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@ConvoByDesign is an original talk series for designers, architects, those in the shelter space and design enthusiasts. Find inspiration, and share your projects with us convo by design at outlook dot com.

@ConvoByDesign is an original talk series for designers, architects, those in the shelter space and design enthusiasts. Find inspiration, and share your projects with us convo by design at outlook dot com.
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@ConvoByDesign is an original talk series for designers, architects, those in the shelter space and design enthusiasts. Find inspiration, and share your projects with us convo by design at outlook dot com.




S6:EP8 #206 The Remarkable Rocky LaFleur

When you hit a certain level of success and notoriety, you co from having two names, to being known by one. In the design and architecture circles of Southern California, the name "Rocky" leaves no mistake about whom we are speaking. Rocky LaFleur is a fixture of the design and architecture scene. Rocky has been in West Hollywood for over 40 years, dedicating his time to promote our community and help mentor the next generation of design professionals. I met Rocky at the Pacific Design...


S6:EP7 #205 Design and Movie Magic with The Art Dept

If you have been listening to Convo By Design for a while, you have heard amazing stories about set decorators from your favorite TV shows and movies. I thought there should be a special place, just for those who create TV and movie magic. So, I have launched a new podcast called The Art Dept. featuring stories about design and creativity from behind the camera. You are still going to hear from them here on Convo By Design, but in addition to the set decorators, The Art Dept. is going to...


S6:EP6 #204 Creating Luxury As A Team - Brian Pinkett : Landry Design Group

This is a conversation about teamwork, luxury design, collaboration and longevity. More specifically, how Brian Pinkett of the Landry Design Group structured his career. If that sounds contrived, listen to him describe it. He knew what he wanted to do at a very early age and built his work life around his passion. I wish I could have found my passion early, I didn’t and I would say that is most common. Ito took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do, what made me happiest. Brian...


S6:EP5 #203 Set Decorator Peter Gurski ON SET - Will & Grace

Convo By Design is recorded in the Living Kitchen Studio and this week, you are going to hear from an amazing talent and wonderful guy. This is Peter Gurski, set decorator and the man behind the look and feel of Will & Grace. Peter is a multifaceted creative meaning he is also an interior designer and has held multiple other roles within the art department including production designer and art director. But this is special for me and I hope you enjoy this conversation with Peter. He invited...


TBT featuring Kathryn M Ireland, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Christopher Farr

After five years doing the #podcast, 200 podcast episodes and 150 videos on YouTube, this might be a good opportunity to republish some previous episodes of the show, schedule permitting. I am publishing #ThrowbackThursday episode featuring guests and conversations you haven’t heard in a while…. Like this one. These TBT episodes have been so much fun for me. It’s been like going through a box of family photos. Each conversation has special memories for me. and this one is very special. When...


S6:EP4 #202 LA's Silicon Beach: The Design Hub of Innovation

Convo By Design is recorded live from the SubZero Wolf Living Kitchen Studio. You heard that right, Convo By Design has a new sponsor, SubZero Wolf Cove. The Living Kitchen Studio will be recording from the studios in Los Angeles and surrounding areas bringing you the stories of amazing design and architecture. Speaking of which, this week we have a great conversation from the Convo By Design stage at the WestEdge Design Fair. You might recall that the stage was designed by Julia Wong...


TBT feat Designing for the Red Carpet #DIEM 2014

This is Convo By Design with a special #ThrowbackThursday episode of the podcast. This is from the West Hollywood Design District in 2014 with a really fun conversation called Designing for the Red Carpet. Because it is award season, I thought this would be a good time to look back at this chat whose name suggests that it is an in-depth look at the red carpet. It is about fashion, the red carpet and our connection to celebrity, glamour and design. Interiors and home decor are being...


S6:EP3 #201 The Starview House

It's happening… There is a transformational shift taking place in the design house space. It’s a mash-up of the traditional idea of a design house and a reinvented version of the model home with its roots in Southern California architecture dating back to the 1950’s and 60’s. As LA’s architectural engine was powering up, ‘tract homes’ became a thing. The concept was simple, take use swaths of land and fill it with homes built from a handful of layouts. Provide different color and material...


TBT feat To Live and Design in DTLA from WestWeek 2016

This was originally published in two parts, episodes 67 and 68. It was March 23, 2016 at the Pacific Design Center for WestWeek. This conversation called To Live and Design in DTLA was moderated by Carlo Caccavale, Associate Director, AIA Los Angeles. Downtown LA was changing, rapidly and the world was beginning to notice. This panel included some of the very participants in this revolution, they include Erin and Ian Besler of Besler & Sons, Lawrence Azerrad of LAD Design, Loryn Napala and...


S6:EP2 #200 BONUS TRACKS Celebrating 200 Episodes

I thought about making this one long episode and thought better of it. You are busy and don’t have time for a three hour production. This is part two of our 200th episode retrospective. You heard from some remarkable designers, architects, set decorators and chefs. I wanted to share another side of the podcast in part two. A series of creatives that don’t necessarily fit into a specific category when talking about design and architecture. The Triforium is a public art project that had seen...


S6:EP2 #200 Celebrating 200 Episodes

Thank you for getting us to 200 episodes! Thank you for listening to the podcast, watching our videos on YouTube, coming out to the events, design houses and remote recording sessions. Thank you for reaching out on social media and better yet, in person to tell me you like the show, disagreed with me about something I said or make a suggestion for a future guest or topic. The show is now in its sixth year and this is episode 200. Show Notes: I wanted to do something special this week and for...


TBT feat Designer Ryan White from WestEdge Design Fair 2016

This is Convo By Design and after five years doing the podcast, after 200 podcast episodes and 150 videos on YouTube, this might be a good opportunity to republish some previous episodes of the show. Moving forward, as the schedule permits, which means I am going to try and publish these every week, but things happen… anyhow, moving forward and schedule permitting, I am going to publish a #ThrowbackThursday episode featuring guests you haven’t heard from in a while…. This episode is...


S6:EP1 #199 CHAIRity: The Art of Giving

Giving back to those in need has been a part of the design and architecture community for as long as I can remember. The D & A community is one of the most generous groups of which I have ever been a part. Convo By Design is proud to be a part of a program that includes the remarkable talents of decorative artist Shari Tipich, Nick Arquette, founder of Walk With Sally, a fantastic youth mentor organization and Christopher Suess, VONDOM showroom manager, who donated some beautiful pieces to...


Season 5 EP 53 #198 - Global Design Inspiration: Paris Calling

It’s very easy to be completely happy and satisfied with the design and architecture community in Southern California, but where is the fun in that? This conversation took place at the WestEdge Design Fair and featured designers Kelli Ellis and Barclay Butera, also present was architect Greggory Phillips. This diverse panel discussed Maison y Objet in Paris. They compare and contrast this event with other design focused events around the US. This is a conversation about experience. While it...


Season 5 EP 52 #197 - Leslie Shapiro Joyal

This is Convo By Design with designer, showroom owner and furniture maker, Leslie Shapiro Joyal. I met Leslie at the Wattles Mansion Showcase house a few years ago. When talking with designers at showhouses, much of the topic of conversation is the house itself, understandably so because the goal is to learn all about the space before it’s gone. At the same time, for quite some time, I have been wanting to circle back with Leslie to talk about her design, the showroom and her furniture. We...


Season 5 EP 51 #196 - Trip Haenisch

This is Convo By Design with designer, Trip Haenisch. Haenisch is known for his comfortable, collected and easy-going style. He has earned a reputation for his incredible talent and the celebrity clientele that followed. Trip has a new book out called Personal Space and it features his elegant Hollywood style juxtaposed against comfortable California living. These two would appear to be in direct conflict. Actually, it is all in the presentation, a skill Haenisch has mastered. You are going...


Season 5 EP 50 #195 - Design, Art and Mobility with LA Metro

This is Convo By Design with a chat about design and traffic. What do these two things have to do with each other? Everything. I think it is safe to say that we are in the midst of an industrial revolution of sorts. I think one might not always notice the changes going on around them until those changes significantly affect their own lives. If you live in Southern California or any major metropolitan city you have probably noticed that your life is being directly affected by changes in the...


Season 5 EP 49 #194 Getting Published with Kelli Ellis and Erika Heet

I was recording live from the WestEdge Design Fair and onstage with me are designer Kelli Ellis and Interiors Magazine Editor-In-Chief Erika Heet. If you listen to the podcast regularly you know that I like to go deep and focus on the less explored side of design and architecture. The business side is fascinating to me and these two women are hyper-engaged and have so much to offer. They are also polar opposites in their demeanor and style. Conversations like these are fun, informative and...


Season 5 EP 48 #193 Architect - Dan Brunn

This is Convo By Design with a special conversation with Dan Burnn, a fascinating architect. This interview was recorded live from the WestEdge Design Fair in the Programming Lounge presented by Convo By Design. This conversation was really fun for me. Dan is a very interesting guy with a unique perspective on architecture and how he bends and blends ideas to fit the lives of his clients. Dan and I spoke about modern ideas in architecture and studied two of his California projects, the...


Season 5 EP 47 #192 AWARD Winning Kitchens with NKBA's Elle H Millard

The National Kitchen and Bath Association conducts one of the most comprehensive kitchen competitions I know of. Many designers I have spoken to are not even aware of the competition so I wanted to shed some light on the subject. Elle H Millard is a certified kitchen designer and Industry Relations Manager for the NKBA. She joined me for a conversation about the NKBA and the kitchen competition. I enjoyed my chat with Elle and I was reminded that designers and architects need only search for...