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The oddball trio behind Sarah's Stands, Sarah, Aaron, and Derek, splurge on a weekly dessert, breaking down their sweet treat while chatting about life, work, food philosophy, and everything in between.

The oddball trio behind Sarah's Stands, Sarah, Aaron, and Derek, splurge on a weekly dessert, breaking down their sweet treat while chatting about life, work, food philosophy, and everything in between.
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The oddball trio behind Sarah's Stands, Sarah, Aaron, and Derek, splurge on a weekly dessert, breaking down their sweet treat while chatting about life, work, food philosophy, and everything in between.




#59 Chocolate Coffee Birthday Extravaganza

Sarah's birthday is upon so it's time ask the dessert questions she holds above all else "What is the best Coffee/Chocolate dessert?" Anyone who knows Sarah knows she loves these two flavors more than all other flavors combined! So sit back and listen to Chocolate Coffee master herself break down how they best fit together. By the way Aaron ahtes coffee and Derek hates Chocolate so this should be interesting.


#57 Lunchroom Dessert Tourny Winner

After 4 weeks it all comes down to Nutter Butter vs. Cupcake. Who will win it all and be crowned the #1 one dessert in the Lunchroom Dessert? Make sure you know which dessert has the highest trade value at the school lunch tables.


#56 Lunchroom Dessert Tournament Final 4

We are down to the final four in our Lunchroom Dessert Tournament! Our quest to find out which dessert is the top dog in the lunch room is down to Oatmeal Cream cakes, Nutter Butters, Cupcakes, and Nutty Buddies. This week we get into the history of the companies behind these snack cakes and determine who moves on.


#54 Lunch Time Dessert Tournament top 16

School is back in session and you need to know which dessert is the top dog of the cafeteria! Is the pudding cup better than the Nutter Butter? Which is better Fruit Roll up or Chips Ahoy? Check out who wins in the first round of the 16 seed Lunch Time Dessert Tournament!


#42 Top 5 Late Night Desserts

It's late, like single digit AM late, like maybe I'll get to watch the sun rise late and all of sudden it the starts to ache, your sweet tooth. You need something sweet, something that will help you finish that pile of work or complete your 20 episode Netflix binge. Well we got you covered. These past two weeks have been packed with late nights for everyone at Sarah's Stands so we put togher out Top 5 Late Night Desserts


#40 Best Mother's Day Dessert For Mom

Mother's Day is almost here so in true 3 Friends Having Dessert fashion we try to answer the question "What is the best dessert for mom on Mother's Day." Listen along as we chat about the nature of Mother's Day and offer up a special sweet treat for mom.


#39 Secrets to an Amazing Wedding Cake

The most iconic dessert in your life will almost certainly be your wedding cake. No other dessert in your life will be more thought about, talked about, or photographed. So why not make sure it looks amazing? As the owners of Sarah's Stands we have seen thousands of wedding cakes. So listen along as we break down our best advice to ensure your wedding cake looks it's best. Oh and you get to hear me confess how I did none of these things for my own wedding and it was a complete train wreck.


#37: Nutella 101

One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds, you could circle the world 1.4 times with the amount of Nutella sold every year, and Nutella uses 25% of the world's hazelnuts. Despite all this I have never tried it. . . until this weeks episode. Between Rachael Teufel and my co-hosts making fun of me it was time to finally try some Nutella. Listen along as we find the best things to eat with Nutella and give a little Nutella 101 break down.


#35: The Best Dessert Prank?

One of my favorite days of the year is almost here, April Fool's Day. Pie in the face, confetti on the fan, or rubber snake in toilet I love it all. So what happens when I combine my love of pranks and dessert? You get to find out "What is the best dessert prank?"


#33: What Is the best Dessert after flying a Fighter?

So you just finished flying an F-16 you are back on the runway and your sweet tooth is acting up. What do you do? This week with the help a retired USAF Lt Col we find out what is the best dessert to have after flying a fighter? (Also known as the best dessert with Jack Daniels in it)


#32: Why Do We Obess Over Girl Scout Cookies?

It's that time of year again when the world of sweets is dominated by the girl scout cookie. Thin Mints, Samoas, Tag Alongs, and so many more to obsess over. So this week we ask the question, "Why do we obsess over Girl Scout cookies?"


#30: Most Caloric Dessert For Under 5 Dollars

Everyone is always trying to get the most bang for your buck! Well let us help you out. This week we search to find the most caloric dessert for under 5 dollars. How many calories can you pack into a cheap dessert? Listen and find out.


#28: The Best Dessert For Two!

V-day is almost here so what do you got planned for your sweetheart? How about the perfect dessert for two? This week the trio quest to create the ultimate dessert ment for sharing between two: Lovercakes! Give it a listen and find out what the lovercakes are all about.


#25: The Best Dessert for Commiting Murder

In the never-ending quest to answer all the dessert questions you never knew you had the trio seek out the best dessert to use for murder. What is the ultimate Killer dessert? Listen and find out.


#23: What Is The Best Dessert For A Hangover?

Well the bubbly has been drunk the sun is rising and all that remains is your pounding headache and dessprate need for water, so what are you going to do for dessert? This week the trio quest to answer what is the best dessert to have when you have a hangover?


#21: What Is the deal with Fruit Cake?

This week the trio dig into that age old holiday question "What is the deal with fruit cake?" We might not be able to make you like fruit cake, but hopefully we can give the this age old cake back its dignity.