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Discover your next great novel and the authors behind the stories.

Discover your next great novel and the authors behind the stories.
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Discover your next great novel and the authors behind the stories.








Your Next Great Novel Episode 11 (Lynn Burke and Erotic Romance)

Join me as I chat with erotic romance author, Lynn Burke. This was one of my favorite interviews. Topics included: -Lynn's latest novel and BDSM series, Bind Me, Sir. -Lynn's character driven writing style. -HEAs, do you have to have them? -What the heck is an HFN? -Lynn's religious background. -Why Lynn uses a pen name. -We talk dark romance and the controversy behind dubious and non-consensual scenes.


Your Next Great Novel Episode 10 (Phil & Denise’s Book Club)

Join Denise and I as we discuss two nonfiction books that we've both read, The Crash Course by Chris Martenson and I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart. We talk about the following: -Future trends: self-driving vehicles, robotics, the scarcity of natural resources, environmental calamities, and peak energy. -Hierarchies in the entertainment business. -Growth mindset and shoulder shrugging setbacks. -Denise's checkbook. -I never would've been an author if I knew …


Your Next Great Novel Episode 9 (Phil & Denise’s Book Club)

Listen to Phil and Denise discuss the following: -Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult -Racism and white privilege (Yes, we went there.) -Practicing gratitude -The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz -Honesty, trying your best, not taking things personally, and not making assumptions -Doers versus criticizers


Your Next Great Novel Episode 8 (Roy Robson & London Large)

Join me as I chat with Roy Robson, the co-author of the authentic, hard boiled, London Large series. We discuss the following: -London Large Way Past Evil -Authenticity in novels -The pros and cons of colorful language in novels. -London in the seventies -Placing protagonists in uncomfortable situations, the proverbial fish out of water. -Get Carter London Large can be found here in the US: London Large can be found...


Your Next Great Novel Episode 7 (Nick Thacker & The Mason Dixon Trilogy)

Join me as I talk to USA Today bestselling author, Nick Thacker. We discuss the following: -Hit man bartenders. -Overcoming anxiety. -Controversy in fiction. -One-star reviews and the importance of a thick skin. -Chemtrails and propaganda. -Airplane books. If you'd like to learn more about Nick, click here: Click here to read about the hitman bartender, Mason Dixon:


Your Next Great Novel Episode 6 (Andrew Warren & Tokyo Black)

Join me as I chat with International Best Selling author, Andrew Warren. We discuss the following: -His spy thriller novel, Tokyo Black. -Why reviews are often better than sales to an indie author. -False flags and CIA conspiracies. -The advantages of a screenwriting background. If you'd like to pick up a copy of Tokyo Black on Amazon click here: To find out more about Andrew Warren, and to receive a free copy of his novel, Devil's Due, click here:...


Your Next Great Novel Episode 5 (Brett Battles and Night Man)

Join me as I talk to USA Today bestselling and Barry Award-winning author, Brett Battles. We discuss the following: -His latest vigilante justice novel, Night Man. -His experiences as a traditionally published author at the dawn of indie publishing. -Why we're running faster to stand still. You can pick up a copy of Night Man here: More info available at


Your Next Great Novel Episode 4 (Phil & Denise’s Book Club)

Join your hosts, Phil and Denise Williams as they discuss two popular novels, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, and IQ by Joe Ide. Enjoy a spirited discussion on mistaken identity, plea bargains, false imprisonment, the prison industrial complex, and excessive laws in America. In addition, Phil and Denise play, (What would you do if?) with the plot of An American Marriage.


Your Next Great Novel Episode 3 (Jim Heskett & Snake Bite)

Listen to an intriguing interview with award winning thriller author, Jim Heskett. We talk about his latest novel, Snake Bite, John Grisham, the author wealth gap, writing what you know versus research, and writing in multiple genres. If you'd like to read two "Thrillers with Smarts" for free, and join Jim's newsletter, click here: Jim Heskett and his 35 books can be found on Amazon:


Your Next Great Novel Episode 2 (Book Reviews, Public Shaming, & PC Culture)

Join Phil and Denise Williams as they discuss these timely and topical books: All-American Boys by: Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely Lawn Boy by: Jonathan Evison So You've Been Publicly Shamed by: Jon Ronson Topics covered: Social media shaming, police brutality, capitalism, and PC culture.


Your Next Great Novel Episode 1 (Phil M. Williams & The Predator Hunter)

Hear the story behind the story of The Predator Hunter by Phil M. Williams, with your host Denise Williams. Phil M. Williams is a voluntaryist author who writes fiction and nonfiction that reflects the reality of our society, the environment, and our state sponsored oppression. He writes in many genres, but the threads that connect his books are protagonists that seek the truth, and the portrayal of the human condition—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Williams is the author of fourteen...