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The new touring theatre company conceived, created and led by Emma Rice.

The new touring theatre company conceived, created and led by Emma Rice.
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The new touring theatre company conceived, created and led by Emma Rice.






The Obstacles of Malory Towers

Malory Towers at the Passenger Shed is finally open! This week Emma sits down with Exec Producer Poppy Keeling to talk about the highs and lows of opening a new show and new venue in a heatwave. As this is the last in the series we've included an exclusive clip of the show. The Malory Girls attempt to calm down Sally Hope who has taken on the role of producer for the end of term play - A Midsummer Nights Dream. Recorded at ParkFarm/WiseChildren's Passenger Shed Hosted by Emma Rice and...


Tech Week at Malory Towers

UPDATED - SBx Rehearsals are over and it's time to move to the theatre. This is usually stressful enough but you normally don't have to build the theatre first. Nothing is ever simple at Wise Children. Malory Towers is being performed at The Passenger Shed at Bristol Temple Meads station, a vast warehouse space normally used for exhibitions which we've decided to turn into a theatre this summer. Join Emma and her team of regulars as they explain what's going on. Recorded at...


The Movement Of Malory Towers

It's been an eventful week in the world of Wise Children. This week Emma talks about the role movement plays in her work. She talks candidly about her early ballet lessons, school days and her training in Poland. She also talks to Alistair David, Malory Tower's Choreographer about creating this unique new show. The Wise Children podcast leaves no stone unturned as Emma also reveals why we couldn't actually finish this podcast fully... Recorded at ParkFarm/WiseChildren Rehearsals Hosted...


The Music Of Malory Towers

We're deep into Malory Towers rehearsals now. The show is up on its feet, choreography steps being learnt and harmonies being taught. We join Emma back in the rehearsal room in East London as she talks to Ian Ross, the show's composer about the score for the show. This is a real insight into how work actually gets made and also includes a sneak peek of one of the scenes in rehearsals Recorded at ParkFarm/WiseChildren Rehearsals Hosted by Emma Rice and featuring Ian Ross and the original...


The Cast Of Malory Towers

It's the first week of Malory Towers rehearsals and just like the first day of school, everyone is feeling a bit anxious and worrying about where to get lunch. The lift is out of order along with the air-con as we join Emma in a noisy rehearsal room in East London - an insight into the inner working of Wise Children against a backdrop of Harps, Piano Tuners and hand dryers as she introduces us to the cast. Recorded at ParkFarm/WiseChildren Rehearsals Hosted by Emma Rice and featuring...


Back To School With Malory Towers

We're back! Finally! Since our last podcast Wise Children has been out tour, we even made a movie of it but right now Emma is back in rehearsal for our new show - Enid Blyton's Malory Towers. Over the next few weeks catch up with all the usual suspects as we get the show ready for the first audience in our new summer venue - The Passenger Shed. In this episode join Emma as she explains why she chose Malory Towers. She's joined by her Mum, Maureen Rice. Recorded at ParkFarm Produced and...


Wise Children with Emma Rice // Holiday Treats

In this special episode for the holiday season, Emma Rice looks back on 2018 and the first year of Wise Children, both the show and the Company. With previously unreleased material from the show, clips from the rehearsal room and a very special treat at the very end. Emma talks candidly about leaving the Globe and her new adventure. Wise Children. As Time Out wrote - "it's good to back on Planet Rice". Hosted by Emma and featuring The Wise Children Company. Recorded at The Old Vic,...


Wise Children with Emma Rice // Previews

It’s preview week for Wise Children at The Old Vic, and Emma talks to the company backstage as they get ready for a performance after a day of rehearsals. She finds out how they prepare for each show, how they keep going in this demanding period before press night - while they’re performing every evening and continuing to work during the day - and what it’s like to finally put the piece in front of an audience. Hosted by Emma and featuring The Wise Children Company. Recorded at The Old...


Wise Children with Emma Rice // Tech Week

After all the planning, Emma Rice's new company move into London’s Old Vic to prepare for the opening of their first show: Angela Carter's Wise Children. This week, while the actors take a well earned day off, Emma bothers everyone in the auditorium and asks them what they do. We meet the creative and technical teams as they prepare for the start of technical rehearsals and get ready for the Dress Rehearsal. Hosted by Emma and featuring Wise Children's Creative and Technical Teams...


Wise Children with Emma Rice // The Hut By The Harbour

This week Emma Rice talks to Bristol artists Beth Carter & Stuart Mitchell about the animation they have created for Angela Carter's Wise Children due to open at the Old Vic on October 8th. The animation takes Nora and Dora Chance from Brixton to Chelsea, from the wrong side of tracks to legitimacy, as they attend Melchior Hazzard's 100th birthday party. Emma explains how she conceived this tricky but pivotal moment of staging. Recorded at The Hut by The Harbour and...


Wise Children with Emma Rice // Wise HQ

This week Emma talks to the Wise Children producing team, Judith Dimant, Poppy Keeling and Matt Lister and asks them to explain how a theatre company actually works. Recorded at Ashton Court, Bristol and set against a backdrop of the early stages of rehearsal for Wise Children, this is an insight into how theatre gets made.


Wise Children with Emma Rice // Back To School

Emma talks about the new School For Wise Children and her ambitions to train a new generation of actors and musicians. Recorded during the first School For Wise Children - Music For Ensemble Theatre - and features material from the inaugural students and an interview with Ian Ross on what it takes to be a musician in a band for an Emma Rice show. With music created and performed live by the students.


Wise Children with Emma Rice // New Beginnings

Hosted by Emma and featuring key members of the Wise Children team this first episode, recorded in June 2018, features rare and exclusive rehearsal footage as Emma starts work with the company on constructing material for the first production.