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SAY Sí Says Yes To Taking Its Instruction Virtual

A local non-profit youth organization is finding its footing in the strange new COVID-19 reality. SAY Sí is a youth arts organization that Communications Director Stephen Guzman says helps young people find their voice through arts.


Review: 'Likes' By Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum

Likes is the latest short story collection by Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, featuring nine stories. In these, she imagines Black and brown characters who don’t easily fall into neat categories and defy an easy understanding from those around them. Some of these characters are young girls.


Initiative Hopes To Cast Cool Shade On Toasty Downtown San Antonio

San Antonio's got a problem, and the city is looking for some help to solve it. So what’s the problem? Torrey Stanley Carleton said it’s a lack of shade downtown.


Origami In The Garden Unfolding At The San Antonio Botanical Garden

A new art installation at the San Antonio Botanical Garden owes its beginnings to an ancient Asian art form. That art form is called origami, and artist Kevin Box explains it.


Celebration Circle's Sacred Art Of Altars Are Works Of Art

A yearly art project by interfaith group Celebration Circle challenges artists to create, and the viewers to contemplate. It’s called “One People, Many Paths: The Sacred Art of Altars.”


'Owed': Joshua Bennett on Preserving the Vulnerable Commodity of the Black Imagination

Joshua Bennett’s latest poetry collection is Owed . That’s O-W-E-D. The book is a series of odes — lyric poetry in the form of an address to a particular subject — but it is also about what is owed to Black Americans during this time of racial reckoning.


Camerata San Antonio Brings Its Performances To Life Online

Local chamber group Camerata San Antonio is launching their 2020-2021 season — online, of course. The group's Art Director Ken Freudigman said COVID-19 restrictions have required certain tweaks to their performance plans.


Greenline Park To Get Mission Reach Extension

A southeast side park is about to grow, and in so doing provide a great link for hikers and bicyclists. Connie Gonzalez, Brooks Director of Strategy and Community Relations, describes a fairly new park that you may not know about: The 43-acre Greenline.


Review: 'Each of Us Killers' By Jenny Bhatt

Fifteen stories make up the debut collection by Jenny Bhatt, and each story is as different from the next as it can be, featuring diverse settings, characters, and conflicts. Points of view vary as well. Flash fiction pieces are interspersed here among the much longer stories, but you’ll luxuriate for as long in a story that spans a couple of pages and be haunted by its lingering lessons.


Peter Noone Promises 'Something Good' At The Tobin Center

A British Invasion band is headed to San Antonio to perform next week. While Herman’s Hermits was on the second tier of British Invasion popularity, in the early to mid-1960s, they were huge. Singer Peter Noone said their hit “Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter” had a very distinctive guitar riff, and that was by design.


'Ordinary Insanity': Sarah Menkedick Examines Motherhood And The Anxiety Epidemic

When Sarah Menkedick was a new mother, she openly shared the expected details of her life about sleepless nights or day-care waiting lists. The only taboo topic was the fear that consumed her waking life.


Former San Antonio Musician Catches The Eye Of The New York Times

A young San Antonio musician headed to New York a couple of years ago to find his calling, and on Wednesday morning he found something completely unexpected. What musician Darian Thomas found was that he and his music had been featured in a New York Times article titled "5 Minutes That Will Make You Love The Violin."


Review: 'Pandemia & Other Poems' By Edward Vidaurre

The first thing you notice when you pick up this slim volume is the image on the cover featuring a young girl facing one way, standing on a shore by the water’s edge. In the foreground, a man wearing a mask walks in the other direction. These masks are ubiquitous now, but they never fail to surprise a little — still — to push us back toward the heart-sinking knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic — its threat on our lives and livelihoods, its global stranglehold and its more local and personal...


New UTSA Course Finds What's Old Is New Again In COVID-19 World

Some students at the University of Texas-San Antonio have a new English literature class this fall that should resonate in their modern lives, although the course’s title doesn’t sound too inviting. Steven Kellman will teach it.


Socially Distant, Artistically Entwined: New Compilation Album Showcases The San Antonio Music Scene

Live music has become one of the greatest cultural casualties of COVID-19. But as venues are shuttered and tours canceled, a group of 18 musicians in San Antonio are trying to keep up their creative chops while helping their community.


'Overwhelming Crying': Why Chadwick Boseman's Death Hits So Hard Right Now

This weekend, people across the globe mourned the loss of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman . That includes WBUR's arts and culture fellow Christian Burno.


'August': Callan Wink’s Complex Coming-Of-Age Novel

In Callan Wink’s novel, August , we follow the title character, August, from ages 12 to 19. His parents divorce. He observes the many ways their union was illogical. He is quiet and unassuming like his father, but he has a natural curiosity and hunger to learn like his mother. He lives with one parent in Michigan and then the other in Montana. Eventually, a dramatic and violent situation makes him strike out on his own where he continues to discover that people in small, quiet spaces live...


Fronteras: Centuries-Old South Texas Folklore Tradition Earns Highest National Honor

The matachín tradition honors religious festivals with music, dance and elaborate hand-made attire. The centuries-old practice has earned a South Texas group of matachines a national honor as the 2020 recipients of a National Heritage Fellowship .


The Story Behind 'The Straight Story'

Just over two decades ago, the Cannes Film Festival audience was stunned by a title card onscreen at the premiere of one high-profile movie: "Walt Disney Pictures Presents A Film By David Lynch" Lynch's previous two films had been "Lost Highway," a dark neo-noir, and "Fire Walk With Me," a prequel to "Twin Peaks" that trafficked in violent and bizarre imagery. When that title card came up, “the whole audience laughed,” remembered screenwriter John Roach recently during a phone interview....


YOSA Collaborates With Poet Laureate To Create 'San Antonio Sounds'

With a new project, the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio continues to generate silver linings for the COVID-19 clouds. “San Antonio Sounds” brings together different types of local musicians, despite not being able to make music together in the same room.