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@ConvoByDesign is an original talk series for designers, architects, those in the shelter space and design enthusiasts. Find inspiration, and share your projects with us convo by design at outlook dot com.

@ConvoByDesign is an original talk series for designers, architects, those in the shelter space and design enthusiasts. Find inspiration, and share your projects with us convo by design at outlook dot com.
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@ConvoByDesign is an original talk series for designers, architects, those in the shelter space and design enthusiasts. Find inspiration, and share your projects with us convo by design at outlook dot com.




Season 5 EP 29 - Haily Zaki - Founder of LA Design Festival

The LA Design Festival has come and gone this year. But, over the next few weeks and months, you will be hearing the conversations that were recorded live in the Convo By Design Audio Design Lab as well as panel conversations from the main stage at the event. Design really is for everyone, Haily Zaki, founder of the LA Design Festival is a believer and practitioner of that very concept. Following is a conversation with Haily that was recorded during this year’s event. For me, the main...


Season 5 EP 28 - William DeBiasio on Set Decoration

You have heard from set decorators on the podcast before. I enjoy speaking to set decorators for a number of reasons not the least of which is their MacGyver like skills. The great ones possess a superpower for turning one thing into something else for the sake of the script. Another skill is looking at a page of text and creating a designed space based on nothing but that. Designers and architects do this every day by channeling and deciphering the needs and wishes of clients, now imagine...


Season 5 EP 27 - Christopher Mercier

Pairing passions and finding a way to do what you love for a living make for great conversations. Art and architecture go so well together and it is an absolute joy to find these two qualities in the same individual. We have had masterful architects on past episodes like Takashi Yanai, who, in addition to being a masterful architect, is a highly skilled photographer. Ward Jewell, another master who is not only an accomplished draftsman but a musician as well. It seems counterintuitive to...


Season 5 EP 26 - Rossoblu Chef & Owner Steve Samson

Design and food go hand in glove, the similarities are too numerous to mention all but consider texture, color and the connections we make with food, as we do with design that remind us of moments in time and places that make us happy. I had the opportunity to catch up with Steve Samson, a cornerstone of the Southern California culinary community. Samson is the chef and owner of not one but two Los Angeles restaurants on note, Sotto and Rossoblu. Steve has mastered the art of Italian...


Season 5 EP 25 - Origins Of Design Thinking

I am happiest at work when I am surrounded by creative types and talking about creative endeavors. The LA Design Festival has come and gone, but for the past few weeks, I have been culling throughout the content from the event and putting it together in ways that I want you to hear and see it. Sometimes, that means changing the order and this is one of those times. Following is a conversation for anyone who considers themselves a “creative”, an artist, designer, architect or any other...


Season 5 EP 24 - Russ Diamond

I have learned a lot in five seasons producing, hosting and publishing Convo By Design. If you have been listening for a while, you know that the show is presented by Snyder Diamond. It has been a while since we had Russ Diamond, second generation president of Snyder Diamond on the podcast and it was time to have Russ back. We were recording all weekend long at the LA Design Festival in downtown Los Angeles. Sitting with Russ is always a great opportunity to learn new things about the...


Season 5 EP 23 - Gary Gibson

One of the most rewarding things about doing this podcast is meeting new architects, designers, artists, product manufacturers, show producers and fans of design, it happens all the time. Here are a few things we all have in common… We love beautiful design and amazing architecture. We all love talking about beautiful design and amazing architecture. And, best of all, we all have very different opinions as to what does and does not qualify as beautiful or amazing. I get approached quite...


Season 5 EP 22 - Food and Design at The intersection of Passion and Art

This June seventh through tenth, Convo By Design will be back at the LA Design Festival. Last year, we covered the event as a media partner. We brought you coverage from some amazing events and conversations. This year, we are going back and in addition to covering all the activities from the event at ROW Downtown LA, Convo By Design will be hosting the Audio Design Lab, an experimental space dedicated to the craft of audio design. We will be hosting conversations, testing new equipment...


S5 EP 21 - Pasadena Showcase Vikki Sung, Shari Tipich and Jeanne Chung

This past weekend (5/20/18) marked the closing of the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. And it coincides with the end of our coverage as well. Following are our final three conversations. I think you will enjoy them. But first, a little bit more about the Pasadena area that you might not be aware of and how this region of Southern California has shaped the way we live and design and it’s probably not what you might be expecting. Pasadena is rich with tradition from the Tournament of...


Season 5 EP 20 Pasadena Showcase Tour - Family Room, Decadent Dining Room and Au Pair's Suite

Here at Convo By Design, we are dedicating another week to the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. I have worked with this group going on three years now and they do such good work. Think about this for a moment, over 54 years producing showcase homes and raising over $23 million in the process for youth arts programs. We spoke last week about the architect on this project, Reginald Davis Johnson and the legacy he left behind, dappling Southern California with Spanish Revival projects....


Season 5 EP 19 Pasadena Showcase Tour - Living, Mezzanine and Master Suite

This week, we are going back to the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts to visit with three extremely talented designers and highlight the work they did in this years offering. To remind you about the home this year, it’s being called, “The Overlook”, originally built in 1915 for a whopping $14,000, it was home to the widowed sisters, Ruth Hargrove and Mary Emma Baker. and while it’s billed as a Mediterranean, the Spanish Revival elements are unmistakeable. And there is a very good reason...


Season 5 EP 18 - KAA Design's Grant Kirkpatrick and Set Decorator Rosemary Brandenburg

Grant Kirkpatrick is one of those architects that is actively shaping the way we view Los Angeles. He, through his firm KAA both creates and re-imagines places and spaces. The firm’s mission states a devotion to warm, contemporary design. Providing solutions for modern living and at the same time, he has a love and a sense of duty to protect the structures that Southern California offers the world. Grant and I sat down at the Vondom showroom during West Week at the Pacific Design Center to...


Season 5 EP 17 - Pasadena Design House : Peltier Interiors and L2 Interiors

I do love showcase houses. This is the first of a series on the Pasadena Showcase House of Design. For those not familiar, Pasadena Showcase is an all volunteer organization that has been producing remarkable showcase houses for over 50 years. I started showcasing design houses on the podcast a few years ago and what I like best about that is the fact that many of you will be listening to these episodes long after the design house is closed. You can’t go there anymore BUT, you can hear...


Season 5 EP 16 - The Automated Home LIVE From Dwell On Design

I was asked to moderate a conversation at @DwellOnDesign featuring two very interesting individuals, Clay Alexander CEO of @Ember_Tech and Erik Charlton CEO of @NoonHome. These gentlemen run companies that are trailblazing the path toward fully integrated products and home automation. We discuss their products and how they envision an integrated home. We discuss some issues relevant to the topic like artificial intelligence and privacy concerns. How do we create a well built, well designed...


Season 5 EP 15 - Ben Feldman Designing For Public Spaces

There are many reasons to love Southern California and the weather has to top most people’s list but even if you don’t live in Southern California, many of the architecture and design storylines coming out of LA are relevant no matter where you live. they include creating public gathering spots from previously wasted spaces and professional sports stadiums that not only incorporate a cities history but embraces its future and performance venues that use the outdoor beauty in a design...


Season 5 EP 14 - Designing for LA's Public Spaces

I’m Josh Cooperman and this is Convo By Design. This is the second part of our coverage from WestWeek 2018. I had the chance to sit down with Bob Hale and Aaron Paley who just finished a panel conversation at the Vondom showroom called, Designing For LA’s Public Spaces. The conversation was moderated by Modern Luxury Interiors Editor-In-Chief, Laura Eckstein-Jones, Bob Hale, Aaron Paley and Jen Stark. Jen is a phenomenal artist Highly creative with a fearless and strategic approach to use...


Season 5 EP 13 WestWeek, Angeleno Magazine and E-Commerce

This past week was our bi-annual pilgrimage to the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood for WestWeek. In addition to the panel conversations, open houses and smaller events, WestWeek is always, without exception, a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, make some new ones and find out what new trends and concepts have emerged while we have been knee deep in our own projects. There was a really fantastic conversation that I want to share with you. It took place at the Thomas...


Season 5 EP 12 - Architect Joe Spierer

This week we are taking it to the beach for a conversation with architect, Joseph Spierer. I met Joe in Manhattan Beach and we speak about the housing explosion taking place, not just in Los Angeles, but the South Bay in particular. The dirt is getting as pricey here as in San Francisco. When that happens, the building and design process seems to get even more purposeful. Homeowners are challenging designers and architects to get even more creative regarding use of space and putting even...


Season 5 EP 11 - Ridge Mountain Majesty

I want to take you back a few weeks to Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Among all of the Mid-Century Modern homes to see, we also had a chance to tour a stunning project that was recently completed. This is a modern oasis in the foothills of Palm Springs, called the Ridge Mountain Residence. It’s a stunning piece of residential architecture from Steven Ehrlich and the firm Ehrlich, Yanai, Rhee, Chaney Architects. The home was placed strategically on a flat spot in the hills, nestled between...


Season 5 EP 10 - The State of Iconic Architecture in Los Angeles

We have been spending a bit more time lately on showcasing the classics in architecture and design. That’s why it is only fitting for the annual ‘State of Iconic LA Architecture’, our annual visit to city hall for a conversation with Ken Bernstein, Manager and Principal City Planner in the Office of Historic Resources. I met Ken for the first time in 2016 and we first spoke on the podcast in 2017. I went back for an update and there is so much happening with regard to Los Angeles...