversation goes all over the place. We talk about when Joanie worked at the telephone exchange in Tob, when John’s folks ran the Bellachroy in Dervaig, the career of Joanie’s Dad, Pibroch, the renowned fiddler, John’s time in the garage and we also go into the early days of the rally and how John and friends used to compete in it. Joanie’s descriptions of her...


41 Howard Pitman

Howard Pitman hails from Dervaig and now lives in Glasgow. Howie and I chat about his memories of growing up in the village and what the nature of the island means to him. He identifies lots of characters from the past and talks very touchingly about the first time he met his wife to be. His father, David, ran Coffee in Books in the village. There’s some cracking info on the film screenings that used to take place at Dervaig Village Hall, including a screening of a more raunchy ‘art house’...


40 Chris Reade

In this episode I talk with Chris Reade of Sgriobruadh Farm, Tobermory. Chris and her late husband Jeff founded Isle of Mull Cheese. We talk about her life in England as a child and how she and Jeff bought a farm in Somerset and then, through seeing an advert in an English paper, noticed some land on the Isle of Mull for sale. We explore her working life, family life, childhood, and how family is at the core of everything. If you want to see any photos of the development of Sgriobruadh and...


39 Tim Matthew

This episode takes a trip to Shetland to talk with Tim Matthew. Born down South, Tim first came to live on Mull at Tavool, past Tiroran on the way to the Burgh Peninsula in the South of the Isle of Mull. Tim talks about the nature of life in such a remote location and how he went to school in Pennyghael School, under the tutelage of Mamie Brunton. We talk about his parents, where they themselves have come from, and the family’s move to Quinish in the North of Mull, and then the move to their...


38 Catherine Evans

In this episode Catherine Evans talk about her life in Tobermory as a child, the shops along the main street and the many characters of the town. She then goes on to talk about student life in Belfast at the dawn of the troubles, and where her adventures took her later in life, leading to coming back home to Mull. At the end of the episode we return to the past to talk about Catherine’s grandfather’s shop in upper Tobermory and the Drama festival and its importance to the communities of the...


37 Bunessan Show 2019

This is a special episode in this series of podcasts which normally comes from the Isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva, Gometra. In this episode you’re going to hear from some of the people who attended the Bunessan Show on the 2nd of August 2019. The Bunessan Show is an agricultural and cultural show which is held in the fields around Bunessan Primary in the Ross of Mull. I was invited by the show committee to go along and record the memories of participants old and new as they talk about the show,...


36 Netta Titterton - Colonsay

In this episode I talk with Netta Titterton of Colonsay. I’ve known Netta since I was a wee boy, as she’s a relation, so it’s an absolute delight to have gotten a chance to speak with her. We talk about Netta's family, and how her Dad's work with the Strathcona family, who have owned Colonsay for over 100 years, brought the family to Colonsay. The story of the Strahcona family and how they came to own the island is also explored. Then the conversation moves on to her school life in Colonsay...


35 Donald and Carol MacNeill - Colonsay

In this episode I talk with Carol and Donald (Peedie) MacNeill of Drumclach, on the Western Side of Colonsay. As you’ll hear, Carol is originally from Edinburgh and came to Colonsay as a young woman to work at the hotel for a summer job. It was there that she met Donald, who was born and raised on the island at Garvard, opposite Oransay. Our conversation covers a wide range of topics. Both Carol and Donald trained as teachers, and their life and work has taken them from Colonsay, to Thurso,...


34 Gordon Connell - Tiree

In this episode I talk with Gordon Connell, originally from Blairmore near Dunoon, Gordon moved to Tiree to teach History in 1962. Gordon is an accordion player and one of the most significant teachers of accordion, the list of his pupils is rather impressive. We talk about growing up in Blairmore, going to school in Dunoon, university life in Glasgow, how it was to move to Tiree in the 60's, and more about his life as a teacher of History, Modern Studies and towards the end, his work as an...


33 John Holliday - Tiree

This episode takes you away from Mull and over to Tiree where I talk with John Holliday. John was the doctor on the island for 30 years and is often known as 'Doc'. Originally from the England, John lived in Australia before settling on Tiree. We talk about his work in Australia with the Pintupi people, the choice of coming to live and work on Tiree, the nature of rural locations, his engagement with local Gaelic culture, the place names of the island and the remarkable Ringing Stone, a...


32 Joanne MacInnes

This episode features a return to Iona, where I chat with Joanne MacInnes. A proud Dundonian, Joanne has lived on Iona for many years now, where she and her husband John are raising their family. We talk about Dundonian cultural identity, college life, work life and what it is like to move into a small community and make your life there. We also mention the Iona Village Hall Music Festival, which I’ve always wanted to go to, but haven’t yet managed to. Our conversation was recorded in Iona...


31 Iain Thomson

In this episode I chat with Iain Thomson. As you’ll hear Iain’s had a long association with the Isle of Mull, and now divides his time between the island here and Sweden. Iain has been involved in farming and the land since he was a young boy. Our conversation goes into some detail about his life and work and fascinatingly, the relationship between farmers and their dogs. We also talk about Iain’s work as a singer songwriter. Iain is perhaps better known as The Singing Shepherd. You’re going...