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The Art of the Side Hustle

The journey to opera for many singers can be a struggle. That's why XM Divas lay out the truth about side hustling and the wide variety of opportunities that are available.


How to Choose Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is almost here and XM Divas are here to help you choose a costume...with an Operatic Twist. The world of Opera is overflowing with extravagant costumes. XM Divas share their top picks for classing up your Halloween. Wanna hear the full length tracks? Follow the youtube links...


#OperaMoms - Growing a Baby while Growing your Career

Who says pregnancy and opera don't mix? In this episode, the Divas talk to two performing mommies-to-be in Kathryn Lewek and Melinda Whittington while Megan reveals a pregnancy of her own. (1:59) Megan talks about finding out about being pregnant during Rigoletto (5:01) Megan welcomes our guests, Kathryn Lewek and Melinda Whittington (6:35) Katie talks about being the first pregnant Queen of the Night (10:21) Megan introduces Melinda, her performances and her pregnancy (15:38) Megan...


Interview with Robert Mack

With Opera Carolina deep into the production of Marriage of Figaro, Xela is the lone Diva on the mic in this episode. Joinging her, however, is Robert Mack, a member of the critically-acclaimed Three Mo' Tenors and a leading member of the American Spiritual Ensemble. Mack has performed with Opera Carolina several times, including a production of Porgy and Bess. (1:46) Robert Mack introduces himself and talks about his history with Opera Carolina (4:01) Xela asks Robert about what his...


Exclusive Interview with Zachary James

This week, the XM Divas caught up with American actor and operatic bass Zachary James. Known for his role as Lurch in the Broadway production of The Adams Family, Zachary James has also portrayed Abraham Lincoln, cameo'd on 30 Rock and performed with some of the world's top opera companies. (2:50) Zachary talks about the importance of seizing opportunity (5:40) Xela asks about introducing new pieces (8:58) Xela asks Zachary about his most harrowing or possibly dangerous experiences...


Former Opera Virgins Tell All

One of the Divas' favorite things to do is to pop the cherry of opera virgins. On today's episode of XM Divas, Megan and Xela invite two guests who recently had their first opera experiences to the show: local CPA and fellow podcaster Nesha Pai (Piece of the Pai) and KISS 95.1 radio host Roy Brown. Nesha and Roy discuss their first opera experiences and also play a game of "Opera or Cheese" - modified from Classic FM's quiz. Make sure you listen to the end to see who took home the "Big...


The Four "P's" of Opera

Megan and Xela are back with the Four P's of Opera. Unfortunately, Podcasting isn't one, but maybe it should be. Either way, the Divas give you the down and dirty on this episode of XM Divas. (1:14) First P of Opera - Pretending to Practice (1:56) Second P of Opera - Procrastinating Practice (4:10) Third P of Opera - Perceiving to Practice (4:51) Fourth P of Opera - Actually Practicing (7:02) Bonus round, the fifth P of Opera! XM Divas is hosted by Xela Pinkerton and Megan Miller,...


NYC Takeover Part II ft. Elizabeth Caballero

Today is Part II of the Divas' takeover in NYC! Megan and Xela are backstage at the Metropolitan Opera talking with Elizabeth Caballero, soprano who plays the part of Mimì in Giacomo Pucinni's La bohème.


NYC Takeover Part I ft. Stacy Dove and Raquel Suarez-Groen

It's officially audition season in the world of opera! That means it's time to get your arias ready and polish up your backing music. The divas take a trip up to NYC to talk to two of their favorite performers in person: Stacy Dove and Raquel Suarez-Groen. Megan and Xela talk to Stacy at the Roosevelt Hotel and Megan talks to Raquel solo at the Magestic Theatre during her prep for her role as Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera.


So You've Been Cast in an Opera

This week on XM DIVAS Podcast…. Alright, we are back for another episode of XM Divas. Today, we are talking about how to prep for an opera. Scenario 1: you’ve been cast in an opera. What is the first thing you do?


Five Things to Know About Opera

It may be the start of summer, but the Divas are taking you back to school. Jump into Opera 101 as Xela and Megan review five things you should know about Opera in this edu-taining episode.


Behind the scenes with Douglas Tappin and Derrick Davis

Minutes before the curtain went up for the closing performance of I Dream. XM Divas sat down with composer Douglas Tappin and leading actor Derrick Davis for a behind the scenes look at what it took to bring this new Opera and its leading man to life. Find out how Derrick, a Broadway veteran, prepared for his first operatic role, what challenges he’d like to take on next and his pre-show rituals. Douglas shares a little about what made him think Opera was the right art form to take on the...


Going Out for the Opera, an interview with Merchant & Trade - Ep. 3

If you haven’t already seen the gorgeous photos from our podcast launch photoshoot… you should take a look - Check out the Video -we’ll wait! We worked with a killer team that helped us enter the podcast world with a BANG; Richard Israel, Whitley Hamlin, Andy Goh, Catie Starr, Stephanie Vitale, and Eric Irvin. But we can’t thank our fantastic partners, Merchant & Trade, enough for letting us takeover their luxurious Rooftop Space on top of the Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel. On this episode of...


Mother's Day Special - Ep. 2

It takes a village to raise strong daughters and it takes especially strong ones to raise divas. We’re dedicating an entire episode to the village matriarchs that raised us, our mothers! Laugh (and cry) along with us as we interview Diane Walters (Megan's mom) and Anne Pinkerton (Xela's mom). These women shaped us into the creative minds that we are today and put up with our Shenanigans. Listen in as we dive into embarrassing stories about what we were like as kids, our audition journeys,...


Xela's Date with an Opera Virgin - Ep. 1

Let's face it: not everyone has been to an opera in their lifetime. In fact, there's a decent chance that if you're listening to this podcast, *you* may not have been to an opera before. Hey, that's totally cool! That's where we come in. In this week's episode of XM Divas, Xela tells us about her date with an Opera Virgin. Xela shares her experience bringing her prospective boo into the world of opera, and Megan gives us some good do's and don'ts when it comes to courting an opera vet. (...


Meet the Divas

Megan Miller & Xela Pinkerton, both professional opera singers, have set forth to bring you their uncensored opinion on the stigmas and stereotypes that surround the world of Opera. Not because you asked for it but because they are sick of everyone thinking that opera is still the fat lady from looney tunes singing in her horned Viking helmet. Listen in on their crazy journeys as they give listeners a sneak peek behind the curtain and into the lives of today’s modern opera singers, wine...