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Words About Books is a podcast where two wannabe writers read and discuss books. Read along with us, or just enjoy the show! New episodes every Sunday.

Words About Books is a podcast where two wannabe writers read and discuss books. Read along with us, or just enjoy the show! New episodes every Sunday.


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Words About Books is a podcast where two wannabe writers read and discuss books. Read along with us, or just enjoy the show! New episodes every Sunday.




The Veldt by Ray Bradbury

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you allowed an Oculus Rift to raise your children? If you guessed that you'd be eaten by ethereal lions, then you're correct. This week we cover a short story by science fiction legend, Ray Bradbury!


Book Club - Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer Part 3 (Final)

The exciting conclusion to our series on Stephanie Meyer's Midnight Sun. We will attempt to answer some of the Twilight Saga's most difficult questions. Why did anyone ever believe Alice's alibi? What judge would ever award Renee full custody of a child? Should Stephanie Meyer consider writing a novel from the perspective of the bag of footballs that serves as a Bella decoy?


Book Club - Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer Part 2

The trial of Edward Cullen begins in earnest. Ben struggles to defend the problematic behavior of everyone's favorite crystalline vampire from Nates relentless accusations. Even with help from his future self, though, Ben has his work cut out for him.


Book Club - Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

In 2020, a year which many considered to be...not good, Stephanie Meyer delivered unto Twilight fans a gift more than 12 years in the making: Midnight Sun. Join us as we dive back into the series that made Young Adult Paranormal Romance its own section in Barnes and Noble.


Hunters of Dune is Disappointing

This is a mostly spoiler-free discussion of Ben's first, and last, foray into the expanded Dune universe. A warning will be given before we enter spoiler territory for anyone wanting to read the novel.


The Chocolate War & School Assigned Reading

This week Nate looks back at a book he read in high school and absolutely nobody else did. Then the discussion shifts gears into school reading in general when Ben shares that he was assigned To Kill A Mockingbird 3 years in a row! Be sure to listen to this episode, because there will be an assigned paper at the end and there are no Sparknotes.


Book Club: Edenverse by Ben Edward & Nathaniel Creed Part 2

Some authors are inspired by mythology, some by music, some by the great masters of literature who preceded them. Ben and Nate are inspired by Danny Phantom and Full Metal Alchemist. The cringe concludes in Part 2 of our Edenverse re-examination.


Book Club: Edenverse by Ben Edward & Nathaniel Creed Part I

IT'S TIME! IT'S TIME! That's right everyone. We're starting 2021 off with a bang! This month's book is Edenverse! The greatest book every written by anyone hosting this podcast! This time around Nate drinks alcohol while Ben drinks discomfort and sorrow. So if you want to join in on the discussion go ahead and grab a drink, grab the book ($0.99 on amazon! Free on poorlywritten.ninja), and have a seat while we pour our soothing voices directly into your earholes. After that don't forget to...


Season 1 - Epilogue

As our first year of Words About Books draws to a close the boys take some time to discuss where the podcast has been and where it will be going in the future.


Paradox Bound by Peter Clines

Nate surprises Ben with his analysis of Paradox Bound by Peter Clines. It's got action! It's got drama! It's got time travel! It's got adventure! It's got... MAGA propaganda? Oh boy. Take a listen in on this one and don't forget to follow us on twitter @WABPod or the future will unravel!


The Story of Starcraft

Well it's finally here. My revenge for Ben making me read all that other shit. In this episode you listen to 90 minutes of a 3 hour conversation I forced Ben to have about the story of Starcraft I. Ben also has a wager for me: if we get 100 downloads in 90 days, he'll be forced to stream the first Starcraft game. So if you want to torture Ben as much as I do, download this episode. Have your friend download the episode. Share the download link to everybody you know! Celebrate the end of the...


Starcraft: Liberty's Crusade by Jeff Grubb

Nate forces Ben to listen to a discussion on Starcraft in this week's episode. Will this be the exception to the rule that books based off of games are hot garbage? Will Ben want to read this book after today's discussion? Find out on another exciting episode of Words About Books!


Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie

Ben and Nate journey to Earth's second moon of Kahani to formally apologize for poisoning the fabled Sea of Stories with their terrible writing. When they arrive they find the entire mess has been pinned on some guy named Khattam-Shud and that their adventure was actually an allegory for the importance of free speech.


Dune The Movie

Finally! It's out! I never thought we'd see the day! Ben and Nate get a sneak peek at Dune: The Movie directed by acclaimed director David Lynch and starring... *checks notes* Kyle MacLachlan. Will this film be the instant classic that everyone says it will be? Will it define an entire era of filmmaking? Will it be the next Lord of the Rings? Will Nate and Ben figure out that this movie was made in 1984 and is way different from the movie people are actually looking forward to?!? FIND OUT...


Bonus - An Evening with Ben and Nate

Ben and Nate reflect on 2020 in the only way they know how, by talking about all the books they've read.


How to Publish a Novel Featuring a Drunk Space Ninja

Today we examine Jay Key, Star Wheel Books, and the paths one may take to publication. Join Ben as he attempts to explain concepts such self publishing, independent publishing, and how they're not the same thing to an increasingly distracted and unfocused Nate who can't help but bring up our short story every chance he can possibly get. Don't forget to check out our twitter @WABPod and our blog http://blog.wordsaboutbooks.ninja/ and let us know what you think of this new format.


How to Pick Up Women with a Drunk Space Ninja by Jay Key

Unfunny jokes. Bickering. An unlikeable protagonist that you’re supposed to love. Welcome to the flawed logic and page skimming universe of Duke LaGrange! Nate and Ben tackle an indie comedy book in today's episode. How to Pick Up Women with a Drunk Space Ninja: The Adventures of Duke LaGrange Book 1. Or HtPUWwaDSNTAoDLB1 for short. Was that a funny joke? I didn't think so either. Now imagine having to read 300+ pages of jokes at that level. Just remember that a flawed book is an opportunity...


The American Election Extravaganza!

To celebrate the impending American election, Ben presents his top 5 Donald Trump take down books. Find out which of these is the right book to help you mentally prepare for a second dark age! Fire and Fury by Micheal Wolff, Fear by Bob Woodward, Too Much and Never Enough by Mary Trump, The Room Where it Happened by John Bolton, and Rage by Bob Woodward


The Shadow Out of Nate

The following audio sample was found in the library of Miskatonic University. It was late and I was the last student to leave. Most of the electric lighting was off. Only the blasphemous glow of the gibbous moon pouring through the windows provided illumination. There it was. A laptop sitting adjacent to a still opened copy of the dreaded Necronomicon. The laptop was unlocked and Audacity was open on the screen. After nearly 30 minutes of waiting for the owner to return my curiousity got the...


Cool Air and Pickman's Model by HP Lovecraft

Ben and Nate tackle two of their favorite Lovecraft short stories. Nate finally finds a Lovecraft story he can review positively.